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13 Days of Monster F#cking: Volume 2: Available Now!

Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus: Preorder now! 02/28/2023

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Current Projects

13 Days of Secret Monster Project (Writing 8/13)

SFL #9: Love You Always, Suckers And All (Writing 2/15)

Secret Mafia Thing (Writing 9/10)


Future Projects 2023

Daddy Mafia Stuff

Gay Murder Lobsters

Cold’s Brother Thing

CHC #5

Mr. Heiss and William

Nighttime Dead Thing

Suckery Mystery Thing

Secret Card Thing



Happy February, darlings!

For all my Sucker For Love fans, both Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus and Inkredible Love are up for preorder! Ollie’s book will be coming 02/28/2023 so woo right around the corner and then Fred and Ell will be out 04/11/2023! EEE SO CLOSE TO THE END! LITERALLY ONE MORE BOOOK AHHHH! That I still have to write oops.

To the surprise of no one, I am behind where I wanted to be this month–but it’s okay! I have one more chapter to write for my secret mafia thing (which you’ve probably already guessed is my entry in the Elite series) and just a couple more shorts for my secret monster project. Once those are done, I can switch back and focus on Sloane and Loch with my full attention.

I may still dabble in the monster stories, but only because my brain can sort of multi-task short stories with novels, but never two novels at the same time. I tried to explain this in my last blog post, but I still have no idea if it makes any sense. xD

The point is that I should still be able to finish all THREE of these projects (Elite collab, Monsters, and SFL #9) by the end of March as originally planned so woooo! I can do eeeeet!

After that, I know I’d said I was gonna slide back into mafia land and that’s still technically my goal. I have a lot of mafia books to write this year, including more collab stuff, and I want to get all my neat magical collaby obligations out of the way as soon as possible. I had to haul ass last year to get everything submitted on time, and I do not wanna do that this yearrr.

So! Collabs are definitely the priority once I’m done with Loch and Sloane, and they should be of a mafia type flavor and… I’m just sort of repeating myself at this point. You get the idea. Elite, Monsters, Sloane and Loch, and then mafia land for a while to work on collabs and other fun stuff! Beyond that, we will just have to see what my brain does as usual.

It’s okay. Whatever happens will probably be a surprise to me too!

ALSO! Big update about merch and books — in the next few weeks, I am going to be pulling all my swag and book goodies to a store I am building here on my website. As of right now, my Redbubble store is closed. They found the artwork of Jimmy and Boss Cold “objectionable”, took it down with zero warning, and I have no way to appeal their decision. As RB is a site known to have extremely graphic sexual artwork, I was pretty shocked and very pissed off that my artwork was taken down over a naked butt. Was it because it was a naked man’s butt? Sitting in another man’s lap? Who knows!

But what I do know is I don’t like what appears to be an extremely hypocritical application of their precious community guidelines. I will only be able to sell magnets and stickers and other small goods for a while as I don’t have the resources to store large stock like shirts etc, but my designs weren’t exactly flying off the shelves so I’m not too worried about it. More annoyed that once again I have to worry about finding a safe place to sell my stuff because oops the chances of getting banned are apparently a risk even with a naked booty.

All my signed paperbacks, bookplates, and swag will be coming to this new store. For now, my Etsy store will remain open until I’m able to move over all the listings and figure out the shipping and taxes and all that. It is hectic, but I think I’m going to be happier having control over all my stuff in one freakin’ place instead of three different stores.

That is it for now, my darlings! I’ve gotta go write! As always, you can check me out over on Patreon to get sneak peeks on what I’m working on, get sexy bonus scenes and lots of extra smut, plussss if you join todayyy I will send you a Valentine’s Day card! Or a non-Valentine’s card if you don’t care for the holiday! XD

Thank you guys! Happy reading!


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