Untouched Mussels: Chapter 04

Chapter 4.

The fireworks dancing across the sky above were nothing compared to the brilliant sparks going off when Asta kissed Jay.

Jay gasped, immediately tense, and he raised his hand to touch Asta’s cheek to urge him to keep going. He was afraid Asta would think that he wanted to stop, and that was the very last thing he wanted to do. 

Asta’s kisses were sweet and gentle, and he squeezed Jay’s waist. He didn’t push or paw, simply happy to trade soft kisses with Jay while the rainbow lights sparkled overhead. 

As far as first kisses went, Jay had to admit it was pretty perfect. 

“Was that okay?” Asta murmured, bumping their noses together.

“Yes,” Jay whispered back. His face was flushed, his fingers were shaky, and he was smiling from ear to ear. “Flawless victory.”

Asta laughed, and he kissed Jay again, a bit more passionately than before. 

Jay pressed closer, and he raked his nails through Asta’s hair. He was impressed by what a sensual kisser Asta was, having expected something more rushed or needy with the immature way Asta often behaved. It was a pleasant surprise to be seduced by Asta’s lips and teasing flicks of his tongue, and he melted against Asta’s chest.

Asta cradled the back of Jay’s head, and he finally slid his tongue into Jay’s mouth with a throaty purr.

Jay gasped, and Asta’s tongue quickly retreated. He pulled away, trying to catch his breath. “No, hey, it’s okay.” 

“It wasn’t too much?” Asta frowned.

“No, no.” Jay took off his glasses to set over on the picnic basket. He smiled shyly as the rest of the world became a blur except for Asta. “We, we can definitely keep going.” 

“Good. ‘Cause I really, really wanna.” Asta growled playfully, and he swept Jay up into his lap.

Jay laughed at how easily Asta moved him, and he hugged Asta’s neck. 

“This good?”

“Very good.” Jay went in for another kiss this time, glad that his glasses were out of the way now. He had to resist turning so he could wrap his legs around Asta, choosing to keep them together for now over Asta’s thighs. 

Inexperience didn’t dull his desire, and he was already getting rock hard. He could feel Asta was too, and he moaned when Asta grabbed his hip. He was sure Asta was holding back, but Jay didn’t want him to. 

He grabbed Asta’s hand, directing it to his butt. 

“Praise be to all the fuckin’ gods,” Asta mumbled as he squeezed greedily. “You have the most perfect ass.” 

Jay laughed, and he petted Asta’s hair. “Yeah?” 

“Yup. Definitely perfect.” Asta kissed him. 

They went back to making out, and Asta groped every inch of Jay’s bottom now that he’d been given leave to. He palmed his cheeks, sliding his fingers down to caress what he could of Jay’s thighs, and then back up again to the top of his hips. 

Jay was going crazy from all the attention, and he didn’t know what to do with himself except to keep kissing Asta. He was sweating, buzzed off the hot drag of Asta’s tongue, and he experimentally grinded down against Asta’s hard cock. 

Well, cocks technically, though Jay could only feel one with the way he was sitting in Asta’s lap. 

That simple roll of his hips made Asta gasp, and he pulled away, clearly just as flustered as Jay was. 

“Whew.” Asta panted. “We gotta talk about some ground rules here, babycakes.” 

“Ground rules?” Jay asked, wiping off his brow. 

“I am down to raid your beautiful body on whatever difficulty setting you fuckin’ want. We can keep it sweet and easy, advance to moderate, or go real fuckin’ hard. And when you do sexy stuff like that, I really, really wanna go hard.” 

Jay’s mind blanked on the analogy. “You mean you want to have sex?”

“Do rogues do it from behind?” Asta grinned. 

“I know that’s a yes, but I’m not… I…” Jay squirmed, and his thoughts were a wild tornado of yes, yes, yes, and a very loud reply of no, no, no. 

“Tell me what you want,” Asta said more seriously. “We don’t have to do anything, you know. I’m happy kissing you.” 

“What if… uh…” Jay floundered. “Hands? I’m good with hands. My hands. Your hands. Touching. Things.” 

“Yeah?” Asta licked his lips. “We can do that. Nice and slow, babycakes.”

“Slow is good. Slow is really, really good.” Jay shrugged out of his jacket, and then he watched Asta’s simply vanish. “Show off.” 

“I promise to try and refrain from using magic during sexy times,” Asta said solemnly as he curled his arms back around Jay’s waist. 

Jay’s tie loosened, and the buttons of his shirt popped on their own. 

“After that,” Asta added with a wink. 

Jay turned so that he was straddling Asta’s hips now, and he inhaled sharply as his hard cock pressed into Asta’s. He ignored the new source of potential friction for now, helping himself to Asta’s shirt and unbuttoning each button methodically. 

Asta reached for Jay’s tie, waited for Jay to nod, and then he pulled it free. 

The energy wasn’t as feverish as it was before, though heat was certainly boiling between them. Jay’s face felt like it was sunburned from being so worked up, but he really did want to take his time now. Whatever they did together, he needed it to mean something. 

As tempting as it was to let himself be ravaged on this picnic blanket by a gorgeous prince, he didn’t want to do anything he’d regret later. 

Though it was hard to imagine regretting a single thing being with Asta. 

Asta was gentle as he matched Jay’s pace of removing his shirt, each of them pulling back the fabric to reveal their bare torsos. The first press of their naked skin made Jay shudder, and he had no idea what happened to their shirts once they took them off. 

It was probably more of Asta’s magic, but Jay was too focused on exploring Asta’s nipples to care. 

He found one had a small scar as if it had once been pierced, and he couldn’t resist thumbing over it until it got hard. He kissed Asta as he circled it slowly, rocking shyly forward to get a taste of the friction he knew this position could deliver. 

Asta’s fingers moved up Jay’s back, tracing the lines of his spine and shoulder blades. He grunted appreciatively at the attention to his nipples and fanned his hands down Jay’s flanks to settle on his hips. “By all the fuckin’ gods, you’re so damn hot.” 

“You too.” Jay sighed adoringly. “So fucking hot.” 

Asta reconnected their lips, and Jay arched forward, their chests bumping in his haste. Asta rubbed his back soothingly, seemingly content to merely stroke Jay’s hips as they made out. Jay, however, was not.

He wanted more, aching for relief from the pressure that was already boiling in his loins, and he rocked his hips down insistently. 

“Mmm, yes?” Asta murmured.

“Come on.” 

“Come on, what?”

“You know.” 

“I do?” Asta seized the moment to latch onto Jay’s throat, sucking there gently.

Jay moaned, his head falling back so Asta could roam from his collarbone up to his jaw. He dug his fingers into Asta’s hair, and he squeezed his legs around his waist. “Ah, mmm… yes! Yes, you do!”

“I’m not really sure,” Asta mumbled as he nipped at Jay’s earlobe.

Jay yelped in surprise and pleasure, stunned that there was apparently a direct line from his ear to his nipples that also somehow connected to his dick. He rutted against Asta, whimpering. “You’re so mean!”

“Mean?” Asta chuckled. “I’m sorry, I just don’t understand what it is you want, babycakes.”


“If you want me to do something, you just have to ask.”


“I’m not a mind reader–”

“Asta, please touch me!” Jay all but growled.

“Oh, okay.” Asta kissed along Jay’s jawline, grinning as he teased, “Where exactly?”

Jay wanted to choke him. 

“Where do you think?” 

“Well.” Asta glanced very purposefully between them. “I do have some ideas.” He hugged Jay’s waist. “Hold on tight.” 

With a whoosh of wind and a pop, they were magically transported into Asta’s bedroom right in the middle of his bed. 

It had happened so smoothly that Jay almost didn’t realize what had happened except for the telltale popping sound and the obvious change of scenery. 

“Wow.” Jay grinned. “You’re getting pretty good at that, huh?”

“I’ve only had a few hundred years to practice.” Asta kissed him. “Now.” He turned, rolling them over so Jay was on his back. “Someone wanted a little something something, as I recall?”

Jay beamed up at Asta, his legs still firmly wound around Asta’s waist. He felt over Asta’s shoulders and chest, trying to hide how his hands were still shaking. I would very much like the something something now, please.” 

“Hey.” Asta took one of Jay’s hands and kissed it. “I’ve got you. We’re gonna go nice and slow. In the highly unlikely situation that I do anything you don’t like, you tell me, babycakes.” 

Jay chuckled. “O-Okay. I… I trust you.” 

Asta bowed his head for a kiss, letting go of Jay’s hand to reach for his face. He caressed his cheek as their lips slid together, and then he slowly began to drag his fingers down Jay’s bare chest. 

Jay moaned when Asta’s thumb caught his nipple, and he ground his hips up against Asta’s. He didn’t know exactly what he was doing, but it felt good and he went with it. He’d only ever gone farther than this a few other times, including twice with that jerk Bryce, and—shit, shit, shit! 

He didn’t want to think about Bryce right now, not when he had a gorgeous Asran prince kissing him and touching him and by all the gods, yes, finally unbuckling his belt. 

Asta slid back, parting from Jay’s lips as he went for Jay’s shoes and socks. He threw them over his shoulder onto the floor, humming coyly as he gazed over Jay like a delicious meal. 

Jay was nervous, but he was determined. He boldly unzipped his pants and then pushed them down around his thighs. His cock was clearly hard, and there was a very prominent wet spot in front of his boxers. 

Asta eagerly dragged Jay’s slacks the rest of the way off and then sent them flying off to the floor. He removed his own pants with a thought, revealing a pair of black panties. 

Jay audibly grunted because the delicate lace did nothing to hide the bulge of Asta’s twin cocks, and he didn’t have the presence of mind to call out Asta for using magic to strip because he was too busy staring. 

Asta slid back between Jay’s thighs, arching his hips until their cocks touched. He pressed close for a kiss, and he ground slowly, murmuring, “This good?” 

“Yes,” Jay whispered heatedly. He slid his hands over Asta’s back, feeling his muscles flex as he moved, and he exhaled a ragged breath. “Gods, yes.” 

The heat and friction of Asta’s cocks rubbing against Jay’s own was amazing, especially when they happened to slide near the head of his dick a particular way. It felt like lightning zooming through his loins and it made Jay gasp and clench. He realized he could actually come like this if Asta kept it up. 

Asta seemed to sense the growing urgency, and he nuzzled Jay’s cheek. “You said hands were okay, right?”


“I want to touch you,” Asta said softly. 

“Yes. Please.” Jay was worried he was going to pop off the second Asta pulled his cock out, but he took a few deep breaths to stave off the building pressure. He lifted his hips so Asta could take off his boxers, and Jay’s face caught fire realizing he was now completely naked beneath Asta. 

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.” Asta smiled as he gazed over Jay’s body, his hand curling around his cock and giving him a firm squeeze. “You literally take my fucking breath away, babycakes.” 

In that moment, Jay really did feel beautiful. He didn’t mind his pudgy belly or the roundness in his face he’d never grown out of, not when Asta was gazing at him this worshipfully. 

He couldn’t form the words to thank Asta or tell him how beautiful he thought he was too, so he kissed him again, hoping that got the message across. 

Asta stroked him slowly as they kissed, and it was Jay who rocked out seeking more. 

“I’ve got you, don’t worry,” Asta said. “I’m gonna give you somethin’ ain’t nobody else in the universe can.” 

Jay gasped when Asta’s bare cocks suddenly pressed against his own, and he stared down at Asta’s magnificent cocks. 

One was a mirror of Jay’s own in terms of placement, and the second was seated directly behind the first. They were both peeking out from a cloak of velvety foreskin, and that was the moment Jay realized they were much bigger than he thought. 

The foreskin slid back as Asta rubbed himself against Jay’s cock, revealing otherwise very human looking anatomy—other than the size, of course. The cock in the front was the thicker of the pair, but either one was mildly terrifying. 

“Is this all right?” Asta asked. “Still good?” 

Jay realized he’d tensed up, and he nodded quickly. “I’m good! That’s, just, uh, that’s a lot. Down there.” 

“It’s okay.” Asta winked. “I can do lots of nifty shit with ‘em though.” He grabbed the heads of his cocks, holding them together tightly. He then twisted them so they were side by side horizontally, and he guided the tip of Jay’s dick to slide in between them. 

“Holy fuck!” Jay’s hips bucked, unintentionally thrusting into the tight warmth. “Oh, fuck!” 

“There you go, babycakes,” Asta purred. “There you go, just like that.” He pushed his cocks down and back up, keeping a firm hold as he used them to jerk Jay off. 

The heat alone was incredible, as was how slick Asta was. His twin cocks were oozing an enormous amount of precome, and the pressure of them hugging Jay’s cock was overwhelming. 

Nothing had ever felt this damn good, and Jay’s thighs trembled in warning. He dared to thrust more at Asta’s continued urging, and the slick friction surrounding his dick took his breath away. 

He had no other intimate act to compare it to, though he could safely say it was light years beyond any toy he’d ever tried. Toys didn’t have this texture or warmth, and they certainly didn’t have bright eyes that gazed at him adoringly or a silky voice that purred the most beautiful filth. 

“There you go, babycakes,” Asta praised. “Look at you, fucking my cocks so good. Gods, you feel so amazing. You see what you’re doin’ to me? You see how fuckin’ wet I am? Mmm…” He moved his cocks faster, making himself moan. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me come.” 

“Asta,” Jay whimpered, his hips rocking up erratically. “Me too. Fuck, mmm, me too, baby.” 

Thunder rolled through Jay’s ears as the bliss increased, and the fire between his legs raged as he watched his cock slip through the tight slit created by Asta’s dicks. His body was thrumming hard enough that he thought his soul was going to shake loose, and he locked eyes with Asta, letting out a desperate whimper.

The passion he found there in Asta’s eyes sent him over the edge as surely as Asta’s pumping cocks, and Jay gasped as he suddenly came. He watched helplessly as his dick pulsed, spilled come all over Asta’s cocks and their stomachs. “Mmm, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!”

“Come on, baby,” Asta purred. “Come on, get it. There you go, fuck you’re so pretty. Come on, babycakes, give it up for me!”

Jay groaned as Asta continued to jerk him off, milking out every last drop of his come. He dropped his other hand to stroke his dicks, his long fingers barely able to hug his double girth combined with Jay’s cock still slipping between them. He bit his lip, his brow scrunched in concentration.

“I wanna see you come too,” Jay said urgently, surging upward to kiss and suck at Asta’s throat.

Asta gasped. “Mmm, yeah, babycakes. I’m gonna. I’m comin’. Fuck, there!” 

Jay felt Asta tense, tremble, and then sag as he came. He watched in awe as each of Asta’s cocks pulsed a massive load, some of it hitting Jay’s stomach and hips while the rest drooled over Asta’s stroking fingers. 

As outrageously hot as the display was, Jay felt responsible for their intimacy being brought to what seemed to be a premature conclusion. 

“I’m sorry,” Jay said again, his nerves rising up as the thrill of his climax left him. 

“Sorry for what? Coming like a porn star all over me?” Asta grinned. “Don’t you ever be sorry for that. Bonus, now I get to make you come again.”

“I, I don’t think I can do that.” Jay laughed anxiously. “I, uh, I definitely didn’t think it was gonna be that… fast.” 

“It’s all right, babycakes.” Asta let go of his dicks, freeing Jay’s from their intimate grip. “I know I’m hard to resist.” 

Jay laughed, but more confidently now, and he beamed at Asta. “Well, maybe a little.” 

“Just a little? Damn. I need to work on that.” Asta kissed him sweetly, and he cuddled close. 

Jay loved the press of Asta’s naked body against his own, and this was by far the most erotic experience of his entire life. More than that, he was certain he’d made a real connection with Asta. 

Asta, a prince who was ferociously stubborn but also romantic and surprisingly considerate, a guy who loved to play Crusaders and draw aggro during raids just for fun, and a lover who made Jay smile and feel like the most beautiful man in the world. 


Jay was doomed. 

Asta erased the mess between them with a thought, but he didn’t bother with giving either of them new clothes. He did pull his colorful covers up over them, inviting Jay to snuggle on his chest after he stretched out on his back. 

Jay immediately tucked his head into the crook of Asta’s shoulder and hugged his waist, gluing himself to Asta’s side with a content sigh. “Wow.” 

“I know.” Asta patted his back. “Totally ruined you for any other creature in all the multiverse.” 

“You did.” Jay chuckled. 

“Are you okay?” Asta asked, no teasing in his tone now. “Still good, babycakes?”

“Good. So good.” Jay blushed. “Thank you… for being patient with me. That, that really was amazing.” 

Asta kissed Jay’s brow. “Good.” 

“Was it… you know.” 


“Did you… well.” Jay fidgeted. 

“It was incredible,” Asta promised, quickly picking up on what Jay was trying to say. “You’re a natural, babe.” 

“Thank you.” 

“No, thank you.” Asta made a pleased mewling sound. “I’ve been dying to do that for fucking weeks. Months. Years. Eons.” 

“You were not my pet cat that long.” 

“When you see something you want and you can’t go for it, trust me. It really does feel like an eon or two.” 

Jay thought that over for a moment, and he glanced up at Asta. “Can I ask you something?” 

“Yes,” Asta replied seriously. “I will let you put it in my butt.” 


“I’m a very versatile cat. Meow.” 

“I’m trying to be serious.” Jay groaned. “Please?” 

“What is it?” Asta was clearly resisting another smartass comment. 

“Did you… when I would… you know.” 

Asta stared. 

“Look, you were my cat for a while, and there’s certain things that happened. Things I didn’t think anything of at the time because you were a cat.”

“What? Like when you got naked?” Asta grinned slyly. “Hey, I tried not to peek. You were the one who thought it was cute to throw your shirt at me.” 

“Because for a few seconds it looked like you were wearing a little superhero cape!”

“I did my very best to be respectful.” Asta smiled innocently. “I was pretending to be a cat though, and it might have been kinda weird if I ran out of the room every time you took your clothes off. So, I chose the more cat-like option of pretending to ignore you.” 

“When I did the other… thing.” Jay cleared his throat. “You just ignored me?”

“What other thing?”

“Don’t make me say it.” Jay hid his face in Asta’s armpit.

“Say what?” Asta laughed. “Come on. You’re talking like an Asra right now, which is very endearing, but it’s also kinda annoying.”

“Says the Asra.”

Asta poked Jay’s ribs. “Come on. Spill the tea, babycakes.”

“Okay, fine.” Jay peeked up at Asta. “When I used to, you know… handle my stress. And you’d be there as a cat. And you, uh, would totally ignore me, but… were you really? Did you know what I was doing?”

“Wait.” Asta’s brow furrowed. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Jay frowned. 

“You are, aren’t you?” Asta’s confused expression melted into a wicked smile. “You totally jacked off while I was in bed with you, huh?”

“You didn’t know?” 

“I sure as fuck do now!” Asta cackled. “By all the gods! Ohhh, that’s great.”

“Fuck.” Jay buried his face again as his stomach twisted. “I should have never said anything!”

“Oh, but I’m so glad you did.” Asta was still laughing. “Oh, ow, sides hurt.”

Jay playfully smacked Asta’s chest. “It’s not that funny.”

“It’s very funny, very hot, and my only regret is that I didn’t get to see it.” Asta chuckled. “For the record, if I had known, I would have totally watched in a mostly non-creepy way.”

“I’ve been freaking out about this since I found out you weren’t a damn cat!” Jay scolded. “It’s not funny.”

“Tiny bit funny.” Asta winked.

“So, you never really saw me?”

“Nope. That’s something I would have deposited in my permanent spank bank.” Asta nudged Jay’s cheek to get him to look back up at him. “Hey, and seriously. If you had done that in front of me, I would have checked you out for a second and then left, okay?”

“Just a second?”

“Okay, more than a second. Maybe at least ten. And then I would have left.” Asta grinned. “I’m not a total perv, all right?”

“Thank you. I am both grossed out and relieved.”

“How is it gross?”

“Because I didn’t know you weren’t a real cat? It’s weird now!”

“Says the guy who jerked off next to his cat,” Asta teased. “I mean, it’s pretty weird either way.”

“It’s not the same thing.” Jay groaned, but he was trying not to smile. 

“Yeah, well, I’m just going to point out that I feel cheated from not seeing you jerk off.” Asta’s eyes flicked down very purposefully along Jay’s body. “If only there was a way we could remedy this insult…”

“If only.” Jay’s face flushed, and a twitch of arousal made his cock perk up. He slowly slid his hand down to touch himself, teasing his fingers over his shaft.

Asta watched Jay like a hawk, and he pulled the covers back. His eyes zeroed in on Jay’s hand, and he took a deep breath. “Well, if you’re just gonna go ahead and just go for it, I might as well enjoy the show, huh?” 

“Yeah…” Jay bit his lip, his cock quickly stiffening up beneath Asta’s ravenous eye. He was startled by how hot it was for someone to watch him while he did this, and his cock was at full attention in seconds. “I… I wanna watch you too.” 

“I bet you do.” Asta grinned, and he grabbed his cocks. They’d slipped back within the soft foreskin, but a few strokes was enough to draw them back. He wrapped his long fingers around them both, barely able to hold their combined girth. 

Jay watched Asta stroke, and he matched his lazy rhythm. They were close enough to kiss, but only traded hot breaths as their bodies turned toward one another’s. Now on their sides, they could eliminate the remaining space between them and grind their cocks together.

Asta teasingly caught the head of Jay’s between his own, sharing his ample precome. 

Jay rubbed it up and down his shaft, and he moaned at the slick friction it created. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Asta murmured. “Fuck, look at you… so fuckin’ sexy.”

Jay wished he had the experience to return the compliments, but the best he could do was claim a passionate kiss. He kissed Asta deeply, sliding his tongue into his mouth with a soft groan. 

Their bodies collided, their cocks grinding close as they made out. Asta hooked his leg over Jay’s hips, urging him to go faster. Jay loved it, and he found himself braver as he was driven by the feverish desire to come again. 

With a grunt, he twisted his body, pushing Asta onto his back and moving on top of him.

“Fuck yeah,” Asta growled, gazing up at Jay with wide eyes. “This is what I’m fuckin’ talking about.”

“Yeah?” Jay rolled his hips forward. “You like this?”

“Mmm, yeah. This is fuckin’ hot, babycakes.” Asta grinned. “You look real good on top of me.”

Jay balanced his weight on one hand, keeping his other hand on his dick as he jerked off. He rubbed his cock against Asta’s, though the position was awkward and left him a little unsteady.

“Hey, let go,” Asta urged. “I’ve got you.”

Jay did as Asta said, but he had to drop down to his elbows because he was getting dizzy. He didn’t mind the closeness, and he definitely didn’t mind when Asta grabbed his cock. “A-Ah, fuck!”

Asta squeezed Jay’s cock with a grin. “Slide down, just a bit, all right?”

“What are you doing?” Jay asked even as he moved down.

“About to dock your big dick. That okay with you?”

“Wait, what?”

“I’m going to take your dick and put it right here.” Asta rubbed the head of Jay’s cock between his two cocks, and then he stroked upward, pulling his foreskin up until it was hugging Jay’s dick too.

“Oh, f-fuck.” Jay’s eyes widened as he stared, gasping at the unexpected sensual visual and the tight warmth.

“Want some more, babycakes?”

“Y-Yes. Fuck yes.”

Asta flashed a wicked smile, and he directed Jay to thrust, actually pushing his cock deeper inside his foreskin. 

“Oh, shit.” Jay moaned helplessly. He could feel himself sliding between Asta’s hot dicks, and the pressure was incredible. He was tempted to rock forward, but he held his hips still. “That’s okay? It, it doesn’t hurt you?”

“Don’t try this at home,” Asta teased. 

“Asta!” Jay started to pull back.

“Hey, hey, no!” Asta used his legs to hold Jay in place. “Feels good as fuck. You won’t hurt me, okay? I’m kinda stretchy, okay?”

“Stretchy?” Jay frowned.

“Just trust me, all right?” Asta dug his heels into Jay’s butt and pulled him close. He stroked his cocks around Jay’s with both hands, feeding more of his foreskin over Jay’s. “Keep going, babycakes. Give it to me, come on.”

Jay gave a tiny thrust and nearly came on the spot, and he whimpered as he watched his cock vanishing between Asta’s cocks. At least half of his dick was inside, and Asta’s foreskin was hugging the rest down to the base. “Holy fuck.”

“Told you.” Asta smirked breathlessly. “Stretchy.” 

 “Very stretchy,” Jay mumbled as he ducked his head for a kiss. He grunted as Asta dug his feet in again, urging him to thrust a little faster, and he knew there was no way he could last long. He couldn’t deny the tight heat or the sinful slide of flesh as they moved together, and it had not escaped Jay’s attention that this position was like they were actually–


Jay gasped as he climaxed, his come flooding the tight space between Asta’s cocks and fast enveloping his own dick. He kept thrusting erratically, and he whimpered when he saw his come gushing out around the edge of Asta’s foreskin. 

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Asta chanted, biting at Jay’s lower lip. “Please, fuck–”

“I won’t, I won’t!” Jay promised, fighting against the ache of overstimulation as he kept pushing deep. 

He watched in awe as Asta threw his head back with a loud sob, and there was crushing pressure around his dick as Asta’s swelled. Asta’s brow scrunched, his mouth opened with a delicious moan, and Jay dared to look away from his beautiful expression only long enough to confirm that the pulsing throb he felt was Asta coming. 

Asta kissed Jay hungrily, all teeth and tongue, and he dug his fingers into Jay’s hair. 

Jay melted, kissing Asta back just as passionately. Without Asta’s grip to hold him inside, Jay’s dick slid out, and he then ground their spent cocks together with little rolls of his hips. He stopped only when he couldn’t take it any more of the intense feelings, and he smiled shyly down at Asta. “Wow.” 

“Fuckin’ wow is right, babycakes.” Asta ran his tongue over his pointed teeth. “You like that, huh?”

“I had no idea that was… that you could even… you know.” 

“Do incredible wild kinky things with dicks?” Asta chuckled. “Trust me, babycakes. When you got two dicks, you figure out all kinds of fun stuff to do with them.” He wagged his brows playfully. “Maybe next time I’ll show you just how bendy they are.” 

Jay missed the relevance of the bendy comment because he was stuck on Asta saying there was going to be a next time. His heart pitter-pattered away, and he grinned in delight. “Next time?”

“Fuck yeah, next time.” Asta rubbed their noses together. “As in, you know, like tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” Jay said with a happy sigh. “For everything.”

“Oh, hey, it’s nothing. No biggy. Happy to rock your socks off any ol’ time, babe. Like, tomorrow.” 

Jay chuckled. “Well, it’s definitely a biggy to me, and uh…” He took a deep breath, summoning his courage as he continued, “It’s kind of a biggy that, uh, I really want to do it again. And that you wanna do it again with me. Like a lot again, I mean. Like, a steady thing. A dating thing. I want to date you.” 

Asta kissed him.

“Is, is that a yes?”

“Fuck yeah, babycakes. A big one.” 

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