Sexy Saturday 03/21/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! I hope you’re all staying healthy and safe out there! <333

Today’s post is from my current WIP (the second in my Sucker for Love series) featuring Ted and Thiazi Grell again. There’s been all kinds of murder drama and what’s a guy like Ted to do? I mean, obviously bang the hot cat-man monster king who has two cocks when he’s in human form? Right? XD

Enjoy the ridiculous smut!

Warnings: NSFW/hemi-dick/lots of sex/so much


Ted had no idea what he was in for, but he wanted it. He wanted Grell in a way he couldn’t describe, and his desire was bolstered by the extreme situation he’d been thrown into.

Murder charges, his own apparent death, and the world he thought was once ruled by the Lord of Light was wrong.

He felt out of his element, helpless, and he wanted to take back some kind of control. With Grell, he could have that. At least for a little while, he could grab the reins of his life and what would happen would only be because he wanted to.

And Grell was stupidly hot.

Not to mention funny, charming, and undeniably kind beneath his wicked snark.

As Ted found himself back in Grell’s bedroom, he let himself fully admire the king’s handsome face. His human form was older but gorgeous, with a small sparkle of silver around his temples that Ted thought was dashing.

Although Grell was shorter than Ted, his arms felt thick and strong as they wrapped around him.

“We can do as much or as little as you’d like,” Grell said, rubbing Ted’s back and leaning up for a kiss.

“Mm. All of it. I want all of it.” Ted kissed him back passionately, surrendering himself to Grell’s tongue and hot lips.

“Come along then,” Grell said breathlessly, “and I’ll take care of you.”

Ted’s head spun as Grell magically teleported them both into bed, and he grunted when Grell pushed him down onto his back. Grell was completely taking charge, and Ted loved it.

Their clothes magically melted away, and Ted moaned when Grell’s hand slid down his stomach. He was already half hard, turned on by Grell’s dominant poise and his searing kiss. “Fuck…”

“All in good time, love,” Grell teased, swiping his tongue across Ted’s lower lip. “Mmm…”

“I’m sorry,” Ted said suddenly, his nerves bubbling away when Grell’s hand dipped between his legs. “If I’m not better, I mean. Like I told you before, it’s been a while, and… uh… I don’t usually do it like this.”

“Love,” Grell soothed, “I’ve not done this in centuries. I’m sure you will be fantastic. If you prefer, I’ll gladly switch-“

“No,” Ted said, bashful in his eagerness. “I want you like this. Please. But can… can I see, uh, what you’re working with?”

“Of course,” Grell replied, rolling over onto his side and bending his knee. His cock appeared human at first glance, thick and uncut, but Ted could see two slick heads peeking out from the edge of his foreskin.

“Can I…” Ted started to reach out, but he hesitated.

“Go right ahead, love,” Grell urged. “They don’t bite.”

Ted burst out laughing. “Fuck, I’m sorry. I just, well, with everything else around here and all these crazy monsters? I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Grell chuckled. “It’s quite all right.”

Ted kissed Grell, still giggling softly and letting his hand slide down his broad chest. He swept over his stomach and finally reached his destination. He grabbed hold of Grell’s cock, unable to wrap his fingers around his full girth. “Wow.”

“Uh-huh,” Grell said with a cheeky grin.

Ted wanted to keep kissing, but he had to see. He watched as the foreskin around Grell’s cock began to draw back as he got hard, two thick shafts now leaking in his hand.

He stroked one and then the other, marveling at their size and heat. His cheeks were burning at the idea of taking just one of these monsters and thinking about both made his loins clench with lust.

They seemed to be about the same size, though one was seated a bit farther back beneath its twin. Ted kept touching and playing, watching them leak and glisten in the low light. “Fuck, you’re so wet…”

“Mmm, normal for Asra,” Grell said, reaching down to grab hold of Ted’s cock and squeeze. “Mm, and so are you, love. Eager for me, are you?”

“Yes,” Ted sighed. He rocked into Grell’s hand and gave one of his cocks a responding squeeze. “I’m… mm… I’m ready. I wanna do this. I want you.”

Smiling warmly, Grell kissed Ted and promised him, “Then prepare to have your mind blown, love.”

Ted watched Grell slide down his body and grunted in surprise as he spread his legs wide. He felt a surge of heat from the firm way Grell positioned him, and he tucked his arms up behind his head.

Grell stroked his muscular thighs, dragging his fingers down the underside of them and cupping Ted’s butt. “You have the most spectacular body, love.” He bowed his head, running his long tongue from the tip of Ted’s cock, over his balls, and right to his hole. “Mmmph, and your ass is fuckin’ perfect.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Ted teased. His grin dropped when Grell’s tongue began to lap at his hole, slick and hot, and he groaned, “Oh, fuck.”

Grell licked all around the tight muscle, clearly enjoying himself and taking his time. His hands stroked Ted’s thighs with such reverence, and the tip of his tongue started to push inside.

“Ohh… fuck…” Ted groaned, his entire vocabulary reduced to that single word as he felt Grell’s tongue sliding in. There was no pain, no burn, only a faint hint of pressure and a tugging sensation as his body opened up.

It had been so long since someone had prepped him, and certainly no one had ever done it with a giant tongue. Ted was worried he was already going to come, and he tried to breathe his way through the tension building between his legs.

Grell seemed to somehow sense his looming orgasm and took that as his cue to start fucking Ted with his his tongue. He pushed it impossibly deeper, a never-ending thrust of slick muscle that felt better than any cock.

“Fuck, fuck, ohhh, fuck!” Ted moaned, delirious from the new and exciting pleasure. He could actually feel Grell’s tongue twirling around his prostate, pounding into him relentlessly and making his legs shake. “Grell! Fuck! I’m, I’m right there!”

He’d meant it as a warning, but Grell accepted it as more encouragement. His tongue thickened, stabbing into Ted’s prostate with merciless precision as he thrusted into his wet hole.

“F-uckkk!” Ted whimpered, his voice cracking as his climax crashed into him. He watched his cock spurt and then slowly ooze a thick load across his stomach, amazed that he was able to come just from Grell’s fantastic tongue.

It didn’t want to end, his body still buzzing on the tipping point of insanity as his cock continued to spill, and Grell’s tongue refused to stop. All Ted could do was tremble and take it, groaning a long string of nonsense.

“Oh, so good, it’s so fuckin’, fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck, oh, my, fuck, oh my fuck, I can’t, it’s just, ohhh…”

“Mmmm,” Grell moaned, low and deep, finally releasing Ted from his orgasmic prison as he pulled his tongue free. He rose back up with a very satisfied smile, his tongue flopping out of his mouth to lap up Ted’s come. “Fucking delicious, love.”

“You, too,” Ted said, his mind completely fried from what was probably the best orgasm he’d ever had. He was further amazed that his cock was still hard, and he gasped softly, “Grell, you’re fuckin’ amazing.”

“So are you, love,” Grell said, smacking his lips once he’d finished cleaning Ted up. “Mmph. Definitely need more of that.”

“You can totally have it whenever you want,” Ted laughed. His laughter was cut short when Grell’s fingers pushed inside of his hole. He was so loose and wet now, and he easily got lost in Grell’s exploring fingers. “Fuck… what did you do to me?”

“Got you ready for me,” Grell said roughly, canting his head down for a deep kiss. “Mmm… you feel so perfect, love.”

“Come on,” Ted urged, bucking up into Grell’s hand. He was overwhelmed with the lust surging through his body, greedy and desperate for something to fill him up. “Just give ‘em to me.”

“Patience,” Grell scolded affectionately, settling between Ted’s legs and lifting them up. “We’re going to take this slow-“

“Grell,” Ted grunted, grabbing one of Grell’s cocks and giving him a firm squeeze. “Now.”

“You’re so bossy,” Grell snickered, absolutely delighted and rewarding Ted with a harsh bite on his shoulder. He stayed latched there and began to roll his hips forward.

“Fuck!” Ted gasped from the flash of pain, loving the grip of Grell’s teeth and groaning when he felt one of his thick cocks starting to push in.

Even with Grell’s amorous prep, Ted was expecting some discomfort. There was absolutely none, and he only felt fabulous pleasure as before. He could feel his body stretching, gloriously full as Grell buried himself completely within him.

Releasing Ted’s shoulder, Grell turned his head to nuzzle his neck. “Oh, my love,” he purred, “you feel fucking amazing… you’re so fucking hot and tight… I’m going to make you come all fucking night long.”

“Grell,” Ted whispered, not even recognizing his own voice. He sounded exhausted and desperate, and he reached up to grip Grell’s broad shoulders.

This is what he wanted: someone inside of him, and making him fall apart. Finally receiving it just the way he wanted made him feel so vulnerable and fragile, and there must have been something about his expression that alerted Grell to this fresh wave of emotion.

“I’ve got you,” Grell murmured, his golden eyes shining bright. “I’m going to take care of you, love. All I want is to make you feel good… all you have to do is let me… all I want is you, just like this.”

Tears welling up in his eyes, Ted tried to speak but all that came out was a low moan as Grell started to move. Only short thrusts at first, but soon they were deep and hard and Ted couldn’t believe how he was sobbing.

Nothing could possibly compare to Grell fucking him, leaving Ted a blubbering mess of sensation and bliss. Every thrust was positively perfect, filling him beyond anything he’d ever had before, and he was stunned when Grell suddenly got even bigger.

He could feel the tension twisting up in his body as Grell’s cock swelled inside of him, pushing impossibly deeper and making him ache in his very core. He thought briefly Grell had slipped in his other cock, but that one he could feel rubbing between his cheeks. He didn’t understand what was happening except it felt fantastic, and he dragged his nails up Grell’s shoulders with a groan.

“Oh, fuck, that, that, keep fuckin’ doin’ that!” Ted pleaded, crying out when Grell gave him a fierce slam. He thought he’d felt his stomach move, and he threw his head back on the pillows. “Fuck… Grell!”

Grell was letting out low growls and greedy groans, sounding more animal than man as he pounded Ted’s tight ass. He was exuberant and quite vocal, whispering the filthiest things in Ted’s ear, “My love, I’m going to fuck you until you can’t fucking move…”

“Yes,” Ted whimpered.

“I’m going to pump your sweet little body with my come until you’re dripping, I want to hear you screaming my name while I’m filling you up…”

“Yes, fuck, yes!” Ted groaned as Grell grabbed his legs and forced them against his chest, starting to hammer away at him with a new intensity. All Ted could do was hang on and moan, the new angle making his head spin and his entire body buzz with pleasure.

He was going to come, he could feel it building, and Grell showed no signs of stopping. He grabbed the back of Grell’s neck and dragged him into a hot kiss. “Come on… come on, your fuckin’ highness… make me fuckin’ come!”

Snarling ferociously, Grell bared his jagged teeth and began to fuck Ted until he was screaming. He was absolutely unhinged and snapped down on Ted’s shoulder, biting hard.

Ted howled excitedly, coming immediately – fuck, how, he was only half hard and yet he was coming – and his stomach dropped as if he was falling. It was the most beautiful feeling, and Grell hadn’t stopped slamming into him.

His orgasm was still going, and Ted wrapped his arms around Grell’s neck to anchor himself. He groaned as Grell’s load filled him up, leaving him throbbing and still climaxing until he couldn’t breathe. It was too much, too good, and he was crying.

Grell’s lips were pressing all over his face, kissing him sweetly as he sighed, “Oh, my love… Ted… you were fuckin’ perfect.”

Ted’s legs fell down around Grell’s waist, and he kept clinging to his neck. He could feel Grell’s cock pulsing inside of him, and thick come was gushing out from his hole. The final tremors of his mind shattering orgasm were fading, and he was still shaking and sweating.

“Holy fuck,” Ted whispered, gazing up at Grell in amazement. He didn’t know what else to say. No one had ever made him feel like this, and he kissed Grell with everything he had. He put what he couldn’t find the words to express into that kiss, sliding his hands through Grell’s hair.

Grell’s returning kiss was just as passionate, his thick arms curling beneath Ted’s back to hold him close. He was smiling, appearing so youthful and happy, chuckling, “So, I think that went well, eh?”

Ted laughed, wiping at his eyes with the heel of his hand. “You fuckin’ smart ass. That was… that was great. It was amazing.”

“You were pretty lovely, too,” Grell teased, settling down on Ted’s chest and kissing the tip of his nose. “Mmm… need a moment?”

“A moment for what?” Ted asked dumbly.

“For the rest of me,” Grell replied with an innocent smile.

Ted realized he could still feel Grell’s other cock rubbing against him, hard and hot, and he felt his stomach clench.

But it wasn’t with trepidation – no, it was from excitement.

“We can stop,” Grell soothed, clearly misreading Ted. “Asra make love for hours, you see, but we-“

“I want it,” Ted insisted. “I wanna go again.” He was already scooting back to get up on his knees. He rolled over to present his ass to Grell, his face burning up as he urged, “Like this, come on.”

“Oh, by Great Azaethoth’s giant dangling gonads,” Grell whispered, his hands greedily squeezing Ted’s ass and spreading his cheeks. “You look positively divine like this, my love.”

Ted smothered his face in his hands, arching himself up. He could feel Grell’s come oozing out of him – fuck, it was so thick – and he whispered, “Just, uh, go slow, okay?”

“I will,” Grell assured him, shifting closer and pushing the tip of his second cock inside.

Ted gasped as he was penetrated again, amazed at how soft and wet his hole felt. There was no resistance, and his body eagerly swallowed up every thick inch of Grell’s cock. It was a little weird to feel himself being stuffed with one cock while the other was sliding limply against his tailbone, but he didn’t mind

Already he was thinking about whether or not Grell could stuff both inside of him, and his own cock flexed with interest. Fuck, just the very thought was overwhelming, and he had to remember to breathe or else he feared he might pass out.

It didn’t take long for that other cock to stiffen up again, but now Ted’s attention was solely focused on the one inside of him. He felt impossible pressure and a new depth in this position, and he groaned loudly as Grell began to leisurely thrust.

“You’re so beautiful,” Grell praised, running his palms up Ted’s hips and stroking the broad muscles of his back. “Do you like this? Do you feel good?”

“Yes,” Ted grunted, parting his legs and backing up on Grell with a happy moan. “Feels so fuckin’ good…”

“Just relax,” Grell murmured. “I’ve got you.” He rolled forward, slow and gentle, pulling out almost completely before plunging back into Ted’s hole.

Ted melted beneath every tender thrust, relaxing and dragging a pillow to rest his head on. He loved this completely. He could give himself over, and Grell was more than glad to take care of him. It was so good, so very good, and he couldn’t remember a time when anyone had ever worshipped his body like this.

Although the brutal pace from before had been fun, this slower and more intimate rhythm was positively heavenly.

Or would that be Zebulon-ly, he wondered with a blissful smile.

Whatever he called it, he knew he’d never felt such bliss. He could feel a lick of fire moving down his spine, and the urge for release was building. He started to gasp more urgently, and he moaned when Grell started to move faster.

Soon the force of Grell’s hips pressed Ted flat against the bed, and Grell teased his fangs along the back of Ted’s neck. Ted shivered, squeezing his pillow and moaning pitifully, savoring the sound of their bodies slapping together.

Grell slammed in deep, holding himself inside and rolling his hips in wide circles. “Oh, my love… your little body is going to make me come again… you’re so fuckin’ good, I can hardly stand it.”

“Grell…” Ted was rendered speechless, all of the pressure inside of him winding up tight and making him cry out.

“Come, love,” Grell growled. “Let me take you with me… come on…”

Ted didn’t know how it was happening, but each delicious grind was sending him closer to another climax. His muscles felt weird and heavy, and he didn’t think he could…

Grell’s cock moved inside him with impossible dexterity, and Ted felt new pressure against his prostate. His mouth opened to moan, but all he could was suck in oxygen and try not to scream. Another twitch of Grell’s cock, and he was coming again, suddenly wailing into his pillows.

Shaking all over, Ted’s orgasm continued to rock every inch of his body. He didn’t think he could form a single word, his muscles turning to goo, and he let out a desperate moan when he felt Grell stuttering and coming inside of him.

For a moment, they were totally in sync. Every throb of Grell’s cock pulsing in his ass made Ted ache, and he swore their hearts were beating as one. The ecstasy made him whimper, his skin numb and tingling down to the tips of his fingers.

Grell’s unrelenting stamina finally seemed to falter, collapsing lazily against Ted’s back and kissing the bite marks he’d left behind on his shoulder. “Mm… Tedward of Aeon, you continue to be fuckin’ spectacular.

Ted gave him a thumbs up.

Grell laughed, snuggling close and nuzzling Ted with a very satisfied sigh. “Need a breather, love?”

“Uh huh,” Ted said, amazed he had even been able to say that. He felt heavy and tired, but so very warm and content. No one had ever left him feeling so ruined and equally revered. He groaned when Grell pulled out, rolling over onto his side to face him.

Grell pressed their lips together in a brief kiss, asking sincerely, “Are you all right, love? Did I hurt you?”

“No,” Ted said quickly, clearing his throat and trying to get his mouth working properly again. “I’m so good. So fucking good.” He stretched his shoulders back and winced when the bite burned a little. “Might be feeling that later, though.”

“I’ll heal you,” Grell promised, “but right now, I’m enjoying looking at you. Marked, I mean. As if you’re mine.”

“I am yours,” Ted said, meeting Grell’s eyes with a shy smile. “Dating, right? We’re a thing now.” He stretched again and groaned at the lingering ache in his bones. “Pretty sure after what we just did, more than a piece of me is yours because you just fuckin’ owned me.”

“Good,” Grell said with a very pleased little grin. They kissed again, arms reaching out to embrace and cuddle. “Oh, very good, because I shall like to do that again soon.”

“Very soon?”

“Oh, very much so.”

Ted was still trying to sort out his thoughts from what had just happened, but he couldn’t resist a big smile. Grell’s eager appetite was infectious, and he snickered, “Fuck, I’ve created a monster.”

“Guilty,” Grell laughed gleefully.

“Oh, you just wait,” Ted taunted. “Let me get my shit together over here, and we’re gonna talk about both of those cocks going in my-“

“Your highness!” An Asran guard suddenly appeared right beside the bed.

Ted jumped, embarrassed and cursing, “Fuck! I hate that shit so much!”

“What is it?” Grell demanded, pulling the blankets over Ted with a snap of his fingers and glaring disgustedly at the Asra. “I said that I didn’t want to be disturbed. Tiny bit busy at the moment.”

“Vizier Ghulk wishes to speak with you,” the Asra said worriedly. “Says he has urgent news for the trial, and he must see you at once!”

“Fine!” Grell grunted. “Tell him to meet me in court in ten minutes.”

“Right away, your highness,” the Asra confirmed, bowing his head and vanishing quickly.

“This should be fun,” Grell said grumpily.

“So much for round two,” Ted mumbled.

“Oh, don’t you worry, love,” Grell assured him. “Round two is still guaranteed.”

“Promise?” Ted grinned, pushing himself up for a kiss. “Mmmph. Because I am dying for some more of that dick.”

“Don’t you mean ‘dicks’?” Grell snickered.

“Yeah, them, too.”

“Fear not. As soon as we get this mess with Ghulk sorted out, I am going to spend the rest of the night satisfying every juicy inch of your body.”


“Pinkie promise.”

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