Sexy Saturday 05/09/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Whew! I’m so very excited about Cold Hard Cash 2 being published! WOO!!! Editing should begin in about a week, and I’m hoping to have a release date soon! You all will be the first to know! Thank you so much for your support, your patience, and all of your love for my books! You guys freakin’ rock! <333

Now, today’s post is a continuation of Jack’s adventure with his demon orgy. I rewrote some bits at the beginning and just kept going. Still didn’t quite get to the full orgy bits that I wanted to, but I do hope you enjoy it! Maybe I’ll keep writing more sexy times for Jack and his demon boyfriends! XD

Happy reading!

Warnings: NSFW/demon smex/rimming! XD


Jack Apagado admired the fresh ink of his tattoo in the mirror, flexing and bowing his arms to watch the design squeeze and contract across his chest. The design looked so real, as if the ouija board was going to spring right off of his skin at any moment.

Now it wasn’t just any normal spirit board.

Jack had wanted something special, and he’d found a very strange print in the back of an old antique store. It showed a vintage board with clawed fingers reaching for the planchette, and the letters shown weren’t in any language he knew.

It was gothic, weird, and Jack had to have it for his chest piece. His arms were already fully sleeved with occult symbols and stars swirling in thick coils of smoke, and his hips were dusted with constellations. He’d been waiting for the perfect piece to connect his sleeves over his chest, and this was it.

After months of work, he’d gotten the final touch-ups earlier this afternoon. It was complete, and he couldn’t wait to celebrate. He took some pictures, shared them on all his social media accounts, and ended up by himself in bed scrolling through his phone to look at the rapid explosion of notifications.

“Hot ink!”


“Want sum cum on dat face”

“Not from you,” Jack mumbled out loud in reply to last one he’d read, setting his phone aside with a sigh.

The comments were nice, but the truth was…

Jack was lonely.

He wanted a real connection outside of his posts, but how could he ever meet anyone? He worked all the time, tried to stay in shape at the gym, and dating apps were a joke. He didn’t want a hook-up. He wanted something that would last.

The appeal of a one night stand wasn’t lost on him as his cock began to twitch, leaving him frustrated and annoyed that he didn’t have the balls to actually use the damn dating app and call someone over.

It was normal. It was fine. Plenty of people did it…

But not Jack. He was too nervous of letting someone new in his home, into his heart, and being left disappointed and empty inside.

Well, he wouldn’t be empty, not exactly…


He started stroking himself, taking his time and trying to relax. It had been months since he’d gone on a date, and that last one had ended miserably as most of the others had before. He’d really liked this guy, and the chemistry was strong. In a fit of loneliness and too many shots of tequila at dinner, he’d brought the guy home.

Thirty minutes later, he was thanking Jack for a great time and promised to call him again soon.

The sex hadn’t been entirely terrible, but Jack was still miffed. He’d pulled out all of his best moves, did everything to make it good, and well, he ended up having to take things into his own hand to get off.

Okay, fine, it was totally absolutely terrible, but it had been nice not to be alone for a little while.

Then the guy never called him again.


Jack focused on the head of his cock, squeezing down along the ridge as he stroked upwards. He didn’t imagine anyone in particular as he jerked off, simply conjuring up a fantasy of strong hands, soft lips, and an average-sized dick.

Yeah, okay, maybe a bit more than average…

He didn’t have anyone to please except himself, his breath rising to a quick pant, letting the sweet tension build and build until he finally came. The force behind his orgasm surprised him, and his euphoria was spoiled as his come landed right on his freshly tattooed chest.

“Ah, fuck!”

Jack quickly started trying to wipe it off his tattoo, cursing his impressive load as it smeared all over the place. He scrambled to grab something to clean up the mess and opted to peel off his socks. He was carefully dabbing up the last splatter of come up by his collarbone when all the lights in his tiny little apartment flickered.

He smelled something strange, bitter and foul like rotten eggs, and then the lights went off completely.

Great. The power was out.

Using the flashlight on his phone, Jack finished cleaning himself up and dumped off his dirty laundry in the bathroom. He stripped down to nothing, tossing the rest of his clothes in with the socks before heading back to bed.

He flopped face down into his pillows, sighing haggardly. He was still horny, perhaps a bit depressed, and the damn power hadn’t come back on. He didn’t think his evening could get much worse.

He also had the weirdest feeling that he wasn’t alone…

Sharp claws suddenly sank into his hips, and he yelped in surprise and terror. He whirled around, fumbling for the flashlight mode on his phone to see what had touched him.


The room was empty.

Pushing himself back against the headboard, Jack kept the light bouncing all around to ensure that he was truly alone. He didn’t think he had imagined it, but he couldn’t come up with a single plausible explanation.

The lights flicked back on, and there was a demon standing at the foot of his bed – red skin, black horns, an insanely ripped body, and oh, that thick cock, uncut and bulging and – oh, fuck!

It was a demon!

“What the fucking fuck!” Jack screamed, standing up on his bed and looking for a weapon to defend himself.

“Fear not, my mortal master,” the demon rumbled in a deep purr. “I’ve been summoned for your pleasure, and I will not harm you. I am yours to command.”

“Say what?” Jack had been too busy pulling his bedside lamp out of the wall to hear everything the demon had said. “Summoned for my… pleasure?”

“Yes, master,” the demon said, bowing his head down and crawling over the bed toward Jack. “I haven’t been summoned in centuries, and I’m aching to taste your mortal flesh…”

“How, how did I summon you exactly?” Jack was still holding onto the lamp, gasping when he felt an invisible force shoving him back down. The lamp went flying as he landed on his butt, legs spread, staring stupidly at the monstrous fiend slinking up between his thighs.

“Blood is common,” the demon whispered. “So are tears…” He slid a clawed finger across Jack’s chest. “Come…? Not unheard of, but definitely quite rare.”

“This is all a big misunderstanding,” Jack began, laughing nervously. “I was just, you know, taking some ‘me’ time and some nut got on my new tattoo! That’s all! I didn’t mean to dial up some demon dick!”

“You doubt my ability to pleasure you?” The demon looked offended.

“No, I’m sure you’re super good at pleasuring,” Jack replied, gawking at the demon’s huge cock. “Yeah, wow, so super good. But uh, well, it’s been a while for me, and this is really fast-“

“If you’re doubting my ability,” the demon huffed, “I can bring others to help.”

“Others?” Jack squeaked, feeling a traitorous lurch in his loins.

“Yes,” the demon confirmed, dragging his claw over the twisted alphabet on Jack’s chest. He began to trace words, perhaps names, and other giant demons began to appear all around the room. “Others, you see. As many as it will take to satisfy you.”

All the demons were male, varying from thin to bulky, and wearing nothing but lecherous smiles. Some of them were red, some had purple skin, others black and brown and one was even green with gills.

Jack only had a few seconds to think – was this a dream? Was he hallucinating?

Had his unique ink really somehow managed to conjure up his own demonic orgy?!

Fuck it.

He was lonely, extremely sexually frustrated, and there was no way he was going to ever find something like this on any of his dating apps.

“Yeah,” Jack said, shifting his shoulders and bracing himself against the sheets. “Bring it on.”

“Excellent,” the demon purred, grabbing Jack’s hips and dragging him down into the center of the bed.

Jack found that he could move again, and his hands were shaking with excitement as he touched the demon’s broad shoulders. “Uh, uh, what… what do I call you?”

“My name is Zermithrax,” the demon replied, sliding up between Jack’s legs and parting his thighs. “You may call me ‘Zee’ if it pleases you.” He pushed his knees up, gazing down at him reverently. “Mmm, you have the most beautiful looking little asshole… I can’t wait to devour you.”

“Well, Zee,” Jack huffed, aiming for brave even as his heart was about to explode from his chest, “are you going to eat it or just keep staring at it?”

“You’re a feisty little mortal, aren’t you?” The demon grinned nastily.

“You should see me after ten shots of tequila,” Jack replied, a sheepish edge to his smile.

Zee flashed another wicked leer and ducked his head down to run his tongue between Jack’s cheeks.

The hot flash of sensation made Jack gasp, and he let his head fall back against the bed. Zee’s tongue was thick, wet, and Jack groaned as it began to slip inside of him. It slid right in without any pain, only distant pressure as his body immediately opened up. It was the most bizarre feeling, but the pleasure was without question.

Zee’s tongue worked itself in so deep and hard that it was like getting fucked, and Jack let himself be loud. He rocked his hips down to ride Zee’s face as he moaned, but he jerked a bit when his thighs got pricked by his horns.

“Mmph, sorreh,” Zee mumbled, giving Jack’s hole a hard thrust to punctuate his apology.

“It’s okay, it’s fine!” Jack said urgently. “Just don’t stop!”

The skinny purple demon and the one with gills flanked both sides of the bed, reaching over to grab Jack’s legs and pull them apart and away from Zee’s horns.

“Careful, little master,” the purple one said, winking slyly down at Jack. “Don’t want you to get hurt… unless that’s what you’re into.”

“Then we gotta talk about safe words,” added the green one.

“No, I’m good,” Jack replied quickly, groaning as Zee’s tongue seemed to grow and twist inside of him. It zeroed in right on his prostate, his voice hitting a higher pitch as he struggled to keep speaking. “Not real big into pain! Maybe some, you know, mmm, maybe some spanking! That’s, mmm, that’s about it!”

Jack couldn’t be sure, but some of the demons looked disappointed.

Zee pulled off with a loud slurp, beaming down at Jack as he licked his lips. “Mm, I believe your body is properly prepared now to be ravaged-”

“No,” Jack cut in.

“Excuse me…?”

“You’re a demon, right?”

Zee blinked. “Uh… yes?”

“So, you have magical powers and all that? Super awesome skills for pleasure?”

“Yes, master,” Zee replied with a faint scowl. “Are you saying that you’re not pleased?”

“I’m saying that I want you to keep eating my ass and make me come, and then we can fuck,” Jack said defiantly. He felt absolutely insane for bossing around a demon, but if this was going to be his one and only chance to have a demonic orgy, well, he was going to make sure he enjoyed it.

For once, it was going to be all about Jack’s pleasure.

“As you wish, master.” Zee obediently bowed his head back down, his tongue plunging back inside Jack’s hole and pushing up into his prostate with renewed vigor.

“Ohhhh, yeah!” Jack groaned happily, his toes curling and wiggling against the demons holding his legs up. “That’s it, that’s what the fuck I’m talking about! Yes, fuck, eat it, fuckin’ eat it!”

The purple one giggled lightly, remarking to the green one, “He looks like he’s going to be a lot of fun, doesn’t he?”

“Fuck yeah,” he hissed in reply, leaning in and nuzzling his gills against Jack’s calf.

It should have been distracting to be pawed at, but Jack loved the attention. Every single demon cock in here was throbbingly hard, and it was all for him. He could take as many of them as he wanted to. Hell, he could take them all if he felt so inclined.

A new challenge began to build in his mind. He did want to make the most out of this crazy evening and taking a load from every demon in here sounded like a great place to start. The very thought of being fucked by so many monsters added more fuel to the fires of his lust, and he knew he was gonna come soon.

“Mmm, almost there!” Jack began to sob as Zee’s tongue relentlessly pounded into him with new strength, feeling the ache deep inside his loins demanding relief. His cock was drooling little glassy beads all over his stomach, and he began to plead, “Yes, keep going! Please, please, I’m gonna come! I’m so fuckin’ close!”

Zee snarled ferociously in reply, and his tongue swelled, impossibly thicker and fatter, swirling all around Jack’s prostate and pushing against it urgently.

“Oh, ohhh, ohhhhh! Fuck!” Jack cried out as he came, his thighs twitching as he clenched down on Zee’s fantastic tongue. He grinded his hips erratically as his cock pulsed, listening to the demons’ appreciative groans as they watched him orgasm.

Wiping off his mouth, Zee smirked smugly. “There. Tell me. Was that more to your liking, master?”

“Much better,” Jack panted, loving the buzz in his skin and the flush of heat washing over him. The other demons let go of his legs and he eagerly wrapped them around Zee’s hips, dragging him close. “Now, I’m ready for you to fuck me.”

“Of course, little master.” Zee smirked, reaching down to grab his bulging cock and starting to push inside of Jack’s tight body. “Mmm… there we go. Can you take it all, master? Do you want all of my cock?”

“Yes, come on!” Jack bucked his hips impatiently. The new stretch took his breath away, but he didn’t want to stop. He wanted to feel the pressure, the burn, he wanted to feel it all as his muscles surrendered to the thick girth working its way slowly inside of him. “Mmmm, ah… ah… ah, yes…”

“Perfect,” Zee praised, bowing his head down to bump his brow against Jack’s as he rocked his hips. “Do you feel it? Your mortal body giving it up so sweetly for my cock? I can feel you swallowing me up, every inch of me… you want more, don’t you?”

“Yes…” Jack moaned.

“You want to feel my demonic seed pumping deep inside of you…”


“You want to feel my unholy length quiver as it unloads within your tight little chasm….”

“For fuck’s sake, yes!” Jack snapped, smacking his hand across Zee’s butt. “Come on! Less talking, more fucking!”

“As you wish, little master,” Zee purred, rearing his hips back and slamming forward.

“Ahh, fuck!” Jack grinned dumbly, delirious with pleasure as Zee started to fuck him. He was so full that it hurt, but the ecstasy that lit up his entire spine blinded out any discomfort, and he wanted more and more. He took every brutal slam, hitching up his legs around Zee’s sides to take him deeper still. Their skin smacking together echoed throughout the room, and Jack’s ravenous moans soon joined it.

Zee was fucking Jack so hard that he was scooting him up the bed, driving him up into the headboard as he pounded his ass without mercy. Zee’s face was scrunched up in concentration, grabbing Jack’s knees and forcing them up into his chest, nearly folding Jack in half as he plowed him.

Jack felt so open, so loose and wet, marveling at how Zee’s massive cock fucked him so effortlessly. The pressure remained right alongside the resounding ache of being filled so completely, and the pleasure was intense. He loved how Zee’s claws felt digging into his skin, and he didn’t even mind his faintly sour breath.

He braced himself against the headboard, singing out a long litany of curses and scattered words of encouragement, listening to their bodies collide faster and faster and the bed squeak in protest. He felt it when Zee came, feeling that big dick swell and pulse inside of him, filling him with an incredible surge of heat. It was so hot that it was like hellfire, and he almost laughed out loud at the thought.

Zee gave a few more thrusts to carry himself through his climax, groaning happily and grinning down at Jack in awe. “You still want more, don’t you?” His eyes searched Jack’s. “Even after all that I have given you… You still hunger for more flesh, hmm?”

“Yes,” Jack replied without hesitation, too turned on to feel an ounce of shame. “I want it all.”

“It shall be yours,” Zee promised, sealing his words with a surprisingly gentle kiss.

Jack kissed back, his lashes fluttering at the sweetness behind the kiss. Zee’s lips were so soft and warm, and he nearly forgot that there was still a huge host of demons here waiting to fuck him.

“Mmm…” Zee hummed contentedly as he pulled out, a clawed finger playing around in Jack’s wet hole. “You are a very special mortal, my dear little master.”

Jack bit his lip, reaching down to feel what Zee had done to him. He moaned softly when he felt how slick he was, his hole still gaping and dripping from Zee’s impossibly big load. He blushed when he inadvertently touched Zee’s claw, not sure why a mere brush of fingers made him feel so vulnerable.

Especially when they were both playing around in the come he’d just taken.

But maybe it was the way Zee was looking at him now, with such warmth and passion, and…

Was it really possible they were having, like, a genuine moment here?

It was over too quickly as Zee quickly slid off the bed, leaving Jack spread out and damp. Jack ran a hand through his sweaty hair, trying to hide his disappointment as he looked around at the other demons waiting to pounce. He took a deep breath and turned over on his hands and knees, arching his ass out like an offering.

“Well.. who’s next?”

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