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Completed Projects

Kraken My Heart: Available Now!

Strapped For Cash: June 11th, 2021

Head Over Tentacles: August 24th, 2021

Nautilus Than Perfect: October (preorder pending)


Current Projects

A Quick Buck: 12/25 (rough draft)

Just Calamarried (SFL #5) 15/15: Editing for submission!

Love Included, Heart Not Required (in beta)


Future Projects

Sucker For Love: #6 , #7, #9

Cold Hard Cash #5

That Half-Brother Guy


Gods (Untitled) #1 – #5

And The Stars Went Red

The Yawn Of Churchyards

Gay AF Supernatural (Untitled)



Hello, darlings! REMINDER – this is the LAST MONTH to grab the Taking A Chance Anthology! Go do it now! It’s only gonna be available through the 22nd so the clock is ticking away! Remember it’s for a super awesome cause! All the proceeds are going to the AIDs Healthcare Foundation! <333

Strapped For Cash is LIVE and the pre-order for Head Over Tentacles is LIVE and OMG! It’s been a crazy year. I released a new book in March, April, May, and June. Wow. I’m freakin’ blown away by how much has happened and so very quickly, and the year isn’t over yet! Head Over Tentacles will be out August 24th and Nautilus Than Perfect comes out in October! WOO!

I’m almost halfway through the rough draft of A Quick Buck, and I expect to publish that before the end of the year PLUS I am going to finally finish Love Included, Heart Not Required. I already have the cover for Love, and omg is it GORGEOUS. I seriously can’t WAIT to show you guys. It’s a bit backwards for me as I usually have the book done long before the cover, but well, it’s been a little nuts lol. With all my other projects going on, I kept shoving Love on the backburner and then I had trouble getting a beta to help me and ugh… it’s been a whole thing.

So, tl;dr, my final goal is to release a minimum of four more books this year, the two Sucker For Love books that are already scheduled plus A Quick Buck and Love Included, Heart Not Required.

Beyond that? WHO KNOWS!

It’s always sort of funny when I sit down to write this monthly update because I look back at the one I wrote for the previous month and see how far I’ve come… or how wildly off track I am. Once I finish my current WIP, I’ve become a bit fuzzy on what to do next. I still very much want to start the next Sucker For Love book for my beloved Alexander, Rota, and Ollie – plus I have oodles of bonus scenes and this funny little mini-series idea for Jay and Asta that’s been rolling around in my head – but I’m getting distracted.

I teased last month about writing something with Boss Cold having a half-sibling running around somewhere and now it’s infected my brain. Send help. While I still intend to only write one more book for Cold and Jimmy, I very much want to continue writing adventures in the world of Strassen Springs. I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but I want to do something with this mystery half-brother and perhaps a member of the Luchesi family. Yes, it’s very corny Romeo and Juliet blah blah but I think it’ll be fun and very, very naughty.

Switching back to Tentacles Land, I wanted to say something else about the bonus scenes. You see, I just realized that I had never written any kind of bonus content for Sloane and Loch. Or Ted and Grell. Oops. To remedy that, I am planning several fun sexy bonus stories for all of them PLUSSS writing ahead and doing some extra sexy fun bits for Merrick and Chase, new characters that you’ll meet in Nautilus Than Perfect. I really should have just written the bonus content at the same time as the darn books like I did for Strapped for Cash, but hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

Lesson learned!

Speaking of learning, eagle-eyed readers will notice that Jinn & Tonic has vanished from my future project list. Without going into too many pitiful details, let’s just say my muse for that series got hit by a dump truck and I learned that self-pub is not my friend. I expect that Love Included, Heart Not Required will be my last self-pub for some time while I focus on my Sucker For Love and Cold Hard Cash books. I really need to finish at least one freakin’ series before my brain gets off its leash and pulls me into another world.

Or more spin-offs…

Just in the world of Strassen Springs, I’m working on A Quick Buck and Half-Brother Shenanigans. In Tentacle Land, there’s the Hidden World that I’m itching to start because it focuses on the everlasting people who survived on Aeon and what their descendants are up to like the infamous Fish Boy. I also have this delightful idea for ANOTHER tentacle series because I have watched Psycho Goreman too many times — which if you haven’t seen but you like campy horror, you MUST WATCH IT. Omg. Two words. “HUNKY BOYS”.

Or wait oh maybe this hunky boy series could tie into the Hidden World somehow… agh… see!? I have to stay focused! XD

Oh, oh, oh, and there’s the Suckers and Spats series, which would be a mafia tentacles series of books totally separate from either Sucker for Love or CHC, and, and… yeah, I’ve gotta stop.

Anyway! I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s ramblings and are excited about what I have planned for the rest of the year. Thank you so much for all of your support and love! It means the moon and stars to me. I seriously could not do this without you guys! Thank you.


Stay safe!


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