Sexy Saturday 04/04/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I hope everyone is staying happy and safe! Today’s post is a teaser for my Cold Hard Cash anthology, and it’s a little sequel to another fun time I posted back in February when Jimmy and Boss Cold played with a nightstick… hehehe, enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW/role-play/bad puns


“Ha!” Jimmy shouted triumphantly, clicking the handcuffs over Cold’s wrists with a big grin. “I got you now, Boss Cold!”

“Oh, hmm, that’s how it would appear,” Cold said with a dramatic pout, holding his cuffed hands up in apparent defeat. “You’ve finally done it, Officer Poe. You’ve caught me.”

As a reward for acing his finals, Cold had offered another round of role-play, and Jimmy couldn’t possibly resist revisiting this fantasy. The cop costume was cheap and hokey, but Jimmy was doing his absolute best to sell it.

Jimmy beamed proudly, his hands wandering over Cold’s chest and tugging at the buttons of his jacket. “Now, I can make sure that justice will be served.”

Cold cleared his throat, asking coyly, “Does the prisoner get any last requests?”

“Depends on what the prisoner asks for,” Jimmy huffed as he adjusted his plastic utility belt.

“A drink,” Cold replied innocently. “I’m feeling a little parched.”

“Sure.” Jimmy blinked at the seemingly simple task. “I can get you something. Uhm… Water should be good enough for the likes of you! But no ice!”

“Thank you, officer,” Cold said sweetly.

Jimmy turned to approach the liquor cabinet to get a glass. His hand reached out for the door when Cold suddenly grabbed him from behind. He yelped in surprise, grunting as Cold pushed him up against the bedroom wall. “What! How the hell?!”

“Do you really think I’d ever let you put me in cuffs if I couldn’t get out of them?” Cold chuckled darkly, twisting Jimmy’s arm behind his back to hold him in place.

“Shit,” Jimmy mumbled, struggling furiously against Cold’s iron grip.

“I fear that you may have miscalculated the situation,” Cold teased.

“Oh, yeah?” Jimmy snapped. “We’ll see about that, Boss Cold!”

Cold was too damn strong, and Jimmy was completely helpless to fight back. The more he struggled, the hotter he felt, and his cock was soon straining in his uniform pants.

Cold deftly used his free hand to cup Jimmy’s erection, squeezing hard as he teased, “Why, Officer Poe… if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were enjoying this.”

“Just a little,” Jimmy giggled, breaking character as Cold continued to stroke him. He groaned. “Fuck, that feels good…”

Cold gave Jimmy’s pinned arm a small twist to remind him of the game they were playing, although Jimmy swore he heard him laughing under his breath.

“Right! I mean, no!” Jimmy argued, wiggling in protest. “Get your filthy criminal hands off of me!”

“I think you like this,” Cold taunted. “Breaking the law, being a bad boy…”

“I, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Jimmy argued fiercely.

“Oh, no,” Cold chuckled. “It’s not very nice to lie, Officer Poe.”

“I’m not lying!” Jimmy continued to fight. “Mmph, I can’t stand the sight of you, you rotten crook.”

“Come now,” Cold said with a click of his tongue. “You’d love it if I fucked you right here, wouldn’t you?”

Jimmy gulped, his cock betraying him and throbbing beneath Cold’s nimble fingers. “No! Maybe! Uhm, shit…”

“I should search you for weapons first. Can’t be too careful.” Cold moved to unbutton Jimmy’s pants, sliding them down and petting his bare ass. He leaned close, lips dancing at Jimmy’s ear as he growled, “Mmmm… spread ‘em.”

Gasping, Jimmy parted his legs as commanded. He groaned as Cold found his hole already slick and open in preparation of their play and pressed two fingers firmly inside.

“Nothing so far,” Cold tutted. “Mmm, should probably keep searching… just to be sure.”

Jimmy’s head lightly smacked against the wall as Cold’s fingers pushed even deeper inside of him.

“Nothing at all, huh,” Cold played at being surprised. “And here I thought you were a naughty little piggy.”

Jimmy groaned at the relentlessly rough fingering, hissing fiercely, “You won’t find anything! What are you doing? Trying to plant evidence on me, Boss Cold?”

“Well, I can certainly think of some very fun things to plant on you,” Cold teased. “I wonder… Would my cock count as contraband?”

“Supplying contraband of any kind is illegal!” Jimmy argued. “Just one more thing to add to your list of charges!”

“You know you’re the one who should really be under arrest here, Officer Poe,” Cold scolded. “It’s certainly criminal to have an ass this tight.”

“Ohhh, God,” Jimmy whimpered, tilting his hips back against Cold’s fingers as they curled inside of him. “Fuck…”

“You have the right to remain silent, although I doubt you’ll be able to,” Cold taunted, his cock quickly replacing his hands, sliding up between Jimmy’s cheeks.

Jimmy sucked in a quick breath as the head of Cold’s cock pushed against his ass, moaning as it began to slip slowly inside of him.

“Naughty little piggy,” Cold tutted, pushing Jimmy flat against the wall, breathing down his neck as he started thrusting into him. “Resisting arrest like this…”

Jimmy couldn’t manage a smart reply except to cry out as Cold fucked him. He sobbed in relief when Cold finally let his arm go, his fingers scrambling against the wall to brace himself for the brutal onslaught. It was fantastic, and he let Cold use his body as roughly as he wanted to.

Cold’s savage slams were banging Jimmy’s hips into the wall, and he tilted his head back so it wouldn’t suffer the same fate. He gasped as Cold’s teeth sank down into his exposed neck, reaching back to rake his fingers through his short hair. “God,” he moaned. “Fuck, yes, Boss Cold! Fuck, yes!”

“Wanna come on my cock, little piggy?” Cold sneered, biting him again roughly.

“Yeee-eee-essss!” Jimmy screamed, wheezing when Cold reached around to grab his cock. He was fucking into him so hard that Jimmy swore his feet were coming off the ground. He let Cold’s powerful body hold him in place, and that familiar tension crawled up his legs and into his loins.

“Something tells me you won’t come quietly!” Cold held him tight, jerking him feverishly as he began to growl and pant. “Come for me, little piggy… come for fucking Boss Cold!”

Jimmy’s brain promptly exploded the moment his cock did, painting the wall with hot spurts of cum as he moaned pleasurably. The orgasm was intense, hot, and his balls ached from the force of his release as Cold stroked him through it. His hips were still thumping against the wall as Cold finished inside of him, both of them moaning in deep satisfaction.

Cold lightly kissed his neck where he had chomped down before and sighed breathlessly, “That was exceptional, my sweet little piggy. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

“You realize that this deviant behavior puts you at the top of my most wanted list,” Jimmy panted, grinning brightly. “I’ll get you one day, Boss Cold!”

“Mm, so you like it when I play with your ‘nightstick’, Officer Poe?” Cold nuzzled gently against Jimmy’s shoulder.

“That’s terrible,” Jimmy giggled.

“I’d be more than happy to strip search you any time you’d like. A deep, probing search…”

“Keep that corny crap up and I really will have you arrested,” Jimmy laughed.

“Mm, if you steal my heart, would that be considered cardiac arrest?”

“That doesn’t even make any sense!”

“Of course not,” Cold teased lightly, kissing Jimmy’s cheek. “After all, you can’t steal what you already own.”

Jimmy blushed at the sweet sentiment, turning his head to meet Cold’s lips as he murmured, “Oh, Rod…”

Cold smiled.

Jimmy paused, frowning as he scanned over Cold’s face expectantly.

Cold blinked, asking, “What?”

“I was waiting for you to tell another horrible joke and ruin the moment!”

“Well, I can’t think of any other jokes related to law enforcement right now,” Cold mused, “but I do know a lot about chickens…”

“God, no.”

“I promise you,” Cold declared confidently, “they’re all egg-cellent.”

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