New Releases, WIP’s – Oh, my!

Cold Hard Cash 2: Hard Earned Cash has an official release date – 06/26/2020!!! YAY! I’m so proud and happy and EXCITED and I seriously cannot wait for you guys to read this. I worked my butt off getting this book ready (big props to Jenn from Marked and Read for her awesome proofing help!), and it’s such a big relief that it’s finally going out into the world. I’ll hopefully know something about the CHC Anthology a few weeks after CHC2 releases, so keep your fingers crossed!

Also, apparently I was a little behind on updating the Sexy Saturday archive. Oops. It’s now been updated for any of my non-FB fans for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!

Sorry this isn’t a longer post, but hey – I got pizza to eat. XD

*** Updated to reflect the NEW title of the book so there’s hopefully no confusion!

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