Writing All The Things

Completed Projects

Just Calamarried: Available Now!

Cold Hard Cash on Audio: Available Now!

8 Days of Monstrous Pride: June 30th, 2022

Our Shellfish Desires: July 19th, 2022

Insquidious Devotion: (editing, release date pending)


Current Projects

An Inkredible Love: 15/15 (editing for submission)

Untitled Daddy Mafia: 20/20 (formatting) (8/12/2022)

8 Days of Monstrous Pride: (writing 5/8) (6/30/2022)

Super Secret Squirrel Project (editing)


Future Projects 2022

Ghost (9/17/2022)

Creature (9/30/2022)

Sinner (10/06/2022)

13 Days of Monster F#cking Vol. 2 (10/31/2022)

13 Days of Monsters Making Love (???)

Sucker For Love: #9



Happy June, darlings!


BIG HUGE NEWS #1: The audiobook of Cold Hard Cash in LIVE on Audible and Amazon for your intense listening pleasure! Scott Carousel is truly incredible, and I hope you all go have a listen. It made me absolutely fall in love with that world and those characters all over again and yes — before you ask — he will also be narrating Hard Earned Cash. <333

BIG HUGE NEWS #2: The entire Sucker For Love Mystery Series is now available in KU on Amazon! That’s right — with a KU subscription, you can read the entire series for free! Our Shellfish Desires will be releasing on KU, as will the rest of the SFL series so you can keep up with all the magical action and tentacle awesomeness! WOO!

BIG HUGE NEWS #3: 8 Days of Monstrous Pride is up for preorder and comes out in less than a month! I am so pumped for this book, and a portion of the profits will go to some of my favorite LGBTQ+ charities in honor of Pride Month! Okay, technically I’m still maybe finishing up a few of the stories *coughcoughimrunningbehind* but never fear! It will release as scheduled!

You can pop over to my private FB Group to read some fun teasers starting later today as we count down to the release! <333

As always, you can go check out my Patreon for all the latest sneak peeks at WIP’s, get ARC access, signed paperbacks, quarterly swag goodies, aaaaand it’s the first of the month so that means PROMPT PARTY! WHEW! Patrons suggest prompts for short stories, everybody votes, and I write the winning prompt — plus usually one or two more! ^_~

That’s all for now! I’ve got lots of more fun stuff coming up soon, so keep your eyeballs peeled and at the ready for something… a little bit cold.


THANK YOU for all your love and support. I couldn’t do this without you guys. <333


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