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13 Days of Secret Monster Project (Writing 3/13)

SFL #9: Love You Always, Suckers And All (Writing 2/15)

Secret Mafia Thing (Writing 1/10)

Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus (Release date pending!)

SFL #8: An Inkredible Love (Release date pending!)


Future Projects 2023

Daddy Mafia Stuff

Gay Murder Lobsters

Cold’s Brother Thing

CHC #5

Mr. Heiss and William

Nighttime Dead Thing

Suckery Mystery Thing

Secret Card Thing



Happy New Year, darlings!

Yes, this is a week late but whew! I’ve been a busy lil’ Kat, and I have sooo much to share that I might just freakin’ pop. Okay, let’s get goin’! First up–it’s TETNACLES TIME! ARHEHHF

Right, so. Inkredible Love and Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus are both done and just waiting for their sexy release dates. Omnibus should come out before Inkredible Love, and I will post all the preorder info as soon as I have it. I have started writing the last book and the outline is ready to rock, but as usual oops I got distracted by something else.

I have a very special secret Monsters project that I’m working on that should release this fall, and I cannot WAIT for you guys to read it. EEK! It’s gonna be extra special sexy and I’m sooo freakin’ EXCITED. I am also poking at 13 Days of Monster F#cking: Volume 3, but mostly from a gathering ideas/plotting position. I don’t thinkkk I’m going to write any of them yet, but we’ll see what my brain does.

Oh and of course don’t forget that 13 Days of Monster F#cking: Volume 2 is out on Smashwords! All my love to the incredible Mozzarus Scout for helping me write a bunch of these awesome stories. We’re working on the secret Monsters project together too and eee so far it is AWESOMEEEE. Whew okay what’s next

My priority right now is a super secret squirrel collab with strong mafia flavors that I cannot wait to freakin’ announce. Can’t say much more than that right now but I promise more info sooooon!

Once that mafia collab is done, I’m switching back to SFL #9 to finish that series once and for all. I AM SO CLOSE. I will probably work on the secret monsters too, but it’s a lot of easier for my brain to switch between a big WIP and small shorts than it is two big WIP’s at the same time. Plots. Things. Keeping track of what is going on in 8k/60k vs 60k/60k is just agh, much much more better for my brain to process.

Make sense? Yes? YAY! No? Well, I can’t help you because it barely makes sense to meeee! XD

My goal is to have these three projects done and ready to go by the end of March.

After that, I’m sliding back into mafia land for a mafia daddy collab and the final two Cold Hard Cash books. I have some special artwork and new designs coming too for Jimmy and Cold stickers and other goodies, and I’m just agh I really can’t wait to get this series done toooo. Tentatively, I should be working on those over the summer with a demon surprise, maybe a deadly nighttime thing, and something with tentacles to poke at during the fall. Whew. Okay. That’s it! NO MORE MY BRAIN SAYS NO. So cough cough that is my current writing plan as outlined above.

Gay Murder Lobsters, you say? Why yes, that’s on there too, and that is a very special surprise. <333

At this time, I will say that the Plot Bunny Hutch is staying locked. My priorities this year are finishing both the Sucker For Love and Cold Hard Cash series, and then writing my collabs as quickly as possible. Last year was a mess for me because I got very behind ’cause family blah blah blah real life sucks, and I don’t want to put myself in that position again.

This may also be the last year I take on so many collabs. I LOVE doing them, I love meeting and working with so many other awesome authors, and yes, it’s incredible that they’re so successful. But agh I still have so many of my own projects that I want to work on. That monster mafia idea is eating at me somethin’ hard right now, as is the zombie idea that I’ve been nibbling on and ahhhh toooo many boooks to writeeee xD XD XD

We don’t talk about Robots.

But yeah so! Whew! That’s what my 2023 is looking like. My goal is to knock these beautiful books out so I can have a relaxing holiday and try to brainstorm what new series I am going to tackle next. I really want to finally get at some of the ideas that have been hiding in my plot bunny hutch for years and ugh it’s so hard to choose. I’m between the new Sucker For Love series that would follow Alexander, Rota, and Ollie plus Stoker, the Monster Mafia series that will be dark and monstery, or the Zombie Apocalypse that will be, well, it will have zombies lol. That’s all I’m saying.

There’s more than that, of course, but that’s for future Kat to worry about. I’ve got a lottt more to do before I even get to that point, but I am excited to see what happens next! As always, you can check me out over on Patreon to get sneak peeks on what I’m writing, get sexy bonus scenes and lots of extra smut, and all sorts of fun stuff. Follow me on the socials. Do the thing. XD

Thank you all for your awesome support! I seriously could not do this without you guys and your love for my work. I’m hoping to make 2023 another kickass year, and I can’t wait to share these new stories with you all!

Happy reading!


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