Sexy Saturday 04/04/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I hope everyone is staying happy and safe! Today’s post is a teaser for my Cold Hard Cash anthology, and it’s a little sequel to another fun time I posted back in February when Jimmy and Boss Cold played with a nightstick… hehehe, enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/role-play/bad puns


“Ha!” Jimmy shouted triumphantly, clicking the handcuffs over Cold’s wrists with a big grin. “I got you now, Boss Cold!”

“Oh, hmm, that’s how it would appear,” Cold said with a dramatic pout, holding his cuffed hands up in apparent defeat. “You’ve finally done it, Officer Poe. You’ve caught me.”

As a reward for acing his finals, Cold had offered another round of role-play, and Jimmy couldn’t possibly resist revisiting this fantasy. The cop costume was cheap and hokey, but Jimmy was doing his absolute best to sell it.

Jimmy beamed proudly, his hands wandering over Cold’s chest and tugging at the buttons of his jacket. “Now, I can make sure that justice will be served.”

Cold cleared his throat, asking coyly, “Does the prisoner get any last requests?”

“Depends on what the prisoner asks for,” Jimmy huffed as he adjusted his plastic utility belt.

“A drink,” Cold replied innocently. “I’m feeling a little parched.”

“Sure.” Jimmy blinked at the seemingly simple task. “I can get you something. Uhm… Water should be good enough for the likes of you! But no ice!”

“Thank you, officer,” Cold said sweetly.

Jimmy turned to approach the liquor cabinet to get a glass. His hand reached out for the door when Cold suddenly grabbed him from behind. He yelped in surprise, grunting as Cold pushed him up against the bedroom wall. “What! How the hell?!”

“Do you really think I’d ever let you put me in cuffs if I couldn’t get out of them?” Cold chuckled darkly, twisting Jimmy’s arm behind his back to hold him in place.

“Shit,” Jimmy mumbled, struggling furiously against Cold’s iron grip.

“I fear that you may have miscalculated the situation,” Cold teased.

“Oh, yeah?” Jimmy snapped. “We’ll see about that, Boss Cold!”

Cold was too damn strong, and Jimmy was completely helpless to fight back. The more he struggled, the hotter he felt, and his cock was soon straining in his uniform pants.

Cold deftly used his free hand to cup Jimmy’s erection, squeezing hard as he teased, “Why, Officer Poe… if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were enjoying this.”

“Just a little,” Jimmy giggled, breaking character as Cold continued to stroke him. He groaned. “Fuck, that feels good…”

Cold gave Jimmy’s pinned arm a small twist to remind him of the game they were playing, although Jimmy swore he heard him laughing under his breath.

“Right! I mean, no!” Jimmy argued, wiggling in protest. “Get your filthy criminal hands off of me!”

“I think you like this,” Cold taunted. “Breaking the law, being a bad boy…”

“I, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Jimmy argued fiercely.

“Oh, no,” Cold chuckled. “It’s not very nice to lie, Officer Poe.”

“I’m not lying!” Jimmy continued to fight. “Mmph, I can’t stand the sight of you, you rotten crook.”

“Come now,” Cold said with a click of his tongue. “You’d love it if I fucked you right here, wouldn’t you?”

Jimmy gulped, his cock betraying him and throbbing beneath Cold’s nimble fingers. “No! Maybe! Uhm, shit…”

“I should search you for weapons first. Can’t be too careful.” Cold moved to unbutton Jimmy’s pants, sliding them down and petting his bare ass. He leaned close, lips dancing at Jimmy’s ear as he growled, “Mmmm… spread ‘em.”

Gasping, Jimmy parted his legs as commanded. He groaned as Cold found his hole already slick and open in preparation of their play and pressed two fingers firmly inside.

“Nothing so far,” Cold tutted. “Mmm, should probably keep searching… just to be sure.”

Jimmy’s head lightly smacked against the wall as Cold’s fingers pushed even deeper inside of him.

“Nothing at all, huh,” Cold played at being surprised. “And here I thought you were a naughty little piggy.”

Jimmy groaned at the relentlessly rough fingering, hissing fiercely, “You won’t find anything! What are you doing? Trying to plant evidence on me, Boss Cold?”

“Well, I can certainly think of some very fun things to plant on you,” Cold teased. “I wonder… Would my cock count as contraband?”

“Supplying contraband of any kind is illegal!” Jimmy argued. “Just one more thing to add to your list of charges!”

“You know you’re the one who should really be under arrest here, Officer Poe,” Cold scolded. “It’s certainly criminal to have an ass this tight.”

“Ohhh, God,” Jimmy whimpered, tilting his hips back against Cold’s fingers as they curled inside of him. “Fuck…”

“You have the right to remain silent, although I doubt you’ll be able to,” Cold taunted, his cock quickly replacing his hands, sliding up between Jimmy’s cheeks.

Jimmy sucked in a quick breath as the head of Cold’s cock pushed against his ass, moaning as it began to slip slowly inside of him.

“Naughty little piggy,” Cold tutted, pushing Jimmy flat against the wall, breathing down his neck as he started thrusting into him. “Resisting arrest like this…”

Jimmy couldn’t manage a smart reply except to cry out as Cold fucked him. He sobbed in relief when Cold finally let his arm go, his fingers scrambling against the wall to brace himself for the brutal onslaught. It was fantastic, and he let Cold use his body as roughly as he wanted to.

Cold’s savage slams were banging Jimmy’s hips into the wall, and he tilted his head back so it wouldn’t suffer the same fate. He gasped as Cold’s teeth sank down into his exposed neck, reaching back to rake his fingers through his short hair. “God,” he moaned. “Fuck, yes, Boss Cold! Fuck, yes!”

“Wanna come on my cock, little piggy?” Cold sneered, biting him again roughly.

“Yeee-eee-essss!” Jimmy screamed, wheezing when Cold reached around to grab his cock. He was fucking into him so hard that Jimmy swore his feet were coming off the ground. He let Cold’s powerful body hold him in place, and that familiar tension crawled up his legs and into his loins.

“Something tells me you won’t come quietly!” Cold held him tight, jerking him feverishly as he began to growl and pant. “Come for me, little piggy… come for fucking Boss Cold!”

Jimmy’s brain promptly exploded the moment his cock did, painting the wall with hot spurts of cum as he moaned pleasurably. The orgasm was intense, hot, and his balls ached from the force of his release as Cold stroked him through it. His hips were still thumping against the wall as Cold finished inside of him, both of them moaning in deep satisfaction.

Cold lightly kissed his neck where he had chomped down before and sighed breathlessly, “That was exceptional, my sweet little piggy. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

“You realize that this deviant behavior puts you at the top of my most wanted list,” Jimmy panted, grinning brightly. “I’ll get you one day, Boss Cold!”

“Mm, so you like it when I play with your ‘nightstick’, Officer Poe?” Cold nuzzled gently against Jimmy’s shoulder.

“That’s terrible,” Jimmy giggled.

“I’d be more than happy to strip search you any time you’d like. A deep, probing search…”

“Keep that corny crap up and I really will have you arrested,” Jimmy laughed.

“Mm, if you steal my heart, would that be considered cardiac arrest?”

“That doesn’t even make any sense!”

“Of course not,” Cold teased lightly, kissing Jimmy’s cheek. “After all, you can’t steal what you already own.”

Jimmy blushed at the sweet sentiment, turning his head to meet Cold’s lips as he murmured, “Oh, Rod…”

Cold smiled.

Jimmy paused, frowning as he scanned over Cold’s face expectantly.

Cold blinked, asking, “What?”

“I was waiting for you to tell another horrible joke and ruin the moment!”

“Well, I can’t think of any other jokes related to law enforcement right now,” Cold mused, “but I do know a lot about chickens…”

“God, no.”

“I promise you,” Cold declared confidently, “they’re all egg-cellent.”

Cover Reveal Day!

Boom! Cover reveal! I am eternally grateful to Tif from Tiferet Design for this gorgeous masterpiece of a cover, and I am so excited for you guys to read this one! This book is the first of my new Sucker for Love Mysteries series, and though it is much different than my previous work, it is so very special to me. (See everything else I’ve posted about this book LOL – it’s my baby!!!)

I’m sure people are expecting some dark and gritty romance like the Cold Hard Cash series and Mortal Sins, but Acsquidentally In Love is a much lighter story – though there are still plenty of steamy hot scenes! And this time, there are tentacles! It’s an exciting tale of paranormal adventure full of magic, murder, and a very persistent ancient god named Azaethoth who thinks he’s found his eternal soulmate in Sloane Beaumont, a mortal private investigator.

I sincerely hope you give my little magical world a chance and have as much fun reading it as I did creating it.

The book is live for pre-order now and don’t forget – it’s out August 25th, 2020!



A Sucker For Love Mystery

Nothing brings two men—or one man and an ancient god—together like revenge.

Private investigator Sloane sacrificed his career in law enforcement in pursuit of his parents’ murderer. Like them, he is a follower of long-forgotten gods, practicing their magic and offering them his prayers… not that he’s ever gotten a response.

Until now.

Azaethoth the Lesser might be the patron of thieves and tricksters, but he takes care of his followers. He’s come to earth to avenge the killing of one of his favorites, and maybe charm the pants off the cute detective Fate has placed in his path. If he has his way, they’ll do much more than bring a killer to justice. In fact, he’s sure he’s found the man he’ll spend his immortal life with.

Sloane’s resolve is crumbling under Azaethoth’s surprising sweetness, and the tentacles he sometimes glimpses escaping the god’s mortal form set his imagination alight. But their investigation gets stranger and deadlier with every turn. To survive, they’ll need a little faith… and a lot of mystical firepower.



Sloane frowned, looking over Lochlain carefully. Something about him seemed different, but he couldn’t quite place it.

He was also horribly hungover, wishing he had been in the right fraternity to learn some anti-hangover magic. His sobering spell was useless at this point since his body had already absorbed all of the alcohol. Ugh.

Maybe he was imagining it, but there was a wicked shimmer in Lochlain’s eyes that he hadn’t seen before. The way he sat in the chair with his legs kicked over the arm was full of youthful mischief and yet totally commanding at the same time.

He exuded confidence, perched smugly as if he owned every inch of the office and everything in it, Sloane included, which wasn’t at all like the man in the devil costume Sloane met last night. He was dressed more casually now, normal, but the way he gazed hungrily at Sloane made him worry that Lochlain wanted to gobble him up like the pie.

It was way too early for this shit.

“Look, Lochlain,” Sloane said with a short groan, “it’s really cool of you to stop by, but I had a really long night—”

“Not Lochlain,” he replied curtly between bites, wagging a finger at him.

“Not Lochlain?” Sloane repeated dumbly.

Not-Lochlain shook his head, working on the last slice of pie. He’d eaten the entire thing, licking his lips coyly at Sloane and making him shiver down his spine.

Every bone in Sloane’s body was telling him that something was wrong. Brainwashed, cursed, possessed, the possibilities were endless. He casually traced a protection sigil on the edge of his desk, asking politely, “Then who are you?”

Not-Lochlain snorted as if greatly amused by the question, tilting his head and winking. The top of the desk suddenly cracked right through the middle of the sigil.

On his feet in a flash, Sloane gasped and stuttered, “Wh-what the freakin’ hell was that? How, how did you do that? Who the hell are you?”

“Azaethoth,” he purred in reply, his tongue seductively licking every last crumb of pie from his long fingers. “Mmm. The Lesser. Named after my great-great-great grandfather.”

Sloane was stupidly entranced by that tongue, asking hesitantly, “Azaethoth the Lesser? As in… an old god?”

“Mmhm,” he hummed, lewdly sucking on his thumb. “If you’re more comfortable, you may address me by this vessel’s name.”

“But you’re not… Lochlain?”


Sloane stared back down at his desk and the fractured protection sigil. He didn’t know of any mortal magic that could possibly be powerful enough to break that spell. But there was no way this guy was actually a god.

There were no gods, not anymore.

“And why exactly are you here?” Sloane asked warily.

“You’re a witch, yes?”

“No,” Sloane replied. “I mean, I’m registered, but what does that—”

“You follow the old ways?”

“I guess? Look, what is going on—”

“This vessel,” Azaethoth-Lochlain said, gesturing to his body, “was a very devout follower. Even while deep in dreaming, I heard his prayers. He was a fascinating human. He didn’t ask for glory or riches or any of the other mundane things most humans do.

“He prayed for the thrill, the rush of adrenaline, to never leave him. He always wanted to be excited and intrigued, for his heart to pound, to find spectacular adventure everlasting.”

“That… sounds interesting?”

“Try listening to a few centuries of people pleading for money, sex, bigger cocks, and stronger orgasms—”

“Okay, okay!” Sloane interrupted. He doubted the real Lochlain could have gotten out half of that without blushing.

“I listened,” Azaethoth-Lochlain went on, idly tracing a finger inside the empty pie pan for errant crumbs. “I often answered his prayers. But last night, there was a problem. A very serious problem. When I went to him, the damage was already done. I found your card in his pocket.”

“Damage, what damage?”

“That’s what I need you to investigate,” he continued impatiently. “That’s what your card says you do. Investigations of a private nature, yes?”

“Wait, wait,” Sloane snapped, getting frustrated. “If something really serious happened, you need to contact the police. And Lochlain, or… Loch-Thoth, whatever your name is! If this is some super weird way to get out of a date, I swear—”

“No police,” Loch-Thoth said firmly. “They’ll only get in my way, and they won’t allow me to do what I want.”

“Which is?”

“Revenge,” he replied with a hungry smile, baring all of his teeth. “Now, I will gladly compensate you for your services however you wish. Money is customary?”

“I don’t want anything,” Sloane protested. “Except maybe some kind of an explanation. What happened to you?”

“You desired this one, yes?” Loch-Thoth turned his head. “Would you like me to pleasure you with his vessel?”

“Wh-what?” Sloane sank down in his chair, scooting back against the wall. “No! Don’t do that! That’s… that’s not right! Whatever you are, you can’t just use Lochlain’s body like that! He can’t consent.”

“Of course he can’t consent,” came the dry reply, eyes rolling dramatically. “He can’t consent to anything. He’s dead.”

“Dead?” Sloane’s breath caught in his throat, his stomach dropping violently. “What do you mean, dead?”

“Haven’t you been listening to a word I’ve said?” Loch-Thoth complained loudly. “Sloane Beaumont, I want to hire you. I want you to find out who murdered me.”


All the book things!

Editing for Cold Hard Cash 2 starts this weekend, and I should have a release date to share with you guys soon. I know everyone is super pumped for this story, and I’m just as excited for you all to read it! I will post all about it, send out a newsletter, a smoke signal, etc as soon as I have one!

I’m also very happy to announce that pre-order for the first book in my M/M paranormal romance series is live! Wooo-hooo!!!

CLICK HERE to reserve your copy of Acsquidentally In Love, the very first in the Sucker For Love Mysteries! Check out the blurb and prepare yourself for some super awesome tentacle filled adventures coming out August 25, 2020! This series is so very special to me – the world, the culture, everything I built – and I’m freaking out that it’s finally being published.

When I started writing as a kid, I always wrote about fantasy and magic, so, yeah – this is very special to me because it’s getting back to the sort of adventure stories I wanted to tell. This is what I wanted to write; adventures with daring heroes and monsters. Just, you know, now with tentacles and murder and sex and such. I really hope you check it out and decide to give it a chance. Happy reading, darlings!

<3 Kat

Cold Hard Cash 2 is DONE!

It has been submitted, and I am eagerly waiting for a response from my publisher. The CHC Anthology has also been submitted for publication, and it’s a juicy collection of twenty-five short smutty stories starring Jimmy and Boss Cold. As soon as I hear some news, I am going to be screaming it from the freakin’ rooftops!!! I will let you all know as soon as I can. I am seriously so excited, and I can’t wait for you guys to read all of it!

Acsquidentally In Love, my very first release with Dreamspinner, has made it through its final rounds of edits. I’m still waiting for cover art shenanigans and a release date. This series is so very special to me, and I hope you guys will give it a chance when it comes out! I’m currently working on the third book in the series (I wrote them out of order, ha), but the second and fourth books are done and being edited for submission.

If I stay on track with my outline, it should be NINE books in total. WHOO! 😀 😀 😀

Once I finish the third book, I’m going to take a break from the magical land of tentacles to work on some other sexy projects I have brewing. If you’re a lucky member of my FB group, you’ve already met Coven Boy and his sexy witch friends. I’m also thinking about going back to an old world I wrote ages ago that stars a sexy demon and follows him on his naughty adventures. So much lovely smuts to write, so little time!

On a more personal note, I really do hope that everyone is staying safe out there. As an embalmer, dealing with COVID-19 is a huge risk. We’re seeing more and more cases and because of the danger of possible exposure, I’ve been self-quarantining at home to keep my family safe. I don’t know for how long, I don’t really know how far it will go, but for now I am trying to do what I think is best for my little ones.

Stay safe and healthy, my darlings. <333

-Kat! <333

Sexy Saturday 03/29/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! It’s totally not Sunday, I have no idea what you’re talking about! It’s not like I’ve been on a bunch of drugs and lost track of the days! Ahem. This post is something I wrote up for my witches story because I simply could not get these sexy boys out of my head.

You can thank/blame Mozzie Haversham and Jennifer Griffin for this. They made me do it.

This is part of a future WIP, names subject to change, blah blah blah. Enjoy the porn!

Warnings: NSFW/magical lube spells XD


The line for coffee was long, but Cerys Bocor had to have caffeine. He was tired from unpacking so late last night, and he didn’t think he’d make it through his shift at the diner without a giant dose of quality java. This was his third move in four months, and he hoped that this new city would stick.

No more accidents, no more moves, no more stupid boxes.

He could start over and have a real chance at a normal life here as long as he remembered to stay safe… and alone.

Checking the time on his phone, he sighed. The line was crawling, but he didn’t want to drink the sludge from work again. He stuck his phone in his pocket, and he did his best to be patient.

He felt a strange chill out of nowhere, a sensation that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He looked up to see if there was a vent above his head and wondered what idiot would have air conditioning on in the middle of winter.

There was nothing.

He glanced to the door, wondering if a cold breeze had come through, but he hadn’t heard the bell attached to the knob ring.


The feeling grew stronger, but it was no longer cool. It was starting to heat up, and he could feel his cheeks flushing. He loosened his scarf to ease the rising temperature, suddenly struck by the odd certainty that someone was staring at him.

Cerys turned around to glance over the other patrons, stopping on the attractive man standing behind him who was most definitely looking right at him.

Wow, and he was hot.

Though he had at least twenty years on Cerys, he was incredibly handsome. His hair was cropped short, dark and peppered with silver, and there was a faint crinkle around his eyes when he smiled at him. There was something wicked hiding there, and Cerys felt himself shiver again.

He turned back around quickly before he could decide what color the man’s eyes were – green? Hazel?

It didn’t matter. He didn’t have time for dreamy strangers. It was too dangerous.

When it was finally Cerys’ turn, he stepped up and ordered the biggest coffee they had to go. He reached for his wallet, fumbling to count out some ones to pay for it.

“I’ve got it,” a smooth voice cut in, “and I’ll take a nitro cold brew with salted cream cold foam, thank you.”

Cerys stared dumbly as the hot guy from behind him was already stepping up with a black credit card to pay. “Oh! Y-you don’t have to do that!”

“It’s my pleasure,” the man replied, smiling as if he had the best secret to share. He looked over Cerys appraisingly, teasing, “I knew there was a reason I missed my train this morning.”

Flushing, Cerys backed away from the counter so the next customer could place their order. He hovered by the dessert display, laughing nervously, “Wow! You, uh, you really come kinda strong, don’t you?”

“I’ve been accused of worse things,” the man said with a simple shrug, still smiling.

Fuck, he was just so *confident*, and Cerys felt like he was going to eat him alive in one gulp. He had to get out of this and fast.

“Look, I really appreciate you buying my coffee,” Cerys said, aiming for firm. “It was very sweet of you, but no matter how gorgeous you are… fuck, I said that out loud. Fuck, I said fuck!”

The man kept watching Cerys ever so patiently, chuckling softly. “You are adorable when you’re flustered.”

“I’m not available,” Cerys said, hoping steam wasn’t coming out of his ears. The longer he looked at this man, the more he hated that he couldn’t accept his obvious invitations to flirt. “So very, very regrettably unavailable.”

“That’s a shame,” the man said, pressing closer into Cerys’ space, “because you are absolutely stunning.”

“Ha!” Cerys laughed weakly. He’d never felt that attractive – too awkward, too skinny, frozen at age sixteen with baby fat still clinging to his round face despite being almost twenty-five.

“Don’t believe me?” the man asked with a thoughtful tilt of his head.

“I have a mirror, I’m good,” Cerys said, glancing over to the pick-up counter. He wanted to grab his coffee and bolt. “I’m nothing special. I’m just… I’m just me.”

“Well, ‘Just Me’, I think that I get to decide whether or not I like you,” the man tutted, close enough now that Cerys could smell his cologne. “Don’t you agree?”

Cerys’ eyes widened, teetering back and forth on his heels. His adrenaline was flowing and as much as he wanted to run right out of the coffee shop like a scared rabbit, he could feel himself leaning into the man’s orbit. It was impossible to resist its pull, and Cerys found himself saying, “I guess, I guess that would be… fair.”

“My name is Worthington Grace,” the man said, offering out his hand. “My friends call me Worth. And you are?”

“Cerys, Cerys Bocor,” he replied, hesitantly accepting the man’s hand. The moment their skin met, he felt a zap like a zing of static electricity, and his body was overcome by a rush of heat. He was suddenly dizzy, his skin was tingling all over, and oh…

He was getting so hard.

Toes curling in his toes and cock throbbing, Cerys had never felt such a want like this before. He gasped when Worth pulled him closer and pressed a hand into the small of his back. Their hips were flush, and Cerys could immediately feel that he wasn’t the only turned on.

“Oh, shit.” Cerys inhaled shakily. “That’s, that’s your dick.”

“Look at you,” Worth said, chuckling coyly. “Top of the class.”

Cerys tried to reach up and push away from Worth, but his hands sagged on his broad chest. His fingers twisted into the fabric of his sweater, and he couldn’t stop staring at his lush lips. “What… what is happening?”

No one else in the coffee shop seemed to notice anything was amiss. They were still ordering, picking up their coffee, and carrying on as if Cerys and Worth weren’t currently locked together in a close embrace.

“What are you feeling right now?” Worth asked, turning them to push Cerys up against the edge of the counter.

“I’m hot, I’m fuckin’ hard… I’m… I don’t know.” Cerys closed his eyes, reaching back to brace himself on the laminate. “My heart is pounding so fast, I feel like I’m going to burst, and all I can think about is…”

“Is what?” Worth pressed, using his body to keep Cerys pinned in place. He bowed his head, his lips brushing over Cerys’ and breathing him in with a soft sigh.

“You,” Cerys replied, hating how his knees were starting to feel weak. He wanted to taste those pretty lips and touch and grind and take and take and take. “You wanting me, fucking me… God, I can’t stop.”

“Do you want me to fuck you, Cerys?” Worth sounded as calm as if he’d just asked if Cerys took cream or sugar in his coffee. “Do you want me to fuck you right here?”

A million different reasons began to scream inside Cerys’ head about why that was a bad idea: they were out in public, they’d known each other for five minutes, this was so irresponsible and stupid, and, oh, yeah;

Everyone Cerys had ever tried to sleep with ended up in a coma.

“I’ll hurt you,” Cerys whispered, his eyes stinging with tears. “I can’t…”

“You won’t hurt me,” Worth promised, smiling so confidently that Cerys couldn’t possibly protest when their lips first touched.

The kiss was deep, all consuming, and Cerys didn’t even care when he felt the world spinning around them. All of the customers had vanished, but he could only focus on the man whose hot tongue was slipping into his mouth.

“Oh, Worth… fuck…”

“Mmm, keep saying my name.” Worth began to pull away at Cerys’ bundled layers, turning his head to latch onto his throat with a growl.

“Worth!” Cerys gasped, panting as Worth’s warm hands found his bare skin and slid up his back. All of his top clothing was gone, but he didn’t remember Worth ever letting go long enough to pull anything over his head.


Now all of his clothes were gone.

Cerys barely had time to register his own nudity before Worth grabbed him and set him up on the counter, shoving the straw dispensers and gift card racks out of his way. He instinctively tried to close his legs, pressing a hand over his hard cock as if he could possibly hide it.

Worth was naked too, and Cerys stared in awe, his stomach clenching with lust.

Worth was a broad and toned specimen with a delicious coat of hair that covered his chest, his stomach, and his thighs. There were flashes of silver there at his chest, and Cerys had to reach out and touch him. When he felt Worth’s skin, his body instantly ached for more contact.

“Come on,” Worth urged, resting his hands on Cerys’ knees and firmly parting his legs. “Let me in…”

Cerys groaned as Worth pressed up between his thighs, gawking as their cocks brushed together.

Worth’s was thick, long, the head red and swollen, and Cerys wanted it inside of him now. He wanted it like he needed air, and he dragged his fingers through Worth’s chest hair. “Please, Worth! Make me feel good! I want it!”

“I’ll take good care of you,” Worth promised, kissing all the needy whimpers from Cerys’ lips. He grabbed Cerys’ hips, scooting him forward so his ass was hanging off the edge of the counter. He murmured a few words under his breath.

Cerys groaned as he felt his hole getting wet and a faint burn as he was instantly stretched open. He was too focused on getting Worth in him to question it. Though it was the strangest thing that had happened so far, he would deal with the mystery once he’d gotten fucked.

Worth wasted no time rubbing his cock up against Cerys’ hole, grunting as he started to push inside. He held onto Cerys’ thighs, rocking forward in short bursts. “Oh, Cerys… you feel perfect… you were really made just for me…”

“For you?” Cerys croaked, biting back a sob as Worth’s fat cock opened him up. The magical prep hadn’t been nearly enough, but there wasn’t any pain. He could feel pressure, stretching, and he was wetter in seconds until Worth’s cock began to glide right in.

“For me,” Worth hissed, slamming the last few inches in.

“Yes,” Cerys cried out, falling back against the counter. He scrambled to grab the edge of the laminate, his heart absolutely soaring. Yes, of course, it made sense. He was Worth’s now, totally and completely his. “I’m yours… all yours!”

Worth began to thrust, keeping Cerys’ legs spread wide and up in the air, fucking him hard. Their bodies slapped together in the most sinful way, and Worth was growling with deep satisfaction. “You were made to get fucked, just like this… just like this!”

Cerys howled, tears stinging his eyes from the ruthless pounding. His hole was throbbing, and he’d never felt anything like before in his life. He was so full and even the tiniest movement set a fire to all of his nerves until his skin felt like it was burning from pleasure.

He groaned when Worth pulled him forward again, his hips nearly falling off the counter. It forced his elbows to bend at a weird angle trying to hang on, but when Worth started bouncing him on his thick cock, Cerys didn’t even care. “Worth! Oh, my God! God! Fuck! Fuckfuckfuck!”

Worth was relentless, slamming Cerys’ tight little body down, growling, “Yes, take it, come in! Come on!”

Sobbing, Cerys threw his head back, letting Worth have him however he wanted. It felt too good, so damn good, and he could feel the first tingles of his climax starting to overtake him. “Worth! Please! Please, please, please! I wanna come!”

Hearing those words did something because Worth suddenly pushed Cerys back up on the counter and crashed their lips together in a feverish kiss. He kept fucking Cerys mercilessly, groaning low in his throat.

Cerys wrapped his legs around Worth’s waist and clung to his shoulders, moaning shamelessly as he felt himself getting closer and closer. The pressure was building so sweetly, and the entire world had vanished away now except for him and Worth. Nothing else mattered except the thrusting of his cock and that delicious tension about to snap and send him into bliss.

He whimpered as Worth came, feeling a flood of heat inside of him that suddenly pushed the pressure up to boiling. He screamed as he climaxed, his ass clamping down around Worth’s cock and shuddering hard. He closed his eyes, rocking his hips down as he rode out the beautiful feeling.

“Oh, Worth, yes, yes, yessss!”

“Ahem,” Worth cleared his throat loudly.

Cerys’ eyes opened, and he was smacked with an intense wave of vertigo. He was standing, fully dressed, his hand still in Worth’s as if they’d gone back in time.

Worth looked the exact same as before, calm and collected, his giant dick safely tucked out of sight as if nothing had ever happened.

Cerys’ heart was still pounding so fast, and he was sweating all over. There was no way he could have imagined all of that!

He jerked away from Worth, reaching down to grab his crotch.

He’d come right in his pants… but…

A few snickers ended the last of the lusty haze, and Cerys looked around in absolute horror. The coffee shop was full of customers again, and everyone was staring right at him.

“Did they all just hear me fuckin’ come?” Cerys hissed miserably.

“Oh, yes,” Worth said with a smug smile, “and they watched it, too. You came out of the dream a little too early. Happens when you’re new.” He sighed longingly. “It was stunning.”

The clerk was trying not to laugh as she handed off their coffee to Worth, saying brightly, “Have a nice day!”

“Trust me, we will,” Worth assured her. He pressed Cerys’ cup into his hands and swung an arm around his shoulders as he steered him out of the shop. “Come on, Mr. Bocor. You and I need to have a talk.”

“A t-talk?” Cerys sputtered.

“A very, very long talk starting with how you’re a virgin witch and apparently had no idea…”

“I’m a virgin what?!”

Sexy Saturday 03/21/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe out there! <333

Today’s post is from my current WIP (the second in my Sucker for Love series) featuring Ted and Thiazi Grell again. There’s been all kinds of murder drama and what’s a guy like Ted to do? I mean, obviously bang the hot cat-man monster king who has two cocks when he’s in human form? Right? XD

Enjoy the ridiculous smut!

Warnings: NSFW/hemi-dick/lots of sex/so much


Ted had no idea what he was in for, but he wanted it. He wanted Grell in a way he couldn’t describe, and his desire was bolstered by the extreme situation he’d been thrown into.

Murder charges, his own apparent death, and the world he thought was once ruled by the Lord of Light was wrong.

He felt out of his element, helpless, and he wanted to take back some kind of control. With Grell, he could have that. At least for a little while, he could grab the reins of his life and what would happen would only be because he wanted to.

And Grell was stupidly hot.

Not to mention funny, charming, and undeniably kind beneath his wicked snark.

As Ted found himself back in Grell’s bedroom, he let himself fully admire the king’s handsome face. His human form was older but gorgeous, with a small sparkle of silver around his temples that Ted thought was dashing.

Although Grell was shorter than Ted, his arms felt thick and strong as they wrapped around him.

“We can do as much or as little as you’d like,” Grell said, rubbing Ted’s back and leaning up for a kiss.

“Mm. All of it. I want all of it.” Ted kissed him back passionately, surrendering himself to Grell’s tongue and hot lips.

“Come along then,” Grell said breathlessly, “and I’ll take care of you.”

Ted’s head spun as Grell magically teleported them both into bed, and he grunted when Grell pushed him down onto his back. Grell was completely taking charge, and Ted loved it.

Their clothes magically melted away, and Ted moaned when Grell’s hand slid down his stomach. He was already half hard, turned on by Grell’s dominant poise and his searing kiss. “Fuck…”

“All in good time, love,” Grell teased, swiping his tongue across Ted’s lower lip. “Mmm…”

“I’m sorry,” Ted said suddenly, his nerves bubbling away when Grell’s hand dipped between his legs. “If I’m not better, I mean. Like I told you before, it’s been a while, and… uh… I don’t usually do it like this.”

“Love,” Grell soothed, “I’ve not done this in centuries. I’m sure you will be fantastic. If you prefer, I’ll gladly switch-“

“No,” Ted said, bashful in his eagerness. “I want you like this. Please. But can… can I see, uh, what you’re working with?”

“Of course,” Grell replied, rolling over onto his side and bending his knee. His cock appeared human at first glance, thick and uncut, but Ted could see two slick heads peeking out from the edge of his foreskin.

“Can I…” Ted started to reach out, but he hesitated.

“Go right ahead, love,” Grell urged. “They don’t bite.”

Ted burst out laughing. “Fuck, I’m sorry. I just, well, with everything else around here and all these crazy monsters? I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Grell chuckled. “It’s quite all right.”

Ted kissed Grell, still giggling softly and letting his hand slide down his broad chest. He swept over his stomach and finally reached his destination. He grabbed hold of Grell’s cock, unable to wrap his fingers around his full girth. “Wow.”

“Uh-huh,” Grell said with a cheeky grin.

Ted wanted to keep kissing, but he had to see. He watched as the foreskin around Grell’s cock began to draw back as he got hard, two thick shafts now leaking in his hand.

He stroked one and then the other, marveling at their size and heat. His cheeks were burning at the idea of taking just one of these monsters and thinking about both made his loins clench with lust.

They seemed to be about the same size, though one was seated a bit farther back beneath its twin. Ted kept touching and playing, watching them leak and glisten in the low light. “Fuck, you’re so wet…”

“Mmm, normal for Asra,” Grell said, reaching down to grab hold of Ted’s cock and squeeze. “Mm, and so are you, love. Eager for me, are you?”

“Yes,” Ted sighed. He rocked into Grell’s hand and gave one of his cocks a responding squeeze. “I’m… mm… I’m ready. I wanna do this. I want you.”

Smiling warmly, Grell kissed Ted and promised him, “Then prepare to have your mind blown, love.”

Ted watched Grell slide down his body and grunted in surprise as he spread his legs wide. He felt a surge of heat from the firm way Grell positioned him, and he tucked his arms up behind his head.

Grell stroked his muscular thighs, dragging his fingers down the underside of them and cupping Ted’s butt. “You have the most spectacular body, love.” He bowed his head, running his long tongue from the tip of Ted’s cock, over his balls, and right to his hole. “Mmmph, and your ass is fuckin’ perfect.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Ted teased. His grin dropped when Grell’s tongue began to lap at his hole, slick and hot, and he groaned, “Oh, fuck.”

Grell licked all around the tight muscle, clearly enjoying himself and taking his time. His hands stroked Ted’s thighs with such reverence, and the tip of his tongue started to push inside.

“Ohh… fuck…” Ted groaned, his entire vocabulary reduced to that single word as he felt Grell’s tongue sliding in. There was no pain, no burn, only a faint hint of pressure and a tugging sensation as his body opened up.

It had been so long since someone had prepped him, and certainly no one had ever done it with a giant tongue. Ted was worried he was already going to come, and he tried to breathe his way through the tension building between his legs.

Grell seemed to somehow sense his looming orgasm and took that as his cue to start fucking Ted with his his tongue. He pushed it impossibly deeper, a never-ending thrust of slick muscle that felt better than any cock.

“Fuck, fuck, ohhh, fuck!” Ted moaned, delirious from the new and exciting pleasure. He could actually feel Grell’s tongue twirling around his prostate, pounding into him relentlessly and making his legs shake. “Grell! Fuck! I’m, I’m right there!”

He’d meant it as a warning, but Grell accepted it as more encouragement. His tongue thickened, stabbing into Ted’s prostate with merciless precision as he thrusted into his wet hole.

“F-uckkk!” Ted whimpered, his voice cracking as his climax crashed into him. He watched his cock spurt and then slowly ooze a thick load across his stomach, amazed that he was able to come just from Grell’s fantastic tongue.

It didn’t want to end, his body still buzzing on the tipping point of insanity as his cock continued to spill, and Grell’s tongue refused to stop. All Ted could do was tremble and take it, groaning a long string of nonsense.

“Oh, so good, it’s so fuckin’, fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck, oh, my, fuck, oh my fuck, I can’t, it’s just, ohhh…”

“Mmmm,” Grell moaned, low and deep, finally releasing Ted from his orgasmic prison as he pulled his tongue free. He rose back up with a very satisfied smile, his tongue flopping out of his mouth to lap up Ted’s come. “Fucking delicious, love.”

“You, too,” Ted said, his mind completely fried from what was probably the best orgasm he’d ever had. He was further amazed that his cock was still hard, and he gasped softly, “Grell, you’re fuckin’ amazing.”

“So are you, love,” Grell said, smacking his lips once he’d finished cleaning Ted up. “Mmph. Definitely need more of that.”

“You can totally have it whenever you want,” Ted laughed. His laughter was cut short when Grell’s fingers pushed inside of his hole. He was so loose and wet now, and he easily got lost in Grell’s exploring fingers. “Fuck… what did you do to me?”

“Got you ready for me,” Grell said roughly, canting his head down for a deep kiss. “Mmm… you feel so perfect, love.”

“Come on,” Ted urged, bucking up into Grell’s hand. He was overwhelmed with the lust surging through his body, greedy and desperate for something to fill him up. “Just give ‘em to me.”

“Patience,” Grell scolded affectionately, settling between Ted’s legs and lifting them up. “We’re going to take this slow-“

“Grell,” Ted grunted, grabbing one of Grell’s cocks and giving him a firm squeeze. “Now.”

“You’re so bossy,” Grell snickered, absolutely delighted and rewarding Ted with a harsh bite on his shoulder. He stayed latched there and began to roll his hips forward.

“Fuck!” Ted gasped from the flash of pain, loving the grip of Grell’s teeth and groaning when he felt one of his thick cocks starting to push in.

Even with Grell’s amorous prep, Ted was expecting some discomfort. There was absolutely none, and he only felt fabulous pleasure as before. He could feel his body stretching, gloriously full as Grell buried himself completely within him.

Releasing Ted’s shoulder, Grell turned his head to nuzzle his neck. “Oh, my love,” he purred, “you feel fucking amazing… you’re so fucking hot and tight… I’m going to make you come all fucking night long.”

“Grell,” Ted whispered, not even recognizing his own voice. He sounded exhausted and desperate, and he reached up to grip Grell’s broad shoulders.

This is what he wanted: someone inside of him, and making him fall apart. Finally receiving it just the way he wanted made him feel so vulnerable and fragile, and there must have been something about his expression that alerted Grell to this fresh wave of emotion.

“I’ve got you,” Grell murmured, his golden eyes shining bright. “I’m going to take care of you, love. All I want is to make you feel good… all you have to do is let me… all I want is you, just like this.”

Tears welling up in his eyes, Ted tried to speak but all that came out was a low moan as Grell started to move. Only short thrusts at first, but soon they were deep and hard and Ted couldn’t believe how he was sobbing.

Nothing could possibly compare to Grell fucking him, leaving Ted a blubbering mess of sensation and bliss. Every thrust was positively perfect, filling him beyond anything he’d ever had before, and he was stunned when Grell suddenly got even bigger.

He could feel the tension twisting up in his body as Grell’s cock swelled inside of him, pushing impossibly deeper and making him ache in his very core. He thought briefly Grell had slipped in his other cock, but that one he could feel rubbing between his cheeks. He didn’t understand what was happening except it felt fantastic, and he dragged his nails up Grell’s shoulders with a groan.

“Oh, fuck, that, that, keep fuckin’ doin’ that!” Ted pleaded, crying out when Grell gave him a fierce slam. He thought he’d felt his stomach move, and he threw his head back on the pillows. “Fuck… Grell!”

Grell was letting out low growls and greedy groans, sounding more animal than man as he pounded Ted’s tight ass. He was exuberant and quite vocal, whispering the filthiest things in Ted’s ear, “My love, I’m going to fuck you until you can’t fucking move…”

“Yes,” Ted whimpered.

“I’m going to pump your sweet little body with my come until you’re dripping, I want to hear you screaming my name while I’m filling you up…”

“Yes, fuck, yes!” Ted groaned as Grell grabbed his legs and forced them against his chest, starting to hammer away at him with a new intensity. All Ted could do was hang on and moan, the new angle making his head spin and his entire body buzz with pleasure.

He was going to come, he could feel it building, and Grell showed no signs of stopping. He grabbed the back of Grell’s neck and dragged him into a hot kiss. “Come on… come on, your fuckin’ highness… make me fuckin’ come!”

Snarling ferociously, Grell bared his jagged teeth and began to fuck Ted until he was screaming. He was absolutely unhinged and snapped down on Ted’s shoulder, biting hard.

Ted howled excitedly, coming immediately – fuck, how, he was only half hard and yet he was coming – and his stomach dropped as if he was falling. It was the most beautiful feeling, and Grell hadn’t stopped slamming into him.

His orgasm was still going, and Ted wrapped his arms around Grell’s neck to anchor himself. He groaned as Grell’s load filled him up, leaving him throbbing and still climaxing until he couldn’t breathe. It was too much, too good, and he was crying.

Grell’s lips were pressing all over his face, kissing him sweetly as he sighed, “Oh, my love… Ted… you were fuckin’ perfect.”

Ted’s legs fell down around Grell’s waist, and he kept clinging to his neck. He could feel Grell’s cock pulsing inside of him, and thick come was gushing out from his hole. The final tremors of his mind shattering orgasm were fading, and he was still shaking and sweating.

“Holy fuck,” Ted whispered, gazing up at Grell in amazement. He didn’t know what else to say. No one had ever made him feel like this, and he kissed Grell with everything he had. He put what he couldn’t find the words to express into that kiss, sliding his hands through Grell’s hair.

Grell’s returning kiss was just as passionate, his thick arms curling beneath Ted’s back to hold him close. He was smiling, appearing so youthful and happy, chuckling, “So, I think that went well, eh?”

Ted laughed, wiping at his eyes with the heel of his hand. “You fuckin’ smart ass. That was… that was great. It was amazing.”

“You were pretty lovely, too,” Grell teased, settling down on Ted’s chest and kissing the tip of his nose. “Mmm… need a moment?”

“A moment for what?” Ted asked dumbly.

“For the rest of me,” Grell replied with an innocent smile.

Ted realized he could still feel Grell’s other cock rubbing against him, hard and hot, and he felt his stomach clench.

But it wasn’t with trepidation – no, it was from excitement.

“We can stop,” Grell soothed, clearly misreading Ted. “Asra make love for hours, you see, but we-“

“I want it,” Ted insisted. “I wanna go again.” He was already scooting back to get up on his knees. He rolled over to present his ass to Grell, his face burning up as he urged, “Like this, come on.”

“Oh, by Great Azaethoth’s giant dangling gonads,” Grell whispered, his hands greedily squeezing Ted’s ass and spreading his cheeks. “You look positively divine like this, my love.”

Ted smothered his face in his hands, arching himself up. He could feel Grell’s come oozing out of him – fuck, it was so thick – and he whispered, “Just, uh, go slow, okay?”

“I will,” Grell assured him, shifting closer and pushing the tip of his second cock inside.

Ted gasped as he was penetrated again, amazed at how soft and wet his hole felt. There was no resistance, and his body eagerly swallowed up every thick inch of Grell’s cock. It was a little weird to feel himself being stuffed with one cock while the other was sliding limply against his tailbone, but he didn’t mind

Already he was thinking about whether or not Grell could stuff both inside of him, and his own cock flexed with interest. Fuck, just the very thought was overwhelming, and he had to remember to breathe or else he feared he might pass out.

It didn’t take long for that other cock to stiffen up again, but now Ted’s attention was solely focused on the one inside of him. He felt impossible pressure and a new depth in this position, and he groaned loudly as Grell began to leisurely thrust.

“You’re so beautiful,” Grell praised, running his palms up Ted’s hips and stroking the broad muscles of his back. “Do you like this? Do you feel good?”

“Yes,” Ted grunted, parting his legs and backing up on Grell with a happy moan. “Feels so fuckin’ good…”

“Just relax,” Grell murmured. “I’ve got you.” He rolled forward, slow and gentle, pulling out almost completely before plunging back into Ted’s hole.

Ted melted beneath every tender thrust, relaxing and dragging a pillow to rest his head on. He loved this completely. He could give himself over, and Grell was more than glad to take care of him. It was so good, so very good, and he couldn’t remember a time when anyone had ever worshipped his body like this.

Although the brutal pace from before had been fun, this slower and more intimate rhythm was positively heavenly.

Or would that be Zebulon-ly, he wondered with a blissful smile.

Whatever he called it, he knew he’d never felt such bliss. He could feel a lick of fire moving down his spine, and the urge for release was building. He started to gasp more urgently, and he moaned when Grell started to move faster.

Soon the force of Grell’s hips pressed Ted flat against the bed, and Grell teased his fangs along the back of Ted’s neck. Ted shivered, squeezing his pillow and moaning pitifully, savoring the sound of their bodies slapping together.

Grell slammed in deep, holding himself inside and rolling his hips in wide circles. “Oh, my love… your little body is going to make me come again… you’re so fuckin’ good, I can hardly stand it.”

“Grell…” Ted was rendered speechless, all of the pressure inside of him winding up tight and making him cry out.

“Come, love,” Grell growled. “Let me take you with me… come on…”

Ted didn’t know how it was happening, but each delicious grind was sending him closer to another climax. His muscles felt weird and heavy, and he didn’t think he could…

Grell’s cock moved inside him with impossible dexterity, and Ted felt new pressure against his prostate. His mouth opened to moan, but all he could was suck in oxygen and try not to scream. Another twitch of Grell’s cock, and he was coming again, suddenly wailing into his pillows.

Shaking all over, Ted’s orgasm continued to rock every inch of his body. He didn’t think he could form a single word, his muscles turning to goo, and he let out a desperate moan when he felt Grell stuttering and coming inside of him.

For a moment, they were totally in sync. Every throb of Grell’s cock pulsing in his ass made Ted ache, and he swore their hearts were beating as one. The ecstasy made him whimper, his skin numb and tingling down to the tips of his fingers.

Grell’s unrelenting stamina finally seemed to falter, collapsing lazily against Ted’s back and kissing the bite marks he’d left behind on his shoulder. “Mm… Tedward of Aeon, you continue to be fuckin’ spectacular.

Ted gave him a thumbs up.

Grell laughed, snuggling close and nuzzling Ted with a very satisfied sigh. “Need a breather, love?”

“Uh huh,” Ted said, amazed he had even been able to say that. He felt heavy and tired, but so very warm and content. No one had ever left him feeling so ruined and equally revered. He groaned when Grell pulled out, rolling over onto his side to face him.

Grell pressed their lips together in a brief kiss, asking sincerely, “Are you all right, love? Did I hurt you?”

“No,” Ted said quickly, clearing his throat and trying to get his mouth working properly again. “I’m so good. So fucking good.” He stretched his shoulders back and winced when the bite burned a little. “Might be feeling that later, though.”

“I’ll heal you,” Grell promised, “but right now, I’m enjoying looking at you. Marked, I mean. As if you’re mine.”

“I am yours,” Ted said, meeting Grell’s eyes with a shy smile. “Dating, right? We’re a thing now.” He stretched again and groaned at the lingering ache in his bones. “Pretty sure after what we just did, more than a piece of me is yours because you just fuckin’ owned me.”

“Good,” Grell said with a very pleased little grin. They kissed again, arms reaching out to embrace and cuddle. “Oh, very good, because I shall like to do that again soon.”

“Very soon?”

“Oh, very much so.”

Ted was still trying to sort out his thoughts from what had just happened, but he couldn’t resist a big smile. Grell’s eager appetite was infectious, and he snickered, “Fuck, I’ve created a monster.”

“Guilty,” Grell laughed gleefully.

“Oh, you just wait,” Ted taunted. “Let me get my shit together over here, and we’re gonna talk about both of those cocks going in my-“

“Your highness!” An Asran guard suddenly appeared right beside the bed.

Ted jumped, embarrassed and cursing, “Fuck! I hate that shit so much!”

“What is it?” Grell demanded, pulling the blankets over Ted with a snap of his fingers and glaring disgustedly at the Asra. “I said that I didn’t want to be disturbed. Tiny bit busy at the moment.”

“Vizier Ghulk wishes to speak with you,” the Asra said worriedly. “Says he has urgent news for the trial, and he must see you at once!”

“Fine!” Grell grunted. “Tell him to meet me in court in ten minutes.”

“Right away, your highness,” the Asra confirmed, bowing his head and vanishing quickly.

“This should be fun,” Grell said grumpily.

“So much for round two,” Ted mumbled.

“Oh, don’t you worry, love,” Grell assured him. “Round two is still guaranteed.”

“Promise?” Ted grinned, pushing himself up for a kiss. “Mmmph. Because I am dying for some more of that dick.”

“Don’t you mean ‘dicks’?” Grell snickered.

“Yeah, them, too.”

“Fear not. As soon as we get this mess with Ghulk sorted out, I am going to spend the rest of the night satisfying every juicy inch of your body.”


“Pinkie promise.”

Sexy Saturday 03/14/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, darlings! Today’s post is the ending for last week’s story – Elisha has caught up to Douglas. Huh. Whatever is he going to do?! XD

Warnings: NSFW/sexy times


The train station was crowded, and Elisha’s eyes scanned the waves of people moving in and out intently. The first train to Baltimore was leaving in ten minutes and he hadn’t seen any sign of Douglas; sweet and shy Douglas who was actually a fantastic and clever little snake.

Douglas had quite a head start on him, but there were only two trains leaving for Baltimore. He had to be on one of them, and Elisha was going to find him.

What he was going to do when he actually did was still up for debate.

As angry as Elisha was, he was also totally smitten. He’d never met anyone like Douglas, and he was totally and completely bewitched by his con. He didn’t know where the real Douglas ended and the false one began.

It was amazing.

Elisha had been in this business a long time, and he prided himself on being able to play the game with the best of them. He had never been so skillfully manipulated.

Or had such an engaging bed partner, a lusty little voice whispered inside his head.

He ignored how the recollection of his night with Douglas made him shudder, and he was left wondering if that was part of the act. How eager he was, the gorgeous way he moaned like he was experiencing everything for the first time, his sweet gratitude the next morning…

Was any of it real?

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he saw a sharp dressed man in a tight suit with slick brown hair marching through the crowd. He studied him for a quick moment, sneering when the man turned his head and he was able to see his face.


Elisha moved quickly, slipping through the mass of people and following Douglas toward the train. He already had a ticket just in case he needed to board, noting that Douglas was being escorted to a private car.

That little shit, Elisha raged – using his hard earned money to travel so luxuriously.

No matter, he thought, boarding the main passenger car with the rest of the peasants. Douglas wasn’t going to be able to enjoy that cash for much longer.

Elisha took a seat, letting the conductor check his ticket and anxiously waited for the train to get going. He got up as soon as they were in motion, strolling through the connecting cars until he got to the private car he’d seen Douglas enter.

He deepened his voice as he knocked on the door, calling out, “Ticket, sir!”

“What?” Douglas opened the door with a strained smile. “There must be a mistake, I’ve already… oh, shit.”

“Hello, my beloved,” Elisha purred triumphantly, savoring the stunned expression on Douglas’ face.

Oh, shock looked good on Douglas.

Looked pretty good without the glasses, too.

A few passengers were slipping through the hall on their way to another car. One of them was a police officer, immediately putting both Elisha and Douglas on alert.

Douglas forced his expression into a pleasant smile. His entire posture changed, transforming into a brand new person. “Oh, darling,” he gushed passionately, “I almost thought you weren’t going to make it! I was so worried!”

“Luck is on my side, doll face,” Elisha said with a smirk, kissing Douglas’ cheek.

It was time to play.

“Aww, isn’t that sweet,” one of the passengers cooed.

“Young love,” said the other with a fond smile.

“Newlyweds,” Douglas teased with a blushing grin, taking Elisha’s hand and eagerly dragging him inside.

The police officer frowned, but tipped his hat.

“Excuse us!” Elisha offered a bashful smile and waved as he shut the door. His smile dropped immediately, turning to face Douglas with an angry snarl.

Playtime was over.

“How did you find me?” Douglas demanded, all polite pretenses lost now that they were safely out of earshot. The lines of his face were cold, sharp, and dangerous.

“Wasn’t hard,” Elisha said, walking around the fancy room and dragging his fingers along the curtains. “The post card in your suitcase? Please. Good evidence for your little sob story, but it let me know exactly where you were going.”

“Huh,” Douglas mused, his upper lip twitching into a smirk, “and here I thought you wouldn’t be able to put all of that together. Color me impressed!”

Elisha glared.

“Because you’re stupid,” Douglas explained slowly, grinning a bit now. “I didn’t think you’d figure it out since I scammed the literal pants off you because you’re such an idiot-“

“I get it,” Elisha snapped. “Now. Honeymoon is over, kid. Where’s my money?”

“You mean the money you got from tricking all of those poor, desperate people?”

“Yes. That money.”

“Couldn’t say,” Douglas said with a shrug. “Why don’t you ask your sister to divine its location for you? Maybe check with the spirits?”

“I don’t know who you think you’re fucking with,” Elisha seethed, stalking back towards Douglas, “but I am not here to play. No more games, no more lies. Give me my money.”

“No,” Douglas said simply, loosening his tie and shrugging out of his jacket.

“Excuse me?”

“No,” Douglas repeated, hanging his jacket up on a peg by the washroom. “Just accept you got bested and move on because you’re never going to see that money again.”

“Then we have a problem,” Elisha growled, grabbing Douglas by the front of his shirt and shoving him up against the door.

Douglas pouted, looking shy and scared as he gasped innocently, “Oh, Elisha! You’re being so mean! I don’t understand why you’re so upset!”

“Stop that.”

“Why?” Douglas grinned slyly, dropping the act with a coy little wink. “It worked so well before.”

“Who taught you?” Elisha had to know.

“No one,” Douglas said, his gaze flicking down to Elisha’s lips. “I taught myself.”

“Bullshit.” Elisha definitely caught Douglas looking, keeping him pressed firmly against the door. He ignored the obvious effect having Douglas so close was causing him, barking, “Come on. Who was it?”

“I’m telling the truth,” Douglas growled. “I got tired of being conned and guess what? I figured out how to con back. And it was easy. So damn easy.”

“You got conned?” Elisha huffed.

“Yeah, by phony psychics like your sister.” Douglas bared his teeth. “Preying on the grieving and desperate? It’s disgusting! You all deserve everything you get.”

“Sounds like a man who got burned,” Elisha mused, trying to find a edge in Douglas’ armor he could peel back. “You went to a psychic about your mother’s murder?”

Douglas flinched.


“Mmm. I bet that’s why your little act is so real – you’re not acting. You really were that naive little boy, willing to spend it all for a chance to find out who killed Mommy.” Elisha smirked nastily. “How many red herrings did you chase down, hmm? How many dead ends did you find?”

“Shut up,” Douglas warned.

“How much cash did you waste on spiritual mediums before they finally fried poor Daddy?”

Douglas’ immediate response was to jerk his head forward and crack Elisha right in his nose.

Elisha cursed, reeling back and finding his jaw making fast friends with Douglas’ fist. Little guy sure packed a wallop.

Douglas was not backing down, knocking over a lamp as he tackled Elisha to the ground.

Elisha’s head stopped ringing long enough to get his arms up to shield himself, catching Douglas’ fist and twisting it to the side. He kept the momentum going, rolling himself on top of him and pinning him down.

“Get the fuck off me!” Douglas growled, wiggling like a caged animal and kicking as hard as he could.

Elisha managed to keep one of Douglas’ arms down but the other was free to slap him mercilessly across the face. “Will you-ow! Shit! Come on! Will you quit-oh, for fuck’s sake!”

“Everything all right, boys?” It was the booming voice of the police officer they’d seen earlier right outside the door.

They both froze, precious seconds of silence ticking by.

“Gentleman?” the cop called again

“Strip,” Elisha commanded, already yanking his clothes off and grabbing the water pitcher from the sink. He splashed his face, giving it to Douglas so he could do the same.

“What the fuck!” Douglas whispered urgently.

“Follow the fuckin’ play or we’re both gonna get pinched,” Elisha snapped, dragging the covers off the bed and wrapping them around his waist.

Douglas, nude in record time, dove into bed to claim the sheet and wiggle underneath it.

Elisha glanced back at Douglas to check that he was in place, finally answering the door with a blushing smile. “Yes, Officer?”

“You two all right?” the officer grunted. “Heard quite a bit of a commotion…” He stared. “Son, are you bleeding?”

Elisha rubbed his nose, mentally cursing when his hand came back red. He continued his bashful act, stammering, “Oh, well… you know how young brides are… They’re so demanding!”

The officer peered around Elisha, spying the mess and Douglas under the sheets.

Douglas looked every bit a demanding vixen at that moment, smiling seductively and waving coyly at the officer. “Is everything all right, sir? I’m sorry if we were making a ruckus. I simply can’t help myself. My husband is quite the lover.”

The officer blushed and cleared his throat, shaking his head as he said, “You two try to keep it down, eh? There’s children on board, all right?”

“I’ll do my best,” Elisha promised.

“I was once a newlywed myself,” the officer chuckled. “Enjoy your time together – but quietly, if you can. Congratulations  to you both!”

“Thank you so much,” Elisha said politely, backing inside the room and shutting the door. He joined Douglas in bed, whispering, “He’s probably waiting right outside.”

“What are you thinking? Should we make some real noise for him?” Douglas teased quietly.

“Shut up,” Elisha scolded, slipping under the sheet next to him. “I just meant we should limit our attempts at bodily harm until we’re sure he’s really gone.”

“Are you sure?” Douglas wiggled closer, starting to moan breathlessly, “Oh, my darling… just like that!”

“Stop!” Elisha grumbled, hating how the sound of Douglas’ cries, faked or not, made him shiver.

“Oh! Oh, God! Yes!” Douglas kept on, rocking the bed until it started to squeak.

“Quit it!” Elisha rolled over to press Douglas down on his back to hold him in place. “I’ve got warrants and I’m willing to bet you do, too. Stop monkeying around before he gets wise!”

“Or stop being such a cold fish and play with me,” Douglas taunted, raising his voice to shout, “Oh, darling! I love it when you throw me down like this! Harder!”

“God, is there anyway to shut you up?!”

“Just one,” Douglas breathed eagerly, tugging Elisha into a rough kiss.

Elisha wanted to smack Douglas, maybe punch him, but the desire to keep kissing him trumped it all. They were already in bed and undressed, two hot bodies that were destined to spark with the friction burning between them.

Douglas wrapped his legs around Elisha’s waist, scratching his fingers through his hair and kissing him passionately. It was different than before; Douglas was demanding and rough, taking exactly what he wanted while Elisha hurried to keep up.

Elisha was soon sucking a bruise below Douglas’ jaw, pressing a finger inside of him impatiently.

Douglas growled at the burn, smacking Elisha’s ass and hissing, “My suitcase… top pocket!”

Elisha withdrew with a grunt, fumbling to reach over to grab the suitcase. He unzipped the pocket and pulled out a nearly empty tub of Vaseline. He smirked down at Douglas, chiding, “Mm, busy boy.”

“Jealous?” Douglas shot back, snatching it from him and getting right to work.

Elisha sighed softly, hungrily watching Douglas’ fingers. “Perhaps a bit, yes.”

Douglas was surprised, reaching up to grab Elisha’s cock and reward him with a slick squeeze. “Awww… why, Elisha! Someone got struck by Cupid, huh?”

“Mmmph. Not wanting you to be with other men isn’t exactly a romantic declaration of love.”

“Closest thing I’ve gotten in a while,” Douglas laughed, spreading his legs and tugging Elisha to where he wanted him, rubbing his cock against his slick hole. “I’ll take it.”

Elisha began to push forward, biting down on Douglas’ collarbone until he squealed.

“God, that’s good!” Douglas dragged his nails down Elisha’s shoulders. “Fuck, harder… fuck me like you hate me!”

“Ha, that won’t be hard! I really should hate you,” Elisha panted. “I should have dragged you right off the train and beat you until I got every last dime back from you.”

“Still not too late,” Douglas groaned, bracing a hand against the headboard as Elisha started slamming into him. “You still could… but it wouldn’t do you any good… because you’re never getting it back!”

Elisha growled, thrusting cruelly to make Douglas cry out. “Why not?” he demanded. “What did you fuckin’ do with it?”

“Keep fucking me like that and maybe I’ll tell you,” Douglas gasped, gazing up at Elisha ravenously. “Come on… lift up my leg, yes, just like that! Right there, there, there!”

Elisha followed Douglas’ instructions verbatim, seeking out an angle that left him absolutely writhing and pounding into him as hard as he could. Douglas was completely blissed out, moaning and smiling, gritting his teeth and begging for more.

This was not the quiet and shy boy Elisha had been with before. This was a young man who knew exactly what he wanted; fast, hard, and more, more, more. It was intense, savoring every smack of their hips and the crash of Douglas’ hand on his ass when he dared slow down.

The bed was squeaking and the gorgeous sounds coming out of Douglas were ten times better than his fake cries of pleasure. It struck Elisha sort of funny to realize this was technically the first time he’d had sex with Douglas.

Before was a shadow, a lie, a sweet figment of fantasy meant to disarm and seduce with sweet and blushing smiles.

This was the real Douglas he was with right now, the one behind the con. Greedy and impatient, fighting his way on top when Elisha began to lose steam again. He rode Elisha’s cock with a fierce grin, absolutely purring as he rolled his body just so and began to fuck his way towards an awesome end.

As soon as Douglas’ hot come hit Elisha’s stomach, he was coming, too. He grabbed Douglas’ hips and slammed up into him to make every intense pulse count. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes!”

Douglas sang his praises until he was panting, collapsing on top of Elisha with a loud groan. “That was fantastic.” He lifted up his head, wiping his sweaty brow as he laughed, “Was worried you might be too soft for a fuck like that.”

“Nothing soft about me,” Elisha snorted, jerking his hips up and smirking when Douglas moaned in response.

“Mmmm… good to know.”

They held each other for a few beats, letting the warmth of their climaxes wash over them. It was nice, quiet, Elisha surprised by how much he was enjoying the closeness.

Douglas pulled away first, flopping down beside Elisha and stretching his legs. “Damn. I need a smoke after that.” He found his jacket, fishing out a silver cigarette case and a lighter. “Want one?”

“Sure, butt me… hmmph, didn’t know you smoked.”

Douglas grinned, sticking two cigarettes in his mouth and lighting them at the same time. He passed one to Elisha, snorting, “There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”

“Like what you did with all those clams,” Elisha grumbled, inhaling deeply and blowing out a ring of smoke. “So, spill.”

“You were right about my dad,” Douglas said, pausing to take a quick puff. “I couldn’t find the evidence to free him and yeah… I went to some pretty unusual places to find the truth.”

“You were a believer.”

“I was a fool,” Douglas spat. “Lost it all. Decided to get even with all the hacks screwing around with people’s lives, starting with the ones that boned me over.”

“You ever find who really did it?” Elisha asked, taking a thoughtful drag.

“Yup. That’s why I’m going back to Baltimore.”

“Gonna snuff him out there?”

“Oh, I’m not going to kill him,” Douglas chuckled. “I don’t have the stomach for it, but I’m sure as hell gonna make him wish I did. I’ve got something very special in mind for him.”

“A con?” Elisha should have known. “That’s where you blew all the damn money, isn’t it? Funding some crazy plan?”

“Uh huh.” Douglas offered a small ashtray, explaining, “Needed the cash to buy my way in. He’s got a poker game, you see, and you’ve gotta-“

“Wait, wait,” Elisha scolded. “Why are you telling me, kid? First rule of a con, you don’t tell anyone about the damn con.”

“Unless they’re going to be a part of it,” Douglas said with a waggle of his brows. “We’re already on a train to Baltimore together, after all.”

“You’d cut me in on your action?” Elisha scoffed, snuffing out his cigarette in the ashtray.

“Seems like the least I could do for taking such advantage of you,” Douglas said sweetly, batting his eyes. He put his cigarette out, setting the ashtray aside and stretching across the bed.

Elisha clocked his every move, scowling faintly. “And how do I know this isn’t another scam, huh?”

“Well, you don’t,” Douglas said honestly, “but I already cleaned you out, remember? You don’t have anything else worth taking.”

Elisha hated that he was right.

“Mmm, well, almost…” Douglas winked slyly, eyeing Elisha’s body suggestively. “You still have a little something left to offer.”

“You are positively indecent.”

“You wanna hear my plan or not?”

“I’m thinking.”

“Think fast,” Douglas warned. “This invitation has an expiration date.”

“Fine,” Elisha said, an impatient snap to his tone. “Give me the details and let’s do it.”

“I knew you’d come around.” Douglas grinned slyly, snuggling up to Elisha’s side. “We pull this off, we’ll both have enough to retire. Hell, we could even fix up your sister and that giant lummox you keep around – with your share, of course.”

“How much are we talking?”

“Oh… about a million buckaroos.”

Elisha choked on air. “That’s some heavy sugar.”

“Split eighty-twenty, of course. It’s my plan, you know. And I had to put up all the money-“

“Money that you nicked from me!” Elisha growled. “Fifty and fifty, kid!”

“Ha! Money you grifted from those poor moon-eyed fools! I don’t think so!”

“Sixty-forty then,” Elisha argued, shifting his body and playfully pinning Douglas against the sheets. “And I give you another rough tumble, eh?”

“Seventy-five and a quarter, not a cent more, and you still give me a tumble,” Douglas countered, possessively squeezing his thighs around Elisha’s hips. “Let’s face it, you’re not ever going to get a better deal.”

Elisha had it so bad for this kid, absolutely loving his fierce stubborn steak. No one had ever challenged him like this and he absolutely loved it. He smothered Douglas’ mouth with a hot kiss, murmuring, “God, you’re such a hard ass…”

“Heh, it’s tight, too.”

“Mmm… you know, I told my sister I didn’t know what I was going to do when I finally caught up with you.”


“Mmhm. I was torn between plugging you on the spot or asking you to marry me.”

“Is that so?” Douglas pretended to think, humming loudly. “Hmm, well, lucky me. Though I will say if you’ve got the balls to ask me, you’d better have one hell of a ring waiting.”

“Would you say yes?”

“Depends on the ring,” Douglas taunted. “It better be as big as my head if you think I’m gonna wear it.”

“I’ll try to remember that. Big and shiny, got it.”

“And you’re still only getting twenty-five percent.” Douglas kissed Elisha and graced his mouth with a deep swipe of his tongue.

“I can live with twenty-five percent of a million,” Elisha mumbled over the warm muscle dueling with his own. He paused to breathe, asking, “So, we get to Baltimore and we get your revenge? Then what?”

“If all of this works out, I’ll be getting a whole lot more than revenge,” Douglas chuckled with a coy little smile. “I seem to recall the offer of a ring only a few moments ago.”

“Feeling real sure of yourself, are you?”

“Maybe I’m just feeling like playing for keeps,” Douglas said fondly. “Wouldn’t be so bad to get handcuffed with you, you know?”

“You move fast.”

“Only speed I got. I’ve learned that life is too short to waste a second hawing and not doing.” Douglas playfully bumped their hips together. “And I’ve got plenty that needs doing over here.”

“We got a deal then?” Elisha asked firmly, reaching for the Vaseline once more. “Seventy-thirty?”

“Seventy-five and twenty-five,” Douglas corrected with a snort. “And the tumble, of course.”

“How about a little signing bonus since I’ve been so accommodating to your physical needs?”

“You drive a hard bargain, Mr. Fox,” Douglas said, gasping as Elisha pressed back inside. “Very hard! Mmmmph!”

Elisha stilled his movements very purposely to make Douglas squirm, refusing to continue and asking calmly, “So, deal? Or not?”

“Deal!” Douglas groaned. “Just don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop!”

“You got it.” Elisha gave Douglas everything he wanted, the gears of his mind already turning with what was to come. There was a lot ahead of them. They had a lucrative con to discuss and a wealth of trust issues to sort through.

But one thing was for certain;

When they got to Baltimore, Elisha needed to buy the biggest and shiniest damn ring he could find.

Sexy Saturday 03/07/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Today I have something super fun and special for you – I was once challenged to write a prompt for something 1920’s with magic and this is what happened. Heavily inspired by the Spiritualism movement at the turn of the century (think Fox sisters, hence some of the names!), I came up with this short story!

The twisty ending is one of my favorites ever!!!

There IS a second part… aaaand I will be sharing that next week! <333

Hope you enjoy it!

Warnings: NSFW/kinda/pretty tame tbh


The year was 1921 and for the grand sum of a hundred clams, anyone could purchase a room at the exclusive Rees Mansion and spend a weekend with Madame Catherine Fox. She was a renowned spiritualist and medium, sought out all over the country for her talents to converse with the souls of the dead. Guests of the manor would be treated to group seances and tarot card readings.

Her older brother Elisha managed all of the reservations, keeping out the riffraff and making sure everything went smoothly. These weekend spiritual retreats were always sold out, but it was getting harder to pick around the troublemakers.

Elisha spent more and more time trying to figure out if a guest was really here to chat with their dear ol’ departed Uncle Fab or if they were a nasty little reporter trying to make a name for themselves debunking a famous medium.

It was becoming a bit of a problem; especially since Catherine was a fake.

The Fox siblings were con artists. They had been keeping up this scam for years, fooling the unsuspecting public with their spiritual trickery. Along with their partner and Elisha’s childhood best friend, Thomas Kane, they had amassed a small fortune together. All of America truly believed that Catherine Fox could communicate with spirits.

It was easy, laughably so.

Elisha always very thoroughly researched every guest before they ever stepped foot in the house, including finances and criminal records. Upon their arrival, Catherine would keep the guests entertained while Elisha and Thomas took their luggage up to their rooms. It would promptly be searched for more clues about what had brought them to the manor.

By the time Catherine was ready to begin the first seance of the evening, she would know all there was to know about every single one of their poor guests. She was very observant, quite talented at reading people and a natural actress. Armed with her wits and the wealth of information provided by Elisha and Thomas, she would have their marks eating right out of her hand and swearing they had just spoken with their long lost relatives.

They had watched others with similar acts get shut down by fraud investigations, and they knew they couldn’t keep this up forever. The Spiritualism movement was beginning to fade and the merciless grip of science coupled with the strong arm of the law was choking them out.

This had to be the last time, one final performance for them all to retire on.

Elisha had spent nearly a month preparing for this weekend, every room booked and waiting. He’d already reviewed the guest list with Catherine and this lot was particularly ripe for the picking. The event started as it always did with the guests arriving together at precisely twelve o’clock.

No one would be allowed to enter the house until everyone was present, Catherine sweeping them away into the parlor to chat them up and offer them illegal sips of alcohol while Elisha and Thomas handled the bags.

One man was there seeking information about how his wife was faring on the other side since her very unexpected passing. Boring, but typical.

There was a woman who wanted to know what had happened to her father’s fortune. From his research, Elisha knew the old fool had lost it all at the track.

There was a young couple there who Elisha hadn’t been able to find much on, but digging through their luggage revealed they were mourning their beloved pet Yorkie named Poopsie.

The list went on and on, a buffet of suckers for them all to feast on. For an additional fee, guests could purchase a private reading with Madame Fox and everyone invited for this weekend had expressed an interest in doing so. It was why Elisha had chosen them. Whether filthy rich or miserably poor, they were all willing to pay.

Elisha came back downstairs to signal to Catherine that he and Thomas were done with their search, frowning when he heard a frantic knock at the front door.

The Rees Mansion was quite secluded, and it was very uncommon for anyone to come calling. All of the guests who had reserved rooms for the weekend and their kitchen staff were already here, leaving Elisha wondering who it could be.

It was a gorgeous young man, slender and willowy, peering at Elisha with big hazel eyes from behind thick round glasses. His suit was patched and worn, and he was carrying a battered suitcase and clutching an envelope to his chest.

“May I help you?” Elisha drawled, his eyes scanning over the man and tracking every detail.

“Please,” the young man pleaded, his eyes wide and desperate. “I must meet with Madame Fox! I simply must!”

“I’m sorry,” Elisha replied with a wry smile, “but the retreat is already booked. We simply have no more rooms. Perhaps next time-“

“No! Please!” the young man begged, nearly in tears. “She is the only one who can help me! I will give anything you’d like, but I have to meet with her!”

“Anything?” Elisha tilted his head curiously, glancing at the envelope. “That’s your payment, I expect?”

“Yes!” he said, shoving it into Elisha’s hands. “It’s everything I have! I tried to reserve a room before, but I didn’t have the money to make the deposit so you could review my application in time! I just sold everything I own today to be able to get that!”

Elisha casually flipped through the envelope, quick fingers counting over five hundred dollars. Not bad at all, he mused, looking back over at the young man with a more critical eye.

Definitely lower class, although he hadn’t always been without judging by the nice cut of the suit; not that Elisha cared about robbing the poor. Money spent the same regardless of who he took it from and he never felt guilty either way. The young man did seem genuinely desperate, perhaps a bit thin from not eating well, and this was supposed to be their final weekend after all.

One more drop in the pot couldn’t hurt.

Besides, the young man was so very pretty and it wouldn’t hurt to have a little fun.

Elisha stepped out onto the porch and shut the door behind him to avoid the guests hearing anything he was about to say. He leaned close, whispering to him quickly, “Listen. I may be able to get you in, but you’re going to have to trust me.”

“I just gave you my entire life savings!” the young man laughed sadly. “I’m already trusting you with everything I have. What more do you want?”

Oh, this was going to be too easy.

Elisha almost felt guilty.


“If the other guests know that I allowed you entry without a proper application, things could get very nasty,” Elisha said carefully. It wasn’t completely untrue considering the exclusive nature of the screening process. “But I do have an idea.”

“Anything,” the young man insisted. “Whatever it takes to meet with Madame Fox.”

“You’d have to pretend to be my lover for the weekend,” Elisha replied with a frustrated sigh as if it was the very last thing he wanted to do. “There’s no other way to explain for your presence without arousing suspicion from the other guests, especially since you’d have to stay with me in my room-“

“Fine,” the young man said, his jaw tight with determination. “I’ll do it.”

Elisha grinned, hungry and sweet, tucking the money away and extending his hand as he purred, “Elisha Fox, it’s a pleasure to meet you…”

“Douglas Bradley,” the young man said, shaking Elisha’s hand eagerly. His eyes were sparkling with awe, gushing, “You’re Catherine’s brother? Oh, my goodness! It must have been so amazing growing up with someone of her abilities!”

“Oh, it was just the bee’s knees,” Elisha dryly agreed, graciously taking Douglas’ suitcase for him and escorting him inside the house. “Come along, doll,” he said smoothly as they stepped into the foyer. “I’ll take you up to our room.”

“O-oh! Right!” Douglas blinked, looking all around excitedly as Elisha led him up the stairs.

Elisha helped him get settled in, leaving his suitcase up on the dresser with a mind to go through it later. There wasn’t even a lock on it, he noted without surprise. What a dumb kid.

Douglas seemed nervous, shyly pointing out, “There’s only one bed.”

“Is that a problem?” Elisha asked innocently, stepping slowly into Douglas’ space. He took the time to simply admire the young man instead of picking him apart. He really was quite beautiful.

Douglas seemed to take notice of his admiration, his cheeks flushing lightly, replying, “Uhm, I s-suppose not.”

“I swear that I will be a complete gentleman,” Elisha assured him.

“I appreciate that,” Douglas nodded, fumbling with his glasses. “I, uh, I really appreciate all of this. You know, for letting me in. It means a lot to me.”

“Tell me, Douglas,” Elisha asked softly. “What is it that is so urgent that you’d sell off everything you own to meet my sister?”

“It’s personal,” Douglas said anxiously, wringing his hands together. “I’d rather, uhm, I’d rather just talk to her about it.”

Damn. Elisha was going to need a little more than that to keep this kid on the hook. He had plenty of charm at his disposal, gently reaching for Douglas’ fluttering fingers as he soothed, “Tell me, Douglas… who did you lose?”

“My, my mother,” Douglas blinked, the heartbreak in his eyes real and raw, tears threatening to overtake him once more as he squeezed Elisha’s hands. “She was murdered… I… I need to find out who did it, okay? It’s… it’s very important to me.”

“Of course,” Elisha purred, nodding in understanding. “My sister will help you. I promise. We will make sure your mother gets the justice that she deserves.”

“Thank you!” Douglas suddenly exclaimed, wrapping his arms around Elisha’s neck and hugging him tight. “Thank you, thank you so much!”

Elisha grunted, the forceful embrace knocking him back a step. He held the young man close, gently rubbing his back and enjoying his warmth. It had been quite a long time since he’d had anything so fine in his arms. He wasn’t usually a big fan of physical contact, but for sweet Douglas he was happy to make an exception.

“You have really blue eyes,” Douglas noted dreamily, still hugging Elisha close and gazing at him as if he’d forgotten what he was supposed to be doing.

“Mmm, thanks, doll,” Elisha chuckled, smirking playfully. “Please don’t think I’m not enjoying myself, but the first seance will be starting soon… if you’d be interested in seeing my sister at work, that is.”

“Oh! Please! I would love to!”

“You have to let go of me.”

“Right! S-Sorry!” Douglas pulled away with a bashful smile, readjusting his glasses.

Elisha linked their arms together, confidently leading Douglas back downstairs to introduce him to Catherine. He found her by the piano in the parlor, holding court with their new guests.

She looked surprised to see Douglas, but didn’t immediately comment on his presence. She waved to them, cheerfully greeting, “Hello, dear brother! I do believe the spirits are going to be quite plentiful this evening!”

“Glad to hear it, dear sister,” he purred in reply, nodding his head towards Douglas as he said, “You remember my beloved Douglas, don’t you?”

“Of course!” Catherine gushed, playing right along as she pulled Douglas in for a big hug and kissed his cheeks. “How are you, darling? It’s simply been far too long!”

“O-oh! I’m good!” Douglas was immediately flustered, doing his best to act natural and failing miserably. “Uh, how are you?”

“Catherine, why don’t you and Douglas get a drink?” Elisha suggested, catching Thomas’ eye from across the room. “Catch up a bit?”

“A drink?” Douglas gasped, looking all around and frantically whispering, “Elisha, you do know that alcohol is illegal.”

“I won’t tell if you don’t,” Catherine teased, taking Douglas’ arm and pulling him over to the liquor cabinet with a sweet smile. She chatted him up as if they’d been friends for years, keeping him close while Elisha stepped out into the hall to talk to Thomas.

“Who’s the twig?” Thomas grunted curiously once they were alone.

“New mark and my lover for the weekend,” Elisha informed him briskly.

“Damn, ain’t seen you move this fast in a while.”

“Not playing for keeps. He wants an audience with Catherine and had the bank to catch my interest. Being my side piece is his cover so we don’t upset our other guests.”


“I need you to check his suitcase. Up in my room. Dead mom, murdered, wants justice.”

Thomas didn’t even blink, nodding obediently as he said, “You got it.”

Elisha clapped him on the shoulder in thanks, stepping back into the parlor to mingle. His attention was instantly drawn back to Douglas and Catherine, now seated together at the piano.

Catherine was pawing at him, goading him to play something as she teased, “Oh! Come on! You know it’s my favorite! You played it for me on my birthday!”

“I did?” Douglas stared.

Elisha resisted the urge to groan. It was a good thing everyone was already getting nice and liquored up because Douglas was terrible at this.

“Yes!” Catherine cooed sweetly, never missing a beat. “You and Lish were so sloshed, and you played the song and dedicated it to him. Sweet little love birds that you are.”

Elisha couldn’t help but snort. His dear sister was laying it on a bit thick.

They finally managed to settle on a song, Douglas’ nimble fingers stroking the keys along as he sang with Catherine. He had a lovely voice, as beautiful as the rest of him, easily overtaking Catherine’s as they went on.

Elisha noticed that even though the lyrics were happy, there was a sadness in Douglas’ voice. It made him ache in a way he couldn’t explain, eagerly joining the applause that erupted when the song ended.

“Thank you, Douglas,” Catherine purred graciously, kissing his cheek as she rose up to address her guests, “Now, I do believe it is time for us to address the spirits. If you will all follow me into the dining room, we will begin.”

She led the eager crowd away, ready to knock their socks off. A few candles here, some incense there, and a little bit of eye rolling was all it took for Catherine to completely bewitch them.

Mr. Brown would find out that his wife missed him terribly, but she was very happy and still enjoying gardening on the other side.

She would have to regrettably tell Miss Kahn that her father had lost his money and how sorry he was to have left her with nothing.

Mr. and Mrs. Blake would be over the moon to learn that Poopsie was doing just dandy and still loved to chew up newspapers.

Despite Douglas’ earlier excitement, he was lingering by the piano. He was swaying a little, a sad little smile on his face as he lightly tapped at the keys.

Elisha fixed himself a drink before joining Douglas, asking warmly, “What’s the matter, doll face? I thought you liked to watch Catherine work. You always tell me how much you love the seances.”

Couldn’t be too careful if one of the guests happened to be hanging around close by.

“I do,” Douglas replied softly. “I mean, I want to. You know what I mean… I just…” He looked up at Elisha, sighing, “I haven’t played since I lost my mother… it’s been a very long time. I was gonna give it up actually.”

“That would be a waste of considerable talent,” Elisha told him sincerely, gently touching Douglas’ cheek. “Wherever your mother is at in the world of spirits, I’m sure she’d want you to keep playing.”

Douglas beamed up at him so sweetly that it punched the air right out of his lungs. He took Elisha’s hand, cradling it against his face as he whispered adoringly, “Thank you.”

Elisha didn’t know what to do with the warmth bubbling up inside of him, quickly dulling it down with his drink. He pressed a quick kiss to Douglas’ forehead, encouraging him, “Come on. I don’t want you to miss any more than you already have.”

Douglas was still smiling when they joined the others, his handsome face lighting up as Catherine continued to wow them all with her fantastic visions. Each one was more incredible than the last, carrying on for hours until she had exhausted herself and had to retire for the evening.

After a brief rest, she would accept guests for private readings in her study but not until after dinner.

Elisha stayed close to Douglas all night, enjoying his honest sense of wonder and awe. No one would ever suspect that any of this was fake looking at Douglas’ face. He was truly left amazed, enchanted by the magic Catherine had woven so beautifully out of their treachery.

Dinner came and went, and Elisha had lost count of how many drinks Douglas had guzzled back. Elisha was no stranger to hooch, but he wouldn’t have been surprised if Douglas had never touched a drop in his life.

Douglas was flushed and laughing often, leaning into Elisha as if they were really lovers. He enjoyed holding his hand and resting his head on Elisha’s shoulder when it became too heavy from the drink to keep up.

Elisha was completely enchanted, accepting all the sweet touches without pushing for anything more than what Douglas was willing to give. Once dinner was concluded, Catherine announced she would begin receiving guests for their private sessions.

After they’d paid up and been thoroughly searched by Thomas, of course.

“Before I go,” Catherine suddenly said, smiling over the table of guests, “there is one last announcement I have to make.” Her smile had a tiny hint of wickedness, declaring, “I want to wish my brother and his beloved a very happy anniversary!”

Douglas blushed and hid his face in Elisha’s chest as everyone applauded and cheered, laughing shyly, “Oh, Gosh!”

Elisha grinned appropriately, but inside he was ripping his sister’s hair out.

“Go on! Give him a kiss!” someone called out.

“Oh, yes! A kiss! And a toast to the happy couple!” said another.

Well, crap.

Elisha peered down at Douglas, wishing he knew a way to tell him that they didn’t have to do this. It was obvious that they’d both been drinking quite a bit and Douglas could easily deny the request with his obviously shy nature.

But when Douglas looked up at him, there was nothing shy about it. He was gazing at Elisha as if he wanted to consume him, licking his lips and pausing only to take a quick breath before surging forward to claim a passionate kiss.

However unexpected, Elisha didn’t let his surprise register. He wove his arms around Douglas and sweetly returned his affections, purring adoringly, “Happy anniversary, my love.”

“Happy anniversary!” Douglas hiccuped happily, eagerly going in for another kiss.

Oh, there was tongue.

Elisha excused them from the table, easily scooping the slender boy up into his arms and carrying him upstairs. Douglas protested for about three seconds before his head flopped back, blissfully snoring away.

He gently tucked Douglas into bed, taking off his shoes and his coat. He also carefully removed his glasses, setting them over on the bedside table. He left the rest as it was and found himself smiling, even brushing his fingers through Douglas’ soft hair.

This wasn’t good. This was not good at all.

He couldn’t catch feelings for a mark.

Damn it.

Elisha left to find Thomas, intent on taking the cash he’d collected and even more interested in learning what he’d found inside Douglas’s suitcase. He was almost hoping Thomas would have discovered Douglas was actually a reporter or something else equally devious.

Then perhaps he wouldn’t feel so guilty about what he was doing to him.

No such luck as Thomas revealed Douglas was squeaky clean. There were a few newspaper articles about his mother’s murder, a blue ribbon, and a blank postcard from Baltimore. Thomas had been able to sneak away to make a quick phone call to confirm the kid’s story and it wasn’t a happy one.

“Twig’s mom got pumped full of daylight when he was a kid,” Thomas explained. “Coppers put the finger on his old man and gave him the chair. There was some uncle, helped take care of him, but he ain’t been in the picture for a while.”

“Good,” Elisha said curtly, resisting a pang of sympathy. “Make sure Catherine knows what’s up. Douglas is definitely gonna want his reading before the weekend is over.”

“You got it.”

They bid each other good night, Elisha returning to his bedroom to put the money away. There was a lockbox that he kept under the bed, carefully pulling it out as quietly as he could so as not to disturb Douglas. He locked up the cash and stashed the key back in his coat pocket.

He got ready for sleep, deciding to stay in his pants and shirt for modesty’s sake and the comfort of his new companion. Douglas curled up against Elisha the moment he laid down, throwing his arm up over his chest.

Elisha smiled, making no effort to move him, simply enjoying the warmth as he drifted off to sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, Elisha did everything he could to make the moment last. Douglas was still snuggled up beside him and it felt damn good to hold him.

It couldn’t last forever, Douglas stirring at last and groaning miserably, “Ohhh… what hit me?”

“About ten rounds of hooch,” Elisha replied with a softly chuckle.

Douglas blinked himself awake, squinting up at Elisha as he struggled to get a handle on where he was. His eyes suddenly grew wide, gasping, “Oh! I kissed you! I, I, I am so sorry! I re-really shouldn’t have-“

“It’s fine,” Elisha purred gently. “All part of selling who you are to the other guests. You did well… and I definitely wouldn’t mind a repeat performance.”

Douglas’ fair face turned a lovely shade of red, mumbling, “I think, I think we should, uhm, go get breakfast.”

“Of course,” Elisha nodded, letting him go without protest. He was a thief, but he wasn’t a goon.

He even turned his back while they got dressed, waiting for Douglas to tap his shoulder to let him know that he was decent.

Downstairs they went to join the other guests, the rest of the day passing by much more quickly than Elisha would have liked. Catherine hosted several more seances and tarot card readings in between, Douglas remaining enthralled by her performances at every moment. As the evening fell upon them, Elisha realized he wasn’t ready for the weekend to be over.

He wasn’t ready for Douglas to leave yet.

It was finally time for Douglas’ private reading and he requested for Elisha to join them. He usually didn’t mind witnessing his sister’s spiritual antics, but knowing they were about to be focused on Douglas made him uncomfortable. He used liquor to ease it, all smiles as he sat down with them in the study.

Douglas was fidgeting excitedly in his seat across from Catherine, babbling away, “It’s truly an honor, Madame Fox. Everything I’ve seen you do, it’s just, wow, it’s beyond incredible. You’re truly so talented! I just, wow, okay, I keep saying that, uhm-“

“It’s quite all right,” Catherine cut in politely, reaching for Douglas’ hands as she gently instructed. “I need you to clear your mind for me… think of the person you wish for me to contact.”

“Okay,” Douglas breathed, closing his eyes.

“Now, did you bring something of theirs?”

“Yes,” Douglas replied, reaching quickly into his pocket to retrieve the long blue ribbon Thomas had found yesterday in his suitcase.

Catherine took it from him, smelled it, held it, even licked it. “Yes,” she nodded slowly. “It’s coming together now… it’s your mother’s?”

“Yes!” Douglas gasped. “How, how did you know?”

“She told me,” Catherine replied sweetly. “She’s here with us now…” She frowned, her tone sad as she murmured, “Oh, Douglas. I’m so sorry… I didn’t know she had been taken from you so violently!”

“It’s okay,” Douglas sniffed, his eyes beginning to tear up. “It was, it was many years ago. But you see, that’s why I need your help! I need-“

“To find the man who really killed her,” Catherine interrupted, tilting her head as if she was listening to someone else. “Your father was falsely accused… oh! He’s there with her? They’re together? Oh, Douglas… he’s also passed on?”

“Yes. He was executed for a crime he didn’t commit,” Douglas sorrowfully explained. “This is why I came to you. I need you to please help me. I cannot rest until I get justice for my family!”

Every last tear Douglas cried slapped Elisha right in the face. Maybe it was a good thing this was their last scam. He would miss the rush, but clearly he was going soft.

Catherine moaned and rolled her eyes about, shaking and pulling out all the stops while Douglas watched her intently. She began to gasp loudly, panting, “Yes, it was a man… a tall man, but not too tall… a beard, maybe not… and he was wearing…” Catherine suddenly shivered. “…Green.”

“Yes?” Douglas pleaded. “And? And what else?”

Catherine took Douglas’ hands, shaking her head as she lamented, “The vision is leaving me, but your parents want me to pass along a message. They want you to give up your search. They’re at peace now, they have each other… and they want you to be happy.”

Douglas looked confused and lost, sniffing miserably as Catherine pressed the blue ribbon into his palm. He stared down at it for a long time, his head bobbing slowly as he said, “Thank you, Madame Fox. For everything.”

“It’s my pleasure, Douglas,” Catherine cooed. “Your parents love you so very much.”

“I know they do,” Douglas said with a tearful smile, glancing back at Elisha. “Uhm. Could we… could we go to bed, my, eh, beloved?”

“Of course,” Elisha purred, saying goodnight to his sister and walking Douglas back to his room. When the door shut behind them, he was surprised to find himself tackled into another fierce hug.

“Douglas, are you all right?” Elisha asked, genuinely concerned.

“I’m better than all right,” Douglas sighed, grinning sweetly up at him. “My parents are at peace! This is incredible! I can finally start my life! I don’t have to keep looking any more for some terrible fiend!”

“I’m happy for you,” Elisha said with a warm smile, his hands settling on Douglas’ hips.

“I can live for me now,” Douglas went on, his eyes still damp with tears but these were joyful. “I can do whatever I want!” His eyes flickered over Elisha’s lips, shy but full of desire. “Anything I want…”

“What do you want right now?” Elisha asked huskily, already knowing the answer and selfish enough to take it.

“You,” Douglas replied bashfully. “To kiss you… and uhm, whatever… whatever else may happen after that… if, uh, you know, you’d be interested.”

Elisha only smiled, sweeping Douglas into a tender kiss, his tongue deftly stealing away his needy moans. Their clothes fell to the floor as Elisha took Douglas to bed, worshipping his body for long hours before finally sliding inside of him.

Douglas was totally insatiable, a frantic live-wire writhing away beneath Elisha and desperately begging for more. Elisha gave him all that he had and then some, driven by some unfamiliar force to wreck Douglas beyond his wildest dreams.

Maybe it was guilt, his silent way of apologizing for taking advantage of such a sweet soul.

Elisha did not allow himself rest until Douglas had called out his name a third time and the sun was beginning to lighten the sky outside his window. They held each other like the lovers they had pretended to be all weekend, Douglas’ soft voice whispering in Elisha’s ear, “Thank you… for everything.”

“You’re welcome,” Elisha replied as he swallowed back the last stab of guilt he could stand, his mind already made up before he fell asleep.

Tomorrow, he was going to give Douglas back his money.

When Elisha woke up alone, he was actually surprised. He had reached out to find Douglas and was met with cool sheets instead. He blinked himself awake, sitting up with a soft grunt.

Douglas’ glasses were still sitting on the bedside table, but his suitcase was gone.

Something was wrong.

Elisha got dressed, heading quickly downstairs to find Catherine bidding all of their guests farewell. Everyone was leaving happy and satisfied, money well spent and their faith in the beyond successfully confirmed.

He waited for the last one to leave before asking quickly, “Have you seen Douglas?”

“Not since last night,” Catherine replied, quirking her brows. While not a true medium, she knew her brother better than he knew himself and demanded flatly, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“He’s gone,” Elisha said with a deep frown. “Something’s up.”

“I never heard him leave,” Thomas chimed in as he joined them at the bottom of the stairs. “What are you thinkin’? Got all skittish on ya’ and ran?”

“I don’t know,” Elisha answered honestly. He reached into his coat pocket for the lockbox key, sighing, “Let’s just get the cash and scram. I don’t like this…”

The moment his fingers touched the key, his heart stopped. There was something soft there that didn’t belong, slowly pulling the key out to reveal a long blue ribbon had been tied around it.

It was the ribbon that belonged to Douglas’ mother.

“What’s that?” Thomas grunted.

Elisha turned and immediately bolted back up the steps, skipping the last few at the top as he hurled himself towards his bedroom door. He dove under the bed, dragging out the lockbox with his pulse drumming like thunder in his ears.


It couldn’t be.

He stared stupidly down into an empty chest, several seconds ticking by as he tried to wrap his mind around it. All of the money was gone.

Catherine and Thomas had finally caught up with him, Catherine angrily snapping, “Lish! What the hell?”

“Where’s the fuckin’ money?” Thomas snarled, his eyes immediately finding the empty lockbox.

Elisha sat back on his heels, rubbing his hands slowly over his face. All the pieces were falling into place, laughing bitterly, “That little son of a bitch took it… I’ve been conned.”

“What?” Catherine blinked.

“It was Douglas,” Elisha sighed, feeling more a fool than he ever had in his entire life. He was almost too impressed to be angry. He picked up the glasses that Douglas had left behind, tilting them up into the light for a closer look.

Plain glass, nothing more.

All part of Douglas’ shy and vulnerable little costume that he had chosen to seduce Elisha with.

It had been good. Very good.

Elisha had never even suspected him for a moment.

He knew that the script of Douglas’ act had been very real, but where the actual line of truth and falsehood was drawn Elisha had no idea. He had never before met a con artist so talented and he was equally infuriated and intrigued.

“Lish!” Catherine shrieked impatiently, dragging him out of his thoughts. “Are you telling me that little skinny shit whammied you and took off with all of our fucking money?”

“Yes, sister,” Elisha drawled with an amused click of his tongue. “That he did.” He stood up, grabbing a bag out of his closet and starting to pack.

“What are you doing?” Thomas grumbled, still quite sore over the lost cash and pouting at the empty box.

“Going after our fuckin’ money,” Elisha replied. “He couldn’t have gotten too far.” He thought about Douglas’ postcard, adding, “I have a pretty good idea of where he’s going. You two stay here, pack up shop. We’re gonna need to be ready to ghost this town when I get back.”

“Yeah?” Catherine scoffed. “What are you gonna do to the little bastard when you find him?”

“Haven’t decided yet,” Elisha replied with a playful smirk.

“You gonna kill him?”

“Possibly,” Elisha mused, still unable to hide how impressed he was with Douglas’ flawless manipulation. “I’ll decide when I catch up to him. I’m either gonna kill him… or I’m gonna ask him to marry me.”

Hey, look! An update! :D

Hey there, guys! This will be short and sweet – updated the blog with all the Sexy Saturday posts from February for your reading pleasure and the first round of edits for Acsquidentally In Love are done! I’m in the process of working with a new proofreader to finish up my Cold Hard Cash Anthology (and the sequel, yes, don’t worry!), and I hope to be submitting it to my publisher by the end of the month. Hope you’re all having a lovely March so far!

<333 Kat

Sexy Saturday 02/29/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Please check out your newsletters for a very sexy treat starring Jimmy and Boss Cold! For today’s post, I’m sharing something a little bit different. The first title of my brand new paranormal mystery series, Acsquidentally In Love, starts editing next month with my new publisher. I’ve been working on its sequel and I just finished this new sexy little scene!

I’d love for you all to meet King Thiazi Grell and Theodore Sturm! Enjoy! <3333

Warnings: NSFW/monstrous tongues/blowjobs


Grell’s responding kiss was fierce, pushing Ted down into the plush pillows and owning every inch of his mouth with a long swipe of his rough tongue. It was hotter than Ted could have ever dreamed of, and he would be replaying this moment in his mind for years to come.

A few days ago, he’d been caught in the soul-sucking grind of a depressing job, quite literally haunted by ghosts and left longing for any lowly scrap of affection. Now he was kissing a handsome king in a glowing castle floating out amongst the stars.

Sure, he was still fighting asinine murder charges and the king could turn into a giant cat monster, but it was still progress.

Ted moaned, reaching up to grab Grell’s shoulders. He couldn’t get over how soft his lips were or how strong his hands were as they explored the broad lines of his body. Ted wanted to wrap himself all around him, and ow, ow, ow!


Still full of nasty fish people venom.

“Fuck!” Ted growled angrily, his muscles seizing up in pain and forcing him to break the kiss. “Ulgh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Grell said softly, smiling with such a warmth that he seemed decades younger. He gently nuzzled Ted’s cheek, placing a tender kiss there as he said, “Mm, just relax… and try not to move.”

“Wh-what are you doing?” Ted asked nervously.

“Taking care of you,” Grell replied, his golden eyes shining brightly as he glanced down over Ted’s thick chest. His hand slid over the thin fabric of his tunic, finding his nipple and petting it slowly.

Ted groaned, feeling himself shiver and twitch, his cock growing hard and absolutely nowhere to hide. He couldn’t relax, feeling the urge to move and take over, to take control. “Grell, shouldn’t I…”

“Theodore,” Grell said firmly, tilting his head back down for a sweet kiss. “If you want me to stop, then tell me now. Otherwise, lay back, relax, and let me rock your little mortal world, hmm?”

“O-okay,” Ted said, his hands unclenching by his sides. “I can do that. Totally.”

“The constant expectation to take control has left you feeling inadequate when you’re put in this position, hmm?” Grell gently dragged a single finger down Ted’s chest to his hip, the tunic magically fading away. “You want someone else to take over, and yet, it’s been so long that you don’t know how…”

“Fuck,” Ted whispered, watching his chest tremble as Grell began to kiss his way down to his stomach. He felt his cock flex and he whimpered, secretly thrilled that he couldn’t move. It made it easier to give in and let Grell do what he wanted, and Ted whispered, “Yes…”

“It’s all right,” Grell promised, lavishing the crest of Ted’s hipbone with wet smooches. “I’ve got you, love. I’ll take care of everything.”

“What, uh, what are you doing?” Ted asked, excited and curious.

“All this talk about sucking dick has given me the most lovely idea,” Grell teased slyly. He ran his hands over Ted’s muscular thighs, getting settled between them as he licked his lips. “I think I may in fact…” He dropped his voice to a sultry whisper. “…Suck your dick.”

Ted could not look away from Grell’s tongue. Flicking it out like that over his lower lip wasn’t so unusual, but Ted had never noticed before just how long it was. Grell’s tongue was much longer than a normal human’s, and it looked even thicker.

Grell noticed Ted staring and stuck out his tongue with a lecherous wink. Yup. Definitely long, thick, and absolutely made for sinful things.

“Oh, fuck,” Ted gasped without meaning to.

“Oh, yes,” Grell chuckled, eyeing Ted’s cock and bowing his head down. He nuzzled against his hard shaft, breathing him in with a luxurious sigh. “Mm, I just know you’re going to taste fantastic.”

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Ted panted. “Just…” He couldn’t even finish the thought, faltering for a conclusion that didn’t sound lame.

Just what? Be gentle? Be patient? Don’t be surprised if it’s over in seconds?

“Don’t worry, love. I’ll still respect you in the morning,” Grell teased, opening his mouth up wide and sinking down on Ted’s cock with a loud groan.

The sudden wet heat made Ted gasp, and he had to remind himself that he couldn’t move much without it hurting. He watched in awe as Grell took every inch of him without hesitation, squeaking, “Holy crap! That’s, that’s so good!”

Grell sucked him slowly, stroking his cock with his tongue from base to tip inside his mouth. It was an incredible feeling, and Ted feared he wouldn’t be able to last very long. He took a few deep breaths, focused on enjoying himself but trying not to bust too fast.

Then Grell did something that Ted couldn’t explain: His tongue began to wrap *around* his shaft, spiraling down and squeezing as he sucked.

“F-fuck!” Ted wheezed, his hands fisting into the sheets. He’d never felt anything so intense, lost in the lovely warmth and pulsating pressure of Grell’s wicked tongue wrapped so intimately around him.

Grell somehow managed to look smug, glancing up at Ted as if to gauge his pleasure. He kept his tongue going, twisting and untwisting down Ted’s cock as he bobbed his head, stuffing his own throat as far as he could go.

Which, apparently, was all the fucking way.

Ted’s hips jerked up despite his best efforts, and he moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He gasped when Grell pushed him down to pin his body against the bed, and that made all of this even hotter. His balls were already tightening up, and he was doomed. Oh, he was so freakin’ doomed.

Grell wouldn’t stop, apparently determined to make Ted absolutely lose his mind. He squeezed Ted’s sides, his powerful hands sliding down his hips and thighs as he gave him the best blowjob of his entire life.

“Grell!” Ted cried out in warning, shaking and twitching as the king’s hot mouth dragged him over the edge. He couldn’t stop, coming hard and groaning as his back arched right off at the bed. The bliss blinded the discomfort, and he pulsed down his tight throat.

Growling possessively, Grell grabbed Ted’s ass and held him suspended off the bed, swallowing back all that he had to offer and sucking more passionately as if he could milk out more if he just tried hard enough.

“Hunghh…. oh… oh, God!” Ted sounded hysterical to his own ears, his toes curling up as Grell kept taking and taking. He was waiting for the agony of overstimulation to steal his joy, but it never came. He was totally enslaved by Grell’s wicked tongue, and his climax seemed never ending.

He breathed in, still coming.

He breathed out, still coming.

Ted could feel tears in his eyes, and he clawed at the bed, not sure whether to cry or scream or both. He heard Grell growl, and the intense explosion of sensation finally began to fade. It was a steady drop, like a feather floating down on a light breeze, and left him totally exhausted.

Grell had returned his hips to the bed and finally pulled off with one last lick, giving Ted full view of his especially dexterous tongue.

“Holy… fuck…” Ted managed to wheeze, his bones sinking into the mattress as Grell climbed back up to claim a kiss. Ted’s lips were tingling as they kissed, and he was absolutely buzzing from the most fantastic orgasm of his entire life.

“Consider your world… rocked,” Grell taunted with a gorgeously smug smile, pecking Ted’s nose. “Mmm. You tasted even better than I thought you would, Theodore.”

“Awesome,” was all Ted could manage.

“Just wait until you have my cocks,” Grell purred.

“Cocks?” Ted echoed.

Grell had certainly misspoken. He had to be joking. He was always joking. There was no freakin’ way…

Grell was grinning so very proudly.

“Oh, fuck.”

Ted didn’t know if he would survive it, but hell if it wouldn’t be fun to try.