New Preorder: SFL #8 An Inkredible Love!

Hello, my darlings! I am back again with ANOTHER preorder! Woooo! This is the story of Ell and Fred, and I am sooo freakin’ excited for this book! Like, OMG SO EXCITED because as some of you know… this was meant to be the third book! It’s been finished for like two freakin’ years and is by far the most romantic and sweeeet of the whole series. However, it was also very spoilery because of certain little things *coughcough* and so I ultimately rearranged the series so it is now #8! It does jump back in time a bit — remember that little ol’ three month jump at the end of Acsquidentally In Love before Robert and Lochlain get married? This book takes place during those three months!

It’s fluffy and sexy and eeee I cannot stress how sweet it is! Fred and Ell are one of my favorite couples ever, and I’m so happy to finally be sharing their story with you guys! You can preorder now and the book releases on April 11th, 2023! <333

It’s hard to have a love life when you don’t have a pulse.

All that changes for Fred Wilder when he meets Elliam Sturm a few weeks after Sloane Beaumont first becomes a Starkiller and kills a god.

As a ghoul, Fred Wilder needs very specialized medicine to combat his constantly rotting body. As a thief, Fred needs that body in good condition. Fortunately for him, Ell does the impossible: brings new life to Fred’s dead flesh.

Just being around Ell makes Fred feel alive for the first time since his untimely demise. He’s so charmed by Ell’s bright personality and shared love of obscure fantasy that he doesn’t think twice about the source of Ell’s power. But this is Archersville, so their blossoming romance is threatened by a dangerous painting that could awaken an ancient god who could destroy the world. Now the fate of billions hinges on Fred completing a daring heist.

But as Fred and Ell work together, the true depth of Ell’s power becomes impossible for Fred to ignore, and he’s forced to accept that perhaps the biggest mystery—and the biggest threat—has been with them all along….


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