Sexy Saturday 11/15/2020

Happy Sexy Sunday! XD

Between two new releases and promo and agh I totally lost track of what day it was! Oops!!! I do hope you guys have had a chance to check out the books! Lots of good sexy stuff in there for your reading pleasure! Big thank you to everyone for sharing and reviewing and all that awesome stuff!

Especially for Last One to Let You Down, my very first self-pub. You guys are the freakin’ best! <333

Now, onto the smut!

We’re back with Mr. Heiss and Will, picking back up after their fun with Serabus last time. I am going to try and update all the Sexy Saturday posts with tags so they’re easier to find, but omg it’s like over a year’s worth of posts to tag. So, eventually, yes, but not today! XD

You can search the group for just “Sexy Saturday” and usually find most of them that way! So, for my new people, I hope that helps you track ‘em down! I’ll let everyone know when I get the new tagging stuff done so you can all find the old sexy times I’ve posted.

Anyway. Enjoy!

#SexySaturday (even tho it’s Sunday!)

Warnings: NSFW/rough smex/spanking/brief mention of blood


“Oh, fuck,” Will hissed.

“Oh, yes,” Mr. Heiss rumbled, his hips rocking up steadily. “I need to make you know who you belong to, Will.”

“Message received,” Will said, clenching his teeth and trying to relax as that monstrous cock thrusted into him. He was sore from having just taken him and Serabus moments ago, but Mr. Heiss didn’t seem interested in stopping.

“No,” Mr. Heiss said simply. “Not until I’ve made you mine again.”

Will rolled his eyes, and he got a sharp spanking in reply. It made his body tense, unconsciously clenching around Mr. Heiss’ cock and forcing a loud moan out of him. “Ah, fuck!”

Mr. Heiss stopped moving, resting his clawed fingers on Will’s ass. “Go on, Will. Show me that you’re mine.”

“Thought you were gonna make me yours again?” Will mumbled. He cried out when Mr. Heiss popped him again, the sting cruel and hot. “Shit!”

“And so I shall, in any manner I see fit.” Mr. Heiss relaxed, leaning back and getting comfortable. “Now. Go on. Show me.”

Will decided against opening his mouth again, bracing himself on Mr. Heiss’ broad chest as he tried to lift his ass up. Fuck, it hurt, and he felt so weak. There was no way he was gonna be able to do this.

“Go on, Will…” Mr. Heiss sounded different now. His voice was low, sultry, almost taunting. “Show me why they call you the Little Wolf, hmm?”

That name…

It was what they’d called Will in the papers.

Hearing it pissed Will off. He hated that name. He wasn’t an animal.

But his victims were.

Fury growing in his belly, Will fought against the discomfort and started to roll his hips. He watched Mr. Heiss smile – ever so smugly, that bastard – and that just made Will angrier.

He went faster, reaching up to curl his fingers around Mr. Heiss’ horn, rolling his stomach and pushing down into every slam. The sensation when he bottomed out was a flash of pain and pleasure that made his vision flash white. It was overwhelming but addictive, and he chased it down again and again.

Will’s blood was pumping fast and hard, and he could hear Mr. Heiss starting to moan. Yes, he was actually making this demon moan for him. It gave him a thrill that he could only compare to the high of a kill, and he fucked himself down on Mr. Heiss’ cock with everything that he had.

He was helpless to refuse this fiend, but he could take control of this situation. He could take what he wanted, make Mr. Heiss cry out like a whore, and fuck, if it wasn’t a hell of an ego boost to hear him-

Mr. Heiss’ hand cracked across Will’s ass, forcing him to jerk forward and lose rhythm.

“Ah, fuck!” Will cried, reaching back to grab at his stinging cheeks.

“Keep going,” Mr. Heiss growled, sitting up now and grabbing Will’s hand, pinning it to the small of his back. “Don’t stop.”

Will was writhing, his ass throbbing as Mr. Heiss spanked him again. He struggled to start rolling his hips again, quickly regaining his lost momentum. He thought he might even be bleeding now from one of Mr. Heiss’ claws catching his hip, but he couldn’t be sure. He glared furiously at Mr. Heiss, wishing he could smack him right in his smug face.

He was practically whipping Will’s ass like he was a horse that he was trying to spur on, and Will couldn’t slow down for a moment without getting another mean smack. He bared his teeth, powering his movements with his thighs and stomach, but soon his muscles were aching from the strain.

Trying to fight through it, Will growled in frustration, staring right in Mr. Heiss’ eyes as he snarled, “I fuckin’ hate you.”

Mr. Heiss, the bastard, smiled wickedly.

Will tried to keep going, but his body was giving out. He was getting weaker, and he simply had nothing left to give. He knew Mr. Heiss was going to slap him again, and fuck, he didn’t think his asscheeks could take much more either.

“Fuck… you…” Will panted, using his grip on Mr. Heiss’ horn to drag himself up and drop back down, desperate to continue and avoid another punishment. “Fuck you… so hard…”

“Cute.” Mr. Heiss suddenly stood up from the sofa, holding Will on his cock and slamming him down.

“Ah, fuck!” Will’s stomach flipped from the startling change in position, worried that Mr. Heiss might drop him or slip out.

Mr. Heiss readjusted, letting go of Will’s arm to grab hold of his hips, bouncing him up and down on his cock like a human-shaped Fleshlight.

Will clung to his horns, trying to hold on and sobbing as he got fucked.

Mr. Heiss’ grip never faltered, and he moved Will effortlessly. He pounded into his body again and again, growling low, the rhythm quickly becoming frantic.

Will screamed, certain he was about to break. He could feel Mr. Heiss so deep, so very deep inside of him, and he was helpless to stop the onslaught of sensation. He moaned desperately when he felt Mr. Heiss coming, praying he’d finish soon and this would be over.

With no signs of stopping, Mr. Heiss continued the feverish pace.

“Ahh, ahh, I can’t!” Will pulled at Mr. Heiss’ horns, trying to lift himself away from his cock. He could feel his come dripping out of him, but fuck, the demon was still pounding him.

“No,” Mr. Heiss replied, his voice hoarse. “Not yet.” He narrowed his eyes in concentration.

Will wanted to tell him he couldn’t take another second, that there was no way…

And yet, there was a delicious pressure *right there* inside of him, and he was coming instantly. His cock shot all over the front of Mr. Heiss’ jacket, his body clenching around the giant cock fucking him, and he was light-headed and buzzing all over. His orgasm seemed to go on without end, and he was exhausted by the intense bliss.

“Oh, God… oh, fuck… yes… mmmm….” Will tipped forward, limp in Mr. Heiss strong arms and sobbing against his shoulder. It still felt like he was coming – impossible as it was – and his thighs were shaking. The scalding of his spanked cheeks seemed far away, and for the moment he let himself enjoy being held.

He would never dare admit it to Mr. Heiss, but that was the best fucking he’d ever had.

Mr. Heiss probably already knew, judging by the way he was smirking so confidently. He moved to sit back down, but the couch was gone.

The whole room had changed.

They were now in a lush bedroom, and Mr. Heiss was sitting on the edge of the bed. He turned, stretching Will out across the sheets in a way that was almost reverent.

Will groaned, his aching muscles complaining as he tried to get settled into a comfortable position. His body was clean, refreshed, though he could still feel Mr. Heiss’ come inside of him and the sting of his hands on his ass. He noticed there were no doors in this room either, and the end of his chain was attached to the steel frame of the bed.

“I think this has been a very productive day,” Mr. Heiss said coyly, dragging his claws through Will’s curly hair. “Quite enlightening… Little Wolf.”

Will was too tired to fight, but he did manage to raise his hand and flip Mr. Heiss off.

“Adorable.” Mr. Heiss stood up from the bed, his clothes cleaned and everything tucked away as if nothing had ever happened. “Rest… you’ll need your strength. Tomorrow is a new day, Will. I intend to keep you very busy.”

“Oh, goody,” Will drawled. “I’m sure it will be a fuckin’ blast.”

Sarcastic as his words were, the truth was…

He couldn’t wait.


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