Sexy Saturday 05/23/2020

( This Sexy Saturday was a guest post from the wonderful Amanda Meuwissen who was celebrating her new release, Public Enemy, Undercover Lover! Enjoy! <333 )

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! My new release – Public Enemy, Undercover Lover – is dedicated to our lovely hostess.

From the book inscription: To K.L. Hiers, who writes masterpieces that curl my toes and inspires me to do the same for others.

Here’s a taste of what I hope curls all your toes too.


The moment the door clicked closed behind them, Andrew had him pinned up against it, pupils dilated, and lips reddened from how much he’d been biting them. “I can’t stop thinking about fucking you.”
He plastered his body to Isaac’s, kissing him deep and grinding his very apparent erection into Isaac’s thigh. Possessiveness coiled in Isaac’s gut as he gripped Andrew’s waist in turn. With Andrew’s tongue in his mouth, hands up his shirt, and hips rocking, dinner was a problem for later.
“Someone’s hard up,” Isaac huffed. It didn’t matter if he also meant himself. “The alley wasn’t enough for you? I know it wasn’t for Riley.”
“Don’t remind me.”
“Better that than his current conquest.”
Andrew snickered. “Having someone watch was kind of hot.”
“Are you saying you want me to open the blinds?”
The flush to Andrew’s cheeks darkened, and for a moment, Isaac thought he’d say yes.
But instead, he said, “You tell me. You’re in charge.”
Isaac hardened in a heartbeat. The back and forth was what he’d missed. The chase. The challenge. He used to only find it in one-upping someone with his thefts—the police, businesses, security companies, Andrew. He would have given up crime years ago if something else had been able to replace that sooner, but nothing ever had.
Not till Dalton.
And this, sparring with Andrew so much more rewardingly than playing cops and robbers.
He grabbed Andrew’s face to kiss him again, softer. They needed to get back to rough, and they would, but he liked the contrast of hard and soft and how, with Andrew, he could have both.
“I am going to fuck you on that desk,” he promised, rocking his hips forward and eliciting a sharp gasp.
“Do you have what we need?”
Andrew licked his lips and nodded, pulling out of Isaac’s hold.
The small office was a tad cluttered, but a simple swipe of the desktop cleared it of anything in the way to tumble uncaringly to the floor, other than a mug that Andrew set aside more gingerly.
“No Santa today?” Isaac teased.
“It’s spring,” Andrew said, but the smile didn’t leave his face as he reached into a bottom desk drawer and produced a small bottle and a condom.
“And you chided me the other day.”
“Always be prepared.” Andrew shrugged.
“Are you a Boy Scout?”
Andrew made a point of reaching between his legs to palm himself through his slacks. “Not today.”
Surging forward, Isaac ripped the bottle and condom from his hands to place on the corner of the desk and dipped him back across its surface, nipping at his lips and raking his hands up beneath Andrew’s sweater.
Just as he was about to rip the offending article over Andrew’s head, he saw the desk chair and the window with its closed blinds. “I have a better idea.”
After leading Andrew around the desk, he pulled the chair out of the way and then turned to open the blinds, just enough so they could see the bustle of people outside, but the passersby couldn’t see them. Not unless they looked closely.
“Your audience.” Isaac motioned grandly at the window. “I expect a fitting performance and for you to obey everything I ask.”
“Yes, sir,” Andrew said, flush with excitement.
Sliding his hands around the waistband of Andrew’s slacks, Isaac slipped his palms down the back of them and gripped Andrew’s ass. He whimpered, canting against Isaac.
“This is going to be slow, Andrew. You owe me a very long good morning.”
Pinning Andrew to the desk, Isaac made a point of grinding their hips together as hard and as slow as he could and leaned in to kiss down Andrew’s neck. They rocked like that for several mindless minutes, still fully clothed, Isaac’s mouth hot on Andrew’s neck, and Andrew’s tongue darting at his ear. When Isaac finally removed his hands from Andrew’s slacks, he slid them up into his sweater and lifted it from his body.
Andrew squirmed under the feathering of Isaac’s fingertips down his abs.
“Undress me,” Isaac ordered.
He tugged Isaac’s jacket from his shoulders and went to rip his shirt over his head.
Andrew complied with a groan but greedily ran his hands over Isaac’s ink once the shirt was off, feeling the soft dusting of hair over his chest that was mostly hidden amidst the dark colors.
Isaac let him spread his long fingers, tracing the intricate designs of a Jack of Spades, the Fibonacci Sequence swirling around his left peck, and a handful of sci-fi references and comic book characters, including the one they’d both heard radio dramas for: The Shadow, which Andrew paused at with a sweet smile when he saw it—a dark silhouette down his side with a wide-brimmed hat and a red scarf.
All the while, Isaac pressed his palm to Andrew’s stomach, fingers pointing downward, and after popping his fly, he slowly dipped into the front of his slacks, past the elastic of his underwear, and right to the prize.
Andrew whined, scraping his nails over Isaac’s skin.
“Kiss me.”
Andrew did, their tongues colliding and a shudder wracking through him. Isaac could feel the wetness building as he palmed him, the hardness of him pulsing. He shoved Andrew’s slacks and underwear out of the way.
“You’re not finished with me yet,” he told him, removing his hand even as Andrew stood naked.
Growling, Andrew tore at Isaac’s belt, risking wrecking the dress pants to speed through removing them, frantic to get back to thrusting into his palm. He pulled Isaac’s shorts down too, and lingered to admire the tattoos on his thighs, like the parallel Rebel and Imperial symbols from Star Wars.
“Touch me, and I’ll keep touching you.”
Starting on Isaac’s thighs, Andrew followed the lines of those symbols first, moving up and inward to finally take hold of him and stroking firmly through the precum. In turn, Isaac went back to Andrew’s abs, trailing downward until they were mirrored with equally firm grasps, jerking each other naked in Andrew’s office in front of his window.
They clutched with their free hands, Isaac gripping the back of Andrew’s neck, and Andrew grabbing his shoulder, orbiting closer, until their hands fell away to allow their cocks to slide past each other instead. Andrew threw both arms around Isaac’s neck at the collision, thrusting into that sweet wetness between them.
“Stop… and face the chair.”
Andrew blinked hazily back at him. Then grinned. When he first bent to lock the roller chair in place, Isaac couldn’t help running his hands across Andrew’s ass. He smacked it lightly, reveling in how Andrew writhed, so he smacked it again.
Andrew gasped.
“I think you like that.”
“Yes,” he panted.
“Well then…” Isaac smacked harder, and then squeezed, rubbing at the reddened skin.
“Ford,” Andrew mewled. “Come on… it’s so good, but I need you to fuck me.”
“I thought this was my show,” Isaac taunted, rearing back to smack him again, again, consistently in the same spot, so that the over-sensitized skin couldn’t recover. “Are you going to behave for me?”
“Yes…” Andrew sounded more pleading with each fresh whimper but ever tinged in want, pressing his ass closer to Isaac rather than away and biting his lip again as his face flushed darker.
Isaac swatted him again and again, until the leather on the arms of the chair squeaked with how much Andrew was twisting them. “You can take quite a bit, can’t you? I saw that on the rooftop. Now, I get to feel for myself. Good boys get rewarded.” He rubbed soothingly over the spot he’d made red from his slaps, and then snatched the bottle from the desk to pour the silky liquid over his fingers.
Slowly, he trailed his slick digits down the curve of Andrew’s ass to wet his puckered entrance and slid one finger in up to the knuckle—then deeper when Andrew opened without resistance.
He snapped back, bringing the finger in all the way with a grunt.
“So impatient. Behave or I’m going to have to punish you more.” Swatting his ass again in warning, Isaac teased with a second finger if he was going to be so insistent, gradually stretching and scissoring inside, pleased by how pliant he was.
Deeper and longer moans spilled from Andrew’s lips, as he rocked his hips with increasing demand.
“My, my… how long have you been thinking about this, Andrew?”
“Christmas…” he rasped. “Never stopped thinking about it… about you.”
“The way you lifted me on your shoulders in that alley… I’m going to treat you so good to pay you back for that.”
“Yes,” Andrew moaned louder as Isaac twisted his fingers, “but I don’t want to wait…”
“Think you’re ready?”
Isaac didn’t need convincing. Sliding his fingers free, he reached for the condom, but thought better of trying to open it with slick fingers. “You put this on me. We’re going to flip around and give our audience a good show.”
Cheeks rosy and eyes nearly black, Andrew staggered as he turned and reached for the condom with a trembling hand. Both hands shook as he tore it open, but he managed.
Isaac took him by the hips and pivoted them, turning the chair to face the window and positioning them in front of it. He let Andrew roll the condom up his length, feeling so hard, he thought he might burst at the brush of Andrew’s fingers, and then again when he added lube.
He sat in the chair and patted his thighs with a suggestive smirk.
Andrew bit his lip again, his flush covering the entire swath of his pale, exposed skin, as he turned and started to sit in Isaac’s lap.
“Easy,” Isaac said, taking him in at the tip, hands moving to Andrew’s hips to steady him. “Slow as you need.”
Andrew paused, and then started again slower, easing onto Isaac at such an agonizing speed, Isaac had to grit his teeth. The heat was intense, as was the tightness, despite the natural give of Andrew having obviously stretched himself before with hands and toys. Isaac remembered watching him finger himself open on that roof with nothing but spit and vigor and leaned forward to plant a kiss between his shoulder blades.
Taking him deeper and deeper, Andrew groaned when he finally sat in Isaac’s lap completely. Gently, Isaac pulled him back against him, and they looked together at the slightly open blinds and the unknowing people so near them.
This was better than the alley. Better than the roof, or the police station, even better than Andrew’s sofa, because there were no barriers anymore, or a ticking clock.
“Move.” Isaac bucked up and drifted his hands between Andrew’s legs. “Show me how much you want it.”
Starting a slow, rhythmic rocking, Andrew obliged. He encapsulated Isaac in such tight heat, Isaac fought the urge to rut upwards, hard and fast, and let Andrew control the speed, trembling in his arms, in his lap, as they watched the people outside.
Isaac palmed Andrew’s balls with one hand, the other gathering the wetness dripping from his tip to smooth up his length, fondling and pumping Andrew leisurely. Little by little, Andrew’s rocking picked up, his voice becoming a stream of filthy moans and profanity.
“Fuck, your cock feels good… and your hands… and your ink-covered skin.” He wriggled against him. “I wish I could suck you off while you’re inside me.”
“What a mouth on you,” Isaac panted. “Keep going… tell me how much you like this.”
“I love it. I love all of it… The people, the discipline, you telling me what to do.”
“Harder. Faster,” Isaac growled as his own urgency increased and the call of an end drew nearer with Andrew bouncing on top of him like a goddamn pogo stick. “Fuck… should have had you like this from day one.”
“Yes,” Andrew agreed with a wanton loll of his head. “Any time. I’ll get on my knees in the fucking street if you ask.” A particularly hard thrust up forced out a broken, “Ford!”
“Isaac,” Isaac corrected. “You call me ‘Isaac’ when I’m inside you.” Sliding his hands from touching Andrew to grip his hips instead, he drove up fervently, and Andrew rode him just as fiercely, keening out the longest, most filthy moan Isaac had ever pulled from anyone.
He felt Andrew tighten, ripping a moan from his lips next, as he stuttered up into the beautiful man atop him, digging divots into Andrew’s hips with his fingers. As his orgasm struck, and lingered, and then waned, he naturally slowed his thrusts, but Andrew whined.
Moving his hands back between Andrew’s legs, Isaac felt that he was still hard and hadn’t yet followed him over the edge.
“Turn around.”
“Turn around. I’ll take care of you.”
Andrew’s legs shook as he stood, gasping at the disconnect when he pulled from Isaac’s cock, and turned to face him. Isaac would have given anything right then to ensure that this version of Andrew Wen was something he got to see every day—tousled hair, a flush to his cheeks, reddened, damp, and parted lips, with eyes hazy and dark with lust. He’d caused all that, and now, he was going to give the payoff.
Tugging Andrew forward by his hips, Isaac bent toward his slick and throbbing cock, and sucked it between his lips. Andrew cried out, though he managed to choke it back from being loud enough to alert the people passing outside. His eyes fell closed and he reached forward with both hands to hold Isaac’s head.
The contact made Isaac twitch and pulse between his own legs again, having Andrew undone before him, unraveled in his grasp, all his. He sucked him down, fingers squeezing Andrew’s ass as he held him in place, tongue never ceasing its languid movements as he sucked and took Andrew in deeper, until a shudder ran through him, the hands on Isaac’s head shaking—
And Isaac held him there to swallow back everything Andrew spilled.
When Isaac finally pulled off, licking his lips of the remnants, Andrew’s panting breath filled the room. His hands holding Isaac’s head turned to gentle strokes of his fingers carding through Isaac’s hair.
Gentle. Tender.
Isaac looked up, their eyes meeting with a warmth passing between them, that kept passing between them, that Isaac wasn’t sure what to do with. They were just fooling around, but Isaac was growing more and more addicted every time they did.
He couldn’t have said who leaned in first, but it was definitely Andrew’s decision to climb into his lap. Isaac barely felt the weight with how grounding it was to hold him.
The kiss was slow, too slow, too deep a connection to fool himself into thinking this wasn’t more than sex.

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