Yup. It’s been a freakin’ year since Cold Hard Cash was published, and wow – what a year it’s been! I’ve published Mortal Sins and CHC’s sequel, Hard Earned Cash. The Cold Hard Cash: Collection has been accepted for publication, and I have another book, the first of my Sucker For Love Mystery Series, Acsquidentally In Love, coming out on the 25th! It’s been crazy. I have over a hundred members in my FB group, I’ve sent out signed copies of my books all over the world, and I have freakin’ bath bombs.

As an awkward little human who had given up on original works and was wasting away writing freakin’ fan fic once upon a time, I’m STUNNED that I’ve come this far. I’m beyond grateful to all the people who helped me get here, to all my great fans who make this so fulfilling, and just… wow. So much has happened in twelve months, and I cannot wait to see how far I can go next year! <333

<3 Kat

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