New Preorder: Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus!

Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus is now available for preorder! This is the one and only illustrated guide by yours truly and artwork by the fabulous John T. Fuller! I’m so freakin’ excited for you guys to check this out! It is the ultimate guide for the Sucker For Love universe but beware–there may be spoilersss! <333

This is the personal private property of Oleander Logue! This terrifically tentacular tome is full of my notes and sketches, and it tells all about the super secret stuff going on in Archersville! TOP SECRET! NO PEEKING! Unless you really want to. And say pretty please. Then it’s okay.

Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus is an exciting illustrated guide that details the magical world of the Sucker For Love Mysteries universe. Get to know the colorful members of the Super Secret Sages’ Club, treat yourself to a special Sagittarian horoscope reading from Ollie himself, or dive into the curious history of the ancient Sages and their numerous tentacled gods. This guide has everything from a comprehensive list of Sagittarian deities to never-before-published information about the Sages’ many rituals and holidays, plus multiple recipes for food and drinks featured throughout this unique series, There might even be a secret or two lurking between the pages… but the only way to find them is to start reading.


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