Sexy Saturday 05/30/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I hope everyone is still staying safe and happy out there! Before we get to today’s sexy little treat, I want to remind you that the sign-up for our 100+ member giveaway is still open! For absolutely free, you’ll receive a thank you card from me and some other little goodies! Just fill out the form, and it’s all yours! <333…/1FAIpQLScMk8mMA9OtWR9Jl7…/viewform

Now, onto the porn!

This is a little tease from my current WIP that follows a young witch named Cerys and his adventures getting to know his very sexy coven… enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/virgin shenanigans/come marking/blow jobs/rimming/etc MMM+


“Patience,” Worth soothed, still leaning against the railing and watching them all together with a soft smile. “Let him breathe… and perhaps adjourn to somewhere a bit more comfortable, hmm?”

Eugene chuckled, tugging at Cerys’ shirt and pulling it over his head. He petted his stomach, stroking him just above his cock. “Mmm… I think I want to get a taste myself.”

“Here, let’s get you undressed,” Luther urged, sliding Cerys’ pants and boxers down. “We want to see you.”

“I’m not sure… mmmm… fuck, okay.” Cerys felt hot all over, and he couldn’t believe he was fully naked in front of a crowd of strangers. He wanted them, he wanted them all, and the desire for more was overwhelming.

Any remaining discomfort Cerys may have had about his nudity were swallowed up in his lust, kicking away the last of his clothes. He groaned as he was pawed at, not even sure whose hands were where, but he absolutely loved being touched.

He didn’t have to worry about hurting anyone. He could enjoy this, he could have fun, and wow – he was actually having the time of his life. All of these men wanted him just as much as he wanted them, and that jolt to his ego was a powerful aphrodisiac.

Not that he needed much encouragement, not with the surge of passion bubbling up through every inch of him.

He’d never experienced urges like this, totally compliant now as the men guided him deeper into the house. Everyone’s clothes were vanishing away, and Cerys found himself in a lush parlor with a large sectional sofa and two chairs.

Eugene suddenly scooped Cerys up into his arms, grinning as he brought him over to the sofa.

Cerys gasped when Eugene set him down and stood in front of him, his big cock wagging right in his face. Cerys recoiled immediately and tried to brace himself for taking that giant thing into his mouth.

It wouldn’t fit. It just couldn’t!

“Christ, Gene,” Nicky scolded, smacking at Eugene’s bare ass. “You’re gonna scare him off with that thing.”

“Hey, I know what I’m doing,” Eugene said with a scowl, dropping to his knees in between Cerys’ legs. He began to suck along his groin, working over his balls to the base of his cock. “Mmph, it was an accident… ass.”

Cerys couldn’t hide his relief, sighing happily as Eugene got to work between his legs. Maybe he’d eventually try sucking that monstrous thing, but right now he didn’t have to worry about it.

Nicky was there now, sprawling out on the sofa with his head in Cerys’ lap. Cerys groaned as Nicky began to suck the head of his cock into his mouth while Eugene hungrily mouthed along his shaft.

Cerys couldn’t look away from the two men slipping and sliding all over his dick, loving the sensation of their hot mouths and tongues. He couldn’t stop moaning, and he dropped his head back on the edge of the couch. “Oh, God… oh, God!”

Nicky growled, possessively sucking Cerys’ entire cock into his mouth in one wet slurp and pushing Eugene out of his way.

“Shit!” Cerys hissed, the sudden suction making him ache.

Eugene snapped his teeth at Nicky’s ear, complaining, “Come on! You can’t hog him like that!”

“You already sucked his cock, Nicky,” Luther pointed out. “Don’t be greedy.”

Nicky’s only reply was to suck harder.

“Nicky,” Worth warned.

Hearing his name, Nicky obediently pulled away with a slick pop. He licked his lips, leaning up to kiss Cerys. “Mmm, don’t worry. I’ll have you again real soon.”

“Here,” Eugene prompted, lifting Cerys’ legs up and gesturing for Nicky to help him. “Help me spread ‘em.”

Luther sat down on Cerys’ other side, and he and Nicky each took one of Cerys’ legs to part them wide.

“Oh, fuck,” Cerys gasped, melting from the reverent way Eugene stroked his inner thighs. He felt so exposed like this, his ass right there in Eugene’s face, and he didn’t know what to do.

“I’ve got you,” Eugene soothed, bowing his head down to run his tongue across Cerys’ hole.

That first flash of hot muscle made Cerys shudder, and he groaned loudly from the new and exciting sensation.

Eugene’s tongue continued to lick and press around his hole, and Nicky reached down to squeeze his leaking cock. Cerys moaned again, trembling as Luther leaned in to start sucking on his nipple.

He was already so close to the edge of climax, whimpering, “I’m gonna… fuck… I’m so sorry, I’m gonna come again!”

All the men around him groaned in sympathy and began to pick up the pace. Luther licked Cerys’ nipple and pinched the other while Nicky jerked him off faster and faster. Eugene had completely plastered himself between Cerys’ legs, eating out his ass with greedy growls and pants.

It was all too much, and Cerys let out a low moan as he came hard. His load hit his stomach, Nicky’s fingers, and he rocked down on Eugene’s firm tongue to carry himself through it.

“Good?” Luther asked sweetly, kissing Cerys’ cheek and stroking his wet stomach. “Did you like that?”

“Uh-huh,” Cerys panted. “Very good.”

“Fuck, he’s so fucking hot,” Eugene moaned, rising up to claim a fierce kiss. His thick cock brushed against Cerys’, grinding down to make them both murmur in pleasure. Eugene readjusted, now pushing up between Cerys’ cheeks with a low growl.

“Ohhh… shit,” Cerys groaned, feeling the silky head of Eugene’s cock rubbing against his hole. He was so wet with spit, and it felt like it could just slide right in. “Mmm, come on… please.”

Grunting, Eugene tilted his hips back. “Mm, not yet, little one… you’re not ready.”

Cerys whined, but Luther and Nicky were there to comfort him.

“Come here,” Luther urged. “Up on your hands and knees.” He helped Cerys get into position and offered him his cock. “Would you like to suck on me for a little while?”

“I… I can try,” Cerys stammered, some of his earlier confidence waning at the task before him.

“You can do it,” Worth spoke up. “Just think about what you want. Feel his energy… and make it yours.”

Taking a deep breath, Cerys hunkered down on his stomach. He listened to Worth’s voice and slowly sucked Luther’s thick cock into his mouth.

“There,” Worth praised. “Nice and slow… use your tongue, taste him… enjoy yourself.”

“You’re doing great,” Luther said, gently petting Cerys’ hair. “Mmm, your mouth feels so good.”

Cerys felt a surge of pride, experimentally twirling his tongue around the fat head in his mouth. He started sucking a little harder, trying to mimic what Nicky had done to him earlier.

He loved the taste, the heat, and he could feel Luther getting excited. There was a pull of energy that was hard to describe, but it made Cerys tremble and want to come all over again.

Nicky had scooted down to the edge of the couch to make room for Cerys’ legs, but now he was scooting back up again. He slid a hand up Cerys’ ass, dragging his thumb between his cheeks and pressing at his hole.

Cerys whined, arching up into Nicky’s probing touch as he continued to suck Luther’s cock. He could still only take the first few inches, his jaw already aching, but he didn’t want to stop. He used his hand to grab what he couldn’t fit, his stroking slick from all the drool dripping down the shaft.

“Mmm, you want me to open you up?” Nicky purred, his thumb pushing in more firmly. He snorted, but Cerys didn’t know what he was laughing at first. “Eugene, come here. If you’re just gonna stand there and jerk off, let me blow you.”

“Fine,” Eugene huffed.

Cerys pulled off to catch his breath, looking over his shoulder to watch Nicky eagerly sucking down Eugene’s giant cock like it was nothing. All the while, Nicky was still playing with Cerys’ ass and making him squirm.

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” Luther chuckled, running his fingers through Cerys’ hair. “Mm, plus I think Nicky might actually miss being our coven boy now that you’re here.”

Nicky flipped him off.

Cerys smiled, turning back to Luther’s cock and sliding him back into his mouth. He started stroking him faster and faster, listening to him grunt and encourage him with breathy little groans. The pressure from Nicky’s fingers and listening to the wet sounds of him sucking Eugene made Cerys ache, and he pressed down into the couch for relief.

He could feel Luther getting close – close enough that he could almost taste his load – and he lifted himself up for a better angle to take his cock deeper into his mouth. There, that was it, a few more precious seconds of foggy pleasure, and Luther was coming.

Oh, ugh, that tasted awful. It was hot and bitter, and Cerys nearly gagged. He tried to swallow it down and coughed, pulling off as soon as he could. The sudden surge of energy helped make the come in his throat more palatable, but wow, he wasn’t in a hurry to try that again.

“Beautiful,” Luther said, deeply satisfied and running his fingers through Cerys’ hair. “You were amazing.”

“Thanks,” Cerys sighed, licking his lips with a winded sigh. His jaw was aching, but to see Luther smile like that made him smile, too.

“Come on,” Nicky was suddenly gasping, spreading Cerys’ cheeks. “Come on, Eugene…”

Cerys turned his head to see Eugene had taken back over jerking himself off, aiming his load right at Cerys’ hole. “Oh, fuck!”

Eugene was gonna come on him. Eugene was gonna come all over his ass, and Cerys couldn’t believe how turned on he was. Yes, he wanted it. He wanted every drop.

But wait – not there – he wanted it inside of him.

Cerys whined, suddenly arching his hips up toward Eugene’s cock. “Please…”

“Soon.” Nicky pushed Cerys back down in the couch. “Soon you’ll have us all. Patience, sweet thing.”

Grunting, Eugene grabbed onto Cerys’ side to steady himself as he came. He groaned loudly, each hot pulse splashing between Cerys’ cheeks and dripping down onto the couch.

“Mmm,” Nicky hummed, slipping his fingers in the slick mess and beginning to press inside of Cerys’ hole.

“Ah, fuck!” Cerys gasped, surprised by the new pressure of Nicky’s fingers. Two were pushing inside of him and yet, there was no pain. There was a faint burn, a deep stretch, and Nicky was fucking him – his fingers slick with Eugene’s come – thrusting into his body relentlessly.

He’d never had so much, and his eyes were starting to water. Eugene was still touching him, Luther was petting his hair, and Nicky was trying to drive him into absolute madness.

“It’s, it’s too much!” Cerys whimpered. “I don’t think… I don’t think I can take it…”

“Oh, my beautiful Cerys,” Worth spoke up from across the room, a sultry growl that struck Cerys right in his soul, “we’re just getting started… there is still so much we can teach you.”

“Mmmm…” Cerys groaned brokenly.

“Just say yes,” Worth urged, “and we’ll make you ours…”

A million thoughts ran through Cerys’ mind, dizzy and heated in a turbulent hurricane of lust, and all he could manage to say was, “Yes… please.”

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