Sexy Saturday 11/28/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Today is a special little tease from my latest WIP with the help of the incredible Jennifer Griffin! This is the start of a new naughty series that follows powerful immortals and the mortals they fall in love with.

The first story is about a man named William who has a very unusual encounter with a tornado… and what he sees falls out of one is going to change his life forever.


Warnings: SFW?!(it’s only the first chapter, sorry! XD not that it’s stopped me before, but hey! Just some slight dub-con at the end!)


William Harding had seen a lot of incredible things in all of his years chasing tornadoes; their rampant destruction, their awesome power, not to mention all the crazy things that popped out of them. He’d witnessed everything from teapots to livestock, but today was the first time he’d ever seen a man coming flying out of one.

He’d spent all of his forty-five years in Texas, born and raised. His parents had both served in the military, and their duty stations were always instate. William didn’t know if that made him lucky or not. Bouncing between Ft. Sam Houston and Ft. Hood, he didn’t get to see much of the world until he was an adult.

William loved to travel, and his job doing security for a nightclub allowed him a very flexible schedule to explore his passion for chasing down storms.

Tornados were his favorite by far, and northeast Texas was a good place to hunt them. He lived about three hours south of here, but he would take off work and visit for a few days if he knew something was brewing. He’d seen everything from derechos to twin twisters and even once stared down a category F5.

The immense power was a humbling and unique thrill like no other.

He’d been following this twister for several miles, watching it tear through the fields and trees like paper cutouts. It was an F3, but it was starting to pick up speed. The roar of the winds almost drowned out his radio, and he could feel his truck swaying on the road.

Being this close to one of nature’s most powerful forces gave him such a rush, and his heart was pounding with adrenaline as he made a quick turn down a narrow dirt road to keep up.

Near the top of the funnel, William suddenly saw something strange. It was a bright flash of light, blue in color, and spherical. Lightning, he thought, watching the light grow and crackle. He was seeing some sort of lightning phenomenon, maybe even the elusive and rare ball lightning.

It only lasted for about half a minute, but William had come to a full stop to watch every second of it. He’d never seen anything so brilliant or big before, and he couldn’t look away.

That’s when he saw the man.

Even though he was maintaining a safe distance, the shape of what was falling was unmistakable.

William felt his heart clench in anguish, and he was certain he was about to watch someone plummet to their death. He couldn’t look away, tracking the body’s descent into the middle of an adjacent field.

The smack was awful, somehow audible over the roar over the twister. The tornado was headed east now, and William quickly parked his truck.

Phone in hand, he began to run into the field where he’d seen the body land. He knew he’d be calling the police to come pick up a corpse, but he had to be sure. There was something telling him to run faster, to hurry, and he could feel all the hairs prickling up the back of his neck.

The very air felt charged, more so than William had ever felt after any other storm before. It wasn’t unusual to smell ozone, fresh cut grass, or even pungent sulfurous odors, but this was different.

It was sweeter, like syrup, and tart like some sort of sour candy.

Stranger still was the huge crater in front of William. The body must have landed with extraordinary force. He skidded to a stop at the edge, staring down at the mammoth dent left in the earth and the naked young man sprawled in the middle of it.

He was… beautiful.

Golden tan, thick blond hair, full lips.

The sight of him made William’s heart clench, and he kneeled down in mourning. It was such a shame to see such young life taken, and it was sadder still that he’d been so beautiful. It was such a waste.

But tornadoes didn’t care how pretty someone was or how old they were. They killed without bias, and this poor soul was unlucky enough to have been claimed. His luck was particularly bad that he’d been taken naked.

What the hell had this guy been doing before the tornado swept him up?

William took off the button-up shirt he was wearing over his t-shirt to cover up the young man.

Dead or not, he wanted to give him some decency.

As he scooted closer to drape the shirt, William couldn’t help but notice that the young man didn’t appear to have a scratch on him. He didn’t seen any blood or any obvious broken bones either. When his fingers inadvertently brushed the man’s hip, his body still felt warm.

Could he be…?


There was no way he could be alive.

It was impossible.

But still… what if?

He had an obligation to check, didn’t he? There was always a chance? Nothing was *really ever truly impossible, was it?”

William reached to touch the young man’s neck. His only intention was to check for a pulse to quiet his frantic thoughts, and the young man jerked as soon as he touched him. William tried to pull away, but then there was a hand grabbing his wrist.

The young man was awake, staring up at William with bright blue eyes. He looked confused, a bit dazed, but he was definitely alive and breathing.

“You’re okay,” William said, struggling to keep his voice calm as a fresh wave of adrenaline surged through his body. He couldn’t believe this was happening, and he started to type on his phone. “Try not to move. You might still have internal injuries-“

“Tell me what you’re doing,” the young man asked, his voice smooth as silk and surprisingly deep.

“I’m calling 911 so we can get an ambulance over here to take you to the hospital,” William said. He didn’t know why, but he felt the strangest compulsion to answer quickly.

He blamed the sense of urgency on the crazy circumstances, but there was something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

“Don’t,” the young man said.

William had his thumb on the keypad of his phone, but he found that he couldn’t move it. He could not actually force himself to dial. He stared down at the young man, struggling to speak as he said, “No, I need to call them. Your spine could be broken, maybe your neck. I am going to call them.”

“No,” the young man said, sitting up and swaying. He was confused, but seemed quite determined as he ordered, “You will not call anyone. You’re going to take me home so I can rest…” He held his head and grimaced. “And help me remember who the fuck I am.”

“No.” William tried again to argue. “What you need is a hospital. You need a doctor.” He was already putting his phone back in his pocket and offering his hands to help the young man up to his feet.

What in the hell was going on here?

The young man tied the shirt around his waist and held his head high. He kept a hold of William’s hand, commanding, “Take me home. Now. You will not tell anyone how you found me, and you will not call anyone to help me. I don’t need help. Tell me you understand.”

“Listen here, kid,” William countered, using his grip on the young man’s hand to pull him in close. “I don’t like being bossed around like this. Especially not from some total stranger that just fell out of the sky and seems to have to lost his mind-“

“No, just my memory.”

“Whatever.” William narrowed his eyes, fighting against the wild urge to lead this guy over to his truck. “You. Hospital. Now.”

“No,” the young man said firmly. He reached up to stroke the side of William’s face as he said, “You. Take me home. Now.”

There was something about the tactile connection that made William powerless to refuse. He knew he didn’t want to actually do this, but there was no way to stop himself. Before he knew it, he’d swept the naked young man up into his arms and was walking back to his truck.

“Ah, much better,” the young man said, leaning his head on William’s shoulder. He was smiling and relaxed, perfectly pliant as William loaded him into the front seat.

William reached into the back for his duffel bag. He couldn’t very well drive all the way back home with a naked man in his truck. He found some sweat pants and a clean shirt, offering them to the young man.

“What are these?” he asked, his nose wrinkling up.

“Clothes,” William snorted. He shut the door, walking around the front of the truck to get in the driver’s seat.

“I suppose these will do for now,” the young man said, clumsily pulling them on and handing William back his long sleeve shirt.

William slipped the shirt back on, unconsciously turning off the storm tracking app on his phone so he could switch to GPS to navigate his way home. Once he got back on the highway he’d be fine, but he had to get there first.

And it was gonna be a hell of a drive with his new passenger.

“I’m William Harding,” he said. “You got a name?”

“Probably.” The young man shrugged. “Mm, I’ll let you know if I remember it.”

Before closing out the rest of his meteorological applications, William noticed that the tornado seemed to have vanished. In a way, that was a small relief since it was the very reason he had driven up here. At least he wasn’t going to miss anything since he was apparently being ordered to take a strange young man to his house.

It was mind boggling that he couldn’t stop himself, and he was helpless to resist the impulse to get back on the road and follow the GPS. He was still thinking clearly, but the urge to obey the young man’s command was overwhelming.

“What am I supposed to call you?” William was grateful that he could still talk freely. The thought that the young man might somehow have the power to silence him was disturbing.

Not to mention all the other things he might be able to do.

“Mm. ‘Your highness’ feels very natural,” the young man replied, sinking down into the seat and getting comfortable. “It’s the damnedest thing not knowing your own name.”

“I can imagine.”

“Can you? Tell me, have you ever forgotten your name?”

“No, but I have misplaced my pants on occasion.”

“Ha!” The young man laughed at that, though he seemed to regret it. He held his head and groaned, fussing, “Oh, this sucks. How far away do you live?”

“Just shy of four hours, depending on traffic.”

“Oh, no.”

“Oh, yes. Buckle up, baby boy, because we got a hell of a drive.” William glanced over at him. “Unless there’s somewhere I can take you?” He had to focus on the words to get them out. “Like a hospital?”

“I thought I already told you to quit with that hospital crap. I’m pretty sure I did which means you need to stop now.”

“Used to getting your way, are you?” William snorted softly and turned off the GPS once he saw the signs for the highway approaching.

“If I remember nothing else, I always know that people do what I tell them to.” The young man took a moment to appraise William, looking over him curiously. “You seem to be resisting me.”

“Resisting you?”

“Uh huh. You’re not responding right. There must be something wrong with you.”

“Are you sure it’s not you?” William countered. “You’re the one who took a tumble through a tornado. Maybe you have a concussion. Internal bleeding. You know, the kinda thing you need to go to a hospital-“

“Stop,” the young man ordered, bolting upwards and reaching out to grab William’s shoulder. “No more talk about hospitals or taking me anywhere else. We’re going to your home so I can rest and regain my memory. Do you understand?”

Try as he might, William could only say, “Yes.”

“Good,” the young man chirped, slinking back down into the seat.

As they turned onto the highway, they passed road signs proclaiming the mileage to a few surrounding cities.

“Hawley,” the young man said. “That sounds nice. Call me Hawley.”

“Just picking a name off a sign?” William asked.

“It’ll do for now.” Hawley tucked his arms behind his head. “Mmm, wake me up when we get to your home.”

“Sure thing,” William grumbled. He turned the radio on and got settled in for the drive ahead. He’d need to stop for gas at some point to make it, and he wondered if he’d be able to.

Would Hawley’s order force him to drive until the tank ran dry or would stopping for fuel be considered part of taking him home?

It made his head hurt, and he tried again to dial 911. He could pick up the phone, switch to the dial pad, but he couldn’t actually push the buttons.

Frustrated, he shoved the phone back down in the console.

The first hour of the drive went by without incident or conversation. Hawley was passed out, and William couldn’t help but think how angelic he looked while he was asleep.

For a mind controlling brat, anyway.

He found that he was able to stop for gas, pulling off the highway to a small gas station. At least this meant there was some leeway in the commands. He parked by one of the pumps, and he reached over to nudge Hawley.

“Are we there yet?” Hawley mumbled, peeking open one eye.


“I told you not to wake me up until we got there!” Hawley growled as he sat up. He looked around the desolate gas station and groaned loudly. “Oh, what kind of horror movie shit show is this?”

“It’s a Guzzle and Go. Do you want anything?”

“That’s why you woke me up?” Hawley demanded. “To see if I wanted something from the ‘Guzzle and Go’? Like what? Tetanus?”

“Fuckin’ forget I asked.” William got out and slammed the door, unhooking the pump to start filling up his truck.

Maybe Hawley was some sort of twisted government experiment gone wrong. Maybe he was exuding some sort of weird pheromones that made it impossible to disobey him.

Whatever it was, he was pissing William off.

Despite the rude behavior, there was a part of him that felt sorry for Hawley. After all, no one ended up naked and alone in a field with no memory because good stuff had happened to them.

There was no telling what Hawley had been through, and maybe he needed to cut the kid a little bit of slack.

He had made up his mind to apologize by the time he was done filling the truck, begrudgingly as it were, and poked his head back in the truck only to find that Hawley was gone.


William looked all around, but he saw no sign of him. There was another car parked nearby, but no one was inside. He headed over to the store on the opposite side of the pumps, quickly bursting through the door.

“Oh, and I’ll take these, too,” Hawley was saying, grabbing some candy bars and sliding them across the front counter.

There was an older woman next to him, counting money out of her wallet to pay for a substantial pile of snacks and candy.

The clerk at the register rang it all up and began to put everything in a paper bag.

“What are you doing?” William asked, frowning as he looked at the old woman and the clerk. They both seemed relaxed and smiling, but their eyes were glassy as if they were drunk.

“Getting something to eat,” Hawley replied as if it was obvious. “I didn’t know what you’d like, so, well, I didn’t get you anything.”

William gritted his teeth. “You shouldn’t have left like that.”

“Here you go, sir,” the clerk said, offering the bag out to Hawley.

“Thanks!” Hawley smiled and turned to the old woman. “Hey, pay for my friend’s gas, would you? He’s getting cranky.”

“Oh, of course, darling!” she said, reaching into her wallet again. “How much is it?”

“I don’t need her to pay for my gas,” William snapped. “I need you to get your little ass back in the truck so we can go.”

“But we can’t technically go until you pay,” Hawley said sweetly. He pulled a pack of fruit straws out of the bag, playfully nibbling on the end of one. “So, really, you’re the one holding us up.”

“Fine. Just hang on.” William pulled out his wallet, politely brushing the old woman out of the way.

She suddenly shoved him, crying, “No! I have to pay for it! He told me I have to!”

“She has to pay for it!” the clerk shouted, swinging at William from across the counter.

“What the hell?” William stumbled back, raising his arm to shield himself as the woman came at him again.

“Stop,” Hawley ordered, holding up his hand.

The women and clerk both froze in place immediately.

“Let him pay for the stupid gas, and then you’re both going to forget we were ever here,” Hawley went on, chewing on another fruit straw. “Got it?”

“Oh, yes,” the clerk agreed eagerly.

“Whatever you want,” said the old woman.

William couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There was no logical way to explain the spell Hawley had over these people, and his thoughts were racing as he quickly paid for the gas. He grabbed Hawley’s arm and pulled him outside.

“Ow! Let go of me!” Hawley protested.

“You want me to take you home,” William pointed out smugly. “I have to make sure you come with me.”

“Oh, you dick,” Hawley whined. “You can’t use my own commands against me like that!”

“Watch me.” William opened the passenger door and pushed Hawley in, stomping around to jump back in the driver’s seat.

He was satisfied he’d found some small way to manipulate Hawley’s orders, but it was still unnerving to have witnessed just how powerful his ability was.

“This whole having you resist me thing is getting annoying,” Hawley said, pawing through his bag of goodies.

“Get used to it,” William retorted. He cranked up the truck, leaving the gas station and returning to the highway. “I don’t know how you’re doing this, but I’m not gonna let you boss me around.”

“Says the man who’s driving me home.”

“I want to help you,” William said sincerely. “If taking your home is how I have to do it, fine. But I’m not gonna have you ordering me around just doing whatever the hell you want.”

“We’ll see about that,” Hawley said, pulling a fruit straw straight from the package with his teeth and wrapping his lips around it suggestively.

William kept his eyes on the road, trying to ignore the flirtatious display.

“Anybody waiting for you at home, William?” Hawley asked casually, propping his bare feet up on the dashboard.

“No, I live alone. And take your damn feet down.”

Hawley didn’t budge. “Single?”

“Is this really what you want to talk about?” William groused. “Shouldn’t you be more worried about getting your memory back?”

“Oh, this is exactly what I want to talk about,” Hawley insisted. “So, tell me. Are you single?”

“Yes,” William replied between clenched teeth.

“If you don’t feel like chatting, this is gonna be a really long drive,” Hawley said cheerfully.

“I liked you better when I thought you were dead.”

“Ow.” Hawley clutched his chest. “That’s hurtful, William.”

William took a deep breath and tried to focus on the road.

Thankfully, Hawley was only able to pester William for about twenty more minutes before he fell back asleep again. William assumed that tumbling through a tornado must have been exhausting and let him rest. The miles ticked by in blissful silence, and it was dark by the time William was driving down the rocky dirt road that led to his house.

The shakey road woke Hawley up, and he groggily lifted his head. “Mmm, where are we? It better not be another shitty gas station.”

“Home sweet home,” William said as he parked the truck. “Come on.”

William’s house was a small ranch style home with a barren yard and a front porch that had seen better days. It wasn’t much, but it was clean, simple, and suited him just fine.

“This is where you live?” Hawley made a face as they got out of the truck.

“Sorry it’s not up to your standards, your highness,” William said with a snort, grabbing his bag from the back and shutting the door. He headed across the yard to the porch, calling back, “You’re more than welcome to stay somewhere else.”

“Whatever.” Hawley held up his arms. “Carry me.”

William tried to fight to urge to scoop him up, but still found himself walking back over to him. “Your legs broken now?”

“I don’t have any shoes! Come on, there might be needles or broken glass.”

“You’re fuckin’ crazy,” William muttered, rolling his eyes as he picked Hawley up. “There, happy?”

“Mmm, this is kinda romantic,” Hawley said with a dramatic sigh, hugging William’s neck. “Like you’re carrying me over the threshold or something.”

“Uh huh.” William carried Hawley up to the front door and promptly dropped him. He caught his arm so he didn’t fall right on his ass, but the alarmed expression on Hawley’s face as he stumbled backwards was totally worth it.

“Asshole!” Hawley snapped furiously.

Laughing under his breath, William unlocked the door and ushered Hawley inside. “Hey. You’re alive, aren’t you?”

“Barely,” Hawley growled, looking around the modest interior with another sour expression. “I didn’t think it was possible for a house to feel pathetic. And yet, here we are.”

“The couch folds out into a bed, bathroom is down the hall,” William said, locking the door behind them and heading to his bedroom. “Get some rest, and I’ll-“

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Hawley said, grabbing William’s arm and pulling him back with an unnatural burst of strength.

“What the fuck are you doing?” William grunted as Hawley pushed himself up against him.

“Whatever I want, as usual.” Hawley tossed aside William’s duffel bag and stood up on tiptoe to wrap his arms around his neck, commanding firmly, “Now, kiss me.”

William tried to stop.

He really did.

But there was no way to resist the beautiful young man in his arms or his stern order, and William bowed his head down to press their lips together in a heated kiss.


Sexy Saturday 11/15/2020

Happy Sexy Sunday! XD

Between two new releases and promo and agh I totally lost track of what day it was! Oops!!! I do hope you guys have had a chance to check out the books! Lots of good sexy stuff in there for your reading pleasure! Big thank you to everyone for sharing and reviewing and all that awesome stuff!

Especially for Last One to Let You Down, my very first self-pub. You guys are the freakin’ best! <333

Now, onto the smut!

We’re back with Mr. Heiss and Will, picking back up after their fun with Serabus last time. I am going to try and update all the Sexy Saturday posts with tags so they’re easier to find, but omg it’s like over a year’s worth of posts to tag. So, eventually, yes, but not today! XD

You can search the group for just “Sexy Saturday” and usually find most of them that way! So, for my new people, I hope that helps you track ‘em down! I’ll let everyone know when I get the new tagging stuff done so you can all find the old sexy times I’ve posted.

Anyway. Enjoy!

#SexySaturday (even tho it’s Sunday!)

Warnings: NSFW/rough smex/spanking/brief mention of blood


“Oh, fuck,” Will hissed.

“Oh, yes,” Mr. Heiss rumbled, his hips rocking up steadily. “I need to make you know who you belong to, Will.”

“Message received,” Will said, clenching his teeth and trying to relax as that monstrous cock thrusted into him. He was sore from having just taken him and Serabus moments ago, but Mr. Heiss didn’t seem interested in stopping.

“No,” Mr. Heiss said simply. “Not until I’ve made you mine again.”

Will rolled his eyes, and he got a sharp spanking in reply. It made his body tense, unconsciously clenching around Mr. Heiss’ cock and forcing a loud moan out of him. “Ah, fuck!”

Mr. Heiss stopped moving, resting his clawed fingers on Will’s ass. “Go on, Will. Show me that you’re mine.”

“Thought you were gonna make me yours again?” Will mumbled. He cried out when Mr. Heiss popped him again, the sting cruel and hot. “Shit!”

“And so I shall, in any manner I see fit.” Mr. Heiss relaxed, leaning back and getting comfortable. “Now. Go on. Show me.”

Will decided against opening his mouth again, bracing himself on Mr. Heiss’ broad chest as he tried to lift his ass up. Fuck, it hurt, and he felt so weak. There was no way he was gonna be able to do this.

“Go on, Will…” Mr. Heiss sounded different now. His voice was low, sultry, almost taunting. “Show me why they call you the Little Wolf, hmm?”

That name…

It was what they’d called Will in the papers.

Hearing it pissed Will off. He hated that name. He wasn’t an animal.

But his victims were.

Fury growing in his belly, Will fought against the discomfort and started to roll his hips. He watched Mr. Heiss smile – ever so smugly, that bastard – and that just made Will angrier.

He went faster, reaching up to curl his fingers around Mr. Heiss’ horn, rolling his stomach and pushing down into every slam. The sensation when he bottomed out was a flash of pain and pleasure that made his vision flash white. It was overwhelming but addictive, and he chased it down again and again.

Will’s blood was pumping fast and hard, and he could hear Mr. Heiss starting to moan. Yes, he was actually making this demon moan for him. It gave him a thrill that he could only compare to the high of a kill, and he fucked himself down on Mr. Heiss’ cock with everything that he had.

He was helpless to refuse this fiend, but he could take control of this situation. He could take what he wanted, make Mr. Heiss cry out like a whore, and fuck, if it wasn’t a hell of an ego boost to hear him-

Mr. Heiss’ hand cracked across Will’s ass, forcing him to jerk forward and lose rhythm.

“Ah, fuck!” Will cried, reaching back to grab at his stinging cheeks.

“Keep going,” Mr. Heiss growled, sitting up now and grabbing Will’s hand, pinning it to the small of his back. “Don’t stop.”

Will was writhing, his ass throbbing as Mr. Heiss spanked him again. He struggled to start rolling his hips again, quickly regaining his lost momentum. He thought he might even be bleeding now from one of Mr. Heiss’ claws catching his hip, but he couldn’t be sure. He glared furiously at Mr. Heiss, wishing he could smack him right in his smug face.

He was practically whipping Will’s ass like he was a horse that he was trying to spur on, and Will couldn’t slow down for a moment without getting another mean smack. He bared his teeth, powering his movements with his thighs and stomach, but soon his muscles were aching from the strain.

Trying to fight through it, Will growled in frustration, staring right in Mr. Heiss’ eyes as he snarled, “I fuckin’ hate you.”

Mr. Heiss, the bastard, smiled wickedly.

Will tried to keep going, but his body was giving out. He was getting weaker, and he simply had nothing left to give. He knew Mr. Heiss was going to slap him again, and fuck, he didn’t think his asscheeks could take much more either.

“Fuck… you…” Will panted, using his grip on Mr. Heiss’ horn to drag himself up and drop back down, desperate to continue and avoid another punishment. “Fuck you… so hard…”

“Cute.” Mr. Heiss suddenly stood up from the sofa, holding Will on his cock and slamming him down.

“Ah, fuck!” Will’s stomach flipped from the startling change in position, worried that Mr. Heiss might drop him or slip out.

Mr. Heiss readjusted, letting go of Will’s arm to grab hold of his hips, bouncing him up and down on his cock like a human-shaped Fleshlight.

Will clung to his horns, trying to hold on and sobbing as he got fucked.

Mr. Heiss’ grip never faltered, and he moved Will effortlessly. He pounded into his body again and again, growling low, the rhythm quickly becoming frantic.

Will screamed, certain he was about to break. He could feel Mr. Heiss so deep, so very deep inside of him, and he was helpless to stop the onslaught of sensation. He moaned desperately when he felt Mr. Heiss coming, praying he’d finish soon and this would be over.

With no signs of stopping, Mr. Heiss continued the feverish pace.

“Ahh, ahh, I can’t!” Will pulled at Mr. Heiss’ horns, trying to lift himself away from his cock. He could feel his come dripping out of him, but fuck, the demon was still pounding him.

“No,” Mr. Heiss replied, his voice hoarse. “Not yet.” He narrowed his eyes in concentration.

Will wanted to tell him he couldn’t take another second, that there was no way…

And yet, there was a delicious pressure *right there* inside of him, and he was coming instantly. His cock shot all over the front of Mr. Heiss’ jacket, his body clenching around the giant cock fucking him, and he was light-headed and buzzing all over. His orgasm seemed to go on without end, and he was exhausted by the intense bliss.

“Oh, God… oh, fuck… yes… mmmm….” Will tipped forward, limp in Mr. Heiss strong arms and sobbing against his shoulder. It still felt like he was coming – impossible as it was – and his thighs were shaking. The scalding of his spanked cheeks seemed far away, and for the moment he let himself enjoy being held.

He would never dare admit it to Mr. Heiss, but that was the best fucking he’d ever had.

Mr. Heiss probably already knew, judging by the way he was smirking so confidently. He moved to sit back down, but the couch was gone.

The whole room had changed.

They were now in a lush bedroom, and Mr. Heiss was sitting on the edge of the bed. He turned, stretching Will out across the sheets in a way that was almost reverent.

Will groaned, his aching muscles complaining as he tried to get settled into a comfortable position. His body was clean, refreshed, though he could still feel Mr. Heiss’ come inside of him and the sting of his hands on his ass. He noticed there were no doors in this room either, and the end of his chain was attached to the steel frame of the bed.

“I think this has been a very productive day,” Mr. Heiss said coyly, dragging his claws through Will’s curly hair. “Quite enlightening… Little Wolf.”

Will was too tired to fight, but he did manage to raise his hand and flip Mr. Heiss off.

“Adorable.” Mr. Heiss stood up from the bed, his clothes cleaned and everything tucked away as if nothing had ever happened. “Rest… you’ll need your strength. Tomorrow is a new day, Will. I intend to keep you very busy.”

“Oh, goody,” Will drawled. “I’m sure it will be a fuckin’ blast.”

Sarcastic as his words were, the truth was…

He couldn’t wait.


Sexy Saturday 11/07/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings!

I am so happy that A Cold Hard Collection is finally live!!! YES!!! Pretty please review and share and all lovely stuff – it is in the erotica dungeon, and sadly that is now its permanent home. After three tries, my publisher has decided to let it stay so every little bit of love helps! Thank you!

Now – it’s sexy time! We’re back with Mr. Heiss and Will, and they’re just having a lovely evening with Serabus. Happy reading, my darlings!

Warnings: NSFW/DP/demon sexy stuff/spanking


“Oh, now that sounds like fun,” Serabus said, pinching Will’s inner thigh. “Would you like that, little human? Two big demon cocks stretching your little ass out?”

“Ah, fuck,” Will grumbled, licking his lips nervously. Just taking on one of these monsters was pushing his body to its absolute limits, and two was impossible.

There was no fuckin’ way.

Serabus pulled away with a soft sigh, chuckling under his breath. He looked to Mr. Heiss. “How would you like him?”

“We’ll take him on the sofa,” Mr. Heiss said, rising from his chair and wrapping his fingers around Will’s chain. “Come along, pet.”

Will’s legs were shaking as he slid off the desk, grunting as Mr. Heiss gave the chain an impatient tug. His ass was throbbing as he followed him over to sofa, and he took a quick moment to stretch.

Damn, this was a fuckin’ workout.

Mr. Heiss sat in the middle of the sofa, and the flames of the fireplace seemed to glow a little brighter from his presence. He freed his massive cock, and he gave Will’s chain another pull.

Tired of having his collar yanked on, Will obediently sat in Mr. Heiss’ lap. His heart was still racing, his chest fluttering with adrenaline, but he was determined to do this. He reached back to grab his cock and began to ease it inside of him, grateful he was still so open and wet.

He rocked down until his ass was flush with Mr. Heiss’ thighs, and he glared defiantly into his bright yellow eyes. He started to ride him, slamming down over and over, trying to give him everything he had.

Bastard didn’t make a peep to indicate pleasure or a lack thereof, and it pissed Will off.

“Asshole,” Will panted.

“Careful,” Mr. Heiss warned, swinging his hand down and slapping Will’s ass.

The strike made Will whimper and buck, groaning, “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” His skin felt like it was on fire, and he knew there was going to be a big ol’ red handprint there.

Serabus joined them, standing behind Will and crouching down. He traced the stinging welt left behind on Will’s ass, laughing as he started rubbing his cock against his already stuffed hole. “Ohhh, isn’t that pretty.”

Will gritted his teeth and tried to stay relaxed. He knew if he tensed that this was going to hurt a lot more. It was already going to be painful as it was now, and he whimpered as Serabus’ cock tried to push inside of him.

“Breathe,” Mr. Heiss commanded, grabbing Will by the back of his collar and giving him a sharp jerk.

Inhaling sharply, Will closed his eyes. The pressure was becoming intense, his ass burned, and fuck, there, it hurt. The pain was stinging, burning, and he wanted to scream-

“Breathe,” Mr. Heiss commanded again, giving Will’s collar another firm yank.

Will’s eyes fluttered open, lost in the brilliant amber of Mr. Heiss’ eyes. He panted heavily, willed his muscles to turn into marshmallows, and there – he could feel Serabus’ cock breeching him. The pressure was still insane, but the agony was evaporating away.

“There you go,” Serabus purred, his hands sliding up Will’s back as he started to push harder. “There, little human… mmm, feels good, doesn’t it?”

Will could only whine, certain that he was going to shout if he opened his mouth. He kept his teeth firmly clamped together as he struggled against the rest of Serabus’ fat cock working its way inside of him. He was trembling, and it felt like he was being split in half. He’d never taken on so much, and he bowed his head against Mr. Heiss’ shoulder.

He didn’t know if it was stupid or not, but he needed some sort of additional contact to ground himself. He didn’t know if he was going to pass out or cry, and he needed something, anything, to stop himself from going insane. He wrapped his arms around Mr. Heiss’ broad neck, sobbing into his chest. “Oh, god… it’s too much… I can’t… I can’t do this…”

Mr. Heiss shushed him almost soothingly. “Come on, my little killer… certainly this isn’t the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do.”

“Mmm, fuck, it might be,” Serabus chuckled cruelly, starting to thrust with more force.

Will’s head snapped back, groaning at the new wave of pleasure and pain. Mr. Heiss suddenly rocked his hips up, and the sensations tipped back over into madness inducing levels. He didn’t know what to do, struggling to move his body away from the cocks thrusting away inside of him. The simple shift gave him immediate relief, and he started to move his hips, rolling his ass down to meet them.

“Ohhh, there you go,” Serabus gasped. He slapped Will’s ass, cracking his palm over his cheeks several times before seizing his hips. He started fucking him hard, growling hungrily. “Come on, little human, ride our fuckin’ cocks.”

Will started moving faster, finding that keeping up with the demons made the pain lessen and the pleasure was now sending sparks of light in front of his eyes. He lifted himself up, dropping down on their cocks with a loud cry. Fuck, that was spectacular. He really started getting into it now, the discomfort all but gone, and fucked himself down with a new burst of energy.

Mr. Heiss only allowed a few soft grunts to escape, but he seemed very pleased with Will’s performance. He leaned back against the sofa, his claws lightly dragging down Will’s thighs. He was no longer moving, allowing Will to set the pace, and he was watching his every move with a ravenous smile.

“Mmm, fuck, gonna come,” Serabus gasped, his slams reaching a frantic rhythm. His hand cracked over Will’s ass one final time as he came, roaring and snarling as he unloaded deep inside of him.

The flood of heat made Will shudder, and he was desperate now for climax. He kept going, thrusting and grinding as hard as he could, baring his teeth as he hissed, “Fuck, I wanna come. For fuck’s sake, let me come!”

Mr. Heiss grabbed Will’s cock, squeezing hard. “Not before me.”

“Better hurry,” Serabus taunted, sliding his still hard cock in and out slowly. “Mmm, fuck… look at all that… You’re going to be dripping for days…”

Will hated that he liked being this wet and getting fucked so brutally, but he was too focused on getting off to care. His thighs were burning from the effort, his stomach near cramping, but he refused to give up.

He arched his back, grabbing a hold of Mr. Heiss’ thick horns and slamming himself down with all of his strength. Over and over until his ass was smacking against Mr. Heiss’ thighs, his head tipping back with a wild sob of pleasure. Both cocks were so thick, so hot, and his hole was throbbing from taking on so much. He couldn’t stop, but he couldn’t come until Mr. Heiss did, but oh, yeah, fuck, it was so good-

“Mmm, fuck,” Mr. Heiss murmured, soft and sweet, his hips forcefully jerking up as he came, unleashing another thick load of hot come inside of Will. He started jerking Will off, stroking him quickly as he demanded, “There, now, come. Come for me, Will.”

“Fuck!” Will screamed, all of the pressure that had been building twisting together until his vision blurred and finally letting go as he came. He watched his cock spurt all over Mr. Heiss’ clawed fingers, and he continued to rock and grind his ass down to keep the blissful momentum going.

Serabus was pulling away all too soon, but not before giving Will’s ass one more mean smack. He cleaned himself up with a quick wave of his hand, groaning with deep satisfaction. “Well, Mr. Heiss… that was pretty damn awesome.”

Will collapsed against Mr. Heiss’ chest, still holding onto one of his horns as he wheezed, still not certain that he wasn’t going to pass out. He could feel the come dripping out of him, and his hole was still tender from what he’d just done.

Mr. Heiss politely pried Will’s hand from his horn, dragging his claws through his curly hair with a low grunt. “Will has… much potential.”

“Mmm, well, if you ever get tired of him, I’d be more than happy to take him,” Serabus said, winking slyly.

“Doubtful,” Mr. Heiss snorted.

“Thanks for the fuck. Mmm, I’ll be back for seconds sometime.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

Will said nothing, but he huddled in closer to Mr. Heiss.

“See ya’.” Serabus gave a little salute and walked over to the wall where a door magically appeared. Once he shut it behind him, it disappeared.

Will’s pulse had returned to mostly normal levels, and he let out a long sigh. Mr. Heiss was still inside of him, relentlessly hard, and he didn’t know if he would be expected to go again. He chose to remain silent, and he was surprised by Mr. Heiss’ rubbing his sore cheeks.

“Mmm…. you were quite lovely,” Mr. Heiss praised. “I can’t even count how many beautiful little handprints Serabus left on you.” He rolled his hips upwards, making Will whimper. “I simply can’t have that…”

“What, what do you mean?” Will dared to ask, whimpering again as Mr. Heiss started thrusting up into him. Fuck, this guy was insatiable. The slow pace felt nice, and he clenched around Mr. Heiss’ thick cock with a little moan. Yeah, they were really going again.

“Clearly I need to leave more marks on you than he did,” Mr. Heiss said as if this was obvious. “Just in case you forget who you belong to.” He smirked. “You’re welcome to hold my horns again if you think it will help you. Either way, you should ready yourself because I’m not done with you.”