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It’s tomorrow it’s tomorrow it’s tomorrow it’s tomorrowwww! Did I mention that it’s tomorrow? The cover reveal for my new book, Hard Earned Cash? It’s been almost a year since I first published Cold Hard Cash, and wow – has my life gotten a lot more exciting since then! I cannot WAIT to share thisContinue reading “COVER REVEAL TOMORROW”

Sexy Saturday 05/30/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I hope everyone is still staying safe and happy out there! Before we get to today’s sexy little treat, I want to remind you that the sign-up for our 100+ member giveaway is still open! For absolutely free, you’ll receive a thank you card from me and some otherContinue reading “Sexy Saturday 05/30/2020”

Sexy Saturday 05/23/2020

( This Sexy Saturday was a guest post from the wonderful Amanda Meuwissen who was celebrating her new release, Public Enemy, Undercover Lover! Enjoy! <333 ) Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! My new release – Public Enemy, Undercover Lover – is dedicated to our lovely hostess. From the book inscription: To K.L. Hiers, whoContinue reading “Sexy Saturday 05/23/2020”


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