Sexy Saturday 03/14/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, darlings! Today’s post is the ending for last week’s story – Elisha has caught up to Douglas. Huh. Whatever is he going to do?! XD

Warnings: NSFW/sexy times


The train station was crowded, and Elisha’s eyes scanned the waves of people moving in and out intently. The first train to Baltimore was leaving in ten minutes and he hadn’t seen any sign of Douglas; sweet and shy Douglas who was actually a fantastic and clever little snake.

Douglas had quite a head start on him, but there were only two trains leaving for Baltimore. He had to be on one of them, and Elisha was going to find him.

What he was going to do when he actually did was still up for debate.

As angry as Elisha was, he was also totally smitten. He’d never met anyone like Douglas, and he was totally and completely bewitched by his con. He didn’t know where the real Douglas ended and the false one began.

It was amazing.

Elisha had been in this business a long time, and he prided himself on being able to play the game with the best of them. He had never been so skillfully manipulated.

Or had such an engaging bed partner, a lusty little voice whispered inside his head.

He ignored how the recollection of his night with Douglas made him shudder, and he was left wondering if that was part of the act. How eager he was, the gorgeous way he moaned like he was experiencing everything for the first time, his sweet gratitude the next morning…

Was any of it real?

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he saw a sharp dressed man in a tight suit with slick brown hair marching through the crowd. He studied him for a quick moment, sneering when the man turned his head and he was able to see his face.


Elisha moved quickly, slipping through the mass of people and following Douglas toward the train. He already had a ticket just in case he needed to board, noting that Douglas was being escorted to a private car.

That little shit, Elisha raged – using his hard earned money to travel so luxuriously.

No matter, he thought, boarding the main passenger car with the rest of the peasants. Douglas wasn’t going to be able to enjoy that cash for much longer.

Elisha took a seat, letting the conductor check his ticket and anxiously waited for the train to get going. He got up as soon as they were in motion, strolling through the connecting cars until he got to the private car he’d seen Douglas enter.

He deepened his voice as he knocked on the door, calling out, “Ticket, sir!”

“What?” Douglas opened the door with a strained smile. “There must be a mistake, I’ve already… oh, shit.”

“Hello, my beloved,” Elisha purred triumphantly, savoring the stunned expression on Douglas’ face.

Oh, shock looked good on Douglas.

Looked pretty good without the glasses, too.

A few passengers were slipping through the hall on their way to another car. One of them was a police officer, immediately putting both Elisha and Douglas on alert.

Douglas forced his expression into a pleasant smile. His entire posture changed, transforming into a brand new person. “Oh, darling,” he gushed passionately, “I almost thought you weren’t going to make it! I was so worried!”

“Luck is on my side, doll face,” Elisha said with a smirk, kissing Douglas’ cheek.

It was time to play.

“Aww, isn’t that sweet,” one of the passengers cooed.

“Young love,” said the other with a fond smile.

“Newlyweds,” Douglas teased with a blushing grin, taking Elisha’s hand and eagerly dragging him inside.

The police officer frowned, but tipped his hat.

“Excuse us!” Elisha offered a bashful smile and waved as he shut the door. His smile dropped immediately, turning to face Douglas with an angry snarl.

Playtime was over.

“How did you find me?” Douglas demanded, all polite pretenses lost now that they were safely out of earshot. The lines of his face were cold, sharp, and dangerous.

“Wasn’t hard,” Elisha said, walking around the fancy room and dragging his fingers along the curtains. “The post card in your suitcase? Please. Good evidence for your little sob story, but it let me know exactly where you were going.”

“Huh,” Douglas mused, his upper lip twitching into a smirk, “and here I thought you wouldn’t be able to put all of that together. Color me impressed!”

Elisha glared.

“Because you’re stupid,” Douglas explained slowly, grinning a bit now. “I didn’t think you’d figure it out since I scammed the literal pants off you because you’re such an idiot-“

“I get it,” Elisha snapped. “Now. Honeymoon is over, kid. Where’s my money?”

“You mean the money you got from tricking all of those poor, desperate people?”

“Yes. That money.”

“Couldn’t say,” Douglas said with a shrug. “Why don’t you ask your sister to divine its location for you? Maybe check with the spirits?”

“I don’t know who you think you’re fucking with,” Elisha seethed, stalking back towards Douglas, “but I am not here to play. No more games, no more lies. Give me my money.”

“No,” Douglas said simply, loosening his tie and shrugging out of his jacket.

“Excuse me?”

“No,” Douglas repeated, hanging his jacket up on a peg by the washroom. “Just accept you got bested and move on because you’re never going to see that money again.”

“Then we have a problem,” Elisha growled, grabbing Douglas by the front of his shirt and shoving him up against the door.

Douglas pouted, looking shy and scared as he gasped innocently, “Oh, Elisha! You’re being so mean! I don’t understand why you’re so upset!”

“Stop that.”

“Why?” Douglas grinned slyly, dropping the act with a coy little wink. “It worked so well before.”

“Who taught you?” Elisha had to know.

“No one,” Douglas said, his gaze flicking down to Elisha’s lips. “I taught myself.”

“Bullshit.” Elisha definitely caught Douglas looking, keeping him pressed firmly against the door. He ignored the obvious effect having Douglas so close was causing him, barking, “Come on. Who was it?”

“I’m telling the truth,” Douglas growled. “I got tired of being conned and guess what? I figured out how to con back. And it was easy. So damn easy.”

“You got conned?” Elisha huffed.

“Yeah, by phony psychics like your sister.” Douglas bared his teeth. “Preying on the grieving and desperate? It’s disgusting! You all deserve everything you get.”

“Sounds like a man who got burned,” Elisha mused, trying to find a edge in Douglas’ armor he could peel back. “You went to a psychic about your mother’s murder?”

Douglas flinched.


“Mmm. I bet that’s why your little act is so real – you’re not acting. You really were that naive little boy, willing to spend it all for a chance to find out who killed Mommy.” Elisha smirked nastily. “How many red herrings did you chase down, hmm? How many dead ends did you find?”

“Shut up,” Douglas warned.

“How much cash did you waste on spiritual mediums before they finally fried poor Daddy?”

Douglas’ immediate response was to jerk his head forward and crack Elisha right in his nose.

Elisha cursed, reeling back and finding his jaw making fast friends with Douglas’ fist. Little guy sure packed a wallop.

Douglas was not backing down, knocking over a lamp as he tackled Elisha to the ground.

Elisha’s head stopped ringing long enough to get his arms up to shield himself, catching Douglas’ fist and twisting it to the side. He kept the momentum going, rolling himself on top of him and pinning him down.

“Get the fuck off me!” Douglas growled, wiggling like a caged animal and kicking as hard as he could.

Elisha managed to keep one of Douglas’ arms down but the other was free to slap him mercilessly across the face. “Will you-ow! Shit! Come on! Will you quit-oh, for fuck’s sake!”

“Everything all right, boys?” It was the booming voice of the police officer they’d seen earlier right outside the door.

They both froze, precious seconds of silence ticking by.

“Gentleman?” the cop called again

“Strip,” Elisha commanded, already yanking his clothes off and grabbing the water pitcher from the sink. He splashed his face, giving it to Douglas so he could do the same.

“What the fuck!” Douglas whispered urgently.

“Follow the fuckin’ play or we’re both gonna get pinched,” Elisha snapped, dragging the covers off the bed and wrapping them around his waist.

Douglas, nude in record time, dove into bed to claim the sheet and wiggle underneath it.

Elisha glanced back at Douglas to check that he was in place, finally answering the door with a blushing smile. “Yes, Officer?”

“You two all right?” the officer grunted. “Heard quite a bit of a commotion…” He stared. “Son, are you bleeding?”

Elisha rubbed his nose, mentally cursing when his hand came back red. He continued his bashful act, stammering, “Oh, well… you know how young brides are… They’re so demanding!”

The officer peered around Elisha, spying the mess and Douglas under the sheets.

Douglas looked every bit a demanding vixen at that moment, smiling seductively and waving coyly at the officer. “Is everything all right, sir? I’m sorry if we were making a ruckus. I simply can’t help myself. My husband is quite the lover.”

The officer blushed and cleared his throat, shaking his head as he said, “You two try to keep it down, eh? There’s children on board, all right?”

“I’ll do my best,” Elisha promised.

“I was once a newlywed myself,” the officer chuckled. “Enjoy your time together – but quietly, if you can. Congratulations  to you both!”

“Thank you so much,” Elisha said politely, backing inside the room and shutting the door. He joined Douglas in bed, whispering, “He’s probably waiting right outside.”

“What are you thinking? Should we make some real noise for him?” Douglas teased quietly.

“Shut up,” Elisha scolded, slipping under the sheet next to him. “I just meant we should limit our attempts at bodily harm until we’re sure he’s really gone.”

“Are you sure?” Douglas wiggled closer, starting to moan breathlessly, “Oh, my darling… just like that!”

“Stop!” Elisha grumbled, hating how the sound of Douglas’ cries, faked or not, made him shiver.

“Oh! Oh, God! Yes!” Douglas kept on, rocking the bed until it started to squeak.

“Quit it!” Elisha rolled over to press Douglas down on his back to hold him in place. “I’ve got warrants and I’m willing to bet you do, too. Stop monkeying around before he gets wise!”

“Or stop being such a cold fish and play with me,” Douglas taunted, raising his voice to shout, “Oh, darling! I love it when you throw me down like this! Harder!”

“God, is there anyway to shut you up?!”

“Just one,” Douglas breathed eagerly, tugging Elisha into a rough kiss.

Elisha wanted to smack Douglas, maybe punch him, but the desire to keep kissing him trumped it all. They were already in bed and undressed, two hot bodies that were destined to spark with the friction burning between them.

Douglas wrapped his legs around Elisha’s waist, scratching his fingers through his hair and kissing him passionately. It was different than before; Douglas was demanding and rough, taking exactly what he wanted while Elisha hurried to keep up.

Elisha was soon sucking a bruise below Douglas’ jaw, pressing a finger inside of him impatiently.

Douglas growled at the burn, smacking Elisha’s ass and hissing, “My suitcase… top pocket!”

Elisha withdrew with a grunt, fumbling to reach over to grab the suitcase. He unzipped the pocket and pulled out a nearly empty tub of Vaseline. He smirked down at Douglas, chiding, “Mm, busy boy.”

“Jealous?” Douglas shot back, snatching it from him and getting right to work.

Elisha sighed softly, hungrily watching Douglas’ fingers. “Perhaps a bit, yes.”

Douglas was surprised, reaching up to grab Elisha’s cock and reward him with a slick squeeze. “Awww… why, Elisha! Someone got struck by Cupid, huh?”

“Mmmph. Not wanting you to be with other men isn’t exactly a romantic declaration of love.”

“Closest thing I’ve gotten in a while,” Douglas laughed, spreading his legs and tugging Elisha to where he wanted him, rubbing his cock against his slick hole. “I’ll take it.”

Elisha began to push forward, biting down on Douglas’ collarbone until he squealed.

“God, that’s good!” Douglas dragged his nails down Elisha’s shoulders. “Fuck, harder… fuck me like you hate me!”

“Ha, that won’t be hard! I really should hate you,” Elisha panted. “I should have dragged you right off the train and beat you until I got every last dime back from you.”

“Still not too late,” Douglas groaned, bracing a hand against the headboard as Elisha started slamming into him. “You still could… but it wouldn’t do you any good… because you’re never getting it back!”

Elisha growled, thrusting cruelly to make Douglas cry out. “Why not?” he demanded. “What did you fuckin’ do with it?”

“Keep fucking me like that and maybe I’ll tell you,” Douglas gasped, gazing up at Elisha ravenously. “Come on… lift up my leg, yes, just like that! Right there, there, there!”

Elisha followed Douglas’ instructions verbatim, seeking out an angle that left him absolutely writhing and pounding into him as hard as he could. Douglas was completely blissed out, moaning and smiling, gritting his teeth and begging for more.

This was not the quiet and shy boy Elisha had been with before. This was a young man who knew exactly what he wanted; fast, hard, and more, more, more. It was intense, savoring every smack of their hips and the crash of Douglas’ hand on his ass when he dared slow down.

The bed was squeaking and the gorgeous sounds coming out of Douglas were ten times better than his fake cries of pleasure. It struck Elisha sort of funny to realize this was technically the first time he’d had sex with Douglas.

Before was a shadow, a lie, a sweet figment of fantasy meant to disarm and seduce with sweet and blushing smiles.

This was the real Douglas he was with right now, the one behind the con. Greedy and impatient, fighting his way on top when Elisha began to lose steam again. He rode Elisha’s cock with a fierce grin, absolutely purring as he rolled his body just so and began to fuck his way towards an awesome end.

As soon as Douglas’ hot come hit Elisha’s stomach, he was coming, too. He grabbed Douglas’ hips and slammed up into him to make every intense pulse count. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes!”

Douglas sang his praises until he was panting, collapsing on top of Elisha with a loud groan. “That was fantastic.” He lifted up his head, wiping his sweaty brow as he laughed, “Was worried you might be too soft for a fuck like that.”

“Nothing soft about me,” Elisha snorted, jerking his hips up and smirking when Douglas moaned in response.

“Mmmm… good to know.”

They held each other for a few beats, letting the warmth of their climaxes wash over them. It was nice, quiet, Elisha surprised by how much he was enjoying the closeness.

Douglas pulled away first, flopping down beside Elisha and stretching his legs. “Damn. I need a smoke after that.” He found his jacket, fishing out a silver cigarette case and a lighter. “Want one?”

“Sure, butt me… hmmph, didn’t know you smoked.”

Douglas grinned, sticking two cigarettes in his mouth and lighting them at the same time. He passed one to Elisha, snorting, “There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”

“Like what you did with all those clams,” Elisha grumbled, inhaling deeply and blowing out a ring of smoke. “So, spill.”

“You were right about my dad,” Douglas said, pausing to take a quick puff. “I couldn’t find the evidence to free him and yeah… I went to some pretty unusual places to find the truth.”

“You were a believer.”

“I was a fool,” Douglas spat. “Lost it all. Decided to get even with all the hacks screwing around with people’s lives, starting with the ones that boned me over.”

“You ever find who really did it?” Elisha asked, taking a thoughtful drag.

“Yup. That’s why I’m going back to Baltimore.”

“Gonna snuff him out there?”

“Oh, I’m not going to kill him,” Douglas chuckled. “I don’t have the stomach for it, but I’m sure as hell gonna make him wish I did. I’ve got something very special in mind for him.”

“A con?” Elisha should have known. “That’s where you blew all the damn money, isn’t it? Funding some crazy plan?”

“Uh huh.” Douglas offered a small ashtray, explaining, “Needed the cash to buy my way in. He’s got a poker game, you see, and you’ve gotta-“

“Wait, wait,” Elisha scolded. “Why are you telling me, kid? First rule of a con, you don’t tell anyone about the damn con.”

“Unless they’re going to be a part of it,” Douglas said with a waggle of his brows. “We’re already on a train to Baltimore together, after all.”

“You’d cut me in on your action?” Elisha scoffed, snuffing out his cigarette in the ashtray.

“Seems like the least I could do for taking such advantage of you,” Douglas said sweetly, batting his eyes. He put his cigarette out, setting the ashtray aside and stretching across the bed.

Elisha clocked his every move, scowling faintly. “And how do I know this isn’t another scam, huh?”

“Well, you don’t,” Douglas said honestly, “but I already cleaned you out, remember? You don’t have anything else worth taking.”

Elisha hated that he was right.

“Mmm, well, almost…” Douglas winked slyly, eyeing Elisha’s body suggestively. “You still have a little something left to offer.”

“You are positively indecent.”

“You wanna hear my plan or not?”

“I’m thinking.”

“Think fast,” Douglas warned. “This invitation has an expiration date.”

“Fine,” Elisha said, an impatient snap to his tone. “Give me the details and let’s do it.”

“I knew you’d come around.” Douglas grinned slyly, snuggling up to Elisha’s side. “We pull this off, we’ll both have enough to retire. Hell, we could even fix up your sister and that giant lummox you keep around – with your share, of course.”

“How much are we talking?”

“Oh… about a million buckaroos.”

Elisha choked on air. “That’s some heavy sugar.”

“Split eighty-twenty, of course. It’s my plan, you know. And I had to put up all the money-“

“Money that you nicked from me!” Elisha growled. “Fifty and fifty, kid!”

“Ha! Money you grifted from those poor moon-eyed fools! I don’t think so!”

“Sixty-forty then,” Elisha argued, shifting his body and playfully pinning Douglas against the sheets. “And I give you another rough tumble, eh?”

“Seventy-five and a quarter, not a cent more, and you still give me a tumble,” Douglas countered, possessively squeezing his thighs around Elisha’s hips. “Let’s face it, you’re not ever going to get a better deal.”

Elisha had it so bad for this kid, absolutely loving his fierce stubborn steak. No one had ever challenged him like this and he absolutely loved it. He smothered Douglas’ mouth with a hot kiss, murmuring, “God, you’re such a hard ass…”

“Heh, it’s tight, too.”

“Mmm… you know, I told my sister I didn’t know what I was going to do when I finally caught up with you.”


“Mmhm. I was torn between plugging you on the spot or asking you to marry me.”

“Is that so?” Douglas pretended to think, humming loudly. “Hmm, well, lucky me. Though I will say if you’ve got the balls to ask me, you’d better have one hell of a ring waiting.”

“Would you say yes?”

“Depends on the ring,” Douglas taunted. “It better be as big as my head if you think I’m gonna wear it.”

“I’ll try to remember that. Big and shiny, got it.”

“And you’re still only getting twenty-five percent.” Douglas kissed Elisha and graced his mouth with a deep swipe of his tongue.

“I can live with twenty-five percent of a million,” Elisha mumbled over the warm muscle dueling with his own. He paused to breathe, asking, “So, we get to Baltimore and we get your revenge? Then what?”

“If all of this works out, I’ll be getting a whole lot more than revenge,” Douglas chuckled with a coy little smile. “I seem to recall the offer of a ring only a few moments ago.”

“Feeling real sure of yourself, are you?”

“Maybe I’m just feeling like playing for keeps,” Douglas said fondly. “Wouldn’t be so bad to get handcuffed with you, you know?”

“You move fast.”

“Only speed I got. I’ve learned that life is too short to waste a second hawing and not doing.” Douglas playfully bumped their hips together. “And I’ve got plenty that needs doing over here.”

“We got a deal then?” Elisha asked firmly, reaching for the Vaseline once more. “Seventy-thirty?”

“Seventy-five and twenty-five,” Douglas corrected with a snort. “And the tumble, of course.”

“How about a little signing bonus since I’ve been so accommodating to your physical needs?”

“You drive a hard bargain, Mr. Fox,” Douglas said, gasping as Elisha pressed back inside. “Very hard! Mmmmph!”

Elisha stilled his movements very purposely to make Douglas squirm, refusing to continue and asking calmly, “So, deal? Or not?”

“Deal!” Douglas groaned. “Just don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop!”

“You got it.” Elisha gave Douglas everything he wanted, the gears of his mind already turning with what was to come. There was a lot ahead of them. They had a lucrative con to discuss and a wealth of trust issues to sort through.

But one thing was for certain;

When they got to Baltimore, Elisha needed to buy the biggest and shiniest damn ring he could find.

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