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In Darkness and Dank: Available Now!

Pure Silence: Available Now!

Insquidious Devotion: Available Now!

Craqueue Mon Coeur: Available Now!


Current Projects

13 Days of Monster F#cking Volume 2 (Editing 5/13)

Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus (Release date pending!)

An Inkredible Love (Accepted! Awaiting editing!)


Future Projects 2022

Sucker For Love: #9 (0/15)


Future Projects 2023

Secret Mafia Thing

Cold’s Brother Thing

CHC #5

Mr. Heiss and William

Suckery Mystery Thing

Secret Card Thing



Happy December, darlings!

Insquidious Devotion is live for your reading enjoyment, and we’re gonna be talkin’ some tentacles today!

Don’t forget that Craqueue Mon Coeur (Sucker For Love #2 in French) is out too! <333

Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus, the illustrated guide for the Sucker For Love universe, is FINISHED. Editing is done, cover is done, and I should hopefully have a release date soooon! Inkredible Love SFL #8 has been accepted, and I am thinking that editing and production stuff should start before 2022 leaves us. I am about halfway done with Asta and Jay’s mini-series, but uhhh oops it’s not so mini now.

Oh, it will be five chapters, I said. It won’t take very long, I said.

I am a liar.

I am currently on chapter four and to keep up with my planned outline, it’s gonna be at least eight chapters if not more.


Not that I think any of you will be complaining about having a bigger freebie, but omfg I didn’t think it was going to take this long. ^^;;

I was hoping to be starting on SFL #9 today actually, but instead I’m scrambling to finish Jay and Asta’s story. I’m gonna get to Sloane and Loch soon, no worries about that, but I am no longer confident that I am going to be able to finish their book by the end of the year. Being that it’s the last book of the series, I really wanted to take my time too so just the outlining is gonna take a few days.

Add in the fact that I am still working on getting 13 Days of Monster F#cking Volume 2 ready to be my final 2022 release, uh yeahhhh no. I’m freakin’ doomed. XD

Oh! If you missed out on the 13 Days Volume 2 teasers, they’re still available for your reading pleasure in my FB group for free! What I’m working on now is editing and expanding each teaser so they will be 8k to 10k and full of extra sexy bits. 5/13 are done, so I still got over half to write and sexify and then get proofed and thennn formatted and whew!

Having Volume 2 release before Christmas remains my goal, and that will ultimately take priority over any new tentacles shenanigans. I’ve been writing Asta and Jay’s stuff in between each “day”, so I may actually finish their story before I finish the monsters, but I will definitely finish monsters before I start Sloane and Loch so they have my attention. Make sense? Good! No? Welcome to my world! XDXDXD

Even though Sloane and Loch’s story may stagger over, I do have a very solid 2023 writing schedule that includes lots of sexy new collabs andddd the end to another series: Cold Hard Cash!

Yup. The end. No more. No mos. That’s it.

I’ll be writing the book about Cold’s mysterious half-brother and then the last book for Jimmy and Cold to give them their ultimate happily ever after. <333

Over the years, I’ve talked about doing other stories like Thirdsies/Pym and so on, but I am going to say right now that’s not happening. As much as I would love to keep playing in the CHC sandbox, I have too many other ideas for new series, new worlds, and new crazy adventures to go on. I also have zero desire for this series to grow stagnant and drag it on needlessly by trying to keep pumping out more and more books–books, honestly, that my heart is just not in to write.

Jimmy and Cold will always be very special to me, but it’s time to say goodbye. <333

On a happier note and to hopefully give you guys something to look forward tooo, here is my Plot Bunny Hutch list for 2023. These are all the ideas that I am considering for future projects. Some have small WIP’s attached, some don’t, and some are just random things I really wanna write. In no particular order although there might be if you squint, here it is!

Plot Bunny Hutch 2023

Zombie Monster Apocalypse

Suckers and Spats (Monster Mafia)

Sucker For Love Part Dos (A/O/R)

Gay Supernatural Fairies

A Serial Killer and His Daddy

Superheroes Are Actually Dicks

Daddy Mobster Moar Deux

The Sex Witches

Space Time Star Stuff

Robots In Disguise

Got questions? Hey, me too! I have no idea what series I’m going to pick up next, but I can tell you that I am not choosing anythingggg until both my current series are done and I’ve completed my collab obligations. When I know what plot bunny is being released first, I will let you know! XD

Take care, my darlings! Thank you for everything! I hope you all have a wonderful holidayyyy, and I will see you next year! <333


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  1. Good evening Kat !
    Yay : more Jimmy and Cold 🤗
    Have fun writing so we’ll have fun reading !
    Bisous (french greeting!😁)

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