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Ruthless Daddies: Beast: Available Now! 08/11/2023

A Slice For My Demon: Available Now!

13 Days of Monster F#cking: Volume 3: Preorder Now! 10/31/2023

13 Days of Monsters Making Love: Preorder Now! 10/31/2023

O Deadly Night: Volume 2: Preorder Now! 11/14/2023

Twelve Days of Squidmas: Preorder Now! 12/15/2023


Current Projects

13 Days of Monster F#cking Volume 3: 8/13 (writing)

Twelve Days of Squidmas: 3/10 (writing)

CHC Untitled: (outlining)



Hello, darlings! Happy October!

It’s SPOOKY SEASON! And you know what that means… Yup! 13 Days of Monster F#cking is BACK! This is Volume 3, and me and Mozz cannot waitttt to share this awesome naughty book with you guys! If you haven’t seen my other posts, please know that the entire series has been unpublished from Smashwords. From now on, it will only be available to purchase from my Shopify site.

Tl;dr I got smacked with sn*ff content violations and lost my appeal. They took some weird stuff wildly out of context (like the “hanging limbs” content warning for my Frankenstein style monster’s arm having to be sewn back on was flagged as “mutilation”) and I was given no other recourse. I’m still angry, confused, and I just don’t have anything nice to say about SW right now. So! Moving on!

13 Days of Monster F#cking: Volume 3 is available for preorder on my Shopify site, and you can find the rest of the series there too! Don’t forget that 13 Days of Monsters Making Love is up for preorder too! BOTH of these books will be coming out 10/31/2023! >:D

Just like previous years, we will be counting down the days to Halloween with a naughty teaser from each day of 13 DOMF in our private FB group. However, there is going to be something extra special this year on October 13th… It is a double release after all! So, keep your eyeballs peeled for that.

Speaking of preorders, O Deadly Night: Volume 2 is still available to preorder too! This special dark anthology is an amazing collection of spooky MM stories and will benefit It Gets Better, a charity that focuses on helping LGBTQ+ youth all around the world. Check it outttt! <333

Last and certainly not least, I am so super stoked to announce my participation in a new winter holiday collab, Tinsel and Tentacles! My book is called Twelve Days of Squidmas, and it’s gonna be about a grumpy human and a sunshine tentacle beast trying to pull off the perfect Christmas together! What could possibly go wrong? XD

And YES, I am starting to outline the next Cold Hard Cash book. This is not the final book for Cold and Jimmy, but the next part of the story where we get to meet Cold’s half-brother that oops he didn’t know about. It feels really good to see the end in sight for this beloved series, and I can’t wait to finalllyyyyy finish it! But first me and Mozz got a few more monsters to crank out to get ready for our Halloween double release! AHHH I CANT WAIT <333

Much love, my darlings! As always, you can check out the latest WIP action over on my Patreon! Thanks so much for your support and love! Seriously could not do this without you guys! <333


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