Sexy Saturday 11/07/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings!

I am so happy that A Cold Hard Collection is finally live!!! YES!!! Pretty please review and share and all lovely stuff – it is in the erotica dungeon, and sadly that is now its permanent home. After three tries, my publisher has decided to let it stay so every little bit of love helps! Thank you!

Now – it’s sexy time! We’re back with Mr. Heiss and Will, and they’re just having a lovely evening with Serabus. Happy reading, my darlings!

Warnings: NSFW/DP/demon sexy stuff/spanking


“Oh, now that sounds like fun,” Serabus said, pinching Will’s inner thigh. “Would you like that, little human? Two big demon cocks stretching your little ass out?”

“Ah, fuck,” Will grumbled, licking his lips nervously. Just taking on one of these monsters was pushing his body to its absolute limits, and two was impossible.

There was no fuckin’ way.

Serabus pulled away with a soft sigh, chuckling under his breath. He looked to Mr. Heiss. “How would you like him?”

“We’ll take him on the sofa,” Mr. Heiss said, rising from his chair and wrapping his fingers around Will’s chain. “Come along, pet.”

Will’s legs were shaking as he slid off the desk, grunting as Mr. Heiss gave the chain an impatient tug. His ass was throbbing as he followed him over to sofa, and he took a quick moment to stretch.

Damn, this was a fuckin’ workout.

Mr. Heiss sat in the middle of the sofa, and the flames of the fireplace seemed to glow a little brighter from his presence. He freed his massive cock, and he gave Will’s chain another pull.

Tired of having his collar yanked on, Will obediently sat in Mr. Heiss’ lap. His heart was still racing, his chest fluttering with adrenaline, but he was determined to do this. He reached back to grab his cock and began to ease it inside of him, grateful he was still so open and wet.

He rocked down until his ass was flush with Mr. Heiss’ thighs, and he glared defiantly into his bright yellow eyes. He started to ride him, slamming down over and over, trying to give him everything he had.

Bastard didn’t make a peep to indicate pleasure or a lack thereof, and it pissed Will off.

“Asshole,” Will panted.

“Careful,” Mr. Heiss warned, swinging his hand down and slapping Will’s ass.

The strike made Will whimper and buck, groaning, “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” His skin felt like it was on fire, and he knew there was going to be a big ol’ red handprint there.

Serabus joined them, standing behind Will and crouching down. He traced the stinging welt left behind on Will’s ass, laughing as he started rubbing his cock against his already stuffed hole. “Ohhh, isn’t that pretty.”

Will gritted his teeth and tried to stay relaxed. He knew if he tensed that this was going to hurt a lot more. It was already going to be painful as it was now, and he whimpered as Serabus’ cock tried to push inside of him.

“Breathe,” Mr. Heiss commanded, grabbing Will by the back of his collar and giving him a sharp jerk.

Inhaling sharply, Will closed his eyes. The pressure was becoming intense, his ass burned, and fuck, there, it hurt. The pain was stinging, burning, and he wanted to scream-

“Breathe,” Mr. Heiss commanded again, giving Will’s collar another firm yank.

Will’s eyes fluttered open, lost in the brilliant amber of Mr. Heiss’ eyes. He panted heavily, willed his muscles to turn into marshmallows, and there – he could feel Serabus’ cock breeching him. The pressure was still insane, but the agony was evaporating away.

“There you go,” Serabus purred, his hands sliding up Will’s back as he started to push harder. “There, little human… mmm, feels good, doesn’t it?”

Will could only whine, certain that he was going to shout if he opened his mouth. He kept his teeth firmly clamped together as he struggled against the rest of Serabus’ fat cock working its way inside of him. He was trembling, and it felt like he was being split in half. He’d never taken on so much, and he bowed his head against Mr. Heiss’ shoulder.

He didn’t know if it was stupid or not, but he needed some sort of additional contact to ground himself. He didn’t know if he was going to pass out or cry, and he needed something, anything, to stop himself from going insane. He wrapped his arms around Mr. Heiss’ broad neck, sobbing into his chest. “Oh, god… it’s too much… I can’t… I can’t do this…”

Mr. Heiss shushed him almost soothingly. “Come on, my little killer… certainly this isn’t the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do.”

“Mmm, fuck, it might be,” Serabus chuckled cruelly, starting to thrust with more force.

Will’s head snapped back, groaning at the new wave of pleasure and pain. Mr. Heiss suddenly rocked his hips up, and the sensations tipped back over into madness inducing levels. He didn’t know what to do, struggling to move his body away from the cocks thrusting away inside of him. The simple shift gave him immediate relief, and he started to move his hips, rolling his ass down to meet them.

“Ohhh, there you go,” Serabus gasped. He slapped Will’s ass, cracking his palm over his cheeks several times before seizing his hips. He started fucking him hard, growling hungrily. “Come on, little human, ride our fuckin’ cocks.”

Will started moving faster, finding that keeping up with the demons made the pain lessen and the pleasure was now sending sparks of light in front of his eyes. He lifted himself up, dropping down on their cocks with a loud cry. Fuck, that was spectacular. He really started getting into it now, the discomfort all but gone, and fucked himself down with a new burst of energy.

Mr. Heiss only allowed a few soft grunts to escape, but he seemed very pleased with Will’s performance. He leaned back against the sofa, his claws lightly dragging down Will’s thighs. He was no longer moving, allowing Will to set the pace, and he was watching his every move with a ravenous smile.

“Mmm, fuck, gonna come,” Serabus gasped, his slams reaching a frantic rhythm. His hand cracked over Will’s ass one final time as he came, roaring and snarling as he unloaded deep inside of him.

The flood of heat made Will shudder, and he was desperate now for climax. He kept going, thrusting and grinding as hard as he could, baring his teeth as he hissed, “Fuck, I wanna come. For fuck’s sake, let me come!”

Mr. Heiss grabbed Will’s cock, squeezing hard. “Not before me.”

“Better hurry,” Serabus taunted, sliding his still hard cock in and out slowly. “Mmm, fuck… look at all that… You’re going to be dripping for days…”

Will hated that he liked being this wet and getting fucked so brutally, but he was too focused on getting off to care. His thighs were burning from the effort, his stomach near cramping, but he refused to give up.

He arched his back, grabbing a hold of Mr. Heiss’ thick horns and slamming himself down with all of his strength. Over and over until his ass was smacking against Mr. Heiss’ thighs, his head tipping back with a wild sob of pleasure. Both cocks were so thick, so hot, and his hole was throbbing from taking on so much. He couldn’t stop, but he couldn’t come until Mr. Heiss did, but oh, yeah, fuck, it was so good-

“Mmm, fuck,” Mr. Heiss murmured, soft and sweet, his hips forcefully jerking up as he came, unleashing another thick load of hot come inside of Will. He started jerking Will off, stroking him quickly as he demanded, “There, now, come. Come for me, Will.”

“Fuck!” Will screamed, all of the pressure that had been building twisting together until his vision blurred and finally letting go as he came. He watched his cock spurt all over Mr. Heiss’ clawed fingers, and he continued to rock and grind his ass down to keep the blissful momentum going.

Serabus was pulling away all too soon, but not before giving Will’s ass one more mean smack. He cleaned himself up with a quick wave of his hand, groaning with deep satisfaction. “Well, Mr. Heiss… that was pretty damn awesome.”

Will collapsed against Mr. Heiss’ chest, still holding onto one of his horns as he wheezed, still not certain that he wasn’t going to pass out. He could feel the come dripping out of him, and his hole was still tender from what he’d just done.

Mr. Heiss politely pried Will’s hand from his horn, dragging his claws through his curly hair with a low grunt. “Will has… much potential.”

“Mmm, well, if you ever get tired of him, I’d be more than happy to take him,” Serabus said, winking slyly.

“Doubtful,” Mr. Heiss snorted.

“Thanks for the fuck. Mmm, I’ll be back for seconds sometime.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

Will said nothing, but he huddled in closer to Mr. Heiss.

“See ya’.” Serabus gave a little salute and walked over to the wall where a door magically appeared. Once he shut it behind him, it disappeared.

Will’s pulse had returned to mostly normal levels, and he let out a long sigh. Mr. Heiss was still inside of him, relentlessly hard, and he didn’t know if he would be expected to go again. He chose to remain silent, and he was surprised by Mr. Heiss’ rubbing his sore cheeks.

“Mmm…. you were quite lovely,” Mr. Heiss praised. “I can’t even count how many beautiful little handprints Serabus left on you.” He rolled his hips upwards, making Will whimper. “I simply can’t have that…”

“What, what do you mean?” Will dared to ask, whimpering again as Mr. Heiss started thrusting up into him. Fuck, this guy was insatiable. The slow pace felt nice, and he clenched around Mr. Heiss’ thick cock with a little moan. Yeah, they were really going again.

“Clearly I need to leave more marks on you than he did,” Mr. Heiss said as if this was obvious. “Just in case you forget who you belong to.” He smirked. “You’re welcome to hold my horns again if you think it will help you. Either way, you should ready yourself because I’m not done with you.”


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