Sexy Saturday 10/25/2020

Happy Sexy Sunday! XD

Thanks for all your well wishes and for your patience – I’m feeling a little better today, and I hope you guys enjoy the post! We’re following up with Will again and seeing what sort of mischief he’s gotten himself into with Mr. Heiss and Serabus. I really do enjoy writing these guys, and I hope you like them, too!

CHC: The Collection comes out THIS FRIDAY! I’ll have a cover reveal up as soon as it’s available, and yes – it will be going to KU! <333

The Last One to Let You Down is still a few weeks away, but you can still snag a preorder copy of my very FIRST self-published book! Woo woo!

I’ll keep you guys posted for more exciting stuff and now – for the demonic sexy times!

Warnings: NSFW/rough sexy times/Will can’t keep his mouth shut/etc (also forgive typos, I edited under the influence of cough medicine)



“Happy to hear it,” Serabus said as he petted Will’s hair. “I can certainly appreciate a well-trained human.”

Will grunted as Mr. Heiss pushed him across the desk, bringing his face right to Serabus’ cock. Mr. Heiss was pressing on top of him, still pounding into him without any signs of slowing down.

“Go on, Will,” Mr. Heiss urged. “Suck him.”

“Yes, sir,” Will hissed, letting out a loud cry from a particularly mean slam. It was maddening how fast and hard Mr. Heiss was fucking him, and the brutal rhythm never faltered. He could feel his whole body jerking with every thrust, and he fought to brace himself on the edge of the desk.

“Mmm, he takes it so well,” Serabus praised, winding his fingers through Will’s hair. He stroked the head of his cock over Will’s lower lip before slowly pushing into his mouth. “There we go. Go on.”

Will wrapped his lips around Serabus, sucking him hard as he started to thrust. Serabus’ cock immediately hit the back of Will’s throat, and he almost choked. He swallowed, fighting the urge and moaning stubbornly.

He could take this. He wasn’t going to let these demons break him that easily. He was going to show them both what a little human could do.

Sliding his tongue down Serabus’ shaft, Will tilted his head so his thick cock could thrust into his mouth more easily. He started bobbing his head to meet him and take control of the pace, still sucking frantically as his tongue went to work.

“Ohhh,” Serabus gasped, tugging at Will’s hair. He had stopped thrusting for a moment and let Will take him as he wanted. “Oh, yes. Fuck, yes. Mm, yes, just like that. Just like that.”

Mr. Heiss had slowed down as well, rolling his powerful hips to push deep inside of Will and hold himself there. He bowed his head down, his bright eyes watching Will intently. “Very good, pet.”

Will took full advantage of being given such freedom, sucking Serabus’ earnestly as he rocked back on Mr. Heiss’ cock. He couldn’t move much, but he grinded his ass up against him as hard as he could, pushing until the sensation made him whimper.

His cheeks and jaw were starting to throb, but Serabus was making the most delicious sounds. It filled Will with a strange sense of pride knowing he was making a demon whimper and groan like that, and he dared to reach up to grab Serabus’ hip to bring him closer.

“Oh, Mr. Heiss,” Serabus purred in delight, gasping sharply. “He is fuckin’ magnificent.”

“I know,” Mr. Heiss grunted. “Wait until you try his sweet little hole.”

Will felt a fresh wave of warmth light up his face, realizing that Mr. Heiss was offering him up like a party favor to be passed around. The very thought filled his loins with white hot heat, and he sucked Serabus more eagerly.

Fuck it, yes, he’d take it. He’d take Serabus and whoever else Mr. Heiss wanted him to. He’d never been this turned on before, and he wanted more.

He moaned when Mr. Heiss started fucking him again, and he could feel his claws digging into his tender cheeks. He lifted his hips up, trying to take him deeper, and groaned shamelessly as Serabus began to fuck his mouth again.

Will was helpless to stop them, caught between the thick cock pounding away at his hole and the one slamming down his throat. All he could do was try to take it, sobbing as the pleasure of being used so roughly flirted with near agony.

He felt Mr. Heiss’ cock swell as he came inside of him, flooding his ass with a searing heat. He started to sob and tried to break away from Serabus, but the demon held him firmly in place.

“There, little one,” Mr. Heiss growled, pinning Will’s hips against the desk as he continued to pump his fat load. “There you go… take all of it.”

Will’s thighs were trying to close, instinctively pushing Mr. Heiss away, but he couldn’t move. He could feel his insides aching from the pressure of being so unnaturally full, and he whimpered as Serabus suddenly came in his mouth.

“Fuck!” Serabus groaned, holding onto Will’s hair and pulling out to finish across his face.

Will grimaced as a hot splatter hit his cheek and his chin. He wanted to turn away, but Serabus wouldn’t let go of him. He panted hard, taking the opportunity to catch his breath.

“Good boy,” Mr. Heiss praised, circling his hips and making Will squirm.

Will made a small sound and flopped limply against the desk. He was exhausted, sore, and his own cock was still painfully hard. He wanted to come so badly, but he didn’t dare touch himself yet.

He had a feeling the demons weren’t done with him.

“Clean yourself up,” Mr. Heiss commanded, lifting himself off of Will. He slowly pulled out and sat back in his chair, dragging his claws down Will’s thighs.

Will hissed at the faint sting, closing his eyes as he felt a dribble of come leak out of him. Fuck, he was so full, and he didn’t want to move. He was certain that more would spill, but he had to do as he was asked.

He wiped off his face with the heel of his hand, lapping the come off his fingers with a soft sigh.

“He really is fantastic,” Serabus said, stroking his spent cock slowly. “Mmm, you ever get tired of him, you let me know.”

“That is very doubtful,“ Mr. Heiss said with a snort. “I am confident that Will is going to keep me entertained for quite some time.”

When Will was done cleaning up his face, he laid his head down to rest while he could. He knew the break wouldn’t last long.

“I wanna fuck him,” Serabus said, reaching out for Will’s arms to pull him up. “Come here. Sit up and spread those pretty legs for me.”

Will clumsily got into position, his ass teetering on the edge of the desk as Serabus moved up between his thighs. He leaned back to brace himself, groaning quietly as Serabus began to push his thick cock inside of him.

Fuck, he just slid right in, Will’s ass still so wet and open from Mr. Heiss using him so thoroughly. The discomfort was minimal, and it felt good to be so full again.

Serabus squeezed Will’s thighs, thrusting in and out slowly. “Oh, yes.” He smirked and leaned in to nuzzle Will’s cheek. “You’re loving this, aren’t you?”

Will was surprised by the affection, and he struggled to reply. He was too hot, too sensitive, and fuck, did Serabus’ tortuously slow pace feel good. “It’s.. it’s okay.”

“Just okay?” Serabus pretended to pout. “Look at how hard you are. I think it’s a bit more than ‘okay’. Never had anyone fuck you like this before, have you?”

“No,” Will whispered, his eyes fluttering as Serabus pushed in deep. This position made it almost unbearable, and Will’s legs began to tremble. He had to move, had to create some kind of friction, and he tried grinding forward. “I just… I need…”

“What?” Serabus taunted, pulling out a few inches and watching Will trying to follow. “Tell me what you need, little human.”

“Use your words, Will,” Mr. Heiss ordered. He was still seated in his chair, cleaned up and tucked away as if nothing had happened. He sounded sort of bored, if Will was being honest.

“I need to come,” Will said abruptly, shame creeping up his spine. “I need you to fuck me… so I can come.”

“Was that so hard?” Serabus chuckled. He rested his hips back and slammed forward, the first thrust forcing Will to fall back against the desk.

“Ah, fuck!” Will moaned, scrambling to reach down and grab the edge of the desk to keep himself from scooting back as Serabus starting thrusting. Their bodies were slapping together with incredible force, and Will was crying with every mean slam.

The stretch was intense, and his eyes were starting to tear up. Serabus was keeping his legs spread wide, and he was fucking him so hard, so deep, that he didn’t know how much he could take. He felt like his body was going to split right in half, but he didn’t want to stop.

Not even in his wildest dreams had anyone fucked him like this, and there was something so hot about Mr. Heiss sitting right there behind him just watching silently. He wondered if Mr. Heiss really didn’t care about someone else fucking his pet or if it was possible to make a demon jealous.

He couldn’t resist the urge, suddenly moaning, “Oh, Serabus, yes! Please! Fuck! Your cock feels so good! I’ve never felt anything, mm, like it!”

Mr. Heiss shifted in the chair, the leather squeaking, but said nothing.

“Ah, God!” Will arched his back off the desk, groaning shamelessly again. “Fuck, you feel so good. Fuck, come on. Mmmm, fuck… Give it to me, Serabus!”

“Like that, hmmm?” Serabus growled, grabbing Will’s hips and pulling him down on his thick cock. “Fuck, listen to you… such a fuckin’ slut for it.”

“Yes,” Will gasped brokenly. “I’m a slut… I’m your slut…! God, don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Serabus, please-!” There was a firm hand suddenly pressed over his mouth, silencing his moans.

It was Mr. Heiss, leaning forward in his chair to hiss in Will’s ear, “Having fun, are we?”

Will laughed. He couldn’t help it. He couldn’t believe it had actually worked. His laughter was lost in another moan when Serabus thrusted deep, and he tilted his head back to look at Mr. Heiss. “Mmmmph?”

“Well, we’ll see how much you like it when we both fuck you at the same time,” Mr. Heiss said with a wicked smile.

“Mmm?!” Will shook his head.

“You heard me,” Mr. Heiss purred cruelly, withdrawing his hand and lightly smacking Will’s cheek. “Not so funny now, is it?”

“Oh, it’s just hilarious,” Will panted defiantly. “Because, heh, I was still right.”

“Enjoy whatever little victory you’ve imagined for yourself while you can,” Mr. Heiss said as he stood up. “In a few moments, I can promise you that laughing is going to be the very last thing on your mind.”


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