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Strapped For Cash: Available Now!

Head Over Tentacles: Available Now!

Nautilus Than Perfect: October 26th, 2021

Just Calamarried: ACCEPTED! Editing Pending!


Current Projects

A Quick Buck: DONE! (Editing)

Our Shellfish Desires: 6/15 (writing)

Love Included, Heart Not Required (in beta)


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Sucker For Love: #7, #9

Cold Hard Cash #5

That Half-Brother Guy


Gods (Untitled) #1 – #5

And The Stars Went Red

The Yawn Of Churchyards

Gay AF Supernatural (Untitled)



Hello, darlings! I survived GISH!!! I did weird things with onions, polished a coconut, and made an embalmer Barbie. I hope I’ve made Misha proud! XD XD XD

Whew! Okay! Lots of new stuff to discuss! It’s always amazing to me how much can happen in a month, and I have lots of good news! First up, Head Over Tentacles is LIVE, and the reviews have been amazing. Thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to share the love. I’m so very happy that you guys enjoyed catching back up with Sloane and Loch!

Don’t forget that Nautilus Than Perfect is still up for preorder and will be coming out 10-26-21! This story stars Chase and Merrick, and their romance is one of my absolute favorites. And don’t worry. There’s plenty of tentacles because maaaybe one of them is not human. Hehehe! <333

Next up, I am super happy to announce that Just Calamarried: Sucker For Love #5 has been accepted for publication! WHOOOO! We will rejoin Sloane and Loch in this adventure to see how married life is treating our boys and their very unexpected surprise from the end of HoT. I have no release date, no timeframe on editing, no nothing. I LITERALLY got the email today, LOL! I will keep you guys posted with new info as soon as I can!

And yet in more tentacle news, I am about halfway done with the rough draft of Our Shellfish Desires: Sucker For Love #6. Many people in the reviews of Head Over Tentacles mentioned their love for Rota and Alexander, and THIS is their book. I know they totally seemed like the logical choice for the next book and not Chase/Merrick, but there are some plot things that had to happen first BEFORE I could tell their story.

Namely, the introduction of a very special character in Nautilus Than Perfect that is going to help Rota and Alexander find their happy ending…

I never know how much to spoil — I mean, all you have to do is ask me and I will tell you just about anything LOL — but I don’t wanna ruin anything for readers who would rather wait! So, just trust me. There is a good reason I waited to write the book for Alexander and Rota. It’s a very cute, very ginger reason! <333

Now, for my mafia fans!!! A Quick Buck is DONE and I am editing it to send off to my publisher! I can’t wait for you guys to meet Noah and get to know Alistair a little better. OMG the kinks in this book: spanking, cock spanking, orgasm denial, human furniture, and more! It’s hot, sexy, and I LOVE the mystery in this one. It was a lot of fun and although I don’t plan on writing more for these two, I am very happy with their story. I will let you guys know when/if it gets accepted and all that fun!

Now, I talked a little bit last month about not being sure about what to do after I finished SFL #6. It is a big struggle bouncing between a modern world like the CHC verse and then back to Tentacle Land where I am constantly forgetting things (like wait, who has what magic now? Did Loch already fix that stupid statue at the bar!? AGH!). When I finish #6, I only have two more books to write for that series since #8 is technically done, and the ideas for both #7 and #9 are really solid in my brain.


Unless I have a huge break-through on CHC 5, I am going to see SFL through until the end. I am gonna stay in Tentacle Land until I finish the last three books, the mini-series for Jay and Asta, and any and all bonus scenes. WHEW!

I want to finish CHC so badly, but I honestly have no spark to write it. I have a vague idea of what’s going to happen, I know what characters are going to come back, but mehhhh. I got nothin’. It sucks because I know how much everyone loves Jimmy and Cold, but I can’t force myself to write a story that I’m not feeling. I am still very interested in writing about Cold’s half-brother and maybe a guy from the Luchesi gang because why not, but even that is mostly just a collection of smutty ideas and not a solid story yet.

There will be a small break in between SFL #6 and #7 where I finally finish editing Love Not Included for publication because I’ve had the beta notes back forever and I already have the cover and ugh. I love this story. It’s a lot of fun. BUT it needs a lot of freakin’ work to get it up to snuff with the rest of my books since I wrote it such a long time ago. I’m still planning to release it this year, so maybe Nov or Dec depending on where my other releases fall. <333

And hey, don’t forget! Even though the Taking A Chance Anthology is gone, you can still get a copy of my short story, “Playing for Keeps” by signing up for my newsletter over at Book Funnel! If you are already signed up, you can still share your email and get a free copy anyway! XD

I hope you’re all doing well and kicking lots of butt out there in the world! See you next month!

Take care and stay safe!



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