Sexy Saturday 06/06/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Today’s post is a fun bit of naughtiness from the Cold Hard Cash Anthology! It’s a collection of smutty shorts that take place between CHC and CHC2 – hopefully to be released in the next few months following CHC2’s release!

Jimmy has finally started back at college, and Cold has some surprises for him to celebrate his first day… and a harsh lesson in gratitude.

Warnings: NSFW/riding crop/spankings


The first day of school was absolutely wonderful for Jimmy. He’d been looking forward to it for weeks. There was a part of him that still couldn’t believe that it was actually happening, and the reality didn’t hit until he was walking into his very first class.

He’d done it. He was here. He was finally going to finish his degree.

Many of his old law professors were still here teaching and were glad to see him. Even though it had been so long, Jimmy was able to navigate his way around campus efficiently and enjoyed catching up with so many familiar faces.

The class load was simple since it was the first day, filled with reviewing the syllabuses and the expectations for the rest of the semester. Jimmy was positively buzzing with excitement, carefully taking notes for every class and organizing each subject in its own small binder.

He was actually a little disappointed when it was time to go home for the day, but he was still all smiles when Jerry came to pick him up.

Jerry had driven the sleek sedan, fortunately, and not the limo.

Not that Jimmy was ashamed of his relationship with Cold, but he thought it would be better if he was a bit discreet. The last thing he wanted was any of his teachers passing him through their classes because they were afraid of getting whacked.

Jimmy went racing into the house the moment Jerry parked the car, calling out, “Rod! I’m home!”

“In here!” Cold’s voice called out.

Jimmy followed the sound into the living room, gasping in surprise when Cold was waiting for him with a bottle of champagne. “What’s all this?”

“We’re celebrating,” Cold said with a smirk.

“We are?” Jimmy laughed as Cold popped the cork and champagne began to bubble out. He quickly grabbed a glass to help catch it. “What are we celebrating?”

“Your triumphant return to college, of course,” Cold replied, filling Jimmy’s glass and one of his own. He smirked, licking his hand where some of the champagne had dribbled. “I’d thought it would be obvious.”

“It’s just the first day!” Jimmy blushed, grinning brightly as they raised their glasses together in a toast. “Thank you, Rod. Really. This is ridiculous and very sweet.”

“It’s just champagne,” Cold said indignantly, reaching out to cup the back of Jimmy’s neck and bring him into a deep kiss. “Mmm… and perhaps I got you a few little things to commemorate the occasion.”


“One is something I found on one of your wish lists,” Cold replied with a wink. “I believe it may be very beneficial to your extracurricular education.”

“Ohhh,” Jimmy said, the pink in his cheeks turning into a deep red. He slurped down the champagne to help cool himself off, asking curiously, “And, uh, what else exactly did you get me?”

“Here,” Cold said, offering him a small package. It was flat and rectangular, wrapped in simple brown paper.

Jimmy set his champagne aside to accept the present, tearing the paper open to find a handsome leather bound book. He flipped through the pages, laughing, “A planner? You got me a planner?”

“Staying organized is very important,” Cold said stubbornly. “Especially for a new student, I think it’s vital that you keep track of your exams and due dates.”

“Thank you,” Jimmy said, leaning up to kiss Cold’s cheek. “It’s very thoughtful.”

“Hmmph.” Cold looked over Jimmy’s face. “Waiting to see what your other present is, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Jimmy confessed, grinning. “Not that I don’t appreciate the very nice planner-”

“Oh, it’s fine,” Cold said briskly. “Makes your other gift quite appropriate, in fact.”

“Huh?” Jimmy blinked. “Appropriate how?”

“Because it’s something to help punish you when you’ve been bad,” Cold replied as he offered another wrapped gift.

This package was long and thin, and Jimmy knew exactly what it was. Gulping anxiously, he tore at the paper and revealed a slim riding crop. “Shit.”

“Now,” Cold began with a sly smirk, “I know you just got home from school, but I think it’s time for a lesson. Specifically, in manners.”

His face flushing, Jimmy began to nod urgently. “Of course. Yes. I was rude.”

“Yes, you were,” Cold confirmed. “Now, are you ready to begin your lesson, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy confirmed, his muscles starting to relax, and gently popped his neck. “I’m ready.”

“Safe word?”


“Very good,” Cold said, gesturing to the fireplace. “I want you to lean up against the mantle. Drop your pants, but keep your underwear on for now. Do you understand, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, quickly moving into position. With his pants around his ankles, he held onto the mantle and took a deep breath.

Behind him, he could hear Cold taking a few practice swings, and the zip of the crop slicing the air made his cock instantly hard.

Cold came up beside him, a strong hand sliding over his ass and squeezing his cock through the thin fabric of his boxer briefs. “I see someone is very interested in their naughty gift. Such a shame you weren’t as motivated to be grateful for your other one.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Jimmy said, glancing back at Cold over his shoulder. “I really do love the planner, I do. You know what a mess I am, and it’s something I could reall-fuck!”

The first crack of the riding crop over his ass made Jimmy jump, and he gripped the edge of the mantle more tightly. Even through his underwear, the sting was sharp and unforgiving.

“How’s that, Mr. Poe?” Cold asked calmly, rubbing his palm over Jimmy’s rear to assess the damage.

“Good, sir,” Jimmy squeaked, panting softly. “It’s good.”

Raising his hand up, Cold reared back and smacked Jimmy’s ass again.

Jimmy gasped, his hips jerking back, and he panted as he felt a throbbing line popping up across his skin. Even though the crop didn’t cover the same amount of space as Cold’s hand, the pain was much more intense. He could feel it pounding in his skin, and he had to bow his head down as he struggled to stay standing.

The aftermath of each strike was making his knees weak, and he could feel his underwear getting damp from his cock.

Cold gave him a few more slaps with the crop, waiting in between and watching Jimmy carefully. “I’m not sure if this is enough for you to actually learn anything,” he drawled, grabbing the waistband of Jimmy’s briefs and pulling them down to expose his ass. “Perhaps you need something a bit more… stimulating.”

Jimmy heard the crop slicing through the air and yelped when it made contact with his bare skin. His spine curled up, and his nails dug into the wood of the mantle. It was like a stream of fire had ignited over his ass, and the lingering sting made him ache. “F-fuck!”

“Much better,” Cold chuckled wickedly, cracking another strike across Jimmy’s cheeks.

“Oh, fuck!” Jimmy whimpered, his knees knocking together from the burn. He could feel his pulse pounding all over his abused flesh, and his cock was so hard that it hurt. His underwear rubbing against it felt like it was too much, and he took a few big breaths to steady himself.

“Do you feel like you’ve learned your lesson, Mr. Poe?” Cold asked. “Do you understand now why it’s important to be grateful for all the gifts you receive from me?”

“Y-yes, sir,” Jimmy said quickly. “You took the time to pick them out for me. You used your time, and, and your money, because you wanted to do something nice for me.”

“That’s right, Mr. Poe,” Cold said with a smirk, cracking the crop lightly over the back of Jimmy’s thighs.

Moaning softly, Jimmy stuck out his ass and rubbed his legs together as if he could soothe the burning sensation away. He couldn’t get anywhere close to where Cold had struck him, but it felt good to move. “Mmm… I’m so sorry, sir. I promise I’ll be more grateful in the future.”

“You’d better be,” Cold warned, smacking Jimmy’s arched ass violently.

Jimmy cried out, his knees almost giving out and hitting the floor. He could feel every inch of stinging skin from his thighs to the top of his ass, and it was incredible. He was overwhelmed, sniffing quietly as he awaited another strike.

But it never came.

Cold’s long fingers were tracing over the various welts, following each line from one end to the other. “Mmm, absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy said, standing a little straighter.

“Stay very still for me,” Cold commanded firmly. “I’m going to come on you, right here on your perfect little ass, and if you’re good for me… maybe I’ll let you come, too.”

“Please,” Jimmy murmured. “Please, sir.”

Cold grabbed Jimmy’s shoulder, the hot silky skin of the head of his cock now tracing over the searing lines. He kept rubbing over each one, his breathing shallow and rough, before finally starting to stroke himself.

Jimmy remained motionless and quiet until Cold came, groaning when he felt the hot splash of come dribbling down the cleft of his ass.

Cold was sliding his cock between his cheeks, playing in the mess as he said, “You look stunning like this, Mr. Poe.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jimmy replied with a big smile. “Thank you so much.”

“I suppose you want to come now, don’t you? Pull your pants up,” Cold said firmly. “Come join me on the couch.”

Confused but obedient, Jimmy yanked his underwear up over his sticky bottom and his pants right after. He waddled over to sit next to Cold, frowning when Cold handed him the new planner.

“Here,” Cold said, now offering him a pen.

“What, what am I doing?” Jimmy stammered, staring at the pen.

“Find today’s date,” Cold instructed. “Mark yourself for an orgasm tonight at, hmm, let’s say nine o’clock.”

“What?!” Jimmy gasped.

“I truly want you to really appreciate all of your gifts,” Cold said with a happy smile.

“You are a very wicked man,” Jimmy groaned, his fingers shaking as he wrote in the new event for himself.

“Oh, just the worst,” Cold agreed as he leaned over to peck Jimmy’s cheek. He playfully swatted the crop over his knees. “Now, since you don’t have anything else planned for today, how about we watch some television before dinner?”

“Mmm, and what are the chances of moving up my planned orgasm?” Jimmy asked hopefully.


“Well, shit.”

“As long as you’re working on learning some gratitude,” Cold taunted, “I think a bit of patience would be helpful as well. Don’t you think so, Mr. Poe?”

“Ulgh.” Jimmy yelped when he got another crack of the riding crop across his legs, laughing, “Sir, yes, sir!”

“Much better.”


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