Sexy Saturday 10/17/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings! Woo-woo! Cold Hard Cash: The Collection comes out 10/30/20 and The Last One to Let You Down will be coming out 11/13/20 – my very FIRST self-published release! Woo-hooooo! I’m so excited to share all the sexy things with you guys!

But right now, we’re checking back in with Will and Mr. Heiss, and things are gonna get a bit more interesting… This is a direct continuation from the week before last, so just search the group for “Sexy Saturday” to catch up if you haven’t read the others! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW, butt sex, dub-con, exhibitionism, spanking, desk sex, probably gonna be a threeway


“Next time,” Will scoffed as he pulled the thin sheet of fabric around himself. “And when exactly will that be?”

“Whenever I want,” Mr. Heiss replied simply. He grabbed Will’s hips and lifted him up, turning to place him on the desk in front of him.

It happened so quickly that Will didn’t have time to protest, catching himself on his hands so he didn’t just flop across the desk. He gasped as Mr. Heiss roughly spread his legs and held them apart.

Fuck, that had no right to be that hot.

“Mm, you enjoyed yourself, did you?” Mr. Heiss asked, admiring how Will’s cock was tenting the thin fabric.

“No,” Will said firmly. He hated that he was hard. Maybe it was out of fear or some lingering tension from the way he‘d been used…

Or perhaps it was because he had liked it.

“Liar,” Mr. Heiss taunted.

“You a mind reader?” Will demanded, shuddering as Mr. Heiss’ claws dug into his inner thighs.

“No, but I don’t need to be,” Mr. Heiss replied. “You’re very poor at being dishonest. I wonder how you were able to lure those men away, hmm?”

Will tilted his head coyly, running a hand up through his curly hair and giving Mr. Heiss his most innocent smile.

“Ha!” Mr. Heiss laughed as he pushed the fabric out of his way. “Mm, that is rather good.”

Dropping the sweet expression, Will scowled. “Just good? Come on. Do you know how many times that’s worked?”

“At least seven.” Mr. Heiss lightly traced a single claw up Will’s shaft.

Will closed his eyes, turning his head away with a snort. He didn’t know what Mr. Heiss was doing until he felt warm, wet heat all around his cock. He cried out in surprise, staring down at the demon’s head buried between his legs. “What, what the fuck?”

Mr. Heiss ignored him, effortlessly taking his cock all the way down his throat and sucking hard.

Will groaned, his hips bucking upwards as he started to pant. He’d never felt such unrelenting friction, and it was incredible. As much as he despised both his current predicament and Mr. Heiss, he couldn’t deny the pleasure he was giving him.

The heat was almost painful, but Will liked it. He reached down to grab one of Mr. Heiss’ horns, holding him in place. He rocked his hips up, moaning, “Yes, fuck! Mmm!”

Mr. Heiss didn’t seem to mind the rough treatment, continuing to deep throat every inch of Will without ever stopping to take a breath. He was eager, hungry, and his claws kept Will’s legs firmly apart as he sucked him.

“Mmm, yes,” Will groaned, feeling the pressure inside of him starting to wind up. He was getting hot, panting harder and faster, and he was almost there.

Fuck all of this crazy ass day. Fuck it all. It had been weird and miserable and humiliating, but at least he was gonna come-

There was suddenly a loud knock.

Mr. Heiss growled, his head popping off and staring angrily at the far wall. He took a deep breath to power a furious roar, shouting, “What?”

“It’s Serabus,” a smooth voice called out. “Bad time, Heiss?”

Baring his teeth, Mr. Heiss seemed to be considering his options. He huffed and finally snapped back, “Enter.”

A door appeared where there had been none, and a young man with blood red hair walked in. He was handsome with delicate features, and he was dressed all in white. He also had horns, small curly ones peeking out from his bright hair.

Other than the horns, he actually looked quite human.

“High Prince Absolis wanted to send his personal thanks for your support,” Serabus said as he swept into the room. “Mr. Parker’s soul is quite the prize.”

Will eyed the door, but it vanished as soon as Serabus was inside. So much for an escape. He grabbed for the fabric to try and cover himself up, but Mr. Heiss grabbed his hand.

“It is,” Mr. Heiss agreed, keeping Will’s hand down by his side as he spoke, “but next time, make sure your demon knows what side of the territory line she’s on.”

“Oh, she knew,” Serabus said with a dismissive wave.

“Hmmph.” Mr. Heiss twisted Will’s arm, forcing him to roll over on his stomach.

Will didn’t struggle, and he let Mr. Heiss slide him back until his feet hit the floor. A quick pull of the chain attached to his collar forced his head down, effectively bending his body over the edge of the desk.

His pulse began to pound, and he wondered what Mr. Heiss was going to do to him. He felt a little less exposed like this, but he didn’t like the other demon being here.

“She also knew how vital Mr. Parker’s soul would be to our operation,” Serabus went on. He never once looked at Will, and all of his attention was focused only on Mr. Heiss. “I told her to get his signature at any price.”

“While I appreciate such a valuable addition, you almost started a war,” Mr. Heiss said as he stood up from his chair. He grabbed a hold of Will’s ass, spreading his cheeks as his clawed thumbs dug in.

“Oh, please.” Serabus laughed. “As if Mr. Kalt was actually going to do anything.”

“He could have. You have no guarantee that he wouldn’t have tried something to save face from this obvious insult. His vanity is legendary.”

“Yes, but he doesn’t have the numbers we do.”

As the demons talked, Will could feel Mr. Heiss’ cock pressing against him. It was hard again, hot and slick, sliding up the cleft of his ass. His heart somersaulted, and he felt his entire body clench up.

No, Mr. Heiss wouldn’t…

Not here, not with that other demon watching!

A lick of shame made his own cock throb where it was trapped beneath his stomach, and he tried to push himself up on the desk.

“It doesn’t matter,” Mr. Heiss said sharply, pushing Will’s head back down. He rocked his hips, the head of his cock catching on Will’s hole and starting to press in. “We would have won, but at what cost?”

Will hissed from the sting of penetration and gritted his teeth to stop from crying out. He could feel himself stretching rapidly, and it burned like hell. He could feel that his asshole was wet, practically dripping now, but he hadn’t seen Mr. Heiss grab any kind of lubricant.

“It would have been minimal!” Serabus argued, crossing his arms with a little pout.

“Minimal is not acceptable,” Mr. Heiss said, still perfectly calm even as he kept pushing his cock inside of Will. “Even one demon’s life is not worth wasting over one mortal soul.”

Will’s pain was manageable at first, but fuck, Mr. Heiss was just so thick. Even with all the mysterious slick easing the way, being filled so quickly was overwhelming. He’d never had anything this big inside of him, and he couldn’t help how he tensed up. His body was warring between fighting the new intrusion and wanting more, and he finally let out a soft moan.

“But it’s… oh!” Serabus blinked, seeming to see Will for the first time. He smirked, asking, “Your new pet?”

Mr. Heiss slammed forward, forcing Will to moan again. “Yes.“

“He smells delicious.”

“Don’t change the subject,” Mr. Heiss growled, leaning over Will as he started to thrust.

Will groaned desperately, arching his hips and fighting to find any position that would help relieve some of the pressure. His hole was throbbing, and he swore he could feel Mr. Heiss up in his damn stomach. Every slam was making him tremble, the pain dancing with bliss, and he knew then no one was ever going to fuck him like this again.

As he finally began to relax, the pain faded away, leaving only the wicked pleasure of getting fucked wide open by Mr. Heiss’ huge cock. He felt so *loose, and he whimpered, savoring the wet slide of Mr. Heiss’ cock as it moved in and out of him, plunging deep and hitting all sorts of nerves he never even knew he had. Knowing Serabus was watching them set his face on fire, and he buried his face down into the desk.

“Just admiring him,” Serabus said innocently. “I do think it’s very sweet how you adopt little humans to play with. He is a pretty one, hmm?”

Mr. Heiss grabbed Will’s collar, jerking his head up and forcing him to look up at Serabus. “Oh, yes.” He pulled harder until Will’s back was curling. “He is beautiful.”

Will’s eyes began to tear up, whining shamefully as Mr. Heiss fucked him harder. The new angle was making him ache, and he felt like he was going to break with the way Mr. Heiss was pounding into him now.

“Mm, very.” Serabus reached down to palm his crotch, gazing over Will with a sly little smile.

“He has a very talented little mouth,” Mr. Heiss said, his voice sounding a bit breathless. “Help yourself.”

“Oh, come on,” Will groaned irritably. He shook his head, trying to pull away from Mr. Heiss’ grip. “This is getting ridiculous! You can’t expect me to-ow, fuck!” He sobbed as Mr. Heiss spanked his ass viciously. Another slap made him drop down on the desk. “Fuck, okay, okay! I’ll be good!”

Mr. Heiss pushed his cock in all the way, bowing his head to whisper angrily in Will’s ear, “If I want you to fuck the whole of King Lucifer’s army, you will be grateful for the opportunity to serve me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Will replied weakly. This was really happening now. As if being fucked by one demon wasn’t bad enough, now he was going to take on two at the same. This was horrible, humiliating…

And exciting.

Will couldn’t help the raw desire burning down in his loins at the idea of being used like this. He refused to show it, but he had never been so turned on before. He licked his lips, moaning quietly as Mr. Heiss began to thrust again.

Serabus had moved to stand in front of Will and had already pulled out his cock. It was another unnatural monster like Mr. Heiss’ own, and Serabus stroked himself slowly. “Oh, he’s a feisty one, hmm?”

“Don’t worry,” Mr. Heiss assured him. “I’m working on teaching young Will here some proper manners. He will be on his best behavior for you.” He slapped Will’s ass again and punctuated his words with cruel slams. “Aren’t you, Will?”

“Yes! Yes, sir!”


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