COMING SOON 05/31/2022


Coming Soon!

The highly anticipated audiobook adaption of Cold Hard Cash is coming – 05/31/2022! Voiced by the incomparable Scott Carousel, this is 10+ hours of incredible steam, thrilling passions, and a wild mafia adventure brought to life like you’ve never heard before. Make sure you have a fan and a cold shower ready when you listen … Continue reading Coming Soon!

New Preorder Available!

That’s right — surprise preorder! WOO WOO! I’ve got some sweet and fluffy sexy monster stories coming June 30th! I will begin posting teasers in a few weeks, and I cannot wait for you guys to read this super awesome collection! It’s gonna be so much fun! <333 In honor of pride month, I will … Continue reading New Preorder Available!

Writing All The Things

Completed Projects A Quick Buck: Available Now! 13 Days of Monster F#cking: Available Now! Just Calamarried: Available Now! Our Shellfish Desires: July 19th, 2022 Insquidious Devotion: (editing, release date pending) ~*~ Current Projects An Inkredible Love: 15/15 (editing for submission) Untitled Daddy Mafia: 19/20 (writing) (8/12/2022) 8 Days of Monstrous Pride: (outlining 7/8) (6/30/2022) Super … Continue reading Writing All The Things

New Preorder Available!

Sucker For Love Mystery #6: Our Shellfish Desires is now available for preorder! It goes live 7/19/2022 and I can’t wait for you guys to read this one! It is seriously my fav of the series so far! Check out the gorgeous cover and blurb below! <333 People talk about the marriage of true minds, … Continue reading New Preorder Available!

New Monster F#cker Design!

NEW Monster F#cker Design is now available at my Redbubble Shop! There’s socks, shirts, stickers, magnets, cups, and more! For the month of April, ALL new members of Patreon will receive a Monster F#cker sticker! VIP tiers will also get a free Monster F#cker button! Check out my Patreon now! ! 😀

Launching the new “Sucker for Love Mysteries” series, Hiers (Cold Hard Cash) rolls worldbuilding mythology, delicious flirting, erotic scenes, and detective work into a breezy and sensual LGBTQ paranormal romance, marking a promising beginning to this new series.—Kellie Tilton, Univ. of Cincinnati, Blue Ash

It is so freaking AMAZING! Hiers seriously thinks of every little detail when portraying the genius of the delicious gangster who is almost infuriating in his ability to remain calm and collected in nearly every situation. The sex is even hotter, once again giving me kinks I didn’t even know I had.—Lacie N Crosby, Amazon Reviewer