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Stargazing With A Ghost: Available Now!

In Darkness and Dank: Available Now!

Pure Silence: PREORDER LIVE! Coming 10/06/2022

Insquidious Devotion: PREORDER LIVE! Coming 11/08/2022!

Craqueue Mon Coeur: PREORDER LIVE! Coming 11/08/2022!


Current Projects


Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus – (Accepted! Awaiting editing!)


Future Projects 2022

13 Days of Monster F#cking Vol. 2 (10/31/2022) ???

13 Days of Monsters Making Love (???) (2/14/23?)

Sucker For Love: #9 (???)



Happy October, my darlings!


But whew yeah you should go check that out and the rest of the amazing Monsters & Mayhem Series! I am so very proud of myself for finallyyyy snagging a nifty cool orange banner, and the fact that it was on a monster love story just makes it even better. <333

Don’t forget that Stargazing With A Ghost is live too! This is my entry in the Haunted Love collaborative series, a collection of books that all feature a romance between a man and a ghost! Mine is about a ghost and a medium, and it’s adorably fluffy with lots of steamy ghostly sexy times! <333

Next month will be my entry in the Virtuous Sinners collab series, Pure Silence! You can still preorder this title before it releases 10/6/2022! This is a steamy and weird sexy dark romance between a retired wrestler and a serial killer. After writing a few fluffy things, it was nice to write something effed up again! XD

As promised in my last blog, now it’s TIME FOR MONSTERS! >:D

Counting down the days to Halloween, I will post 13 delicious teasers for 13 Days of Monster F#cking Volume 2! This book will probably not be ready in time for an actual Halloween release, BUT you will be able to read the sexy teasers in my FB group for free!

Like last year, these will be inspired by two sentence horror stories, but there will be no fluffy stories for this batch. Fluffy sweet monsters will have a new home in the upcoming 13 Days of Monsters Making Love coming in 2023 while Monster F#cking is ONLY going to be bad naughty monsters from now on.

It should be no surprise that 13DMF will be released exclusively on Smashwords. ^^;;

I am also finally getting An Inkredible Love ready to submit! Yes, I’ve said that before, but I mean it this time! This is Sucker For Love Mystery #8, and yes, it’s been maybe done for a tiny little while… cough cough BUT LOOK then I got super swamped trying to get all my collab WIP’s done. Now that they are done and happy and either have been released on the world or are about to be, it’s almost time return to Sucker For Love land! <333

I will probably get Inkredible Love done in between working on 13 Days of Monsters, and when Monsters is done, I plan to spend the rest of 2022 focusing on all things tentacles!

Don’t forget that Insquidious Devotion (SFL #7) is coming November 8th! The French translation of Kraken My Heart (SFL #2), Craqueue Mon Coeur, will also be coming out November 8th! Editing for Ollie’s Octrageously Official Omnibus has not yet begun, but I will hopefully have a release date to share soon!

I have some bonus content to write for #7 and #8, and then I also going to write the mini-series for Jay and Asta that I was promising to do like forever ago. Especially with events that take place in SFL #7, I have a pretty strong feeling that readers are going to wonder what happened to them and wanna know the dirt!

I may include an epilogue that’s post-#7, so maybe it all works out that I hadn’t written it yet?? XD XD XD

After that, it’s TIME FOR THE LAST SUCKER FOR LOVE BOOK! This will be the final book for Sloane and Loch, and it will be the last book of the series. Yes, there will also be a bonus scene for this one. I’ll write that later, shhh. I am so very happy that I am finally going to finish a series. Yes, it’s sad to say goodbye to my special tentacle boys, but eeee it’s time to move on. <333

I have so many other ideas I’ve been dying to get to, including a few in the Sucker For Love universe, and agh I just wanna finally COMPLETE A SERIES MAYBE!?!!!??

No, I have not forgotten about Cold Hard Cash. I can feel you eyeballing me, mafia fans. Don’t worry! 2023 is gonna be my gangster year, I promise. I will be writing an untitled standalone novel about a member of Cold’s fam, the final book for Jimmy and Cold, and then I have two more sexy fun mafia-themed projects that I cannot wait to share you youuuuu guys! EEP!

Beyond that… uh…

Robots?! XD XD XD



As always, you can check out my Patreon to see my latest WIP progress, bonus content, cover reveals, and more! Thank you guys for everything! I could not do this without your support and love for my work! <333

Happy reading, darlings!


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