NEW RELEASE – Hard Earned Cash

Today has been an awesome day. My newest book is out, I got some bomb donuts, I’m super wrinkly from spending wayyy too much time in a bathtub (Lush’s Black Rose Bath Bomb, highly rec), and I’m drinking cheap wine while I chill out and play around in social media land.

This is the big moment that I’ve been waiting for – after weeks of editing the rough draft, busting butt with my wonderful proofreader (Jenn of Marked and Read – props!), going over copy editing with my publisher, trying to set up promo stuff and getting ARC’s out and aaggghhhhhh!


After MONTHS of hard work, here it is. RELEASE DAY. I am so unbelievably happy and proud and so freakin’ excited for everyone to read this book. I really hope you guys love it. Leave a comment, a review, whatever. I’m just so happy that this story is finally safely out of my brain, and it’s onto the next! Now, before you ask – this is not the end for Cold and Jimmy.

EDIT – Sorry, fell asleep before actually finishing this! Oops! Anyway! Where was I? Right! This is not the end for Cold and Jimmy. There is already an anthology ready to go at my publisher’s (just waiting for final approval!), and it’s a raunchy collection of short stories that take place between Cold Hard Cash and Hard Earned Cash. If you’re a member of my FB group, you may recognize some of them as the stories from my Kinktober project that I’ve shared before.

A few of those are in there plus some brand spankin’ new ones! Twenty-five in all for your sexy reading pleasure! I’ll post release information as soon as I have it! <333 And wait, there’s more! I’m still planning on writing a prequel from Tamerlane’s POV that will show Cold coming into power. The romance would focus on Tamerlane’s very feisty love affair with Lorre, and I promise that it is gonna be hot as hell!

But wait – there’s still just one morrrrre!

I am planning to write one FINAL book for Jimmy and Cold, but I have no freakin’ clue what it will be about. Cold’s already gotten out of murder charges, been arrested, and taken out all of his enemies… then again, he did reallllyyyy piss off that FBI agent. Hmm. Anyway!

So, that’s definitely in the works, but I’m going to be switching gears to focus on my other WIP’s.

I’ve almost finished the third book in the Sucker for Love Mystery Series – the first novel, Acsquidentally In Love, comes out August 25th! I’m also putting together my very first attempt at self-publishing, a love triangle between two twin jinn princes and a mortal who is betrothed to the elder brother! DUN DUN DUNNN! It’s full of angst and heat and it’s such a fun little story. I’m hoping to have it ready by Sept/October possibly?

WAY on the backburner is a sci-fi romance about a guy who falls in love with a robot because Kat watched Blade Runner way too many times as a kid. It’s one of my favorite stories ever, plenty of juicy smut, and it’s probably gonna be self-published, too. It’s not sizzling enough for one publisher, but a little too steamy for the other. Same problem with the genies book, so woooo self-publishing it is! XD

In summary – lots of good things on the way! I should have at least three more books coming out by the end of the year! THREEEE! Thank you for all your support and love! Happy reading!

<333 Kat

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