Sexy Saturday 04/25/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, my darlings! Inspired by a certain meme, I hope you enjoy this little drabble of a demonic orgyyyy in the making! I am definitely planning to continuing it -sadly, I just ran out of time and boooo gotta go to work tomorrow! Happy reading!

Warnings: NSFWish?/masturbation/demon hijinx


Jack Apagado admired the fresh ink of his tattoo in the mirror, flexing and bowing his arms to watch the design squeeze and contract across his chest. The design looked so real, as if the ouija board was going to spring right off of his skin at any moment.

Now it wasn’t just any normal spirit board. Jack had wanted something special, and he’d found a very strange print in the back of an antique store. It’d showed an old board with strange clawed fingers reaching for the planchette, and the letters weren’t in any language he knew.

It was gothic, weird, and Jack had to have it for his chest piece. His arms were already fully sleeved with occult symbols and stars swirling in thick coils of smoke, and his hips were dusted with dotted constellations. He’d been waiting for the perfect piece to connect his sleeves over his chest, and this was it.

After months of work, he’d gotten the final touch-ups earlier this afternoon. It was complete, and he couldn’t wait to celebrate. He took some pictures, shared them on his social media accounts, and ended up by himself in bed scrolling through his phone to look at the explosion of notifications.

“Hot ink!”


“Want sum cum on dat face”

“Not from you,” Jack mumbled out loud in reply to last one he’d read, setting his phone aside with a sigh. The comments were nice, but the truth was…

Jack was lonely.

He wanted a real connection outside of his posts, but how could he ever meet anyone? He worked all the time, tried to stay in shape at the gym, and dating apps were a joke. He didn’t want a hook-up, he wanted something that would last.

The appeal of a one night stand wasn’t lost on him as his cock began to twitch, leaving him frustrated and annoyed that he didn’t have the balls to actually use the damn dating app and call someone over.

It was normal. It was fine. Plenty of people did it…

But not Jack. He was too nervous of letting someone new in his home, being left disappointed and empty inside.

Well, he wouldn’t be empty, not exactly…


He started stroking himself, taking his time and relaxing. He didn’t have anyone to please except himself, letting it build and build until he finally came. The force behind his orgasm surprised him, and his afterglow was spoiled as his load landed right on his chest.

“Ah, fuck!”

Jack scrambled to grab something – anything – to clean up the mess. He started trying to wipe it off his fresh tattoo, cursing his impressive spunk. He peeled off one of his socks to soak it up, and he blinked as all the lights in his tiny little apartment flickered.

He smelled something strange, bitter and foul like rotten eggs, and the lights went out completely.

Great. The power was out.

Using the light from his phone, Jack finished cleaning himself up and dumped off his dirty laundry in the bathroom. He stripped down to nothing, tossing the rest of his clothes in with the socks before heading back to bed.

He flopped face down into his pillows, sighing haggardly. He was still horny, perhaps a bit depressed, and the damn power still hadn’t come back on. He didn’t think his evening could get much worse, but then he had the weirdest feeling that he wasn’t alone…

Sharp claws suddenly sank into his hips, and he yelped in surprise and terror. He whirled around, fumbling for the flashlight mode on his phone to see what had touched him.


The room was empty.

Pushing himself back against the headboard, Jack kept the light bouncing all around the place to ensure that he was truly alone. He didn’t he had imagined it, but he couldn’t come up with a single plausible explanation.

The lights flicked back on, and there was a demon standing at the foot of his bed – red soon, horns, an insanely ripped body, and oh, that thick cock, uncut and bulging and oh, fuck!

It was a DEMON!

“What the fucking fuck!” Jack screamed, standing up on his bed and looking for a weapon to defend himself.

“Fear not, mortal,” the demon rumbled. “I’ve been summoned for your pleasure, and I will not harm you. I am yours to command.”

“Say what?” Jack had been too busy pulling his bedside lamp out of the wall to hear everything the demon had said. “Summoned for my… pleasure?”

“Yes,” the demon said, bowing down and crawling over the bed toward Jack. “I haven’t been summoned in centuries, and I’m aching to taste your mortal flesh…”

“How, how did I summon you exactly?” Jack was still holding onto the lamp, gasping when he felt an invisible force shoving him back down. He landed on his butt, legs spread, staring stupidly at the monstrous fiend slinking up between his thighs.

“Blood is common,” the demon whispered. “So are tears…” He slid a clawed finger across Jack’s chest. “Come…? Not unheard of, but definitely quite rare.”

“This is all a bit misunderstanding,” Jack began, laughing nervously. “I was just, you know, taking some ‘me’ time and some nut got on my new tattoo! That’s all! I didn’t mean to dial up some demon dick!”

“You doubt my ability to pleasure you?” The demon looked offended.

“No, I’m sure you’re super good at pleasuring,” Jack replied, gawking at the demon’s huge cock. “Yeah, wow, so super good. But uh, well, it’s been a while for me, and this is really fast-“

“If you’re doubting my ability,” the demon huffed, “I can bring others to help.”

“Others?” Jack squeaked, feeling a traitorous lurch in his loins.

“Yes,” the demon confirmed, dragging his claw over the twisted alphabet on Jack’s chest. He began to trace words, perhaps named, and other giant demons began to appear all around the room. “Others… as many as it will take to satisfy you.”

All the demons were male, varying from thin to bulky, and wearing nothing but lecherous smiles. Some of them were red, some had purple skin, others black and brown and even green with gills…

Jack only had a few seconds to think – was this a dream? Was he hallucinating? Had his unique ink really somehow managed to conjure up his own demonic orgy?!

Fuck it.

“Yeah,” he panted, shifting his shoulders and bracing himself against the sheets. “Bring it on.”

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