Writing All The Things

Completed Projects

Kraken My Heart: ACCEPTED! Publisher Editing In Progess!

Head Over Tentacles: ACCEPTED! Awaiting editing!

Wishes For Rohi: Awaiting Editing! (Heavy Edits in Progress)

Love Included, Heart Not Required: Awaiting Editing!


Current Projects

Sucker For Love #4: 15/15 (rought draft)

Gods #1 (Untitled): 2/15 (rough draft)

Taking A Chance: 5k/20k~ (rough draft)


Future Projects

CHC Prequel: 4/25 Outline

Sucker For Love: #5 – #7, #9

Jinn & Tonic #2 – #3

Gods (Untitled) #2 – #5

Last One to Let You Down #2

And The Stars Went Red

The Yawn Of Churchyards



Okay, I know I said I was gonna have one more release before the end of the year. Uh. I lied. Although the cover for Wishes For Rohi is done (and it’s GORGEOUS), I’m still editing the darn book and oops now I’ve run out of time to release it before 2020 comes to a close. Last month really wiped me out, and I hate that I didn’t get this done. I’m now looking for a Feb/March release, but I will keep you posted. This is going to be book one of three for my Jinn & Tonic series, a simple and sexy trilogy of stories with mpreg and all kind of magical shenanigans.

I am super happy to announce that both #2 and #3 for my Sucker For Love Mystery series have been accepted, and I am actually in the process of editing #2 with my publisher now! I’ll share release info as soon as I have it, and I’m going to start getting #4 ready in a few weeks to submit. I love this crazy series so much, and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Nine books is not a short order, but I’m already halfway there! You know, as long as I’m counting rough drafts and that one book that was #3 but then turned into #8. Whatever. I’m kicking ass.

I have also finally started outlining for CHC4: The Prequel, and this is definitely going to be my next big novel. I have a few other things to finish up before I start actively writing it, but it feels good to get something down on paper. You guys may remember this book as the one that will be told from Mickey’s POV and follow Cold’s rise to power (plus him gettin’ jiggy with Roger). I still have plans to write one final book for Cold and Jimmy, but that’s still some ways away. Like, Spring/Summer 2021 at the earliest depending on what my brain is up to.

I’ve started the rough draft for what will be the first book in my new Gods series (with the super awesome Jennifer Griffin), and I’m having a blast so far. It’s a lot of fun, and hopefully I will have some teasers to share with you soon. Once I finish the other ten million things on my list, ha! Finishing the edits for my publisher sort of trumps everything, so I’ll be focusing on those while working on the CHC4 outline, writing Gods #1, editing Wishes For Rohi, and editing my short story for the Taking A Chance anthology.

Yup. That’s fine. Totally fine.

What could go wrong!?

I swear, I am not going to start another series until I finish some of this stuff. There’s only… like… four… Four series isn’t that bad. I think. Cold Hard Cash (3/5), Sucker For Love Mysteries (5/9), Jinn & Tonic (1/3), Gods (1ish/5)… Yeah, nope, definitely not going to start any new stuff until I knock some of these out. I have so many awesome ideas brewing away in my brain, but I know if I stray too far that I will never finish any of these. I do hope you guys enjoy what I’m working on, and I still have lots of fun adventures to share with you.

Once I clear out my WIP’s a bit! ^_^;;;

I hope you all have a kick ass holiday and an awesome new year!

Take care, lovelies!

<333 Kat

Writing All The Things

Completed Projects

A Cold Hard Collection: LIVE NOW!

Last One To Let You Down: LIVE NOW! 

Kraken My Heart: ACCEPTED! Editing to begin soon!

Head Over Tentacles: ACCEPTED! Awaiting editing!

 Wishes For Rohi: Awaiting Editing! (Heavy Edits)

Love Included, Heart Not Required: Awaiting Editing!


Current Projects

Sucker For Love #4: 13/15 (rought draft)

Gods #1 (Untitled): 1/15 (rough draft)


Future Projects

Last One to Let You Down: ???

CHC Series: On Hiatus

The Yawn Of Churchyards: On Hiatus



For those who haven’t been paying attention, I’m very tired. I’m super dee duper excited and beyond proud of how well both of my new releases are doing, but I am exhaustedddd. Prepping and pimping just one new release is a lot of work – two has been nuts! If I can help it, this is not something I plan on doing again. Ever. Maybe. Hopefully.

As I recover from new release crazy person land, I’m finishing up the rough draft for Sucker for Love #4, tentatively titled Nautilus Than Perfect. Yes, I love puns. Kraken My Heart and Head Over Tentacles were BOTH accepted by my publisher, and editing for Kraken will begin soon. When I get any and all release information, I will let you guys know! I’m also getting ready to start a new series with the amazing Jennifer Griffin. It’s going to be our take on modern gods with lots of BDSM and sexy times and whew, it’s some hot stuff. I can’t wait for you guys to see what we have planned!

Looking wayyy into the future, I’m still trying to decide when to start on what will be the beginning of the end for Cold Hard Cash. I know how much you guys all love Jimmy and Boss Cold, but I think their story is nearly done. I don’t want them to wear out their welcome or any of that, plus it gives me a chance to write more sexy mafia shenanigans and meet some new faces. And maybe, just maaaaybe, there’ll be some familiar ones along the way.

One quick note about the heavy edits for Wishes For Rohi. This is also the start of another series called Jinn and Tonic (what is that, three now? Sucker For Love, Cold Hard Cash, Gods, and Jinn and Tonic. Wait, shit, that’s FOUR!), but my plans for it have changed. This is a sexy fantasy story with mpreg and omegaverse elements, but I left the mpreg/mating process very vague and sort of meh? For the sake of clarity and making this book’s universe hold water as it goes on, yeah, I gotta do some heavy rewrites.

At least the cover is done? And oh, is it SEXY.

Maybe a reveal soooooon.

Hope you’re enjoying all the new releases, and I should hopefully have one more book out by the end of the year!


New Releases!

That’s right. Releases. As in plural. As in more than one. I have TWO new books coming out in the next few weeks, and I am so excited for you guys to read them. The first is the very highly anticipated Cold Hard Cash: The Collection that I’ve been babbling about for months. It is a sexy collection of twenty-five juicy little stories that take place between Cold Hard Cash and Hard Earned Cash. It goes live on Amazon and KU on October 30th, 2020.

I’m sure all my Boss Cold and Jimmy fans are gonna love it. <333

The second book I have coming out is very special to me because it’s my first self-published novel. It’s my sexy undertaker and florist romance, officially titled The Last One to Let You Down. It’s all finished, and it’s available for preorder now! It will go live on Amazon and KU on November 13th, 2020. You can sneak a peek of the cover over at the preorder link and here’s the full blurb:

Thomas Hills is a lonely embalmer who’s in some big trouble – his ex-boyfriend has been forcing him to illegally sell dangerous chemicals with no signs of stopping, and Tom doesn’t know what to do. His situation gets even more complicated when Cypress Holmes, a smoking hot local florist, walks in on Tom making a deal. Cypress agrees to keep quiet, but his silence comes at a price.

He wants Tom to do exactly as he says and to give him complete and total control over his body at all times. Tom now has no choice but to obey Cypress’ every command to stay out of jail. But when Cyprus starts spanking him and tying him up, he realizes he doesn’t mind the rough treatment at all.  With or without the threat of blackmail hanging over his head, he likes what Cypress does to him… and he doesn’t want it to stop.

Author’s Note: This book includes intense sexual scenes, rough spankings, and depictions of death and embalming as they relate to the funeral industry. If this material offends or may upset you, please don’t buy this book.

I really hope that you guys like it and that you check out the CHC: The Collection, too! Sooo many good things are happening, and I can’t wait to share more exciting stories with you all! Blog tour info and cover reveal shenanigans for both new titles are on the way! Keep an eye on your email for some handy dandy newsletters that will have all the details! <333

Happy reading, my darlings!


Writing All The Things #3

Completed Projects

CHC Collection: Release Date TBD!

Kraken My Heart: SUBMITTED! Just waiting for acceptance from the publisher! <333

Head Over Tentacles: SUBMITTED! Also waiting for acceptance from publisher! <333

Last One To Let You Down: Editing in progress!  

Wishes For Rohi: Awaiting Editing!

Love Included, Heart Not Required: Awaiting Editing!


Current Projects

A whole bunch of NOTHING! Absolutely nothing is here right now. XD


Future Projects

CHC Series: On Hiatus!

The Yawn Of Churchyards: Brain remains BLEGH at 9k.

Sucker For Love #4-7, #9: The series has been totally reordered, so in the future I will be working on 4-7, and 9. Number 3 was switched to 8, but just trust me! It’s all gonna make sense! XD



I’m feeling very good about my Tentacles series since I reordered everything. I know it seems very weird, but I can’t explain why I did it without giving away a very big spoiler. Just trust me. The story in Book 3 needs to happen much later for everything to fall into place. So, the “old” Book 4 turned into the “new” Book 3 while the “old” 3 got bumped to 8. The original story for 8 was just trashed which is fine because I hadn’t even written it yet. Since there was nothing stopping me from submitting the new 3 now, I went ahead and got it into my publisher! Now, we waaaaaaait! D:

Speaking of waiting, I’m still waiting for my other publisher to give me a release date for the CHC: Collection. Hopefully soon! I really can’t wait to share all of that sexy smutty goodness with everyone! XD

Also, don’t freak out about the CHC series being on hiatus. Everything is pretty much on hiatus right now. I’m having some health problems, and writing has become very difficult for me. It sucks because I absolutely love writing, but I can’t make my brain work. I’m a wee bit stressed ulgh, just haven’t been able to focus on anything. Hopefully as I start to feel better, I can start to get back to it soon. <333


Writing All The Things #2

Or is it three? I don’t know. I think I’ve used that as a title before, but who knows! We’re gonna go with number two and move right along. I want to keep a running tab here of everything that I’m working on so I can track my progress and also let all of you lovely people out there know where I’m at with my various stories! Let’s get going! XD

Completed Projects

Acsquidentally In Love: NEW RELEASE! IT’S OUT NOW! WOOOOOO!

CHC Collection: Final edits COMPLETE and cover art form submitted! – waiting for a release date! I’m so very excited to share this with you guys! Sooooon! <3333

Kraken My Heart: SUBMITTED! Just waiting for acceptance from the publisher! <333

Wishes For Rohi: Awaiting Editing!** (Sept/Oct?release)

Love Included, Heart Not Required: Awaiting Editing! (Nov/Dec?release)

An Inkredible Love: Awaiting Editing! (Sucker For Love Mystery #3)

Head Over Tentacles: Still waiting to submit the other two first because HA I can’t write anything in proper chronological order apparently! (Sucker For Love Mystery #4)


Current Projects

Last One To Let You Down: My new juicy Undertaker/Florist romance is almost done! 98/100k and one chapter left to write! I’m right on schedule, and I am going to focus my editing efforts on getting THIS story out as soon as I can. It’s sexy and fun and who knows – there’s always potential to turn this into another series, too! I mean, that is if you all aren’t grossed out by all the embalming talk. ^^;;


Future Projects

CHC Prequel: Still haven’t started.

CHC FINAL BOOK: Nope. Haven’t started this one yet either!

The Yawn Of Churchyards: Brain is still BLEGH at 9k.

Sucker For Love #5-9: As eager as I am to continue this series, I already have the first four books done ( all in various stages of editing, blah blah blah! ) and wheewwwww I really need to breathe. I have so many other things going on, and my poor brain is so very fried. I am definitely going to see this through to the end, but I need a break from Tentacle land for a little while.



Okay, so! I am very happy that I made some good progress compared to where I was last month. One book is just waiting to be published, another has been submitted for publishing, and I almost finished a brand new one! YAY!

** Real quick, you may have noticed that this title changed. Turns out there’s already a pretty well known book called As You Wish (it’s a Princess Bride book!), and I don’t want anyone to get confused with what THIS book is about. Not that anyone really would, tho one of the MC’s does say “as you wish” pretty often, but ehhhhhh… yeah.

As I’m wrapping up my Undertaker/Florist story, I have no idea what I’m going to work on next. It really just depends on what my brain decides to jump on. Gotta follow the Muse and all that. I haven’t been feeling all that great lately, so I may actually take a little bit of a break from writing.

Now, I’ve said that before and then just started writing something completely out of left field, so who knows! I definitely need some time to breathe. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy out there. Take care! <333


Acsquidentally in Love RELEASE DAY

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally HERE! AGH! I’m so freakin’ stoked that it’s finally here! This book is my freakin’ baby. Like, seriously. I know a lot of authors say that about their work, and I totally get it. This book – this entire SERIES – is so very precious to me, and I really hope everyone enjoys it. I’m happy to say that the sequel is almost ready to be submitted for publishing approval, and three and four should follow pretty quickly since they’re already written!

Okay, technically, four was done first and then two and THEN three because I wrote them all crazy out of order. But yes – there are more on the way!

I will hopefully start writing book five later this year after I play around with some other naughty gods and finish my Undertaker/Florist BDSM romance novel. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy meeting Sloane and Loch. I hope you have as much as fun reading their crazy little adventures as I did writing them! Thank you so very much!

<333 Kat


Yup. It’s been a freakin’ year since Cold Hard Cash was published, and wow – what a year it’s been! I’ve published Mortal Sins and CHC’s sequel, Hard Earned Cash. The Cold Hard Cash: Collection has been accepted for publication, and I have another book, the first of my Sucker For Love Mystery Series, Acsquidentally In Love, coming out on the 25th! It’s been crazy. I have over a hundred members in my FB group, I’ve sent out signed copies of my books all over the world, and I have freakin’ bath bombs.

As an awkward little human who had given up on original works and was wasting away writing freakin’ fan fic once upon a time, I’m STUNNED that I’ve come this far. I’m beyond grateful to all the people who helped me get here, to all my great fans who make this so fulfilling, and just… wow. So much has happened in twelve months, and I cannot wait to see how far I can go next year! <333

<3 Kat

Writing All The Things!

On this beautiful first day of August, I am feeling like a very productive author! I decided to make this lil’ list to organize my brain and show you guys where I am at with all of my various projects. I have a bit of a problem with trying to juggle ten million things at once, and I’m hoping this helps. I want to try to update this monthly(ish) and see if it keeps me on track with everything that I have planned! <333

Completed Projects

Acsquidentally In Love: Edited/Submitted *COMES OUT AUGUST 25th*

CHC Collection: Edited/Submitted, waiting for a release date!

As You Wish: Editing in progress by Jen of Marked and Read (Sept/Oct?release)

Love Included, Heart Not Required: Awaiting Editing! (Nov/Dec?release)

Kraken My Heart: Editing In Progress! (Sucker For Love Mystery #2)

An Inkredible Love: Awaiting Editing! (Sucker For Love Mystery #3)

Head Over Tentacles: Waiting to submit the other two first because HA I can’t write anything in proper chronological order apparently! (Sucker For Love Mystery #4)


Current Projects

Last One To Let You Down: The sultry tale of a lonely undertaker who falls in love with a sexy florist! Lots of juicy BDSM and a very sweet dog that may have eaten someone’s face. 16k/100k written so far! I’m expecting this to be my next release with SNP by the end of this year. Fingers crossed! <333


Future Projects

CHC Prequel: Yeah, this book I’ve been teasing for months and still haven’t started. My plan was to write it from Mickey Tamerlane’s POV to follow Boss Cold’s rise to power and follow Mickey’s turbulent relationship with Roger Lorre. Every single freakin’ time I try to start the outline, I’ve got nothin’ to write. Maybe next year.

CHC FINAL BOOK: Yupppp. There’s still one more story rolling around in my head for my dear Jimmy and Cold… and maybe a certain FBI agent wants to come back and take one final crack at the gangster king. This one is also a long ways off into next ye, but it will be the end of the series for sure. <333

The Yawn Of Churchyards: The sexy story of a young man who discovers he’s a witch with strange sensual abilities that require an entire coven to satisfy. I was having so much fun writing this and then brain went BLEGH at around 9k. I do want to finish this one, but I have no idea when I’ll get back to it.

Sucker For Love #5-9: I’m pretty set on getting this series going with the first four books already done, but I want to stay on a good schedule sooo I may start #5 this winter? Uh? Possibly? XD



And of course, while all of THAT is going on, I still have even more ideas kicking around in my brain. I already have plans for a second series set in the Sucker For Love universe, but this one wouldn’t focus so much on the gods. It would instead explore the hidden world of the everlasting peoples, the monstrous races created by the gods who are all thought to be extinct. Some characters from Sucker For Love would play parts here and there, but for the most part it’s going to be an entirely new cast of characters.

There’s also my very silly Space Pirate/Flight Attendant world that I want to return to. I think I had shared the original short as a Sexy Saturday some time ago. For those that aren’t familiar, it’s a sci-fi romance with some hardcore Firefly vibes about a young star who is searching for the pieces of his broken heart and accidentally kidnaps a flight attendant. This would probably be a standalone story like Mortal Sins, but you never know!

Some other rambling ideas I have are a serial killer/cop love story, a cannibal Christmas town, and I actually wrote this modern twist on the Hades/Persephone story, but it takes place long after Hades and Persephone have divorced and Hades is lookin’ for a fella to spend some sexy quality time with.

Oh, and last but certainly not least, I really want to write some fantasy.

Now, I’ve learned that my writing style isn’t a good fit with high fantasy like Tolkien, so this would be more of a Galavant-esque comedy about a young prince whose kingdom is cursed until he can find his one true love or something. When I’m not writing hot smut, I think that I’m pretty funny. Maybe. Kind of. Anyway!

So, there you go! Here was a big ol’ look at everything I’m working on and planning on getting into over the next few months. Hopefully by the time I do this post next month, I will have made some awesome progress! <333

Bath Bombs and Stuff!

I have to geek out because having bath bombs inspired by my books is just the freakin’ coolest thing ever. I’m a big Lushie, and I looove my bath time very much. I was totally stoked when A & A Candles and Crafts offered to create my very own unique line of bath bombs for my Cold Hard Cash boys! Picking out the scents and colors was so much fun, and I am pleased with how they all turned out.

Maury’s might actually be my favorite just because the strawberry scent is sooo rich, but I will say Jimmy’s sweet cinnamon swirl is a close second – but then again, I can’t leave out Cold because his peppermint one is super soothing and smooth and agggghhhh! I can’t choose! Luckily there is a three pack where you can get one of each to try them all out! XD

Next month is Cold Hard Cash‘s one year anniversary and my one year publiversary. It’s still so unreal to me that I finally got published. Not just once, mind you, but now FOUR TIMES (including Acsquidentally In Love that comes out August 25th!). It’s amazing to me. I’ve gotten four books published, I have fancy bookmarks now, and I have freakin’ bath bombs. It really doesn’t get much cooler than this. I’m so unbelievably happy.

Even though it’s technically a day early, oops, I went ahead and updated the blog with all the Sexy Saturdays for June and July so you non-FB peoples can go enjoy those! I’ll be starting edits on As You Wish soon, my very first self-published title, and I’m already on chapter four of my new BDSM Undertaker/Florist romance tentatively titled Last One To Let You Down.

My plan is for both As You Wish and Last One To Let You Down to be out by the end of the year PLUS my CHC Collection is still pending with my publisher. So, that’s at least three more sexy awesome books to sink your hungry little teeth into before 2020 is up! Thank you guys for being such incredible fans and making all of this possible. It’s a total freakin’ dream come true for me to share my crazy little stories. As long as you guys keep readin’ ’em, I’ll keep writing ’em!

Take care and stay safe, darlings! <333

NEW RELEASE – Hard Earned Cash

Today has been an awesome day. My newest book is out, I got some bomb donuts, I’m super wrinkly from spending wayyy too much time in a bathtub (Lush’s Black Rose Bath Bomb, highly rec), and I’m drinking cheap wine while I chill out and play around in social media land.

This is the big moment that I’ve been waiting for – after weeks of editing the rough draft, busting butt with my wonderful proofreader (Jenn of Marked and Read – props!), going over copy editing with my publisher, trying to set up promo stuff and getting ARC’s out and aaggghhhhhh!


After MONTHS of hard work, here it is. RELEASE DAY. I am so unbelievably happy and proud and so freakin’ excited for everyone to read this book. I really hope you guys love it. Leave a comment, a review, whatever. I’m just so happy that this story is finally safely out of my brain, and it’s onto the next! Now, before you ask – this is not the end for Cold and Jimmy.

EDIT – Sorry, fell asleep before actually finishing this! Oops! Anyway! Where was I? Right! This is not the end for Cold and Jimmy. There is already an anthology ready to go at my publisher’s (just waiting for final approval!), and it’s a raunchy collection of short stories that take place between Cold Hard Cash and Hard Earned Cash. If you’re a member of my FB group, you may recognize some of them as the stories from my Kinktober project that I’ve shared before.

A few of those are in there plus some brand spankin’ new ones! Twenty-five in all for your sexy reading pleasure! I’ll post release information as soon as I have it! <333 And wait, there’s more! I’m still planning on writing a prequel from Tamerlane’s POV that will show Cold coming into power. The romance would focus on Tamerlane’s very feisty love affair with Lorre, and I promise that it is gonna be hot as hell!

But wait – there’s still just one morrrrre!

I am planning to write one FINAL book for Jimmy and Cold, but I have no freakin’ clue what it will be about. Cold’s already gotten out of murder charges, been arrested, and taken out all of his enemies… then again, he did reallllyyyy piss off that FBI agent. Hmm. Anyway!

So, that’s definitely in the works, but I’m going to be switching gears to focus on my other WIP’s.

I’ve almost finished the third book in the Sucker for Love Mystery Series – the first novel, Acsquidentally In Love, comes out August 25th! I’m also putting together my very first attempt at self-publishing, a love triangle between two twin jinn princes and a mortal who is betrothed to the elder brother! DUN DUN DUNNN! It’s full of angst and heat and it’s such a fun little story. I’m hoping to have it ready by Sept/October possibly?

WAY on the backburner is a sci-fi romance about a guy who falls in love with a robot because Kat watched Blade Runner way too many times as a kid. It’s one of my favorite stories ever, plenty of juicy smut, and it’s probably gonna be self-published, too. It’s not sizzling enough for one publisher, but a little too steamy for the other. Same problem with the genies book, so woooo self-publishing it is! XD

In summary – lots of good things on the way! I should have at least three more books coming out by the end of the year! THREEEE! Thank you for all your support and love! Happy reading!

<333 Kat