Writing All The Things

Completed Projects

A Cold Hard Collection: LIVE NOW!

Last One To Let You Down: LIVE NOW! 

Kraken My Heart: ACCEPTED! Editing to begin soon!

Head Over Tentacles: ACCEPTED! Awaiting editing!

 Wishes For Rohi: Awaiting Editing! (Heavy Edits)

Love Included, Heart Not Required: Awaiting Editing!


Current Projects

Sucker For Love #4: 13/15 (rought draft)

Gods #1 (Untitled): 1/15 (rough draft)


Future Projects

Last One to Let You Down: ???

CHC Series: On Hiatus

The Yawn Of Churchyards: On Hiatus



For those who haven’t been paying attention, I’m very tired. I’m super dee duper excited and beyond proud of how well both of my new releases are doing, but I am exhaustedddd. Prepping and pimping just one new release is a lot of work – two has been nuts! If I can help it, this is not something I plan on doing again. Ever. Maybe. Hopefully.

As I recover from new release crazy person land, I’m finishing up the rough draft for Sucker for Love #4, tentatively titled Nautilus Than Perfect. Yes, I love puns. Kraken My Heart and Head Over Tentacles were BOTH accepted by my publisher, and editing for Kraken will begin soon. When I get any and all release information, I will let you guys know! I’m also getting ready to start a new series with the amazing Jennifer Griffin. It’s going to be our take on modern gods with lots of BDSM and sexy times and whew, it’s some hot stuff. I can’t wait for you guys to see what we have planned!

Looking wayyy into the future, I’m still trying to decide when to start on what will be the beginning of the end for Cold Hard Cash. I know how much you guys all love Jimmy and Boss Cold, but I think their story is nearly done. I don’t want them to wear out their welcome or any of that, plus it gives me a chance to write more sexy mafia shenanigans and meet some new faces. And maybe, just maaaaybe, there’ll be some familiar ones along the way.

One quick note about the heavy edits for Wishes For Rohi. This is also the start of another series called Jinn and Tonic (what is that, three now? Sucker For Love, Cold Hard Cash, Gods, and Jinn and Tonic. Wait, shit, that’s FOUR!), but my plans for it have changed. This is a sexy fantasy story with mpreg and omegaverse elements, but I left the mpreg/mating process very vague and sort of meh? For the sake of clarity and making this book’s universe hold water as it goes on, yeah, I gotta do some heavy rewrites.

At least the cover is done? And oh, is it SEXY.

Maybe a reveal soooooon.

Hope you’re enjoying all the new releases, and I should hopefully have one more book out by the end of the year!


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