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Completed Projects

Taking A Chance: April 23rd, 2021

Kraken My Heart: May 18th, 2021

Head Over Tentacles: Release date pending!


Current Projects

Nautilus Than Perfect (SFL #4) 15/15 Editing for submission!

Strapped for Cash (CHC #4): 25/25 Editing for submission!

Just Calamarried (SFL #5) 5/15 (rough draft)

Love Included, Heart Not Required (beta)


Future Projects

Sucker For Love: #6 , #7, #9

Mafia Polar Bear #1

Cold Hard Cash #5


Gods (Untitled) #1 – #5

Jinn & Tonic #2 – #3

And The Stars Went Red

The Yawn Of Churchyards

Gay AF Supernatural (Untitled)



Happy April, my darlings! I hope you are all doing well! I’ve been staying busy and writing my brain into the ground in the best possible way. Friendly reminder that Wishes for Rohi is available now for your reading pleasure, and Taking A Chance comes out later this month! And then next month is Kraken My Heart! AH! ALL DE BOOKS! Whew! I’ve talked about wanting to keep this momentum going, and I am definitely going to try. I’m currently editing the rough draft of Strapped for Cash with the awesome Jen Griffin of Marked and Read, and I’m hopinnnnng to have this submitted by the end of the week, eh, maybe early next week.

I’ve also started the rough draft of Just Calamarried, SFL #5! My boys Sloane and Loch are back again and are navigating a new mystery while preparing for the arrival of a very unexpected little surprise. It is going well so far, and I’m hoping to finish the rough draft by the end of the month. Also also, because I may be insane, I have put Love Included, Heart Not Required into the capable paws of Abbie Nicole. She is going to use her super beta powers to help me turn this short story into a full novel, and I can’t wait to share this one with you. It has robots and weird robot sexy times and golden hearts and agh! I love this story, but I always hesitated to mess with it myself because honestly…? I didn’t know where to start. It just got too overwhelming, and I’d give up.

But now I have professional help so yay! XD

While I’m working away at the SFL Mysteries and editing everything ever, I’m also plotting my next gangster series. Okay, yes, I said I wasn’t gonna start any new series until I finished at least one of the many I’m working on right now BUT HEAR ME OUT! There’s a special character who debuts in Strapped for Cash who also will appear in the last Cold Hard Cash book – so – it makes sense in my brain to write his first book before starting the last Jimmy and Cold story.

The last Jimmy and Cold story. Damn, that’s weird as hell to write.


With that logic, I am probably most definitely very likely gonna be writing another MM mafia series with a brand new couple. One of them is the aforementioned special character, and well… He was Cold’s dom. <333 I’m very excited to write his story, and that should be next after I finish SFL #5/while I’m poking away at Love Included. Beyond that, I am super cereal serious about staying on task to finish at least one freakin’ series.

I mean it. I’m not gonna do it. I’m strong. Like bear. RAWR.

(She said, like a liar.)

I do hope you guys are enjoying the new books and looking forward to what’s coming next! Thank you so much for all the love and reviews and being the best freakin’ fans ever! <3

Stay safe, darlings!

<333 Kat

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