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Completed Projects

Kraken My Heart: ACCEPTED! Publisher Editing In Progess!

Head Over Tentacles: ACCEPTED! Awaiting editing!

Wishes For Rohi: Awaiting Editing! (Heavy Edits in Progress)

Love Included, Heart Not Required: Awaiting Editing!


Current Projects

Sucker For Love #4: 15/15 (rought draft)

Gods #1 (Untitled): 2/15 (rough draft)

Taking A Chance: 5k/20k~ (rough draft)


Future Projects

CHC Prequel: 4/25 Outline

Sucker For Love: #5 – #7, #9

Jinn & Tonic #2 – #3

Gods (Untitled) #2 – #5

Last One to Let You Down #2

And The Stars Went Red

The Yawn Of Churchyards



Okay, I know I said I was gonna have one more release before the end of the year. Uh. I lied. Although the cover for Wishes For Rohi is done (and it’s GORGEOUS), I’m still editing the darn book and oops now I’ve run out of time to release it before 2020 comes to a close. Last month really wiped me out, and I hate that I didn’t get this done. I’m now looking for a Feb/March release, but I will keep you posted. This is going to be book one of three for my Jinn & Tonic series, a simple and sexy trilogy of stories with mpreg and all kind of magical shenanigans.

I am super happy to announce that both #2 and #3 for my Sucker For Love Mystery series have been accepted, and I am actually in the process of editing #2 with my publisher now! I’ll share release info as soon as I have it, and I’m going to start getting #4 ready in a few weeks to submit. I love this crazy series so much, and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Nine books is not a short order, but I’m already halfway there! You know, as long as I’m counting rough drafts and that one book that was #3 but then turned into #8. Whatever. I’m kicking ass.

I have also finally started outlining for CHC4: The Prequel, and this is definitely going to be my next big novel. I have a few other things to finish up before I start actively writing it, but it feels good to get something down on paper. You guys may remember this book as the one that will be told from Mickey’s POV and follow Cold’s rise to power (plus him gettin’ jiggy with Roger). I still have plans to write one final book for Cold and Jimmy, but that’s still some ways away. Like, Spring/Summer 2021 at the earliest depending on what my brain is up to.

I’ve started the rough draft for what will be the first book in my new Gods series (with the super awesome Jennifer Griffin), and I’m having a blast so far. It’s a lot of fun, and hopefully I will have some teasers to share with you soon. Once I finish the other ten million things on my list, ha! Finishing the edits for my publisher sort of trumps everything, so I’ll be focusing on those while working on the CHC4 outline, writing Gods #1, editing Wishes For Rohi, and editing my short story for the Taking A Chance anthology.

Yup. That’s fine. Totally fine.

What could go wrong!?

I swear, I am not going to start another series until I finish some of this stuff. There’s only… like… four… Four series isn’t that bad. I think. Cold Hard Cash (3/5), Sucker For Love Mysteries (5/9), Jinn & Tonic (1/3), Gods (1ish/5)… Yeah, nope, definitely not going to start any new stuff until I knock some of these out. I have so many awesome ideas brewing away in my brain, but I know if I stray too far that I will never finish any of these. I do hope you guys enjoy what I’m working on, and I still have lots of fun adventures to share with you.

Once I clear out my WIP’s a bit! ^_^;;;

I hope you all have a kick ass holiday and an awesome new year!

Take care, lovelies!

<333 Kat

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  1. Let me just say chc is freaking amazing i wish we could have a book in Cold’s POV! it’s a really hot series! Absolutely love it!

    1. Aw, thank you so very much! You’re too kind! I’ve written Cold’s POV before but only in random little snippets. I dug through my FB group (where I usually post such random things) and found this one for you! Unedited, probably has typos, blah blah, but happy reading! 😀



      That was the first sensation Cold felt, fighting the impulse to roar and tear the outside of the car apart. He dropped to a knee, his vision whiting out for a few moments and he almost threw his phone. He swallowed thickly, struggling to stay calm. “Where?”

      “At the club,” Jules grunted over the line. “They hit us hard-“

      “Jimmy?” Cold demanded, already up on his feet again and snapping his fingers at Lorre and the others to get them moving.

      “Got nicked,” Jules said, his gruff tone tinged with sympathy, “but he’s all right. Stayed with him until the medics got there and I had to blow. Pigs were fuckin’ everywhere.”

      “Hospital – now,” Cold barked at Lorre, jumping in the backseat. He spoke back into the phone to Jules, demanding, “What happened?”

      “Told the kid to stay put. Him and Dario did not stay fuckin’ put. That little shit Vincenzo caught up with him before I could.”

      “Is he dead?”

      “Fuck yeah, he’s dead.”

      Cold gnashed his teeth, his anger bleeding through his icy mask as he raged, “You should have left him alive for me!”

      “What the fuck for? It’s fine.”

      “So I could tear him apart, piece by piece, and strangle him with his own entrails! I wanted to stare into his eyes as the life faded out of them and for that disgusting piece of human garbage to know he’s dying because he dared hurt what is mine!”

      His voice got louder and louder, Thirdsies cowering down in the front seat. Lorre kept nervously glancing in the rear view mirror, his gaze tense. They had not seen their Boss this pissed off in a very long time.

      “Didn’t have time for all that,” Jules said firmly, not responding to Cold’s furious tone. “I did what I had to, all right?”

      Cold growled, whipping his head around to glare out the window. He took a few deep breaths, his chest aching. Jimmy had been hurt – foolish boy, wanting to play with gangsters.

      No, he should have been able to protect him.

      He was his boy, his to keep safe.

      Guilt ate at his gut, his fury now turning against himself. He knew the club was a likely target, Jimmy even more so because of that damn ring. He should have moved sooner. He knew who it belonged to and how dangerous it was…

      No, he argued, this was all part of the plan. This was the only way to get rid of the Luchesis and that damn Detective Duplin once and for all. He had to be patient, he had to stick to the plan, no matter what.

      But Jimmy…

      This was the second time Jimmy had been put at risk because of their relationship. It would not be the last. As long as they were together, Jimmy would always be a target.

      Cold had already tried to offer Jimmy a way out and he had refused. Cold should have done the right thing and broken off their deal immediately. He should have made the decision that Jimmy couldn’t.

      But he didn’t want to. He wanted Jimmy, selfishly and desperately, he had to keep him by his side and in his bed.

      Beautiful and brave Jimmy, who pushed him and challenged him in ways no one else had and still managed to surprise him. He had never let anyone so close, a terrible sinking sensation taking up residence in his chest when he fully realized the source of his rage was fear.

      It was the same terror that had gripped him before when Jimmy and Rowena were attacked at the nightclub, the fear of losing the ones he cared about.

      His feelings for Jimmy were getting out of control and for Cold, long a master of his emotions, he had to settle on his anger to keep himself focused. The anger was safest, the one he knew how to handle and cope with.

      Caring for Jimmy, desiring him, wanting him when he knew he definitely didn’t deserve him… that was something else entirely.

      Cold kept his fury bubbling close to the surface, ignoring those other troublesome feelings for now. He had to get to Jimmy, he had to make sure he was safe and he’d would deal with them later.

      “Cops,” Lorre noted as they pulled up to the main entrance of the hospital.

      “I don’t care,” Cold barked, jumping up out of the car and stalking towards the doors.

      “Boss! Hey!” Lorre quickly parked, hurrying to catch up with Cold. Valdemar and Thirdsies were right behind them, Valdemar making faces at the police as they all strolled by.

      Cold wasn’t sure what he looked like then, but no one dared stop him. All of the officers and hospital security cleared right out of his way as he made his way to the desk. “James Poe. Room?”

      “Wh-What?” the receptionist squeaked.

      “Room! Now, if you please,” Cold growled, ignoring the pressing gaze of the police around him. This was foolish, but damn them all, he wasn’t going to be kept away from Jimmy. Not for a second longer.

      “Fifth floor,” the receptionist said quickly, fingers flying over the keyboard in front of him. “Room 550!”

      Cold left without a word, flying to the elevator and the Gentlemen following behind. The ride up was silent, the air broiling as Cold’s stomach turned.

      Jules had said it was only a nick, but he had to see him, he had to see Jimmy.

      He was already diving through the elevator doors before they had opened all the way, his fierce gaze seizing the officer they had left standing outside Jimmy’s room.

      “You… you can’t go in there,” the officer protested weakly, his eyes boggling to see Boss Cold himself charging right toward him.

      Cold bared his teeth, glaring at the puny officer. The man might as well have been an ant, easily crushed underfoot and they both knew it. Cold scoffed as he walked right by him and snarled, low and dangerous, “Then try and stop me.”

      The officer didn’t dare, backing away from the resonating wake of Cold’s fury and his Gentleman entourage.

      Cold pushed the door open, searching for only one person;


      There, in the bed, pale and bandaged, but alive.
      He could feel the ice around his heart splitting apart, allowing a rush of emotion to momentarily steal his breath away.

      Seeing Jimmy safe staunched his worrisome rage, all of his calculating faculties slowly coming back online. He couldn’t be out of control; he couldn’t be weak – not with this many cops hanging around.

      Especially that meddling detective.

      He ignored Duplin’s comments, moving to Jimmy’s bedside. The tension in his body was fading with every step, perching on the edge of the mattress. He had to reach out and touch him, cradling his face in his hands.

      Here, just between his palms, was truly the most dangerous man in the entire city.

      Whether Jimmy knew it or not, he was the only person who ever could bring Boss Cold to his knees.


      Hope you liked it! 🙂


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