Pure Silence Content Warnings

If you’re wondering why this is here and not in the book, that would be because the silly author did not paste the right set of warnings into the front matter document before getting it formatted. In other words, I done goofed. Unfortunately, the book is locked as the release is only three days away so I can’t change anything, and I wanted to make an effort to give approps warnings for the content. XD

Please refer to this post for a full list of content warnings:

Please be advised that this book contains elements of extremely dubious consent, explicitly mature scenes, blasphemous interpretations of scripture, and instances of violence. If such material may offend or upset you, please don’t read this book.

Look, let’s be real. This is a book about a serial killer. It’s gonna be weird. It’s gonna be dark. After two fluffy releases, my mind reset into dark effed up land. So. In addition to the above, the MC gets drugged and handcuffed inside his own home by our sweet little murder muffin, the MC later performs fellatio on murder muffin while he kills someone, and there is one instance of watersports (it’s more about “marking” than what I would truly say is waterplay, but meh there you go!).

If you read these warnings and say fuck yeah I want some of that? ENJOY! XD

If you read these, say crap no, and go mess yourself up with my weird book…

Well, you probably shouldn’t touch fire either, just FYI. ^^;;

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