Sexy Saturday 06/20/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Hope you all are doing wonderfully! Hard Earned Cash is less than a week away, and I can’t freakin’ WAIT for you all to read it.

To help hold you over, here’s a little sexy tease…



“Get on top, Mr. Poe.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whispered, sliding over Cold to straddle his hips. He greedily slid his hands down his stomach and sighed when he felt Cold’s thick cock pressed against his ass.

Cold untied Jimmy’s robe and jerked it down off his shoulders. He was gazing up at Jimmy with a hunger that made him shiver as he ordered firmly, “Open yourself up for me.”

Jimmy shrugged out of his robe and threw it aside, frantically scrambling for the lube in their bedside table drawer.

Cold grabbed his wrist and shook his head. “Slow down, Mr. Poe… take your time.”

Taking a deep breath, Jimmy nodded obediently. “Yes, sir.”

“It’s about the journey, not the destination,” Cold said, moving his hand to tease his long fingers along Jimmy’s shaft. “There is no reason to rush.”

“I understand, sir.” Jimmy slicked up his fingers, and he reached down between his legs to start pushing inside his ass. “Mm… I just want you so badly, sir.”

“I know, Mr. Poe. Mm, I know you do.” Cold inhaled audibly, breathing out, “I want you, too.”

Jimmy slid two fingers in and groaned at the familiar stretch. He usually did this with the end in mind: Cold’s cock filling him up. He always hurried, rushed into it, but not now.

He concentrated on the twist of his hand, finding that spot that made him ache in the most spectacular way. He curled his fingers slowly and uttered little gasps as he felt the tight muscles of his body relax.

“You look so beautiful,” Cold said, his voice husky with desire. “So pretty opening up for me… do you like it, Mr. Poe?”

Jimmy looked into Cold’s eyes and he couldn’t break away. “Yes,” he whispered, his fingers pushing deeper and making him stammer. “Y-yes… I do, sir.”

Cold squeezed Jimmy’s cock, only a tease, smiling as he said, “What do you like about it, mmm?”

“Right now, I like, I like how you’re looking at me. Like I’m beautiful, like… like I’m special.”

“You are, Mr. Poe,” Cold promised sincerely. “You are all of those things and more.”

Jimmy moaned, his head tipping back as blinding pleasure lit up the length of his spine. It was Cold’s affirmation and the movement of his hand sending him into such bliss. He had to be careful or he was going to make himself come too soon.

Cold seemed to sense how close he was getting, now commanding, “Go ahead and sit down on my cock if you think you’re ready for it, Mr. Poe.”

“God, yes.” Jimmy reached for the lube again to wet Cold’s cock. “I’ll make it so good for you, sir. I will.”

Cold shifted his hips as Jimmy lined him up, grunting as he began to lower himself down. “There… nice and slow. Just like that, just like that.”

Jimmy loved the slide inside of his body, the hint of delicious friction and the need to take it all. Cold’s firm grip made sure he was patient, and Jimmy let his thick cock completely stretch out the tight ring of muscle of his asshole one tantalizing inch at a time.

He groaned when his cheeks were flush against Cold’s thighs, his tight ass completely full, and slowly starting to grind. His body protested, but he didn’t listen, working through it and focusing on Cold’s cock buried inside of him.

Cold was panting quietly, still holding Jimmy’s hips but trusting him to control the rhythm. No words were exchanged for several long moments, and their eyes were locked together as Jimmy moved, using his thighs to power his thrusts.

Jimmy knew he was blushing, and he was completely trapped by Cold’s gorgeous stare. He could feel his love and his passion, all of the lovely things he knew Cold felt and could never say. It was in the way he held him, the longing way he looked at him, and the tender smile ghosting over his lips.

The wet sound of their bodies was exciting, and Jimmy made sure to take every inch of Cold as deeply as he could. He loved how full he felt, his body nearly pushed to its limits in this position, and he adored every second of it.

The air was beginning to feel electric, and Jimmy was having trouble maintaining the current rhythm. Everything was heating up, and he wanted more. He wanted to move faster, he wanted to fuck, he wanted—

“Put your hands behind you,” Cold ordered suddenly. “Grab my legs and fuck yourself on my cock.”

“Fuck, yes! Yes, sir!” Jimmy moaned gratefully, eagerly leaning back and latching onto Cold’s thighs. He began to rock himself down in earnest, and he cried out at the intense new angle.

“Mmm… I love watching your cock bounce when you ride me.” Cold let out a primal growl, his fingers digging into Jimmy’s hips to encourage him to go faster, harder. He arched his body up and held Jimmy in place so he wouldn’t lose his balance.

“Fuck!” Jimmy moaned, tears in his eyes when Cold began to slam into him. He couldn’t keep up, and he had to throw his hands forward to catch himself on Cold’s chest.

Cold didn’t stop, and the pounding slams of his cock continued seamlessly as he wrapped his arms around Jimmy. He pulled him close and pressed a searing kiss to his lips.

Jimmy knew Cold was almost there by the way he was panting and jerking. He wanted him to come desperately, aching for Cold to fill him up. He slipped his tongue deep into his mouth before having to withdraw as a moan stole his breath away from a merciless thrust. “Fuck! Rod!”

Cold held Jimmy tightly, biting the top of his ear as he growled, “Jimmy… I’m coming… fuck…”

Jimmy cried softly as Cold came, and he was able to feel every last pulse of his cock as he flooded his hole. That bite at his ear made him positively ache and sent amazing shivers down his spine. He squeezed his body down, moaning when he made Cold grunt pleasurably.

Cold’s firm grip found Jimmy’s cock, and he stroked him quickly as he commanded, “Come for me, Mr. Poe… look in my eyes and come now!”

Jimmy hiccupped, the pressure between his legs screaming for release and finding himself right on the tipping point. Cold’s voice was impossible to resist, and Jimmy sobbed as he came all over his long fingers, gazing helplessly into Cold’s beautiful eyes. “Fuck! Oh, Rod… yes….!”

“Good boy,” Cold breathed, pulling Jimmy into a rough kiss.

Jimmy melted immediately. He petted Cold’s hair as they kissed while being mindful of his stitches. He groaned when Cold’s cock slipped out of him, well aware what a mess they both were. He could feel Cold’s warm cum seeping out of him, shifting his hips as he sighed, “Mmm… wow. That was amazing.”

“You were spectacular,” Cold praised, playfully popping Jimmy’s ass. He kissed him again and sighed with deep satisfaction. “Mmmm… absolutely spectacular.”

“Uh huh,” Jimmy agreed, not wanting to get up yet.

“How do you feel?”

“Warm and squishy and still very definitely sore,” Jimmy laughed breathlessly. He smiled when Cold rubbed his back. “I’ll be okay, but maybe let’s avoid anyone trying to kill us again?”

He’d meant it as a joke, but Cold’s expression drew back in a grimace.

“For the next few days, we may be staying close to home,” Cold said, nudging Jimmy’s cheek. “No more galivanting around the city and getting into trouble, hmm?”

“We’re still doing dinner this weekend, right?” Jimmy frowned. “Dad, Rowena… Dario.”

Cold made another face at that last name. He tolerated Dario dating his sister, but that wasn’t saying much. Although he had never outright said it, Cold wouldn’t hesitate to make Dario disappear if he ever hurt Rowena, and Dario was very aware of that fact.

It made all of their interactions a bit awkward, to say the least.

“I suppose so,” Cold mused. “Perhaps we can invite Mr. Martine as an apology for his impromptu arrest.”

“I’m not sure if he’ll come,” Jimmy said carefully, knowing how Maury felt about such swanky places.

“I insist,” Cold countered. “For the next few weeks, I’d like to keep our family close. That includes Maury the Mouth.”

“You’re worried about them,” Jimmy realized. “You think they might be in danger, too.”

“We’re all in danger, yes,” Cold said, his thumb moving along Jimmy’s jaw. “Until the Luchesis are destroyed and Stephen Blalock is taken care of, we will not be safe.”

“What about the trial?”

“Let me take care of that,” Cold soothed. “You worry too much, Jimmy. My plan is working out just fine. The trial is the key to everything. Trust me.”

“That’s what you always say,” Jimmy grumbled.

“Maybe you should try it instead of paying me lip service,” Cold fussed, raising his hand to smack Jimmy’s ass again.

“Ow!” Jimmy grinned and wiggled his hips. “Again, sir? Please? Maybe it’ll help me trust you.”

Cold licked his lips very purposely and smirked slyly. “Are you trying to get something started, Mr. Poe?”

“God, I freakin’ hope so.”


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