Insquidious Devotion is LIVE!

Hello, darlings! Sucker For Love Mystery #7: Insquidious Devotion is now LIVE! There are only two books left to go in this fabulous series! Check it out right meow! ^_^ Between raising a tiny demigoddess and their private investigation business, Sloane Beaumont and his husband, Loch, have their hands and tentacles full. Unfortunately, they still … Continue reading Insquidious Devotion is LIVE!

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Hello, darlings! Can’t get enough of Goldie and his precious murder muffin, Day? No fear! You can have a little bit of murder muffin with you all the time with this new design in my Redbubble Shop! It’s available on shirts, stickers, cups, and more! SHOP NOW!

Writing All The Things

Completed Projects In Darkness and Dank: Available Now! Pure Silence: Available Now! Insquidious Devotion: PREORDER LIVE! Coming 11/08/2022! Craqueue Mon Coeur: PREORDER LIVE! Coming 11/08/2022! ~*~ Current Projects 13 Days of Monster F#cking Volume 2 (Editing!) An Inkredible Love (Awaiting acceptance!) Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus (Accepted! Awaiting editing!) ~*~ Future Projects 2022 Sucker For Love: #9 … Continue reading Writing All The Things

GRL Sign & Ship Event

HOLY CRAP GRL WAS CRAZY WONDERFUL AND I AM EXHAUSTED! I got to meet so many awesome people and friends and fans and more! It was a wild ride from start to finish, and I am gonna nap foreverrr! Now! To the sign shippy stuff! I am offering a limited time event to order paperbacks … Continue reading GRL Sign & Ship Event

Pure Silence is LIVE!

WOOHOO! YES it is finally here! Virtuous Sinners: Pure Silence is LIVE! PLEASE NOTE: The full content warnings did not publish with the final book, and there are also some random typos that you may notice. I apologize for these errors, but a corrected version of the manuscript has been uploaded and should hopefully update … Continue reading Pure Silence is LIVE!

Launching the new “Sucker for Love Mysteries” series, Hiers (Cold Hard Cash) rolls worldbuilding mythology, delicious flirting, erotic scenes, and detective work into a breezy and sensual LGBTQ paranormal romance, marking a promising beginning to this new series.—Kellie Tilton, Univ. of Cincinnati, Blue Ash The Library Journal

It is so freaking AMAZING! Hiers seriously thinks of every little detail when portraying the genius of the delicious gangster who is almost infuriating in his ability to remain calm and collected in nearly every situation. The sex is even hotter, once again giving me kinks I didn’t even know I had.—Scout Crosby, Amazon Reviewer