Sexy Saturday 10/31/2020

Happy Halloween, my darlings! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and fun holiday so far! I mean. It’s like ten in the morning. But whatever. Anyway!

Today’s Sexy Saturday is a very special Halloween treat starring Boss Cold and Jimmy. Happy reading!

Warnings: NSFW/spanking/orgasm denial/rough sex/really bad pun costume XD



Jimmy Poe’s Halloween costume was as sexy as it was clever. Once he put it on, however, he wasn’t sure if Cold was going to let him leave the house wearing it.

Rowena was hosting a party at La Belle tonight, and she was expecting them to arrive within the hour. Costumes were mandatory, and Jimmy was excited to see what all the Gentlemen would be dressed up as.

Cold did not seem particularly enthused about the party, and his costume was only a simple masquerade mask. It was painted blue and silver to match the sharp navy blue pinstripe he’d chosen for this evening.

Jimmy thought the mask looked mysterious and beautiful, perfect for his stoic lover.

His own costume, however, was a bit more revealing.

It started with a pair of black lace panties that hugged his hips and was barely enough material to hold his cock and balls. He then put on black fishnet stockings, pulled high up on his waist. Over that, he wore a black silken slip with a white sash over his shoulder.

Last but certainly not least, he’d discovered he and Rowena wore the same shoe size and had borrowed a slick pair of black pumps.

The slip barely covered his ass, and he would certainly flash someone if he tried to bend over. His legs looked longer with the heels on, and he loved how sexy he felt with the stockings clinging to his thighs.

After doing a few twirls around in the bathroom mirror, he still didn’t know if Cold would approve.

Only one way to find out.

He strutted out into the bedroom, finding Cold sitting on the bench in front of their bed.

Cold was adjusting the laces on his shoes, but he stopped when Jimmy came strolling toward him. His eyes widened, purposefully looking down his legs and back up to his face. He cleared his throat, asking calmly, “And what are you supposed to be?”

“I’m a Freudian slip,” Jimmy explained, gesturing to his sash. “See? It says ‘Freudian’, and I’m wearing a slip.” He teetered in his heels, cocking his hip to help him stay balanced. “Do you like it?”

“Mm, I don’t suppose you have any other costumes?””

“No, just this one.”

“Absolutely sure?”

“This is it. Why?”

“Because if you insist on wearing that, we’re going to be very late to the party.” Cold stood up and slowly began to stalk over to Jimmy.

“And why is that?” Jimmy asked, his pulse starting to race. He knew that look on Cold’s face very well, and he could feel the energy between them growing tense.

“Because I’m about to ruin it thoroughly and you’ll have to come up with something else to wear.”

“Oh, really?” Jimmy held his head high, heat rising in his loins from the ravenous way Cold was staring him down.

“Absolutely.” Cold snatched a handful of Jimmy’s hair and dragged him into a rough kiss.

Gasping, Jimmy grabbed onto Cold’s jacket to steady himself. The forceful kiss had nearly knocked him over. His scalp was lit up with sensation, and he groaned when Cold grabbed his ass, his nails dragging over the stockings.

Jimmy’s cock was getting hard, and he knew he was about to pop out of his panties at any second. He could feel Cold’s own fat cock pressing into him as they kissed, and he shuddered pleasurably.

They were definitely going to be late.

“Did you really think you could dress like that? Hmm?” Cold growled breathlessly in Jimmy’s ear. “And I wouldn’t want to fuck you on sight?”

“Didn’t think you were such a fan of corny psychology jokes,” Jimmy panted, grinning wide.

“Oh, you little brat,” Cold hissed. He gave Jimmy’s hair another pull and bit at his jaw. “Safe word?”

“But the party-!”

“Safe word, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy took a deep breath. “Ice.”

“Good boy.” Cold smiled wickedly. “I wonder if I’ll give you a trick or a treat…”

“I want a treat. I’ll be so good, sir,” Jimmy promised, letting the submissive haze wash over him and cloud his thoughts. “I’ll be very good.”

“We’ll see.” Cold stepped over to the bedside table to retrieve lube and a thick plug. He sat back on the bench, placing the items within arms reach and patted his thigh. “Come along, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy stepped out of his shoes to slink into Cold’s lap, rocking his hips forward slowly. “Mm, I’m sorry you don’t like my costume, sir.”

“Oh, on the contrary, I love it.” Cold pulled Jimmy’s slip up and ran his hands over his ass. “But this particular vision of you is one that I plan on keeping all to myself. No one else should see you like this… this is for me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“It was only foolish of you to think that I would share it,” Cold went on, rearing back and smacking Jimmy’s ass.

Hips jerking forward, Jimmy whimpered quietly. The quick flash of pain was intoxicating, and he wanted more.

“You belong to me. Always.” Cold slapped his ass again, harder this time.

“Y-yes, sir,” Jimmy groaned. His cock was throbbing already, and the stinging burn in his cheeks was overwhelming. Cold wasn’t holding back at all, and Jimmy could feel tears welling up in his eyes. “I’m yours.”

Cold spanked him again and again without mercy, leaving Jimmy sobbing against his shoulder. He finally relented to rub Jimmy’s raw cheeks, soothing, “There… there you go, my sweet boy. You took those so well.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy gasped, arching his back with a soft groan. He was probably going to be bruised tomorrow. “Mmm, I’m so sorry. So very sorry.”

”I know you are, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, sliding his fingers down the cleft of Jimmy’s ass. “It’s alright. You’re going to make it up to me.”

“Whatever you want, sir.”

“Get in bed. On your hands and knees.”

“Yes, sir.” Jinny’s legs were wobbly as he got up, crawling into bed to get into position as ordered. He could feel his pulse pounding in his tender cheeks, and his panties were damp from his leaking cock.

He’d expected some sort of reaction from Cold, but nothing like this.

This was absolutely incredible.

Before he could catch his breath, Cold was suddenly on top of him, pushing him flat against the bed. He couldn’t move, easily pinned down by Cold’s weight with no way to escape. “Mmm, sir!”

Cold pushed the slip out of his way and went right for Jimmy’s stockings, tearing a giant hole in them. He pulled at Jimmy’s panties, ripping them out of his way as he spread Jimmy’s cheeks wide. “Oh, I’m going to enjoy this far more than I expected.”

Jimmy couldn’t explain it, but having Cold literally tear his clothes off was insanely hot. He felt so small and vulnerable like this, trapped beneath him and completely at his mercy. There was nothing he could do, and he fucking loved it.

“Yes, sir. Please. Please take me.”

Cold slicked up his fingers, pushing two right inside of Jimmy’s tight ass. “You’re in no position to make demands, Mr. Poe.”

“Please!” Jimmy cried, trying to grind back on Cold’s hand. Those fingers were fucking into him so fast that it ached, and he could feel the lace of his ruined panties tugging at his groin as they were pulled aside.

Cold continued to finger Jimmy roughly, pushing down on his prostate hard enough to make him moan. He whipped his other hand back to crack his palm across Jimmy’s ass, and he taunted, “Maybe I should let you go to the party like this, hmmm?”

“Oh, God. Sir, please, no,” Jimmy whined, his face hearing up until it was scorching. “Not like this.”

“Your pretty little stockings all torn up, your panties ripped off… mmm, maybe I’ll come all over you, and you can walk around all night with this slip sticking to your ass.” Cold sounded as if he liked that idea, chuckling low to himself.

“Fuck.” Jimmy moaned when Cold spanked him again, rocking his leaking cock down into the bed. “No, sir. Please. Don’t do that.”

“I’ll do whatever I want, Mr. Poe.” Cold pulled his fingers away, now pressing the tip of his thick cock up against Jimmy’s asshole. He rubbed himself back and forth, playing in all the wetness but not yet pushing inside. “Maybe I’ll come in you instead… keep your little hole plugged so you don’t forget who you belong to while you’re busy showing off.”

Jimmy hated how much he actually liked those ideas, his shame smoldering deep inside of his loins and fueling the frantic rolls of his hips. He felt so dirty with the ripped up fragments of his lingerie still clinging to his body, well aware that Cold was going to fuck him just like this.

God, he wanted it so badly.

He didn’t care about the party or what he was going to wear – this outfit was totally ruined – his only thoughts were overflowing with the desire for Cold to fuck him hard, to take him fast.

For once, Cold seemed to be on the same page as Jimmy and was already shoving his cock inside, foregoing his usually tortuous teasing. “Mmm, yes… there you go. You always take my cock so well, Mr. Poe.”

“Yes, sir!” Jimmy cried out, groaning happily as Cold pushed in deep. He felt even bigger in this position, and all Jimmy could do was try to spread his legs to ease the intense pressure. The stretch was right on the precipice of pain, and he loved feeling this stuffed. “God, yes…”

Cold twisted the torn panties and fishnets in his hand, keeping them pulled up and out of his way as he started to thrust. His other hand pressed into the small of Jimmy’s back, holding him firmly in place.

Jimmy couldn’t help but struggle, loving the feeling of being immediately overpowered and held down. He wanted Cold to use him, to take all that he wanted from his body, and fuck – hearing the stockings rip again made him shiver.

“Such a good boy,” Cold breathed, leaning over Jimmy now and biting at his shoulder. “Such a very good boy for me… I knew I was going to fuck you the moment you walked out. You looked incredible.”

“Ah, thank you, sir,” Jimmy mewled. He groaned loudly as Cold pounded into him harder, chanting, “Fuck, thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Cold fucked him even more brutally, the force of his slams making the entire bed shake. He latched onto the side of Jimmy’s neck, biting down as he came, growling low. He continued to thrust, unloading as deep as he could as he hissed, “Mine…”

“Yours,” Jimmy whispered, sobbing softly. He was sore, and he could feel the hot swell of Cold’s cock as he filled him. He was trembling from head to toe, and he couldn’t remember the last time Cold had fucked him like this.

God, it had been far too long.

Cold kissed Jimmy’s neck where he’d bitten him so roughly. “Mmm, that was… exceptional.” He pulled out but didn’t leave Jimmy empty for long, sliding the plug into place.

Jimmy clenched around it with a little whimper, asking hopefully, “Exceptional enough to come?”

“Mmm. I don’t think so,” Cold replied, winking slyly as he slid off the bed and starting to clean himself up. “You need to get dressed, and we need to get going to the party.”

“What?” Jimmy pouted, wincing as he sat up. The plug shifted inside of him and made him moan involuntarily, struggling to wiggle out of his torn lingerie. He pulled the slip over his head threw it angrily on the floor. “Come on. I was good, wasn’t I?”

“You were wonderful, but I’m still quite unhappy with your choice of costume.” Cold smirked, glancing over his naked skin appreciatively. “To think you would have worn that out in public, teasing me with your beautiful body like that.”

“Oh, you’re so mean.” Jimmy’s cock was so hard that it hurt, and he gasped as he got to his feet, the plug moving against his prostate. “I really can’t come until after the party?”

“We’ll just have to see.” Cold looked absolutely smug. “Now, we need to see about getting you a costume. I suppose you could put on one of your suits and go as a vampire’s victim…”

Jimmy’s hand shot up to his neck where Cold had bit him, laughing. “Oh, no. You didn’t!”

“Oh, but I did.” Cold grabbed Jimmy’s chin, tilting his head to the side to admire his work. “Mmm, a few splatters of fake blood, and you’ll be all set. It’s very convincing.”

“Can I please come before we go?” Jimmy asked, reaching out to hold Cold’s wrist. “Please, Rod?”

“Do you really think you deserve a treat instead of a trick?”

“Come on. My Freudian slip costume was funny. It was also slutty, but still very funny.” Jimmy gave Cold his absolute best puppy dog face. “Please?”

Cold pretended to think for a long moment before pouncing back on top of Jimmy. He kissed his way down his lean stomach, on a direct course for Jimmy’s cock.

Jimmy sagged against the bed in relief, glad that he was going to finally come. He was so turned on that he felt jittery, and he didn’t think he could have made it all night, not without going insane.

His hole was still pleasantly sore from getting righteously fucked earlier, and he clenched down on the plug go chase the feeling. He could feel Cold’s breath right there on his cock, so wet and sensitive, and he knew he wouldn’t last long.

God, but while it did, it would be fantastic.

Just as Cold was about to take Jimmy into his mouth, he suddenly stopped. “Oh, hmm. I’m afraid we’ll be late if we don’t leave in the next six minutes.” He smacked Jimmy’s thigh. “Come along.”

“Oh, now that was totally unnecessary!” Jimmy complained, groaning loudly in frustration. “You tricked me!”

“I’m just getting into the Halloween spirit,” Cold teased. “If you hurry, maybe I’ll let you jerk off in the limo on the way there.”

“You’re a monster.”

“Happy Halloween, Jimmy.”


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