All the book things!

Editing for Cold Hard Cash 2 starts this weekend, and I should have a release date to share with you guys soon. I know everyone is super pumped for this story, and I’m just as excited for you all to read it! I will post all about it, send out a newsletter, a smoke signal, etc as soon as I have one!

I’m also very happy to announce that pre-order for the first book in my M/M paranormal romance series is live! Wooo-hooo!!!

CLICK HERE to reserve your copy of Acsquidentally In Love, the very first in the Sucker For Love Mysteries! Check out the blurb and prepare yourself for some super awesome tentacle filled adventures coming out August 25, 2020! This series is so very special to me – the world, the culture, everything I built – and I’m freaking out that it’s finally being published.

When I started writing as a kid, I always wrote about fantasy and magic, so, yeah – this is very special to me because it’s getting back to the sort of adventure stories I wanted to tell. This is what I wanted to write; adventures with daring heroes and monsters. Just, you know, now with tentacles and murder and sex and such. I really hope you check it out and decide to give it a chance. Happy reading, darlings!

<3 Kat

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