Bath Bombs and Stuff!

I have to geek out because having bath bombs inspired by my books is just the freakin’ coolest thing ever. I’m a big Lushie, and I looove my bath time very much. I was totally stoked when A & A Candles and Crafts offered to create my very own unique line of bath bombs for my Cold Hard Cash boys! Picking out the scents and colors was so much fun, and I am pleased with how they all turned out.

Maury’s might actually be my favorite just because the strawberry scent is sooo rich, but I will say Jimmy’s sweet cinnamon swirl is a close second – but then again, I can’t leave out Cold because his peppermint one is super soothing and smooth and agggghhhh! I can’t choose! Luckily there is a three pack where you can get one of each to try them all out! XD

Next month is Cold Hard Cash‘s one year anniversary and my one year publiversary. It’s still so unreal to me that I finally got published. Not just once, mind you, but now FOUR TIMES (including Acsquidentally In Love that comes out August 25th!). It’s amazing to me. I’ve gotten four books published, I have fancy bookmarks now, and I have freakin’ bath bombs. It really doesn’t get much cooler than this. I’m so unbelievably happy.

Even though it’s technically a day early, oops, I went ahead and updated the blog with all the Sexy Saturdays for June and July so you non-FB peoples can go enjoy those! I’ll be starting edits on As You Wish soon, my very first self-published title, and I’m already on chapter four of my new BDSM Undertaker/Florist romance tentatively titled Last One To Let You Down.

My plan is for both As You Wish and Last One To Let You Down to be out by the end of the year PLUS my CHC Collection is still pending with my publisher. So, that’s at least three more sexy awesome books to sink your hungry little teeth into before 2020 is up! Thank you guys for being such incredible fans and making all of this possible. It’s a total freakin’ dream come true for me to share my crazy little stories. As long as you guys keep readin’ ’em, I’ll keep writing ’em!

Take care and stay safe, darlings! <333

NEW RELEASE – Hard Earned Cash

Today has been an awesome day. My newest book is out, I got some bomb donuts, I’m super wrinkly from spending wayyy too much time in a bathtub (Lush’s Black Rose Bath Bomb, highly rec), and I’m drinking cheap wine while I chill out and play around in social media land.

This is the big moment that I’ve been waiting for – after weeks of editing the rough draft, busting butt with my wonderful proofreader (Jenn of Marked and Read – props!), going over copy editing with my publisher, trying to set up promo stuff and getting ARC’s out and aaggghhhhhh!


After MONTHS of hard work, here it is. RELEASE DAY. I am so unbelievably happy and proud and so freakin’ excited for everyone to read this book. I really hope you guys love it. Leave a comment, a review, whatever. I’m just so happy that this story is finally safely out of my brain, and it’s onto the next! Now, before you ask – this is not the end for Cold and Jimmy.

EDIT – Sorry, fell asleep before actually finishing this! Oops! Anyway! Where was I? Right! This is not the end for Cold and Jimmy. There is already an anthology ready to go at my publisher’s (just waiting for final approval!), and it’s a raunchy collection of short stories that take place between Cold Hard Cash and Hard Earned Cash. If you’re a member of my FB group, you may recognize some of them as the stories from my Kinktober project that I’ve shared before.

A few of those are in there plus some brand spankin’ new ones! Twenty-five in all for your sexy reading pleasure! I’ll post release information as soon as I have it! <333 And wait, there’s more! I’m still planning on writing a prequel from Tamerlane’s POV that will show Cold coming into power. The romance would focus on Tamerlane’s very feisty love affair with Lorre, and I promise that it is gonna be hot as hell!

But wait – there’s still just one morrrrre!

I am planning to write one FINAL book for Jimmy and Cold, but I have no freakin’ clue what it will be about. Cold’s already gotten out of murder charges, been arrested, and taken out all of his enemies… then again, he did reallllyyyy piss off that FBI agent. Hmm. Anyway!

So, that’s definitely in the works, but I’m going to be switching gears to focus on my other WIP’s.

I’ve almost finished the third book in the Sucker for Love Mystery Series – the first novel, Acsquidentally In Love, comes out August 25th! I’m also putting together my very first attempt at self-publishing, a love triangle between two twin jinn princes and a mortal who is betrothed to the elder brother! DUN DUN DUNNN! It’s full of angst and heat and it’s such a fun little story. I’m hoping to have it ready by Sept/October possibly?

WAY on the backburner is a sci-fi romance about a guy who falls in love with a robot because Kat watched Blade Runner way too many times as a kid. It’s one of my favorite stories ever, plenty of juicy smut, and it’s probably gonna be self-published, too. It’s not sizzling enough for one publisher, but a little too steamy for the other. Same problem with the genies book, so woooo self-publishing it is! XD

In summary – lots of good things on the way! I should have at least three more books coming out by the end of the year! THREEEE! Thank you for all your support and love! Happy reading!

<333 Kat


It’s tomorrow it’s tomorrow it’s tomorrow it’s tomorrowwww! Did I mention that it’s tomorrow? The cover reveal for my new book, Hard Earned Cash? It’s been almost a year since I first published Cold Hard Cash, and wow – has my life gotten a lot more exciting since then! I cannot WAIT to share this awesome sequel with all of you, and I hope you all love it as much as I loved writing it.

It’s steamier and hotter with an even crazier twisty ol’ plot – plus wedding shenanigans, Cold gets upset about some socks, and Maury the Mouth has some very choice words for the gangster king that may even rival his infamous Wrinkly Ball speech.

The demand for this book has been overwhelming. You lovely fans made it clear that you wanted more from Jimmy and Boss Cold, and I am happy to finally deliver it! Thank you for all of your reviews, your comments, and all of your support.

Though a prequel is still in the works (as in, I wanna write it, but I haven’t started!), I’m also considering another book for the world of Cold Hard Cash. The new publishing order would be Cold Hard Cash, Hard Earned Cash, CHC Anthology, Prequel… and then maybe one last book for Jimmy and Cold. <333

I’m up to my eyeballs in other projects, but that’s my rough plan for the future of CHC.

Currently in the middle of writing the third book in the Sucker For Love series (two and four are done because I apparently write nothing in order), I’m also stirring around some fun ideas for some sexy witches and looking to self-publish two older manuscripts that I think you guys will enjoy, too!

They’re a little too smutty for one of my publishers, but not quite smutty enough for the other one! More info on those stories later! For right now, all of my focus is on making Hard Earned Cash as super successful as possible. I’m so very proud of this book, and I think it’s even better than Cold Hard Cash to be honest. The smut is mega scorching, the plot is insanely intense, and the stakes are higher than ever for Jimmy and Cold.


<333 Kat

New Releases, WIP’s – Oh, my!

Cold Hard Cash 2: Hard Earned Cash has an official release date – 06/26/2020!!! YAY! I’m so proud and happy and EXCITED and I seriously cannot wait for you guys to read this. I worked my butt off getting this book ready (big props to Jenn from Marked and Read for her awesome proofing help!), and it’s such a big relief that it’s finally going out into the world. I’ll hopefully know something about the CHC Anthology a few weeks after CHC2 releases, so keep your fingers crossed!

Also, apparently I was a little behind on updating the Sexy Saturday archive. Oops. It’s now been updated for any of my non-FB fans for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!

Sorry this isn’t a longer post, but hey – I got pizza to eat. XD

*** Updated to reflect the NEW title of the book so there’s hopefully no confusion!

Cover Reveal Day!

Boom! Cover reveal! I am eternally grateful to Tif from Tiferet Design for this gorgeous masterpiece of a cover, and I am so excited for you guys to read this one! This book is the first of my new Sucker for Love Mysteries series, and though it is much different than my previous work, it is so very special to me. (See everything else I’ve posted about this book LOL – it’s my baby!!!)

I’m sure people are expecting some dark and gritty romance like the Cold Hard Cash series and Mortal Sins, but Acsquidentally In Love is a much lighter story – though there are still plenty of steamy hot scenes! And this time, there are tentacles! It’s an exciting tale of paranormal adventure full of magic, murder, and a very persistent ancient god named Azaethoth who thinks he’s found his eternal soulmate in Sloane Beaumont, a mortal private investigator.

I sincerely hope you give my little magical world a chance and have as much fun reading it as I did creating it.

The book is live for pre-order now and don’t forget – it’s out August 25th, 2020!



A Sucker For Love Mystery

Nothing brings two men—or one man and an ancient god—together like revenge.

Private investigator Sloane sacrificed his career in law enforcement in pursuit of his parents’ murderer. Like them, he is a follower of long-forgotten gods, practicing their magic and offering them his prayers… not that he’s ever gotten a response.

Until now.

Azaethoth the Lesser might be the patron of thieves and tricksters, but he takes care of his followers. He’s come to earth to avenge the killing of one of his favorites, and maybe charm the pants off the cute detective Fate has placed in his path. If he has his way, they’ll do much more than bring a killer to justice. In fact, he’s sure he’s found the man he’ll spend his immortal life with.

Sloane’s resolve is crumbling under Azaethoth’s surprising sweetness, and the tentacles he sometimes glimpses escaping the god’s mortal form set his imagination alight. But their investigation gets stranger and deadlier with every turn. To survive, they’ll need a little faith… and a lot of mystical firepower.



Sloane frowned, looking over Lochlain carefully. Something about him seemed different, but he couldn’t quite place it.

He was also horribly hungover, wishing he had been in the right fraternity to learn some anti-hangover magic. His sobering spell was useless at this point since his body had already absorbed all of the alcohol. Ugh.

Maybe he was imagining it, but there was a wicked shimmer in Lochlain’s eyes that he hadn’t seen before. The way he sat in the chair with his legs kicked over the arm was full of youthful mischief and yet totally commanding at the same time.

He exuded confidence, perched smugly as if he owned every inch of the office and everything in it, Sloane included, which wasn’t at all like the man in the devil costume Sloane met last night. He was dressed more casually now, normal, but the way he gazed hungrily at Sloane made him worry that Lochlain wanted to gobble him up like the pie.

It was way too early for this shit.

“Look, Lochlain,” Sloane said with a short groan, “it’s really cool of you to stop by, but I had a really long night—”

“Not Lochlain,” he replied curtly between bites, wagging a finger at him.

“Not Lochlain?” Sloane repeated dumbly.

Not-Lochlain shook his head, working on the last slice of pie. He’d eaten the entire thing, licking his lips coyly at Sloane and making him shiver down his spine.

Every bone in Sloane’s body was telling him that something was wrong. Brainwashed, cursed, possessed, the possibilities were endless. He casually traced a protection sigil on the edge of his desk, asking politely, “Then who are you?”

Not-Lochlain snorted as if greatly amused by the question, tilting his head and winking. The top of the desk suddenly cracked right through the middle of the sigil.

On his feet in a flash, Sloane gasped and stuttered, “Wh-what the freakin’ hell was that? How, how did you do that? Who the hell are you?”

“Azaethoth,” he purred in reply, his tongue seductively licking every last crumb of pie from his long fingers. “Mmm. The Lesser. Named after my great-great-great grandfather.”

Sloane was stupidly entranced by that tongue, asking hesitantly, “Azaethoth the Lesser? As in… an old god?”

“Mmhm,” he hummed, lewdly sucking on his thumb. “If you’re more comfortable, you may address me by this vessel’s name.”

“But you’re not… Lochlain?”


Sloane stared back down at his desk and the fractured protection sigil. He didn’t know of any mortal magic that could possibly be powerful enough to break that spell. But there was no way this guy was actually a god.

There were no gods, not anymore.

“And why exactly are you here?” Sloane asked warily.

“You’re a witch, yes?”

“No,” Sloane replied. “I mean, I’m registered, but what does that—”

“You follow the old ways?”

“I guess? Look, what is going on—”

“This vessel,” Azaethoth-Lochlain said, gesturing to his body, “was a very devout follower. Even while deep in dreaming, I heard his prayers. He was a fascinating human. He didn’t ask for glory or riches or any of the other mundane things most humans do.

“He prayed for the thrill, the rush of adrenaline, to never leave him. He always wanted to be excited and intrigued, for his heart to pound, to find spectacular adventure everlasting.”

“That… sounds interesting?”

“Try listening to a few centuries of people pleading for money, sex, bigger cocks, and stronger orgasms—”

“Okay, okay!” Sloane interrupted. He doubted the real Lochlain could have gotten out half of that without blushing.

“I listened,” Azaethoth-Lochlain went on, idly tracing a finger inside the empty pie pan for errant crumbs. “I often answered his prayers. But last night, there was a problem. A very serious problem. When I went to him, the damage was already done. I found your card in his pocket.”

“Damage, what damage?”

“That’s what I need you to investigate,” he continued impatiently. “That’s what your card says you do. Investigations of a private nature, yes?”

“Wait, wait,” Sloane snapped, getting frustrated. “If something really serious happened, you need to contact the police. And Lochlain, or… Loch-Thoth, whatever your name is! If this is some super weird way to get out of a date, I swear—”

“No police,” Loch-Thoth said firmly. “They’ll only get in my way, and they won’t allow me to do what I want.”

“Which is?”

“Revenge,” he replied with a hungry smile, baring all of his teeth. “Now, I will gladly compensate you for your services however you wish. Money is customary?”

“I don’t want anything,” Sloane protested. “Except maybe some kind of an explanation. What happened to you?”

“You desired this one, yes?” Loch-Thoth turned his head. “Would you like me to pleasure you with his vessel?”

“Wh-what?” Sloane sank down in his chair, scooting back against the wall. “No! Don’t do that! That’s… that’s not right! Whatever you are, you can’t just use Lochlain’s body like that! He can’t consent.”

“Of course he can’t consent,” came the dry reply, eyes rolling dramatically. “He can’t consent to anything. He’s dead.”

“Dead?” Sloane’s breath caught in his throat, his stomach dropping violently. “What do you mean, dead?”

“Haven’t you been listening to a word I’ve said?” Loch-Thoth complained loudly. “Sloane Beaumont, I want to hire you. I want you to find out who murdered me.”


All the book things!

Editing for Cold Hard Cash 2 starts this weekend, and I should have a release date to share with you guys soon. I know everyone is super pumped for this story, and I’m just as excited for you all to read it! I will post all about it, send out a newsletter, a smoke signal, etc as soon as I have one!

I’m also very happy to announce that pre-order for the first book in my M/M paranormal romance series is live! Wooo-hooo!!!

CLICK HERE to reserve your copy of Acsquidentally In Love, the very first in the Sucker For Love Mysteries! Check out the blurb and prepare yourself for some super awesome tentacle filled adventures coming out August 25, 2020! This series is so very special to me – the world, the culture, everything I built – and I’m freaking out that it’s finally being published.

When I started writing as a kid, I always wrote about fantasy and magic, so, yeah – this is very special to me because it’s getting back to the sort of adventure stories I wanted to tell. This is what I wanted to write; adventures with daring heroes and monsters. Just, you know, now with tentacles and murder and sex and such. I really hope you check it out and decide to give it a chance. Happy reading, darlings!

<3 Kat

Cold Hard Cash 2 is DONE!

It has been submitted, and I am eagerly waiting for a response from my publisher. The CHC Anthology has also been submitted for publication, and it’s a juicy collection of twenty-five short smutty stories starring Jimmy and Boss Cold. As soon as I hear some news, I am going to be screaming it from the freakin’ rooftops!!! I will let you all know as soon as I can. I am seriously so excited, and I can’t wait for you guys to read all of it!

Acsquidentally In Love, my very first release with Dreamspinner, has made it through its final rounds of edits. I’m still waiting for cover art shenanigans and a release date. This series is so very special to me, and I hope you guys will give it a chance when it comes out! I’m currently working on the third book in the series (I wrote them out of order, ha), but the second and fourth books are done and being edited for submission.

If I stay on track with my outline, it should be NINE books in total. WHOO! 😀 😀 😀

Once I finish the third book, I’m going to take a break from the magical land of tentacles to work on some other sexy projects I have brewing. If you’re a lucky member of my FB group, you’ve already met Coven Boy and his sexy witch friends. I’m also thinking about going back to an old world I wrote ages ago that stars a sexy demon and follows him on his naughty adventures. So much lovely smuts to write, so little time!

On a more personal note, I really do hope that everyone is staying safe out there. As an embalmer, dealing with COVID-19 is a huge risk. We’re seeing more and more cases and because of the danger of possible exposure, I’ve been self-quarantining at home to keep my family safe. I don’t know for how long, I don’t really know how far it will go, but for now I am trying to do what I think is best for my little ones.

Stay safe and healthy, my darlings. <333

-Kat! <333

Hey, look! An update! :D

Hey there, guys! This will be short and sweet – updated the blog with all the Sexy Saturday posts from February for your reading pleasure and the first round of edits for Acsquidentally In Love are done! I’m in the process of working with a new proofreader to finish up my Cold Hard Cash Anthology (and the sequel, yes, don’t worry!), and I hope to be submitting it to my publisher by the end of the month. Hope you’re all having a lovely March so far!

<333 Kat

It’s Official – I got MERCH

Thanks to the very talented Jess of Bory Design, I have official merchandise for one of my books. There is more to come, and I just can’t believe it. I couldn’t ever dream of a day when I was published, much less being able to introduce merchandise for the little worlds I create. It’s pretty awesome.

January’s Sexy Saturdays have been uploaded into the blog for all you non-FB people aaaand editing still continues on CHC2 and the CHC Anthology. I had to move some things around – which left CHC2 a little short, so I will be writing new material to help flush out the ending and the Anthology should be ready soon!

Enjoy the magical website, the nifty merch, and thank you for all the support!

<3 Kat


Which is a lot like a thing. But much more complex. Anyway. All of the Sexy Saturday posts through December have been added to my blog. January’s posts will be added in February, February’s in March, and so on. Want them early? Why, all you gotta do is join my FB group! Ready go!

Editing still continues on the Cold Hard Cash sequel and the anthology I’m hoping to self-pub, and I’m still actively pimping out my new release, Mortal Sins. Reviews are coming in from Diverse Reader and Joyfully Joy – so keep your fingers and toes and respective lucky bits crossed for me! D:

I’m on chapter 12/15 for my Sucker For Love sequel – the first one is with Dreamspinner and editing is due to begin in March. And when I say sequel, it is technically a direct sequel to the currently accepted title, but it’s actually book FOUR in the series because who writes things in order!?

Book One and Book Four follow the same set of MC’s, while Books Two and Three will focus on characters introduced in Book One and some new faces! It’s all a crazy mess, but it’s seriously like my magnus opus of tentacle porn and I can’t WAIT for you guys to read it.

Other future projects still include a Cold Hard Cash prequel that will focus on Mickey Tamerlane and his steamy love affair with Roger Lorre. The CHC anthology is still shy a few chapters of smutty deliciousness, but I promise it will get there. Depending on how editing goes, I will possibly have the anthology done before the sequel?!

As a friendly reminder to all my glorious fans who ask when new stuff is coming, please remember that I do have a full-time job that sucks up 40-60 hours a week depending on our volume. Plus my three little monsters and life and friends and all that stuff. I write as much as I can and yes – I long to do this for a living one day, but right now it’s a very dedicated hobby! XD

Take care, stay wonderful, and thank you for all the love. I couldn’t do this without all of you.

<3 Kat