Sexy Saturday 04/18/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I did my best to write out some hot demon smut inspired by that last meme, but not quite done yet! Hopefully next week! x_X;;;

Instead, today’s post is another sexy tease from my Kinktober project (hopefully to be published as the Cold Hard Cash anthology!) starring Jimmy and Boss Cold having some fun with toys! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/toys/Bad Dragon should pay me


“So! You’ve been going through my wishlist again?” Jimmy said with a happy grin, blinking in surprise when he saw the colorful array of toys spread out across the bed.

“You really need to learn to shut down your computer,” Cold scolded affectionately. “Who knows what someone might do with uninhibited access to all your personal information?”

“Apparently order a bunch of dildos and cum lube?” Jimmy giggled, blushing as he reached down to pick up the first dildo. It had a long tube coming out of the bottom, and its end was designed to attach to a large syringe.

“That one definitely got my attention,” Cold purred. “Lil’ Cockatrice, I believe it’s called.”

“Yup.” Jimmy nodded dumbly. “You fill the syringe with the cum lube, and uhm, yeah… you can keep… filling me up.”

“Mmmhmmm,” Cold chuckled, sounding very pleased by the idea.

“And the others?” Jimmy asked, glancing over at the other toys Cold had ordered for him, gasping as he pointed at a particularly large one. “Okay! I know I wanted that in a small! That is not a small!”

“I know,” Cold taunted. “We can save that one for later if you’d like… right now, I’m very interested in seeing how much lube I can squirt inside of you until you’re begging me to stop.”

“Mmm, yup, that’s, that’s, yeah, that sounds good.” Jimmy nodded, quickly clearing away all the toys except the Cockatrice and the bottle of lube. He was already stripping down before Cold was even settled in bed.

“Eager, are we?” Cold noted, watching Jimmy with an amused smile.

Jimmy crawled up into Cold’s lap, his cock hard and grinning. “Yes. This is definitely a lesson I was hoping we’d get around to.”

“Mmm, that sounds like someone has been leaving their computer open on purpose,” Cold said with a click of his tongue.

“Mmmmaybe,” Jimmy teased.

“You don’t have to play these games,” Cold scolded, his hands sliding down Jimmy’s hips. “You can tell me what you want.”

“I don’t know how sometimes,” Jimmy confessed, blushing vividly. “There’s just all of these things I want to try…”

“Mm,” Cold hummed, lubing up his fingers and pressing between Jimmy’s legs. “Talk to me. Tell me what you want me to do to you. You’ve no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed… not with me.”

Jimmy started rolling his hips down on Cold’s hand, groaning lightly as he struggled to form the words to express everything running through his mind

“I want…”

“Yes, Jimmy?”

“I’m… trying… to think…”

“Tell me what you want, Mr. Poe,” Cold hissed, fingers digging into Jimmy’s hips. “Be a good boy and tell me exactly what you’d like.”

Oh, that voice.

“I want you to keep filling me up,” Jimmy began slowly, desperate to be good for Cold. “Open my ass, fill me up, fuck, let me… let me suck your dick until I’m ready… I want… I want the last load in me to be yours…”

“Well, I certainly think-“

“But then… I want you to plug me?” Jimmy squeaked shyly.

“Mmm, for how long?”

“All night,” Jimmy panted. “Until tomorrow morning and you slide inside me and make me come. I don’t… I don’t want to come until then.”

“Why, Mr. Poe,” Cold drawled, clearly impressed, “I think that is a wonderful idea.”

Cold lovingly worked Jimmy open with tender thrusts as he cuddled against his chest. Jimmy rocked back on his hand and clutched at the collar of Cold’s shirt, whimpering with need.

He was ready.

Cold turned him around, pushing Jimmy down onto his side and stretching his legs out so Jimmy could rest his head by his thigh. Cold rolled over so his cock could easily slide into Jimmy’s waiting mouth.

Jimmy sucked softly, trying to be good, but he was distracted by the press of silicone at his hole. He spread his legs, gasping as the toy began to slip inside of him. It was cold, hard, and he could feel every single ridge of its textured surface.

Cold was patient like always, fucking Jimmy’s hole with short thrusts, sighing contently as Jimmy sucked him softly. “Are you ready for your first load, Mr. Poe?”

“Mmmph,” Jimmy mumbled, squirming with anticipation. He moaned as the toy slid in deep, gasping when he felt a rush of fluid gushing inside of him. It felt good, bowing his head down to take Cold’s cock into his mouth all the way to his balls.

Cold hummed softly, sliding the toy back and forth, enjoying the new wetness from the first load. He let Jimmy continue to blow him at a leisurely pace, waiting several moments before he prepared another syringe full of lube to start pumping inside of him.

Jimmy cried out, immediately aware of the new pressure and how it made his cock throb. He desperately licked all over Cold’s balls, trying to catch his breath. It was fantastic, pushing his hips back against the toy as he whimpered, “Please… more, sir.”

Cold grunted softly, another rush of lube filling Jimmy’s ass until he was aching.

Jimmy was so full and warm, sobbing as he weakly sucked over the head of Cold’s thick cock. “Good,” he gasped. “It’s so fucking good!”

“I think you can handle a few more,” Cold said, “and then you’ll have my cock, Mr. Poe.”

“Oh, God,” Jimmy whined, smothering his whimpers with Cold’s cock, stuffing it down his throat as the next load hit. He was certain it had to be leaking out of him by now, his ass so stretched and full. It reached every part of him, impossible and yet perfectly intense, moaning out loud as another rush of lube flooded inside of him.

“Look at you,” Cold said, tracing a finger around Jimmy’s stretched hole. “You’re always so eager to be full… do you like this? Leaking all over yourself?”

“Yes,” Jimmy whined quietly, licking over Cold’s shaft. “I only wish it was all yours…”

“Up on your knees, Mr. Poe.”

“Yes, sir.” Jimmy nodded, groaning as he struggled to move. The pressure was intense, his ass aching as he shifted into position. Cold held the toy in place, making sure he kept as much as of the lube inside of Jimmy as possible.

Cold kneeled behind Jimmy, slowly withdrawing the dildo and sighing, “Look at that… your hole is gaping wide open for me, absolutely dripping…”

Jimmy moaned, red faced as he bowed his head down against the sheets. He could feel the lube leaking out, desperate to hold onto that full sensation, pleading, “Please, sir… I want it… I want it to stay. I want yours in me, too.”

Cold began to push his cock into Jimmy’s ass, both of them moaning together at the slick ease of which he entered him. Jimmy’s hole was so wet and stretched, Cold able to start pounding into him without hesitation.

Jimmy screamed with every thrust, the tension inside of him almost unbearable. It was nearly too much, his balls painfully tight and his body demanding relief. He ignored it, listening to the wet sloshing of Cold fucking his gushing hole, moaning happily.

He knew Cold was almost there, smiling gleefully as he started fucking him harder. His lover’s load nearly broke him, hotter and thicker than the cum lube they’d been playing with. He rocked his hips back to meet Cold’s stuttering slams, crying out, “Fuck! Yes! Yes!”

Cold growled softly, giving him one last thrust before sliding out. He quickly pushed in a small plug, fingering around the base with a content sigh. “How do you feel, Mr. Poe?”

“Full,” Jimmy whimpered, “Hot, and full… like I’m going to explode. It’s so good…”

Cold reached between his legs to teasingly stroke his dripping cock, taunting, “And you really want to wait all night before you come?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy murmured, thrusting against Cold’s palm. “I can do it. I can wait.”

“Mmmm, we’ll see.”

Jimmy made it two more hours before he finally couldn’t take it anymore. He was half mad with lust and begging for release. Cold took him into his mouth, sucking him down and not pulling out the plug until he was busting his load all over his tongue.

Jimmy’s entire body was pulsing and throbbing, every muscle sagging from the tension they had all been trapped within for so long. He could feel all the lube and come flowing out of him as he trembled, still wrecked by Cold’s wicked mouth.

“So,” Cold drawled, pulling Jimmy into his arms, “I take it that you’ve enjoyed your toys?”

“Ohhhh, very much,” Jimmy confirmed breathlessly.

“Good,” Cold chirped. “Because there’s several more for us to try…”

“How many more? How much of my list did you buy?”


“How much, Rod?” Jimmy furrowed up his brows, accusing, “You bought all of it, didn’t you?”

Cold snickered, kissing Jimmy’s cheek as he gleefully teased, “Guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”

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