Sexy Saturday 06/29/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Wait – what do you mean it’s actually Monday? Pfffft. I have no idea what you mean! It’s not like I just had a new release come out this weekend and I got so busy that I forgot. Except, uh, that’s exactly what happened! Sorry! XD

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out Hard Earned Cash – currently sitting at #52 on Amazon’s Gay Romance Top 100 – and a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s left a review. Thank you sooo very much! <333

Now, today’s treat is from the upcoming CHC Anthology (release date still pending!). This is a collection of smutty stories that take place between the first book and Hard Earned Cash.

Here’s a look at the very first Christmas that Jimmy spent with Boss Cold! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/Lingerie/Panties


Christmas Day was a very exciting day for Jimmy.

It wasn’t even a week ago that Cold had off-handedly mentioned he wasn’t a big fan of the holidays. Jimmy told him that some of his best memories were of Christmas mornings when he was young and his mother was still alive, and how he missed the smell of a real Christmas tree.

Growing up with the Duplin family, they’d always had an artificial tree, and it wasn’t the same.

It was certainly not a coincidence that a fresh Christmas tree magically appeared in the living room the next day.

Cold had spared no expense getting a lavish tree and plenty of decorations for the house, and the bounty Jimmy found when he woke up Christmas morning was astounding. He felt like a little kid again, stunned by Santa’s generosity.

Of course, he knew it was really Cold, but the sense of wonder was the same.

Jimmy noticed there were some presents wrapped in black paper tucked in the very back of the tree, and Cold told him slyly that those were for later. Jimmy couldn’t wait to see what they were, but first they had a whole day of Christmas festivities to get through that Cold had planned out for them.

David came by to join the holiday festivities so they could celebrate his first Christmas as a free man together as a family. There were presents for him under the tree as well, and they spent several hours swimming in wrapping paper and watching classic holiday films.

Cold spoiled them both with books, movies, clothes, and a receipt for a new television he was having delivered to David’s apartment. David tried to refuse such an extravagant gift, but Cold calmly told him that Santa could not be dissuaded.

Jerry kept them happy with snack trays and festive cookies while he prepared an epic Christmas feast for them all. Rowena popped in to share some holiday cheer, but declined the invitation for dinner. She had plans with Dario, and Cold announced that his Christmas gift to his sister was not whacking the young pianist.

Even though they all had a good laugh over it, Jimmy wasn’t sure how serious he was.

Dinner was roast duck with chestnut stuffing, garlic green beans, marsala stuffed mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, whipped mashed potatoes, and Jerry had baked three different desserts, including a mouthwatering sticky toffee pudding. They all ate themselves to the point of busting, retiring out to the living room to curl up in front of the fireplace to recuperate.

Jerry brought them spiced wine to sip on, and as The Man Who Came To Dinner was ending, Jimmy couldn’t recall having a happier Christmas in at least a decade.

David thanked Cold for his hospitality and all the wonderful presents, giving Jimmy a big hug and a kiss before Jerry helped him load up the car to drive him home. After about the third glass of wine, it was clear that David would not be driving himself.

Alone with Cold, Jimmy settled down on the floor in front of the tree. His attention was immediately drawn to the remaining gifts, asking eagerly, “So! Is it time to open up those black presents?”

“Yes,” Cold replied, smiling wickedly over the rim of his wine glass. “Go on. I’m very interested to see if your gifts… fit.”

“Fit?” Jimmy immediately began tearing at the paper, his mind racing excitedly. It could be some sort of new toy or perhaps some naughty clothing. He knew Cold had been peeking at his many wish lists for inspiration for their lessons, and the possibilities for what awaited himself inside the boxes were endless.

The first gift was a pair of sheer black panties that made Jimmy blush immediately. He ran his fingers over the smooth fabric and shuddered when he imagined what it would feel like against his skin. “Oh, Rod. They’re beautiful!”

“Keep going,” Cold said with a smirk. “There’s more.”

A pair of stockings was next, black nylon with thick seams that Jimmy couldn’t wait to slide up his legs. Just these with the panties alone was an amazing gift, and he knew Cold had spent a pretty penny getting them for him. Cold never cheaped out of anything, especially clothing.

Jimmy’s fingers were trembling when he opened the last box, gasping when he found a lush corset and a matching bralette waiting for him inside. They were black with nude trimmings, silky lace edges, and small bows accenting the seams.

“Do you like them?” Cold asked, licking his lips as he studied Jimmy’s face intently.

“Yes,” Jimmy breathed, looking up to Cold with wide eyes. “Everything is so beautiful. I can’t believe this is for me!”

“Believe it,” Cold chuckled. “What are you waiting for? Go on and put everything on.”

“Right here?” Jimmy’s cheeks flushed.

“I’ll close my eyes,” Cold said, sipping at his wine with a sly smirk. “You can tell me when you’re ready. How’s that?”

“O-Okay,” Jimmy said excitedly, waiting for Cold to close his eyes before he started wiggling out of his normal clothes. He slid the stockings on first, turning this way and that to make sure the seams were even. Next were the panties, and he inhaled quietly as the soft fabric hugged his ass and his cock.

He couldn’t resist palming himself through the satin, loving how it felt beneath his fingers. He grabbed the bralette and suddenly realized he had no idea how to put it on. He clipped it on backwards and spun it around, sliding his arms through the straps and adjusting it around his lean chest.

Last was the corset, and although it was quite beautiful, it was the most daunting piece of all.

Swaying from his Christmas wine and buzzing with excitement energy, his hands were trembling as he loosened the ribbon to wiggle it on. He went over his head with it and immediately regretted that decision, cursing softly as he tried to pull it over his bra.

“Do you need assistance?” Cold asked innocently.

“I’ve got this!” Jimmy protested, grunting as he finally pulled the corset down and sighing in relief.

Cold chuckled softly, offering, “I’m here if you need me.”

Grumbling to himself, Jimmy stubbornly pulled at the laces of the corset and fixed everything as best as he could. Tying the bow behind his back was awkward, but he felt so gorgeous all bundled up in silk and lace. Once he was certain he had adjusted all of his lingerie to near perfection, he cleared his throat.

“Are you ready?” Cold asked.

“Yes,” Jimmy exhaled softly, biting his lip eagerly as Cold rose up to his feet.

Eyes still closed, he set his wine expertly aside and reached for Jimmy’s hands.

“You can open your eyes now,” Jimmy teased, guiding Cold over to join him by the fireplace. He gasped when Cold turned him around, his strong hands sliding along the front of the corset as he pressed up against his back.

“Not yet.” Cold slipped a nimble finger inside Jimmy’s bra, sliding over a nipple and making him shudder. His other hand skirted down Jimmy’s stomach to the edge of his panties, skimming the hem before tracing the line of his hardening cock.

Jimmy was panting, curling his spine and pushing his ass back against Cold. “Don’t you want to see it? Why, why are your eyes still closed?”

“Because I am enjoying the anticipation,” Cold replied as he kept toying with Jimmy’s nipple, pressing as close as he could. He kissed Jimmy’s shoulder, light as a feather, his mouth gliding to his neck, his ear.

Jimmy was whimpering, grabbing Cold’s hand and trying to press it back down on his cock. “Oh, come on! Please! Touch me, look at me, something! Do you have any idea how hard it was to get all of this on for you?”

Cold chuckled heartily, squeezing Jimmy and petting him softly. “Oh, I can certainly imagine,” he said, slipping his fingers inside Jimmy’s panties to touch his bare skin, “This is my Christmas present to myself, and I don’t want to unwrap it too quickly.”

“Mmmph, Rod,” Jimmy groaned, pushing his ass back and grabbing Cold’s hip. “Please…”

Cold only smirked and rubbed his hard dick against Jimmy’s ass as he teasingly stroked him, not allowing enough pressure for any real friction to form. Jimmy was so hard from all the wicked torture, and the skimpy panties could barely contain his erection.

The tension was absolutely maddening, and Jimmy urged again, “Please, Rod. Look at me. Look at what you gave me. Look at what you’re freakin’ doing to me!”

Cold’s eyes finally opened, and he actually gasped, his hand clenching around Jimmy’s cock and kissing his ear urgently. “Oh, Jimmy… you look absolutely delicious.”

Jimmy whirled around in Cold’s arms, slamming their lips together in a fierce kiss. He tasted sweet, fruity and delicious, and Jimmy absolutely loved the greedy way Cold was feeling him up through the corset and bra. “Mmmph, Rod! God, you feel so good!”

Cold growled softly and picked Jimmy right off the floor. “I think I’m going to unwrap you in bed, Jimmy, if there are no objections.”

“None at all!” Jimmy squealed, wrapping his long legs around his waist and never letting their lips part for more than a second. It was difficult to breathe, and he didn’t know if it was from the rush of the sex they were about to have or the crushing hold the corset had on his ribs.

When Cold finally laid him out in bed, he gasped for sweet oxygen and laughed, “Oh, this is gonna be, mmm, interesting.”

“What’s wrong?” Cold asked worriedly, frowning down at Jimmy as he crawled over him. “Is the corset too tight?”

“Oh, it’s definitely tight,” Jimmy said, smoothing his hands down the firm boning, “but I don’t want to take it off yet. Please. I can wear it for a little longer, I promise! I’ll be fine!”

“As you wish,” Cold said, glancing down at Jimmy skeptically. He bowed his head for a kiss, mumbling against his lips, “But if I even suspect for a moment that there’s a problem, it’s all coming off.”

“Yes, sir!” Jimmy said with an excited grin, groaning into their kiss as the temperature began to rise. He soon felt Cold’s slick fingers pulling his panties aside and pressing into him, making him gasp urgently. “Oh, God! Oh, yes!”

“Mmm, you want to leave your panties on while I fuck you?” Cold asked in a deliciously husky whisper, nuzzling along Jimmy’s throat.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Jimmy chanted. He wrapped his legs around Cold’s hips and squeezed, crossing his ankles as he took a deep breath. “Please, Rod. I can take it. Please, take me, right now!”

“Jimmy,” Cold murmured, dropping down to his elbows as he began to push his thick cock in. “Mmm, you feel fantastic.”

Moaning softly, Jimmy’s head dropped back against the bed, loving the tug of the panties against his inner groin as Cold slipped so deeply inside of him. Cold didn’t take long to get going and had soon started a passionate pace. Jimmy scrambled to keep up, rolling his hips to meet every thrust, bottoming out together and both of them marveling at the perfect fit.

Jimmy couldn’t keep his hands still, feeling over Cold’s shoulders and back, his nails digging in when Cold would push deep. He was gasping more often, his head starting to feel light, and he was whimpering, “Fuck, Rod… just like that, just like that… fuck!”

Cold focused in on the angle that had Jimmy writhing and lifted up one of his legs. The higher he went, the louder Jimmy got. Cold finally threw his leg up over his shoulder and smothered a low growl against Jimmy’s chest. “There… fuck, take it, just like that. Just like that!”

Jimmy snapped a hand up to the headboard to brace himself, staring at Cold in shock and amazement, groaning, “Fuck! Yes! That, that, there! Wait, no, no… yes, okay, yes, yes, yes!”

Once Cold had the perfect spot all lined up, he was totally relentless and started pounding into Jimmy’s tight ass. Jimmy’s body swallowed him up completely, clenching down so fucking tightly it almost hurt, and he knew they were both getting close.

The lace of the corset wrapped around him was so new, and the sensation was positively erotic. He could feel his cock trapped between them, pressed against cloth and silk, and Jimmy groaned when Cold purposefully pressed down to give him more friction.

He could see the head of his cock drooling all over the pricey fabric, a single line of clear fluid clinging as it connected skin and lace. He kissed Cold passionately, stretching his other leg over his shoulder and crying out as Cold fucked him frantically.

Cold steadied his weight with one arm, his other hand sliding up the boning of the corset and pulling Jimmy’s bra down. He squeezed his nipple until Jimmy squealed, fucking him in time with each cruel little twist.

Jimmy couldn’t stop moaning, his head snapping to the side as he moaned and clung to Cold’s shoulders, crying out, “Rod! I’m, I’m, I’m so fucking close!”

Cold snaked his hand back down to grab Jimmy’s dripping cock from underneath his panties, jerking him in the same merciless rhythm as his hips, grunting and sweating, growling, “Yes… Come on… come for me, Jimmy.”

Jimmy’s voice went up some octaves in waves of moans, screaming sweetly as he came, thrusting up against Cold’s palm as he busted all over the soft lace of his corset. He could feel himself blushing a spectacular shade of red, gasping haggardly as his body shook from the intense ograsm.

“Oh, Rod…” Jimmy groaned, continuing to mewl and fuss as Cold kept fucking him. He was quickly approaching overstimulation, and it was hard to breathe, as he groaned weakly.

Cold growled as he came next, his hips slamming into Jimmy as he rode out his own shuddering climax. He panted against Jimmy’s neck, pressing a few breathless kisses there as he groaned, “Well… Merry Christmas to me.”

Jimmy laughed tiredly, dragging his fingers through Cold’s short hair. “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.” He wiggled his hips playfully, teasing, “Well, maybe help me get out of this stuff first and then good night?”

“That I can do,” Cold said with a wink.

Jimmy quickly decided that getting out of the corset was much more fun than getting into it. He had felt so awkward trying to wiggle into it, and he was ready to escape. He smiled as Cold began to work at the laces with expert dexterity and laser focus.

Cold pulled the ribbon out of each grommet, looping it around his long fingers as he went. He was exacting and careful, his icy gaze focused intently on his work.

Jimmy sighed in relief when the last pull freed his rib cage and he could inhale properly, but Cold still wasn’t done with him.

Cold bowed his head, tracing his fingertips delicately along the impressions in Jimmy’s skin left behind from the boning of the corset. He touched every single one, smiling softly as if somehow deeply pleased by the symmetry of each lovely vertical line.

Jimmy was melting from every attentive touch and let himself savor this intimacy. He drank in every pass of Cold’s hands like sweet nectar, sighing softly and blushing from such a passionate focus.

Cold peeled the corset away, his lips moving to take the place of his hands and caressing each line of pressure with a soft kiss. He lingered on the collection of tiny circles left behind from the grommets on the lacing, following them down the center of Jimmy’s stomach to his loins.

Jimmy lifted up his hips as Cold took off his underwear and the stockings, returning up his body to unfasten the bra. Cold paused at his chest to trace the lines left behind, admiring all the creases and marks. Jimmy smiled as he watched him, teasing, “I think you’re having more fun unwrapping me than you did playing with me.”

“Nonsense,” Cold chuckled, kissing Jimmy’s lips sweetly. “I’m simply enjoying my gift to the fullest.”

“Your gift?”

“Mmhmm,” Cold hummed. “The lingerie on you is a gift to me, one that I’ve been waiting so very patiently for.”

“You must have bribed Santa,” Jimmy teased. “Because I know you should be on the naughty list.”

“Certainly possible,” Cold mused, smirking down at Jimmy and petting his hair. “Tell me, did you have a good Christmas?”

“Yes,” Jimmy replied immediately. “I had an awesome Christmas. Thank you for everything.” He patted his stomach, asking slyly, “Hey, do you think there’s any of that toffee pudding left?”

“Only one way to find out,” Cold whispered heatedly. “Quick shower, raid the kitchen for toffee pudding, and watch another Christmas movie before I wrap you back up again?”



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