Sexy Saturday 04/11/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! Today is more random smut because I cannot get my witch boys out of my head. They are simply not listening to me and insist that I stop everything I’m doing to write shameless pornography. XD

This takes place after our sweet little coven boy has officially joined the house and is learning how to get along with all of his new roommates! Enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/leash/collar


“What do I do now, master?” Cerys asked, following the gentle tug of his leash and sitting down on the sofa. He was still naked and slick from being thoroughly prepared earlier this morning.

“I have business to attend to,” Worth said, tying the end of the long leash to the coffee table. “You’re going to stay here and get acquainted with your new brothers. Be good for them.”

“Yes, master,” Cerys whispered, crossing his legs and trying to get comfortable.

“No, no, no…” Worth tutted, lightly smacking Cerys’ thigh. “You should be more inviting. Spread your legs open for me.”

Cheeks starting to flush, Cerys uncrossed his legs.

“That’s better,” Worth said with a smile. “You have a beautiful body. Let us see it. Now, relax and enjoy yourself. I expect you to be nice and full by the time I come back.”

“Yes, master,” Cerys said, murmuring softly as Worth leaned down to kiss his lips. The simple gesture sent a tease of heat through his chest, and he smiled. “Thank you.”

“Goodbye,” Worth said, stroking Cerys’ cheek as he briskly departed.

Alone now, Cerys fidgeted on the sofa and tried to get comfortable. He wasn’t sure what to expect now, reaching up to trace his fingers over the collar binding him to this place.

All he had to do was take it off, and he would be free…

But he didn’t want to.

When Cerys heard someone coming down the stairs, he involuntarily braced himself for the worst. Shit, he had to relax. He could do this. It always felt good, and no one here would harm him.

It was Nicky, the youngest member after Cerys, eyeing him like a hungry wolf. “Good morning.”

“Hi,” Cerys replied nervously.

Oh, what was it about the way Nicky was looking at him that made him instantly hard?

Nicky was attractive, athletic, lots of ink, but there was something in his gaze that was practically primal. He reached out, gently, petting Cerys’ hair. “Mmm, you open for business, pretty?”

“I… I guess so?” Cerys said anxiously.

“You need to say yes,” a deeper voice called out, “or simply say no. Consent is an absolute requirement, little one.”

Cerys turned his head to see the giant man with long hair coming down next, Luther. He was bundled in a leopard print bathrobe and had bunny slippers on his feet.

“I’m sorry,” Cerys said urgently. “This is still very new to me, and I don’t know what I’m doing-“

“Hey, hey,” Luther soothed, reaching out to pet Cerys’ cheek. “It’s okay. This is why we talk and why it’s so important to communicate. You’re our boy now. We’re going to take care of you.”

Cerys tilted his head to lean into Luther’s warm palm. “Thank you.” He looked up to Nicky, saying shyly, “If you wanna do it, I’m definitely up for it.”

“Much better,” Luther praised.

“Will you stay, too?” Cerys asked, going for bold and stuck smiling bashfully up at the big man.

“Ohhh, new boy is already going for two, huh?” Nicky teased.

“Yes.” Cerys grinned sheepishly.

“Come on then, pretty,” Nicky cooed as he sat down next to Cerys. He was only wearing boxer briefs and pulled the waistband down to reveal his hard cock. “We’ll take such good care of you.”

Cerys moved on instinct, leaning over to wrap his hand around Nicky and run his tongue over the silky head. He wanted it in his mouth immediately, eager to taste him.

“Mmm,” Nicky grunted, petting Cerys’ hair. “Just like that… go on, take a little more.”

Cerys opened his mouth and sucked in the first few inches, moaning loudly at the heat and the taste. He liked how Nicky was stroking his hair, gasping when he felt Luther moving up beside him.

“You are so damn beautiful,” Luther praised, fanning his hands over Cerys’ sides. “Mmm, can you get up on your knees for me?”

Cerys stretched out his lower half, kneeling with his head in Nicky’s lap as he continued to suck his cock. Luther was caressing his ass and spreading his cheeks wide. He could only imagine how he looked, his ass slick and clenching as he waited for something to penetrate him.

It was Luther’s fingers first, testing the stretch as he marveled, “Oh, little one… you’re perfect.”

Cerys closed his eyes, giving himself over to the rhythm he’d made for himself sucking Nicky’s cock. He loved how Nicky was touching him and all the sweet little sounds he was making. He dared to swallow down another inch, using his hand to squeeze what he couldn’t stuff in his mouth yet.

“Ffffuck… you’re a natural,” Nicky groaned, his thighs tensing and then relaxing as he sunk down into the sofa.

Luther had removed his hand and was lining himself up, rubbing the head of his dick against Cerys’ ass. He sounded so proud when he said, “He’s our boy. He’s perfect.”

Cerys moaned excitedly as Luther began to push inside of him, willing himself to relax even as the pressure grew. Fuck, Luther was so damn thick! Cerys tried to spread his legs to give himself some relief, but there was simply nowhere to go.

There was a brief reprieve as Luther pulled back and immediately Cerys wanted him back inside. He wanted the delicious friction of being stretched open around Luther’s massive cock, sucking Nicky’s with a new surge of passion.

“God!” Nicky growled, grabbing Cerys’ collar to hold him in place. “Fuck, trying to take it all, huh?”


Yes, he was. He wanted all of it.

Cerys opened his mouth wider, his lips slick with spit as he started bobbing his head. He moved his hand away, willing himself to take Nicky all the way to the back of his throat.

Luther was thrusting back in, lazy and slow, taking his time as he worked his way inside of his tight body. “Fuck… sweet boy, your fuckin’ ass is amazing. I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“His mouth is pretty fuckin’ baller, too,” Nicky said, panting softly. “Fuck! I can’t believe he was a fuckin’ virgin until last night.”

Cerys’ chest flooded with pride know that he could bring these men such pleasure. It felt good getting fucked, it felt good sucking dick, and he couldn’t believe he had waited so long.

Luther was starting to slam into him, his balls smacking against his thighs as he really got going. He grabbed Cerys’ hips, his breathing labored and groaning. “Fuck, yeah… you’re gonna make me come so fuckin’ hard, boy…”

Cerys was torn between the cock pounding into his ass and the one in his mouth, his own dick rock hard between his legs. He could already feel the sweet pressure of an orgasm beginning to build and his skin was tingling with heat. He felt drunk on all of the delicious sensation and soon he couldn’t stop his impending release.

“Mmmph!” Cerys mumbled, trying to warn Luther. He could feel it starting to wash over him in a hot wave, his hips yearning to thrust forward and grind right down into the couch. He hadn’t even touched himself, but fuck, he was there, right there-!

“There we go,” Luther gasped, slamming even harder into Cerys. “Come on, come on my cock like a good boy!”

Cerys had to pull off of Nicky, screaming as his orgasm stole his breath away and made him tremble. He felt a new rush of heat inside of him as Luther’s merciless rhythm finally faltered in the wake of his climax. They rutted together, grinding and grunting, riding out every lovely moment.

Luther pulled out to rub his cock around the rim of Cerys’ sloppy hole, sighing with deep satisfaction. “Perfect… fucking perfect.”

Cerys smiled, still buzzing happily and savoring the intense afterglow. He was surprised when Luther grabbed his leash and pulled him back, twisting his head around to press a deep kiss to his lips. Oh, that was so nice.

“Thank you,” Luther murmured. “You were wonderful.”

“Th-thank you,” Cerys replied, his heart fluttering from the tender way Luther was looking at him right now. It didn’t have quite the same intensity as Worth’s captivating gaze, but the simmering heat was just as obvious and spoke of a promise for more pleasure to come.

“Mind if I cut back in?” Nicky asked, shifting his hips so he could pull his underwear down and off. He was still hard, patiently waiting for Cerys to finish what he’d started.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” Cerys scrambled to bow his head back down, but Nicky stopped him.

“No, in my lap,” Nicky insisted. “I wanna fuck you, too.”

Cerys started to crawl over and squeaked in surprise when Luther wrapped his arms around him to help him move.

“How do you want him, Nicky?” Luther asked, nuzzling Cerys’ neck. “Facing you?”

“Nah, turn him around.”

Cerys felt awkward as his legs spread to straddle Nicky’s hips, groaning as he easily sat down on his cock. His feet could just reach the floor, and he struggled to find a way to rock back.

“Relax,” Nicky chuckled. “Lean back… I’ve got you.”

Cerys rested his head on Nicky’s shoulder, groaning as he suddenly grabbed his legs and held them up in the air. Nicky’s cock felt like it was even bigger now, and the first thrust made Cerys’ toes curl up.

Nicky paused, readjusting as he kicked his feet up on the coffee table so he had more leverage as he began to slam up in Cerys. “Ohhhh, yes… this is what I’m fuckin’ talkin’ about…”

Cerys began to moan, limp in Nicky’s strong grip as he started bouncing him up and down on his cock. Being speared so forcefully made him ache, the pleasure dancing on the edge of pain, and all he could do was take every savage thrust.

“Fuck, look at you two,” Luther said with a lusty sigh. “You guys look gorgeous together…” He reached out to stroke Cerys’ stomach. “Mmm, does it feel good? Do you like Nicky’s cock?”

“Yes!” Cerys sobbed. “I love it, I love his cock!” Somehow saying it out loud made it even hotter, and he whined desperately as he felt the stirrings of another climax winding up in his loins. He loved being able to give in and let Nicky use every inch of his body, fucking him so hard that tears were clouding his eyes.

“There,” Luther purred, reaching down to start stroking Cerys’ cock back into hardness. “Just take it like a good boy… you love all that cock, hmm? Just wait until Nicky comes in you… were gonna keep you nice and stuffed all the time…”

“Please,” Cerys begged, crying out as Nicky began to drill his ass impossibly harder. “Please, I want it, fuck! I want it so much! Ohhhh, God!”

Whether by magic or skill, Luther was jerking Cerys’ dick so perfectly that he was already coming again. There was no sting of overstimulation, only sweet pleasure as he unloaded all over Luther’s hand. The feeling didn’t dwindle, not yet, leaving Cerys riding high on an orgasmic wave as Nicky cried out to signal his own impending finish.

Cerys sighed happily, savoring each hot pump of come when Nicky came. He felt so warm and wet, Nicky’s cock sliding so easily in and out of his hole. Luther offered his hand out for Cerys to start licking away the mess, exhausted from getting fucked so vigorously.

Even as he swallowed back his first mouthful, he knew he could be persuaded to go again…

“Mmm…” Luther looked over Cerys thoughtfully. Once his hand was clean, he teased around Cerys’ hole, stretched around Nicky’s still hard cock. He began to push in a finger alongside Nicky’s shaft, playing in all the dripping come as he wondered, “Think he could take us both?”

Nicky laughed, kissing Cerys’ damp hair as he mused, “Well, I dunno… he did just take two big loads, maybe we should wait-“

“I can do it,” Cerys said suddenly, spreading his shaking legs and starting to grind down on Nicky’s cock. He enjoyed how Nicky moaned, staring up at Luther with a sudden burst of desperation.

He needed more, so much more…


“Of course, little one,” Luther promised him with a sweet kiss. “We’ll give you as much as you can handle.”

“All of it,” Cerys groaned. “I need it all, please.”

“Don’t worry… It’s yours.”

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