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Completed Projects

Kraken My Heart: ACCEPTED! Publisher Editing In Progess! Round Two complete!

Head Over Tentacles: ACCEPTED! Awaiting editing!


Current Projects

Sucker For Love #4: 15/15 Editing for Submission

Strapped for Cash: 2/25 (rough draft)

Take A Chance: 5k/20k~ (rough draft)


Future Projects

Sucker For Love: #5 – #7, #9

Gods (Untitled) #1 – #5

Last One to Let You Down #2

Jinn & Tonic #1 – #3 (Wishes For Rohi)

Love Included, Heart Not Required

And The Stars Went Red

The Yawn Of Churchyards



Funny thing about being an author: it makes you into a big ol’ fat liar.

Looking at my last update, you’d think I had a great plan for 2021, lots of new projects to work on, and bunches of shiny books coming out soon. I dared to ask what could wrong with having such a crazy lineup, and ohhh, look that. Lots went wrong. Between my health and the drain of being an essential worker, all of those wonderful plans are now in the commode.


I’ve had to scrap everything I was hoping to do, and now I’m only working on the edits for my Sucker For Love series while writing the rough draft of Strapped For Cash, the CHC prequel. I wanted to write so many other things (gods, genies, etc), but I sort of overwhelmed myself with too many ideas and not nearly enough time to do them. So, sadly, I’ve had to drop everything except for the aforementioned projects.

My new plan for 2021 is pretty much to survive 2021. I’ll write as much as I can, but it’s not going to be nearly the same volume I was able to produce before. Once I finish Strapped For Cash, I’ll likely move on to the final book of the CHC series while editing more Sucker For Love stuff. I’m not going to start or work on anything else until all of this is done. I simply don’t have enough time now.

I do have an anthology that I signed up for: Take A Chance. It’s a charity anthology that will benefit the AIDS Healthcare Foundation releasing April 23rd, 2021. My contribution will be a short story between 10k-25k, and my rough draft is due in early March. I already have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing (5kish already written), and I still plan to participate for such a great cause.

That’s pretty much it for now! Ulgh. The new year is not being kind to me so far, but I’m doing my best to be seen and not viewed. I sincerely hope everyone else is having a kickass 2021 and staying safe.

<333 Kat

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