Sexy Saturday 06/13/2020

Hi kits and kittens! It’s Sexy Saturday time! Woo!!! I know you’re all super excited for CHC2, and now it’s less than two weeks away! Aghhh!!! I can’t wait for you guys to catch up with Jimmy and Cold – it’s gonna be so much fun! <333

Today’s post is a short about a man who owns a sex store and needs help from a very special toy maker. Uh-huh. It’s THAT kind of toy maker. Heh heh heh! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/DS/cock cages/dildos/plugs


Custom leather harnesses, vinyl chaps, studded restraints; Mateo Delgado offered it all for a price.

His shop, Four Quarters, was not a typical sex store. Most of what he sold was made to order, and his store windows were filled with mannequins boldly donning his custom kinky wares. He also carried a line of unisex lingerie designed by his sister, paddles crafted by his brother, and scented candles made by his mother.

Unusual for a family business, but the Delgados were a very tight knit clan. When Mateo had announced his intentions to open up the shop, they had all surprised him by eagerly offering their assistance.

The business had flourished with their support, and Mateo won customers over with his attention to detail and high quality products. He shipped his work all across the world, and his name was now synonymous with fine fetish wear.

He was used to taking on very unusual orders, typically receiving such requests through email. Privacy was very important to his clients, and he took every precaution to ensure total discretion.

One of his longtime customers had just sent him such a message asking if he could provide a custom sex toy.

Oh, but not just any sex toy.

He wanted a dildo sculpted to look like it belonged to the Hulk.

A giant green Hulk cock.

While Four Quarters offered a wide selection of fetish clothing and gear, they carried little else in the way of toys. Mateo preferred to provide garments that people could wear to feel empowered in the bedroom, and he didn’t have much interest beyond that.

He scrubbed a hand over his face as he read back over the extremely detailed request. Among previous orders for this customer, he had built a bright green leather chastity harness, and his brother had made a green studded paddle, so he should not have been too surprised.

He didn’t want to touch it. He knew nothing about creating a custom toy like this, but his client said cost was not an issue.

Considering how much the client had ordered from him previously, Mateo knew that to be true.

He pursed his lips thoughtfully, eyes scanning over the screen of his laptop as he weighed his options.

His sister had been pestering him to branch out, and he skimmed through the list of possible toy makers she had gathered for him. Unique sex toys were a booming market, one that maybe it was finally time for him to explore.

For such a special project, he was going to need some help.

It was how he ended up at Jordan King’s door that evening, a toy maker and sculptor whose name had earned itself several little stars on his sister’s list. He didn’t have the most experience or the largest portfolio, and Mateo was unsure why this was the one she insisted that he go into business with.

When the door opened, Mateo knew exactly why.

Jordan King was absolutely gorgeous. Tall, long legs, bright smile, and long curly black hair.

Oh, he was exactly Mateo’s type.

“Jordan King,” he said cheerfully, waving him in. “Nice to meet you!”

“Mateo Delgado.” Mateo smirked, shaking his hand firmly before looking around. “A pleasure.”

The studio apartment looked like a toy shop had exploded. There were hundreds of action figures and statuettes everywhere, many still in the original packaging.

The furniture was old but well maintained, covered in colorful pillows and blankets. A large work space overtook nearly half the room, all the tables covered in old paint splatters aplenty.

Everything was warm and cluttered, a cozy sort of chaos that Mateo found incredibly inviting.

There was a wall plastered with neatly printed letters, each one carefully pinned up with care in a strange contrast to the rest of the messy apartment.

“What’s this?” Mateo asked, quirking his brows as he stepped over to take a look.

“Ah! My hall of fame!” Jordan said proudly. “It’s all my cease and desist orders from the companies whose toys I’ve knocked off.”

“Hmm, DC didn’t like you selling an Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma Puppy Play Bondage Set?” Mateo laughed, skimming the massive collection of offenses.

“They were not fans,” Jordan chuckled. “Right on up there with my Batarang Butt Plugs and my Captain America Nipple Shields.”

“Why, Jordan,” Mateo drawled playfully, “you’re a criminal mastermind!”

“Aw! Just a little one!” Jordan protested. “It’s not my fault that what I call ‘inspired fan art’, they call ‘copyright infringement’!”

“Have you ever done any original work?”

“Of course,” Jordan replied. “But that doesn’t sell, you know? People don’t want Maurice Martine’s cock. They wanna have freakin’ Dean Winchester’s.”

“Maurice who?”

“Exactly,” Jordan laughed, heading over towards the kitchenette area. “Uhm, can I get you something to drink?”

“Sure,” Mateo said, following him and watching the swing of his hips intently. “I am very interested in eventually designing a full line of toys, all original concepts.”

“And uh, Bruce Banner’s Hulk cock was your first idea?”

“It was a private request for a very loyal client,” Mateo replied with a short laugh. “Think of this as a little test run.”

“Gotcha.” Jordan picked up two mugs and sniffed them cautiously. He caught Mateo staring at him and explained, “Making sure these are cups for food and not for paint. Artist problems.”

”Uh huh.” Mateo smiled fondly, finding this young man already very endearing. He was definitely going to look forward to working with him.

“So! Uh, I’m guessing for Hulk cock, eh… big, thick, and green?”

“I actually have very exact specifications,” Mateo replied, bringing up the email on his phone to show Jordan.

“Twelve inches?” Jordan grinned as he skimmed over the message and whistled low, pouring them both a mug of cheap red wine. “Ohhh, and very veiny. Wow, like really veiny. Hmm. All right.”

Mateo sipped the wine, smirking as he said, “From what I understand, custom pieces like this cost between fifty to a hundred dollars.”

“More or less. The bigger the piece, the more silicone that’s required, so the price goes up. Plus, this is an original piece. It’s not like I already have a mold hanging around for a giant Hulk cock. I’ll have to make one from scratch.”

“Cost is not an issue,” Mateo said immediately. “Would five hundred dollars be enough to get started?”

“Five hundred?” Jordan nearly choked on his wine, laughing, “Fuck! For five hundred dollars I’ll get started right now!”

“I’m curious to see the process,” Mateo said, finishing off his wine and helping himself to another mug. “Unless you have some anxiety about being watched?”

“No, but it’s gonna take a few hours,” Jordan said skeptically.

“I’ve got time,” Mateo replied with a warm smile. He was already texting his sister a message of gratitude and a request for her to watch the shop for the rest of the night. He had no intentions of leaving any time soon.

“All right!” Jordan grinned, pouring another mug and nodding for Mateo to follow him over to the largest of the work tables. He got out a large tub of bright pink clay, already starting to squeeze it and knead it into a generally phallic shape.

“Why is it pink?” Mateo raised his brows curiously. “You do know what color the Hulk is…?”

“Yes!” Jordan laughed, sticking out his tongue playfully. “I just happen to have a ton of pink clay and the color doesn’t matter for this part.”

“Walk me through it,” Mateo said, tipping back his mug as he watched.

“Well, the very first step is to create the sculpture that we’ll make the mold from,” Jordan said, his fingers moving skillfully. “Once this is done, I’ll bake it so it hardens up.”

“Did you always want to be a toy maker?”

“I wanted to be an artist,” Jordan replied honestly. “I wanted to make beautiful things like Rodin and Bernini. Graduated from a very prestigious and very expensive art school, had my first big show downtown, and failed spectacularly.”


“Didn’t sell a single piece. So, desperate and broke, I took a job making a line of Awesome Transforming Strong Warriors for a company in China.”

“Not rangers of the mighty morphing variety?” Mateo chuckled warmly.

“Not quite. The company loved my sculpts, and it just went from there. I’ve spent the last eight years making knockoff toys that end up in dollar bins and flea markets, but hey, it pays the bills.”

“And your, ahem, adult endeavors?”

“That came a little later,” Jordan replied, pausing to measure the cock. “And honestly, the money is better.”

“What about the legal troubles?” Mateo nodded at the wall of letters.

“Oh, please,” Jordan snickered. “I just smile and promise I won’t ever do it again and make something else. Part of what helps my toys sell because they will always be a limited release, you know?”

“Mmm. So, what art school did you go to?”

“You ask a lot of questions!” Jordan replied with a nervous laugh. “Definitely gonna need more to drink if you expect me to get chatty.”

“I’m merely curious about my potential business partner,” Mateo said innocently, retrieving the bottle of wine and refilling their mugs. “If you’re willing to indulge me, of course.”

“Mm,” Jordan hummed. “Well, my father left my mother when I was a kid, she became an abusive drunk, and I was raised by my aunt after a brief stint in juvie. I was an angry kid and made a lot of really bad decisions. With some tough love, my aunt set me straight and helped me get into art school after I graduated.”

“Christ,” Mateo breathed. He had not been expecting such a blunt answer.

Jordan maintained his chipper disposition as he worked on cutting in veins along the shaft of the cock, saying, “Look, it’s not a pity story. This is just my life. Good or bad, everything’s that happened has brought me to where I am right now. Got my own place, building the Hulk’s cock, drinking five dollar wine with you.”

“You have an amazingly bright point of view, Jordan,” Mateo said genuinely. “Especially for someone who’s lived what had to be such a dark life.”

Jordan fidgeted and blushed at the compliment, his eyes focused on his work. “I guess so. I’m just me.”

“Well,” Mateo said, gently touching his forearm, “I’m impressed.”

Jordan’s cheek colored even more beautifully, saying, “Well, what about you? What’s your tragic life story?”

“My parents immigrated here from Mexico after their house was burned down so they could get a fresh start, and my father was murdered when I was ten.”

“Oh, fuck,” Jordan gasped. “I didn’t mean… about it being tragic? I just-!”

“No, it’s fine,” Mateo cut in politely.

Jordan had been bold enough to open up to him, and he felt comfortable enough to share his own story now.

“The house was old, burned down because of faulty wiring, and my father…” Mateo paused to clear his throat. “He was trying to stop a mugging. He was shot, died before they ever got him to the hospital.”

“I’m so sorry,” Jordan said earnestly. “I can’t imagine how hard that must have been.”

“It was a long time ago. I have a younger brother and sister, but they were too little to remember him. Me and my mother… well, we mourned together very quietly.”

“Did they get the guy that killed him?”

“Rotting in prison for life.”


“Here’s to tragic life stories and copious amounts of cheap red wine,” Mateo said, lifting his mug in a toast.

“Cheers,” Jordan said, clinking his mug against Mateo’s and taking a sip. “Well, on a less morbid note, heh, how’d you get into designing fetish clothing?”

“Always had an eye for fashion, and I discovered that I like making things that allow people to feel strong even when their balls are hanging out,” Mateo said with a wink. He glanced down at Jordan’s sculpture, genuine surprise in his voice as he noted, “That looks incredible.”


“Thought you said this was going to take a few hours?”

“It is! This is just the beginning,” Jordan replied with a coy smile. “Why? Do you have someone to get home to? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?”

“Is that your way of asking if I’m single, Jordan?” Mateo challenged.

“Just trying to get to know my potential business partner,” Jordan said with an angelic smile.

“I am very single,” Mateo answered after a moment, his long fingers tracing the rim of his mug, “and very gay.”

“See? Good information to know!” Jordan popped the clay cock onto a metal tray and stuck it inside the oven, humming as he adjusted the temperature.

“And you, Jordan?”

“Also single,” he said with a smirk. “And very pansexual and really into hot guys who own their sex shops around about now.”

Mateo stepped close, close enough that Jordan backed up against his kitchen counter to steady himself. “You know, I think you might just be the most gorgeous criminal I’ve ever met.”

“Have you met many criminals?” Jordan asked breathlessly, glancing down at Mateo’s lips.

“A few,” Mateo replied honestly, “but never one quite as lovely as yourself.”

The oven dinged, startling Jordan away to find mitts and pull out the baked cock. “All righty!” he exclaimed, clearly flustered. “Now, uhm, now it’s time to get hard.”

“Pardon?” Mateo tried to hide his disappointment at being interrupted, downing the last of his wine.

“If you want to make something hard, you use a soft mold,” Jordan explained with a little giggle. “But if you want something soft, ahem, you gotta start out hard.”

“I can feel all of my creative juices already flowing,” Mateo teased, watching Jordan set the giant cock down on his work table. “What now?”

“Well, while all of our creative juices flow and congeal, we let this cool for a few minutes. Any last minute adjustments we want to make have to happen now before we start casting.”


“So, are we pleased with our Hulk cock?” Jordan asked with a grin, turning the monstrous thing all around for Mateo’s inspection.

“Consider my juices boiling.” Mateo nodded his approval. “It’s perfect. Now, what do you do next?”

“So! We start casting now,” Jordan announced as he mixed up a small batch of a milky liquid in a bowl. “We just need a little tiny bit to create the sheath.”

“Looks like come. Really thick come.”

“It’s silicone! Pay attention! This first layer is the most important,” Jordan teased with a bright smile as he painted the silicone along the giant cock. “This is what’s called the beauty coat. It’s gonna capture all those juicy and veiny details.

“We add another layer and some gauze. This will add some strength and help keep it all together. Now! We have to build our mold wall while that sets up. Grab some of that wood at your feet.”

“Mmm, not sure it hangs quite that low,” Mateo teased.

“The scraps!” Jordan cackled.

Mateo grinned, picking up some of the wooden pieces he found and offering them over.

“So! Next we build the mold wall around our, ahem, specimen,” Jordan said, smiling gleefully as he constructed a firm wall around the cock. He used duct tape to hold the corners and started jamming clay inside, pausing to take a swig of his wine.

“Why clay?” Mateo asked, watching him curiously. He topped off Jordan’s mug and refilled his own. “Thought you said we have to get hard to make something soft.”

“It’s a two part mold,” Jordan explained. “We gotta make it in two halves so once we pour our rubber in, we can pull it apart to get our prize. Trust me! I got this.”

“Mmm, and you’re sure that you know what you’re doing?”

“I’m a professional!” Jordan declared, smoothing the clay out until the bottom half of the box was filled. “Next, we pour in the alginate to fill it up the rest of the way, and that makes the first part of our mold.”

“The algi-what?”

“Alginate!” Jordan said, ushering Mateo to his side of the table. “Come here! You can help me with this part!”

Mateo finished off his wine and walked over to join him.

“Okie dokie!” Jordan pulled out a giant bucket, a tub full of white powder, and a jug of water. “One scoop for every cup of water. Same stuff dentists use to take teeth impressions because it sets up so fast.”

Mateo found a giant spoon being pressed into his hand while Jordan dumped in powder and water, urging him to start stirring.

“You have to really get in there!” Jordan laughed, his hands folding over top of Mateo’s and trying to help him.

Mateo enjoyed the warmth of Jordan’s body pressing into his side, doing his best to focus on combining the alginate. It was nearly impossible with Jordan’s fingers curling with his own and that bright smile of his lighting up his handsome face.

“Hey! Keep stirring!” Jordan urged, bumping their hips together. “Once it’s mixed, we only have a few minutes to pour before it starts setting up.”

“Better pour quickly.”


“Because I am planning on kissing you,” Mateo said confidently. “And once I start, I’m not sure when I’ll stop.”

“I think it’s mixed enough,” Jordan squeaked, the flesh of his face cycling through several awesome shades of red. He grabbed the bucket, dumping the liquid into the mold until it was overflowing.

Mateo had his hands on Jordan’s hips the second the bucket clattered to the floor, turning him around and planting a greedy kiss on his lips.

Jordan moaned loudly, his arms clinging to Mateo’s shoulder and licking into his mouth. He was a live wire, frantic and eager, pushing himself flush against Mateo’s chest.

Mateo couldn’t get enough. He adored all the needy little noises Jordan made when he touched him, mapping out all the lines of his lean figure. He lifted him up on the table, panting softly as he worked to get their shirts out of the way.

Jordan was right there with him, breaking the passionate lock of their lips only long enough for shirts to go flying off before diving back in. The kiss was hot, a perfect slide of lips and tongue, fueled by the heat of their bare skin pressing so close.

Mateo’s fingers were dipping below the hem of Jordan’s jeans, tracing over the button with his thumb as he remarked, “It seems I’ve gotten your creative juices flowing.”

Jordan giggled, reaching down to palm Mateo’s hard cock as he teased, “Oh, and I’d say you’re feeling very inspired right now.”

Mateo chuckled, kissing him again passionately. He knew there was no way he could ever get enough of those amazing lips now that he’d had a taste.

“Mmmph,” Jordan mumbled. “We’ve gotta finish the mold.”

“Right now?” Mateo huffed.

“Yes!” Jordan insisted, swiping a hand through his hair as he slid off the table to grab the bucket. “I just have to pour the other side and then we can get right back to this.”

“Or, option B, forget the damn thing and you let me bend you over this table instead?”

“Tempting,” Jordan said with a wink, quickly mixing up another batch of alginate. “Very tempting! But you hired me to complete a task, Mr. Delgado! And I do take my work very seriously.”

Mateo was downright pouting as he watched Jordan work, moving behind him and squeezing his hips.

Jordan squeaked, glancing back at Mateo as he protested, “It’ll only take a second!”

“I’m not doing anything,” Mateo replied innocently. “Carry on. Don’t let me distract you.”

Jordan grinned, flipping the mold over as he said, “Now that the first half of the mold is set, we have to pour the second. So, we pull out all that clay from before…”

Mateo unbuttoned Jordan’s jeans, resting his chin on his shoulder. “Mm, just a placeholder, right?”

“Y-yes,” Jordan nodded, reaching for a small spatula. “Before we pour the rest, we have to cut mold keys. A small break in the mold to help it lock together and take it apart.”

“Fascinating,” Mateo breathed, discovering two things very quickly when he pushed Jordan’s jeans down.

The first was that Jordan wasn’t wearing any underwear.

The second was that he had a silicone cock cage snugly locked on his dick.

A closer look revealed the Batman logo was stamped right across the head, and Mateo was unable to resist a chuckle. “A Batman chastity cage?”

“It’s my Batman Cock Cave, thank you,” Jordan corrected, his voice surprisingly steady even as Mateo fondled his balls. “Now! Some people just cut out little rectangles for mold keys. I always do a lightning bolt.”

“Mmhmm,” Mateo hummed, stroking Jordan’s sack and teasing the base of his cock where the edge of the cage squeezed him.

Jordan’s hand was shaking as he cut out zig zag chunks to form his lightning bolt, picking up the bucket and quickly pouring the second batch of alginate in. “N-now we just wait for this to set up.”

“Mmhm,” Mateo hummed again, kneeling down behind Jordan and helping him step out of his jeans. He grabbed his asscheeks, spreading them wide and appraising his sweet hole.

Jordan shuddered from head to toe, his back arching out to offer himself willingly, panting, “So, you know, in case the Batman Cock Cage didn’t give it away… I’m a little, uh, adventurous?”

“So am I,” Mateo promised, kneading Jordan’s cheeks, his thumbs sliding inward to massage the tender skin around his ass. “Tell me what you want, Jordan.”

“Take charge,” Jordan said immediately, the words making Mateo’s cock twitch. “I don’t want to come until you tell me to… I need…” His voice cracked, sighing, “I need you to tell me what to do.”

“Safeword?” Mateo replied, a breath away from Jordan’s hole, watching it clench and unclench.

“Bruce Wayne.”

“All right, Jordan,” Mateo said hoarsely, “I’m going to eat your ass out until you’re shaking. Then I think I will fuck you… if I’m satisfied, and only then, I’ll let you come.”

“Oh, fuck yes,” Jordan moaned happily.

“Does that sound agreeable?”

“Yes, please!”

Mateo’s tongue plunged forward, savoring the wonderful cry it earned him. He licked eagerly, swirling in tight circles all around Jordan’s hole before starting to push forward.

Jordan’s head smacked against the table, mewling and whimpering softly.

Mateo could only push so far, the tight muscle resisting entry, but he kept going. He reached between Jordan’s legs, finding his balls and giving them a tender squeeze.

Jordan started rocking his hips back, desperate for more friction. It didn’t take long for his thighs to tremble, and he sobbed against the table, “Oh, God… oh, fuck… it’s so good… Mateo!”

Mateo added a finger, slick with spit, just enough to probe the inner rim of Jordan’s tight hole. He wanted to draw this out, to really torture and tease him for hours, but he couldn’t wait any longer.

Jordan fussed when Mateo pulled away, pushing himself up on his elbows and looking back at him over his shoulder. His face was glistening with sweat, flushed a lovely shade of pink, waving at the drawers next to them. “Come on.”

“Ah ah,” Mateo chastised, lightly smacking Jordan’s butt. “You wanted me to be in charge, right?” He found lubricant where Jordan had gestured, but made no effort to get himself ready. “That means you have to be patient.”

Jordan whined loudly, trying to press back against Mateo as he begged, “Please… Patience is, like, my worst quality.”

“Which is why we’re going to work on it right now,” Mateo teased, lubing up his fingers and stroking them between Jordan’s cheeks. He kept playing around his tight little hole, dipping in here and there, but still not giving any real relief.

Jordan writhed in frustration, even slamming his fist down at one point, but he didn’t protest again. He was giving in, a beautiful sublime expression softening his face as he finally relaxed.

Mateo waited until he saw that submission before plunging his fingers in, watching Jordan nearly jump right off the floor as he buried himself down to the knuckle. He worked his ass open in slow, deep strokes, praising, “Such a good boy for me…”

“Fuck! Yes!” Jordan cried triumphantly, melting beneath Mateo’s skilled fingers and grinding down against his hand. “Your good boy, yes… fuck!”

Mateo’s balls were about to burst, and he fumbled for the lube as he pulled out his cock. He rubbed the head up against Jordan’s hole, lamenting, “I don’t have protection. This is not exactly what I had planned when I came over here…”

“You clean?”


“Me, too,” Jordan panted eagerly. “Please don’t stop… I want you like this. I want you to come in me.”

Mateo had to bite the blood out of his cheek to stop himself from moaning. He’d never wanted anything so much. He began to press inside, both of them left groaning together at the tight fit. “Fuck, Jordan…”

“Mateo,” Jordan whimpered, reaching back to grab his hip as they savored the first wave of pleasure from being so intimately connected.

Mateo pressed kisses along Jordan’s spine, mouthing at the side of his throat as he started to slam forward. Jordan moved with him, rolling into each thrust to take it deeper every time, their bodies in sync as if they had been doing this all of their lives.

Tools were clattering and falling off the table from the force of Mateo’s cock pounding into Jordan, Mateo’s grunts punctuating all of Jordan’s gorgeous cries.

Mateo gave Jordan a few good spankings, delighted how he clenched down and howled. He had to kiss him, plastering himself across his back to reach his lips, fingers curling into his hair as he sucked on his tongue.

He was already close, the pressure in his loins pleading for release. He grunted a quick warning, Jordan twitching beneath him and moaning desperately. Mateo growled as he came, every muscle focused on pumping his come as deeply as he could.

Jordan moaned, grinning like a fool, breathlessly praising, “Fuck, Mateo… so fucking good… that was amazing.”

Mateo smiled, kissing Jordan’s cheek and giving him one last thrust. “Mmmph. You, Jordan King, are something special.”

“Before you pull out,” Jordan said quickly, eyeing him with a sheepish grin, “could you… uh… plug me?”

Mateo shuddered, repeating, “Plug you?” He popped Jordan’s hip. “Wanna keep all my come in you, hmm?”

“At least until I finish the mold,” Jordan replied shyly.

“I suppose that’s fair,” Mateo mused. “Finish our little project and then I’ll let you come?”

“Godddd, yup, that.” Jordan nodded eagerly. “Let’s do that.”

“And I would find a plug where exactly?”

“Same drawer.”

Mateo laughed when he found it, a silver rubber butt plug with a very unique handle. “Is that… is that Thor’s Hammer?”

“It’s my Mjolnir Man Plug,” Jordan giggled, sighing contently as Mateo pulled out, easily fitting the thick plug inside his wet hole.

Mateo pulled Jordan up into his arms, kissing him passionately. He couldn’t believe this gorgeous man was so utterly perfect. He hugged him close, chuckling, “You truly are amazing, Jordan.”

“So are you,” Jordan said with a toothy grin. “Mmmph, and that cock of yours. Fuck, we’re making a damn mold of that monster next!”

Mateo smirked, glancing to the mold and asking, “Speaking of monsters…”

“Right!” Jordan turned to grab the mold, shivering as the plug shifted inside of him. He popped off the wood, left with a large gray cube. His fingers found the seam, pulling at the mold keys and it popped cleanly into two halves.

“Is that it?” Mateo asked curiously, kissing Jordan’s shoulder as he watched.

“Almost,” Jordan said, pulling the silicone wrapped cock from the middle. “See, the sheath stays nice and flexible, should come right off like a condom.” He peeled it off the clay Hulk cock, holding it up for Mateo’s inspection. “Ta-dah!”

“Mmm, now what?”

“Now we mix and pour the silicone to make the actual dildo,” Jordan replied, returning the sheath to the middle of the mold and putting it all back together. He turned it upside down, revealing the open hole left behind in the bottom of the sheath.

With Mateo’s help, he gathered the ingredients to create a large batch of silicone, grinning when he added several drops of green dye. He kept going until the mixture was a brilliant shade of emerald, asking, “Do we think that’s an appropriate Hulk green?”

“Perfect,” Mateo confirmed, watching Jordan pour the green silicone down into the mold.

“The sheath will catch all those awesome details from the beauty coat and the mold walls hold it all together while it sets up!” Jordan declared proudly, moaning quietly as he moved and the plug moved with him. “And that, mmmph, is how you make a dildo, Mr. Delgado.”

“Very impressive,” Mateo said, fingering around the handle of Jordan’s plug. “About how long will it take?”

“To fully cure? Mmm, a few hours at least.” Jordan’s eyes fluttered softly, leaning into Mateo’s touch. “Do you have something in mind to pass the time?”

“Many, many things,” Mateo promised, giving the plug a light tug. “First on the list is taking off your Batman Cock Cave. You’ve been such a very good boy, and I think you’ve earned yourself a spectacular orgasm.”

“Mmmph,” Jordan moaned, shivering in anticipation. “And after that?”

“Well,” Mateo replied, kissing him sweetly with a sly smile, “we’ll just have to see where our creative juices take us, won’t we?”


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