Untouched Mussels: FREE Novella <3

Hello, my darlings! The longgg awaited mini-series for Jay and Asta is finally here! WOO! It will be available as a free e-book download as well, but it’s going to post here on my website first. I’ll let you know where and how to download it as soon as it’s available! NOW ON WITH THE SHOOOWWW!

Jay Tintenfisch and Asta the Asran Prince have had quite the exciting and steamy relationship goin’ on behind the scenes, and I’m so thrilled to finally bring you their story. We’re starting off right after the end of Head Over Tentacles when Jay leaves with Asta to go to Xenon so he can see Ted. From there, the timeline will bounce a bit over the next few months as things don’t exactly go according to plan for our little lovebirds. The epilogue will connect this mini-series to the ending of Inkredible Love so as to catch our guys up with the rest of the other characters.

Don’t worry! There will be zero spoilers because hey we already know there’s gonna be a big wedding for Grell and Ted ’cause Sloane and Loch got invited to it at the end of Insquidious Devotion. I would highly suggest you catch up with the whole series before diving into this, but I don’t think it’s required for enjoying it. Maybe. Uh. Mostly. Anyway!

I have been talking about writing this story for yEaRssss, and I am so glad I’ve finally finished it. There is hot smut, some light angst, and a very happy ending. I sincerely hope you all enjoy it. <333

Happy reading!


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