Acsquidentally in Love RELEASE DAY

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally HERE! AGH! I’m so freakin’ stoked that it’s finally here! This book is my freakin’ baby. Like, seriously. I know a lot of authors say that about their work, and I totally get it. This book – this entire SERIES – is so very precious to me, and I really hope everyone enjoys it. I’m happy to say that the sequel is almost ready to be submitted for publishing approval, and three and four should follow pretty quickly since they’re already written!

Okay, technically, four was done first and then two and THEN three because I wrote them all crazy out of order. But yes – there are more on the way!

I will hopefully start writing book five later this year after I play around with some other naughty gods and finish my Undertaker/Florist BDSM romance novel. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy meeting Sloane and Loch. I hope you have as much as fun reading their crazy little adventures as I did writing them! Thank you so very much!

<333 Kat

2 thoughts on “Acsquidentally in Love RELEASE DAY

  1. I absolutely adored this. Sloane was so lovely and I completely fell in love with Loch! I can’t wait for the next book – I hope we get to see plenty more of Sloane and Loch but I’m super excited to see some other gods (if they are half as adorable/cheeky as Loch it’ll be amazing!).

    1. Thank you so much! Agh! I’m so very happy you enjoyed meeting Sloane and Loch! One of the new characters in the next book is absolutely at Loch’s level of snark – though he isn’t a god, he is a pretty fabulous king. We will meet other gods along the way, and we will definitely see Loch and Sloane again (out of nine books, at least four are from Sloane’s POV). Thanks so much for commenting! ^_^

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