Sexy Saturday 10/10/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, darlings! Ahhh, I’m so very excited! I have FOUR books out in submission land, and I’m dyingggg to hear something back from my publishers! CHC: Collection has been accepted, but I’m still waiting for that pesky release date. I hope I have good news to share with you all soon!

For today’s post, we’re gonna see what Tom and Cypress from my latest submission are up to! For any of my new members who not know these fellas, this is the story of a lonely undertaker, Tom, who falls for a very dominating florist, Cypress. Hope you guys like it!

Warnings: NSFW/spanking/fingering/dirty talk



Cypress held him as they kissed, palming his ass and squeezing lightly. He brushed their noses together, asking quietly, “Safe word?”

“Calvarium clamp,” Tom replied dutifully.

“Good boy,” Cypress murmured. “Are you ready to begin?”

“Yes, please,” Tom said urgently. He couldn’t explain why, but there was a sudden chasm opening up inside of him, and he was quickly overwhelmed with need. “I want you. I want you to make it all go away. Please.” Tom didn’t even know what he was saying. It just kept tumbling out. “I need it to hurt. I need to feel it. I need to make it stop. I just want it all to stop.”

“Hey, hey,” Cypress soothed, his hands gliding up Tom’s back. “Easy… Tom? Look at me.”

Tom hadn’t even realized that his eyes were filling with tears until he met Cypress’ gaze. He had to blink them away to see clearly. He felt completely undone, and they hadn’t even started. He was ashamed, and yet he only found a deep understanding when he looked in Cypress’ eyes.

“You’ve been carrying too much for far too long,” Cypress said quietly. “I thought about not punishing you, but maybe I should.”

“For what?”

“For not taking care of yourself,” Cypress said. “From now on, I want you to tell me what’s going on in that pretty head of yours. Not just what you did at work today, but how it made you feel.”

“I don’t… I don’t know how,” Tom whispered.

“You’ll learn,” Cypress promised, offering a cheeky little smile. “It seems that I have more to teach you than I thought.”

Tom managed to smile back, sagging against Cypress’ chest as they kissed again. The uneasy feeling was slipping away, sucked into Cypress’ hot mouth and the smooth touch of his hands moving all over his body.

The first crack of Cypress’ hand on his ass startled him, making his hips jerk forward.

“You can’t keep all of these feelings inside,” Cypress said sternly. “It’ll eat you up. I can’t begin to understand the terrible things you see, but you have to find a way to cope other than burying it all.”

Tom nodded, his hands digging into Cypress’ sweater. This new demand warred against everything Tom had ever been taught, but he wanted it so badly. He wanted to let it all out—all the pain, the anxiety, the suffering, everything he’d been bottling up for the last ten years.

Cypress spanked him again, harder, hard enough to make Tom cry out.

The pain was fleeting, leaving a lovely zing in its wake that made Tom arch his back. “I’ll learn… I promise. I’ll be good. I’ll be so good.”

“I know you will be,” Cypress said, rubbing his palm over the cheek he’d just struck. “I’m going to help you, Tom.”

“Yes… please…” Tom moaned when Cypress struck him again, rocking back and forth as he tried to escape the burning sensation. He could feel adrenaline coursing all through his body and making his cock ache.

In every strike of Cypress’ hand, there was white hot pleasure burning within the quick slap of pain. All of Tom’s nerves were raw and exposed, and Cypress’ strong hand delivered blow after blow of intense sensation.

He deserved this, yes. He hadn’t been taking care of himself, not in years. He knew he was going to snap if he didn’t. He had to be better, he had to be good. He had to be a good boy.

Tom was lost to it all, melting and being shaped anew with every strike. He felt a tear fall, and he couldn’t even say why. It all felt so good, and he didn’t want it to end.

The next spanking made a delightful popping sound, like a firecracker going off, and it was loud enough to stir Mister Doodles from where she was sleeping on the floor.

When she growled, Cypress chuckled. “Mm, maybe we should adjourn to the bedroom?”

“Yes,” Tom weakly croaked. “Please.”

Cypress deftly picked Tom up, cradling him in his powerful arms as he said, “Let’s go.”

Tom’s ass was stinging, and he felt certain he’d be able to count finger marks in his cheeks for days to come, and he loved how easily Cypress could carry him. It made him feel small and safe, nuzzling into Cypress’ shoulder as they moved to his bedroom.

Cypress nudged the door closed with his foot, muttering, “Don’t need Mister Doodles interfering, no matter how noble her intentions. Mmm, come on. Roll over on your stomach.”

As Cypress set him down on the bed, Tom lazily flipped over as commanded. He breathed in the familiar scent of his fabric softener mixed in with Cypress’ cologne all over his skin. He could feel his pulse throbbing in his cheeks, hot and stinging, and he waited for his next order.

To his surprise, Cypress stretched out next to him, massaging his sore ass as he praised, “You did so well. You’re such a good boy. Feels good, hmm?”

“Yes, sir,” Tom breathed. “I feel… lighter.”

“When we’re done, you and I are going to have a nice, long talk about what you do for a living,” Cypress said, kissing Tom’s shoulder. “Not to be ironic, but I think taking care of the dead is killing you.”

“No, it’s… it’s my life.” Tom struggled against the euphoric fog clouding his thoughts. “It’s what I love. I love being able to help people.”

“Mm, but what about helping yourself, Tom?” Cypress sighed. “You think about everyone else’s pain, people you only meet for a moment, more than your own.”

“I can take it,” Tom insisted.

“Can you?” Cypress sounded like he was smiling. “We’ll see.” He glanced around the sparse bedroom. “Do you have lube in here?”

“Bathroom,” Tom replied. “In… in the shower.”

“Ohhh.” Cypress was definitely smiling. “And what is it doing in there, I wonder?”


“What kinda ‘stuff’?” Cypress teased.

“Butt stuff.”

Cypress laughed at that, smooching Tom’s shoulder again. “Mmm, wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Tom couldn’t have moved if he wanted to. He was still floating in a happy little cloud, his ass throbbing and spreading the warmth all the way down to his toes. He was so relaxed, and he could have easily fallen asleep just like this.

Ah, but Cypress had other plans for him.

He could sleep later.

“Sit up for me, Tom,” Cypress said, pressing the bottle of lube into his hand as he moved. “Scoot back against the headboard.”

Tom got into the requested position. “Like this?”

“Spread your legs,” Cypress said, taking a position at the end of the bed. “I want you to start playing with yourself. Get yourself ready for me… and I want you to tell me about what you’ve been fantasizing about.”

Gulping, Tom clicked open the lube. “You mean, like, right now, sir?”

“Uh huh. Tell me what you’ve been thinking about when you touch yourself.” Cypress leaned across the bed, rubbing Tom’s ankle. “I hope it’s me.”

“Who else,” Tom scoffed, laughing a little as he got his fingers wet. “I mean, fuck… you’re all I think about. With that. Doing that. Not like I think about you all the time like a crazy person—”

“Tom,” Cypress cut in. “It’s okay.”

“Okay,” Tom breathed, letting his legs fall apart. He reached beneath himself to get at his hole, slowly rubbing the lube around in little circles. “At first… I would… uh…”

“Come on,” Cypress urged. “You can tell me.”

“I would suck my fingers in my mouth while I jerked off,” Tom said quickly, his cheeks on fire from the lewd confession. He took a deep breath, continuing to rub his hole. “I couldn’t stop thinking about your cock… in my mouth.”

“You look beautiful when you’re sucking me,” Cypress said smoothly. “I love your mouth.”

“Mmm…” Tom finally pressed the tip of one finger inside of himself, moving in short little thrusts. “I thought about you spanking me… a lot… like, spanking me and jerking me off…”

“Definitely something we can do if you’d like,” Cypress said, easing himself closer so he could rub Tom’s thigh. “You like being spanked, hmm?”

“Yes, fuck, so much,” Tom panted, pushing his finger in deeper. It was almost too fast, but he was impatient and horny.

“Did you think about me fucking you?” Cypress asked, his hand squeezing Tom’s balls and giving them a tug. He massaged them gently, his eyes focused down where Tom was fingering himself.

“Yes.” Tom added a second finger, fucking his hole in earnest as Cypress continued to play with his balls. They felt so tight that it would have been easy to come, and he rocked down on his hand. “Thought about you… taking me fast… like on the counter at your shop…”

“Would you have liked that?” Cypress’ fingers ghosted up the shaft of Tom’s dick. “To get fucked right there?”

“Yes!” Tom watched Cypress playing with his cock, twirling his fingers in the glassy pre-cum that was leaking out. He kept fucking himself, the sounds of his fingers moving in and out wet and absolutely sinful.

“Getting close, aren’t you?” Cypress teased, wrapping his hand around Tom’s cock but not squeezing down hard enough to give him any real friction.

“God, yes… please…” Tom could feel it, almost taste it, struggling to buck up into Cypress’ hand. He was pounding his hole, his thighs shaking, and he gritted his teeth as he started to tip right over—

“Stop,” Cypress commanded, grabbing Tom’s wrist and squeezing the base of his cock so hard it hurt.

“Ahhh, but, but—! Mmmph!” Tom moaned in frustration, his ribs shuddering from the force of his heartbeat. He’d been right there, and being denied made him want to weep.

“I didn’t say you could come yet,” Cypress reminded him, letting him go and smacking his inner thigh. “Not until I do.”

Tom yelped from the slap, whining loudly. He nodded, trying to think clearly through the pounding in his head. “Yes, sir. I’m sorry. Fuck, it just felt so good.”

“I know it did.” Cypress sat up, pulling off his sweater and the undershirt beneath it.

Although Tom was disappointed that he wasn’t able to come, watching Cypress strip was a happy compromise. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from all that gorgeous brown skin and thick, powerful muscles.

Even his cock was beautiful to behold, eight inches or more and so very thick, its swollen head peeking out from the foreskin and making Tom drool.

He wanted to touch Cypress all over, but he didn’t know if he could.

Did he need permission for that?

“Can I…” Tom was sitting up, still opening gawking.

“Can you what?” Cypress asked. “Use your words, Tom.”

“God, can I please touch you?”

“Wherever you’d like,” Cypress replied with a smile, crawling back up the bed to kiss him. “Mm, you’ve been such a good boy… go on. Touch me.”

Tom’s hands went right for Cypress’ chest, dragging through the swirls of hair and grazing over his nipples. He loved the contrast of their skin as he explored Cypress’ body, and he couldn’t stop touching him. He felt his shoulders, the bulge of his biceps, moaning as Cypress urged him onto his back with another kiss.

Cypress was such a good kisser. Just the right amount of tongue and little nips of teeth, hot and slow and sure to make Tom’s brain implode. He groaned when their cocks rubbed together, and he let his hands slide over Cypress’ hips to grab a firm handful of his ass, encouraging him to grind down.

“Eager, are we?” Cypress chuckled.

“Yes, sir.” Tom wiggled impatiently. “I’m ready. Please.”

“Roll back over on your stomach and spread your legs,” Cypress said, lifting up to allow Tom to get into position.

Tom hugged his pillows, groaning when Cypress used his knees to spread his legs further apart. He could hear him opening the lube, exhaling shakily when he felt the hot head of Cypress’ cock pushing up against his ass.

Cypress grabbed his tender cheeks, spreading them wide, using his hips to rub his cock against his hole. “Mmm, you’re so pretty, Tom… look at you, so fuckin’ hungry for it…”

“Yes, sir,” Tom said, not even trying to hide how excited he was. He couldn’t stop clenching, hoping he could somehow catch Cypress’ dick and make him press inside. The teasing was driving him insane.

After what felt like hours, Cypress began to push forward…


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