Sexy Saturday 10/03/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings! Still waiting for a release date (*SOB*) for the CHC: Collection, but I am very happy to announce that the third book in the Sucker For Love Mysteries has been submitted to my publisher! Woo-hoo!!! XD

I’m slowing down on writing new stuff while I work on getting my finished projects out into the world, and I’ll share updates as soon as I have them! In the meantime, we’re hanging out with Will and Mr. Heiss again. This picks up where we left off last week!

Don’t ask me why Will murdered people. He hasn’t actually told me yet.


Warnings: NSFW/rough blowjob/mention of murder/demon shenanigans


“How many?” Mr. Heiss asked again, tracing a single claw along Will’s chin.

“I…” Will shuddered.

He didn’t understand how Mr. Heiss knew, and he wanted to deny it. He had always been so careful.

“Seven?” Mr. Heiss said suddenly, and he laughed. “Oh, you were off to a good start.”

“How did-“

“I’m a demon,” Mr. Heiss cut in sharply, flashing a toothy smile. “Sin speaks to me, and yours is especially loud. Mm, and sweet.”

Will tried to jerk away, but Mr. Heiss suddenly had a hold of the chain connected to his collar. He couldn’t move, but he refused to confirm the accusation. He held his gaze, furious and unblinking.

“Come,” Mr. Heiss said briskly, guiding him over toward the desk and the grand chair.

The chain magically disconnected from the floor, and it attached itself to the arm of the chair.

“Kneel.” Mr. Heiss gestured to the space beneath the desk.

“You’re kidding,” Will scoffed. He pulled the fabric around himself tighter. “No fuckin’ way.”

Mr. Heiss grabbed a handful of Will’s hair and twisted.

Will cried out in pain, gasping, “What the fuck!”

“That kind of behavior is not pleasing,” Mr. Heiss said firmly. “I expect obedience, pet.”

“Fine,” Will spat, baring his teeth. “I’ll do it. Just let go of me.”

Mr. Heiss released Will’s hair, soothing it back down with a swipe of his palm. “Ah, now. Kneel.”

Will got down on his knees beneath the desk, scooting back as Mr. Heiss sat down on the chair in front of him.

“I’m waiting for a phone call, and I expect it to be unpleasant,” Mr. Heiss said, scooting in close. “You will suck my cock.”

“But… that’s…” Will felt a tug in his collar, and he chose his next words carefully. “Won’t that distract you?”

“Only if you’re very good at it,” Mr. Heiss replied.

Will shuddered.

A phone began to ring, and Mr. Heiss said, “You may begin now.” He cleared his throat, answering the phone and saying, “Yes, this is Mr. Heiss.”

Will wasn’t sure what to do.

There was a part of his brain that was still hoping this was all just a crazy dream. He couldn’t explain the things Mr. Heiss knew about him or what kind of monster he really was. Trying to accept that demons were real had the potential to lead to some world shattering revelations that he wasn’t prepared for.

If he did as Mr. Heiss said and served as his pet, then he could eventually leave this nightmare and never have to worry about it again.

Ah, but if Mr. Heiss really was a demon, Will should have no reason to trust that he would do as he’d promised.

Mr. Heiss pulled the chain, hard enough to make the collar catch around Will’s neck.

Right, dick sucking first, sort out personal crisis later.

Will slid his hands up Mr. Heiss’ thighs, and he marveled at the muscle he felt beneath his palms. Even more impressive was the thick bulge of Mr. Heiss’ cock. Will almost laughed because there was no way that giant thing was actually real.

“Mmm, yes,” Mr. Heiss said, speaking into the phone. “There has been a dispute over Mr. Parker’s soul for quite some time, but it belongs to High Prince Absolis.”

Will didn’t waste any more time, quickly unbuttoning Mr. Heiss’ pants to pull his cock out. He couldn’t help how he gasped when he saw it for the first time, and he felt his mouth begin to water.

It was thick, red, flushed nearly purple around the slick head peeking out beneath the foreskin. It was the biggest cock Will had ever seen, only comparable to some of those dildos he snuck furtive glances at in sex shops but was always too embarrassed to actually buy.

He didn’t even think it could fit in his mouth, at least not comfortably, and he wrapped his hands on the base and squeezed.

“Yes, the contract was signed in that prince’s territory, but the demon who made the offer works under the high prince.” Mr. Heiss growled, and he reached down to dig his claws into Will’s hair.

Will began to lick around the fat head of Mr. Heiss’ cock, getting it wet before sucking it into mouth. He could barely get his lips around it all, and it tasted hot and bitter. He could feel Mr. Heiss pushing his head down, and he forced himself to relax.

He could survive this.

He’d survived worse.

“No,” Mr. Heiss snarled, suddenly slamming his cock upwards. “That is not acceptable! That soul belongs to the high prince!”

Will nearly gagged, groaning as he struggled to keep with Mr. Heiss’ mean thrusts. The force made his eyes water, and he couldn’t breathe with his throat stuffed full of cock. He waited for Mr. Heiss to pull out far enough that he could snort back a few quick puffs of air through his nose.

“Absolutely not!” Mr. Heiss continued to argue. His claws dragged over Will’s scalp, his hips bucking forward.

Will was better prepared this time and let his jaw hang loose as Mr. Heiss slammed his cock into his mouth. He could feel drool pooling around his lips, dripping down his chin as he struggled to take it all.

Fuck, if this kept up, he was going to choke.

He had to do something.

Grabbing Mr. Heiss’ thighs, Will dug in and started bobbing his head to take control of the rhythm. He rubbed his tongue along Mr. Heiss’ enormous cock, groaning low. He sucked harder, and he felt the claws recede.

He kept moving, sucking and wagging his tongue, relieved that Mr. Heiss seemed to have calmed down. He pulled off of Mr. Heiss’ cock and ran his tongue all around the head, kissing and mouthing down the shaft next to give his aching jaw a break.

“I’m sure that Mr. Kalt agrees,” Mr. Heiss went on, his voice now a low, rumbling purr.

Will didn’t know if his newly relaxed state was because the conversation was going well or if it was from the dick sucking, but he definitely wanted to keep him happy. He sank back down on his cock, resuming the fast and slippery pace.

“Very well,” Mr. Heiss sighed. “I’m so glad we could reach an agreement…” He suddenly snatched Will’s hair, forcing him to take every inch as he snarled, “And if I ever see you or Mr. Kalt in my territory, I will burn you down into ashes.”

Will whimpered as his eyes burned with tears, smacking Mr. Heiss’ leg. He couldn’t breathe, and he heard the phone slam down on the receiver. He thought he might get a break, but Mr. Heiss began to fuck his face even harder than before.

Both sets of claws were now tangled in Will’s hair, pulling him down into every cruel slam.

Will was helpless to stop it, and he did everything he could not to choke. He felt dizzy, his throat raw and the corners of his mouth on fire from being forced open so forcefully.

Mr. Heiss let out a roar – an inhuman sound that Will felt vibrating down in his bones. Mr. Heiss was coming, and Will’s mouth was instantly flooded with a wave of fluid. It filled his throat, and he could feel it trying to come out of his nose.

He had to swallow, squeezing his eyes closed as he fought to keep it down. It was too much at once, and he could feel it leaking out of his mouth. “Mmmmph!”

“Good boy,” Mr. Heiss said, finally setting Will free from his cock.

Will reared back, gasping for air and cringing as he swallowed the rest of the come left in his mouth. He started to wipe away what had spilled, but there was a mean tug on his collar.

“Ah ah,” Mr. Heiss warned. “You take everything I give you.”

“Sure,” Will huffed, sticking out his tongue to lick around his mouth and chin. He licked over the place on his hand where he’d tried to clean up, glaring haughtily up at Mr. Heiss.

The smug bastard looked very pleased with himself, and he ruffled his hand through Will’s hair.

“So,” Will said, crawling out from the desk and getting to his feet. “How was that?”



“Maybe next time you’ll do better.”


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