Cold Hard Cash: The Audiobook is LIVE!


The highly anticipated audiobook adaption of Cold Hard Cash is HERE! Voiced by the incomparable Scott Carousel, this is 10+ hours of incredible steam, thrilling passions, and a wild mafia adventure brought to life like you’ve never heard before. 

Make sure you have a fan and a cold shower ready when you listen to this… you’re gonna need it.


2 thoughts on “Cold Hard Cash: The Audiobook is LIVE!

  1. Hello there !

    Just got that audio and WHAOU ! It’s Cold come to life : this voice…
    Thanks so much !

    B. from France

    PS : don’t forget books 2 and 3…

    1. Hi! Eeeee thank you so much!!! I’m so very glad you’re enjoying it! Scott did such an incredible job, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with!

      P.S. Don’t worry! We’ll be working on the rest of the books soon! <333

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