Sexy Saturday 03/29/2020

Happy Sexy Saturday, kits and kittens! It’s totally not Sunday, I have no idea what you’re talking about! It’s not like I’ve been on a bunch of drugs and lost track of the days! Ahem. This post is something I wrote up for my witches story because I simply could not get these sexy boys out of my head.

You can thank/blame Mozzie Haversham and Jennifer Griffin for this. They made me do it.

This is part of a future WIP, names subject to change, blah blah blah. Enjoy the porn!

Warnings: NSFW/magical lube spells XD


The line for coffee was long, but Cerys Bocor had to have caffeine. He was tired from unpacking so late last night, and he didn’t think he’d make it through his shift at the diner without a giant dose of quality java. This was his third move in four months, and he hoped that this new city would stick.

No more accidents, no more moves, no more stupid boxes.

He could start over and have a real chance at a normal life here as long as he remembered to stay safe… and alone.

Checking the time on his phone, he sighed. The line was crawling, but he didn’t want to drink the sludge from work again. He stuck his phone in his pocket, and he did his best to be patient.

He felt a strange chill out of nowhere, a sensation that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He looked up to see if there was a vent above his head and wondered what idiot would have air conditioning on in the middle of winter.

There was nothing.

He glanced to the door, wondering if a cold breeze had come through, but he hadn’t heard the bell attached to the knob ring.


The feeling grew stronger, but it was no longer cool. It was starting to heat up, and he could feel his cheeks flushing. He loosened his scarf to ease the rising temperature, suddenly struck by the odd certainty that someone was staring at him.

Cerys turned around to glance over the other patrons, stopping on the attractive man standing behind him who was most definitely looking right at him.

Wow, and he was hot.

Though he had at least twenty years on Cerys, he was incredibly handsome. His hair was cropped short, dark and peppered with silver, and there was a faint crinkle around his eyes when he smiled at him. There was something wicked hiding there, and Cerys felt himself shiver again.

He turned back around quickly before he could decide what color the man’s eyes were – green? Hazel?

It didn’t matter. He didn’t have time for dreamy strangers. It was too dangerous.

When it was finally Cerys’ turn, he stepped up and ordered the biggest coffee they had to go. He reached for his wallet, fumbling to count out some ones to pay for it.

“I’ve got it,” a smooth voice cut in, “and I’ll take a nitro cold brew with salted cream cold foam, thank you.”

Cerys stared dumbly as the hot guy from behind him was already stepping up with a black credit card to pay. “Oh! Y-you don’t have to do that!”

“It’s my pleasure,” the man replied, smiling as if he had the best secret to share. He looked over Cerys appraisingly, teasing, “I knew there was a reason I missed my train this morning.”

Flushing, Cerys backed away from the counter so the next customer could place their order. He hovered by the dessert display, laughing nervously, “Wow! You, uh, you really come kinda strong, don’t you?”

“I’ve been accused of worse things,” the man said with a simple shrug, still smiling.

Fuck, he was just so *confident*, and Cerys felt like he was going to eat him alive in one gulp. He had to get out of this and fast.

“Look, I really appreciate you buying my coffee,” Cerys said, aiming for firm. “It was very sweet of you, but no matter how gorgeous you are… fuck, I said that out loud. Fuck, I said fuck!”

The man kept watching Cerys ever so patiently, chuckling softly. “You are adorable when you’re flustered.”

“I’m not available,” Cerys said, hoping steam wasn’t coming out of his ears. The longer he looked at this man, the more he hated that he couldn’t accept his obvious invitations to flirt. “So very, very regrettably unavailable.”

“That’s a shame,” the man said, pressing closer into Cerys’ space, “because you are absolutely stunning.”

“Ha!” Cerys laughed weakly. He’d never felt that attractive – too awkward, too skinny, frozen at age sixteen with baby fat still clinging to his round face despite being almost twenty-five.

“Don’t believe me?” the man asked with a thoughtful tilt of his head.

“I have a mirror, I’m good,” Cerys said, glancing over to the pick-up counter. He wanted to grab his coffee and bolt. “I’m nothing special. I’m just… I’m just me.”

“Well, ‘Just Me’, I think that I get to decide whether or not I like you,” the man tutted, close enough now that Cerys could smell his cologne. “Don’t you agree?”

Cerys’ eyes widened, teetering back and forth on his heels. His adrenaline was flowing and as much as he wanted to run right out of the coffee shop like a scared rabbit, he could feel himself leaning into the man’s orbit. It was impossible to resist its pull, and Cerys found himself saying, “I guess, I guess that would be… fair.”

“My name is Worthington Grace,” the man said, offering out his hand. “My friends call me Worth. And you are?”

“Cerys, Cerys Bocor,” he replied, hesitantly accepting the man’s hand. The moment their skin met, he felt a zap like a zing of static electricity, and his body was overcome by a rush of heat. He was suddenly dizzy, his skin was tingling all over, and oh…

He was getting so hard.

Toes curling in his toes and cock throbbing, Cerys had never felt such a want like this before. He gasped when Worth pulled him closer and pressed a hand into the small of his back. Their hips were flush, and Cerys could immediately feel that he wasn’t the only turned on.

“Oh, shit.” Cerys inhaled shakily. “That’s, that’s your dick.”

“Look at you,” Worth said, chuckling coyly. “Top of the class.”

Cerys tried to reach up and push away from Worth, but his hands sagged on his broad chest. His fingers twisted into the fabric of his sweater, and he couldn’t stop staring at his lush lips. “What… what is happening?”

No one else in the coffee shop seemed to notice anything was amiss. They were still ordering, picking up their coffee, and carrying on as if Cerys and Worth weren’t currently locked together in a close embrace.

“What are you feeling right now?” Worth asked, turning them to push Cerys up against the edge of the counter.

“I’m hot, I’m fuckin’ hard… I’m… I don’t know.” Cerys closed his eyes, reaching back to brace himself on the laminate. “My heart is pounding so fast, I feel like I’m going to burst, and all I can think about is…”

“Is what?” Worth pressed, using his body to keep Cerys pinned in place. He bowed his head, his lips brushing over Cerys’ and breathing him in with a soft sigh.

“You,” Cerys replied, hating how his knees were starting to feel weak. He wanted to taste those pretty lips and touch and grind and take and take and take. “You wanting me, fucking me… God, I can’t stop.”

“Do you want me to fuck you, Cerys?” Worth sounded as calm as if he’d just asked if Cerys took cream or sugar in his coffee. “Do you want me to fuck you right here?”

A million different reasons began to scream inside Cerys’ head about why that was a bad idea: they were out in public, they’d known each other for five minutes, this was so irresponsible and stupid, and, oh, yeah;

Everyone Cerys had ever tried to sleep with ended up in a coma.

“I’ll hurt you,” Cerys whispered, his eyes stinging with tears. “I can’t…”

“You won’t hurt me,” Worth promised, smiling so confidently that Cerys couldn’t possibly protest when their lips first touched.

The kiss was deep, all consuming, and Cerys didn’t even care when he felt the world spinning around them. All of the customers had vanished, but he could only focus on the man whose hot tongue was slipping into his mouth.

“Oh, Worth… fuck…”

“Mmm, keep saying my name.” Worth began to pull away at Cerys’ bundled layers, turning his head to latch onto his throat with a growl.

“Worth!” Cerys gasped, panting as Worth’s warm hands found his bare skin and slid up his back. All of his top clothing was gone, but he didn’t remember Worth ever letting go long enough to pull anything over his head.


Now all of his clothes were gone.

Cerys barely had time to register his own nudity before Worth grabbed him and set him up on the counter, shoving the straw dispensers and gift card racks out of his way. He instinctively tried to close his legs, pressing a hand over his hard cock as if he could possibly hide it.

Worth was naked too, and Cerys stared in awe, his stomach clenching with lust.

Worth was a broad and toned specimen with a delicious coat of hair that covered his chest, his stomach, and his thighs. There were flashes of silver there at his chest, and Cerys had to reach out and touch him. When he felt Worth’s skin, his body instantly ached for more contact.

“Come on,” Worth urged, resting his hands on Cerys’ knees and firmly parting his legs. “Let me in…”

Cerys groaned as Worth pressed up between his thighs, gawking as their cocks brushed together.

Worth’s was thick, long, the head red and swollen, and Cerys wanted it inside of him now. He wanted it like he needed air, and he dragged his fingers through Worth’s chest hair. “Please, Worth! Make me feel good! I want it!”

“I’ll take good care of you,” Worth promised, kissing all the needy whimpers from Cerys’ lips. He grabbed Cerys’ hips, scooting him forward so his ass was hanging off the edge of the counter. He murmured a few words under his breath.

Cerys groaned as he felt his hole getting wet and a faint burn as he was instantly stretched open. He was too focused on getting Worth in him to question it. Though it was the strangest thing that had happened so far, he would deal with the mystery once he’d gotten fucked.

Worth wasted no time rubbing his cock up against Cerys’ hole, grunting as he started to push inside. He held onto Cerys’ thighs, rocking forward in short bursts. “Oh, Cerys… you feel perfect… you were really made just for me…”

“For you?” Cerys croaked, biting back a sob as Worth’s fat cock opened him up. The magical prep hadn’t been nearly enough, but there wasn’t any pain. He could feel pressure, stretching, and he was wetter in seconds until Worth’s cock began to glide right in.

“For me,” Worth hissed, slamming the last few inches in.

“Yes,” Cerys cried out, falling back against the counter. He scrambled to grab the edge of the laminate, his heart absolutely soaring. Yes, of course, it made sense. He was Worth’s now, totally and completely his. “I’m yours… all yours!”

Worth began to thrust, keeping Cerys’ legs spread wide and up in the air, fucking him hard. Their bodies slapped together in the most sinful way, and Worth was growling with deep satisfaction. “You were made to get fucked, just like this… just like this!”

Cerys howled, tears stinging his eyes from the ruthless pounding. His hole was throbbing, and he’d never felt anything like before in his life. He was so full and even the tiniest movement set a fire to all of his nerves until his skin felt like it was burning from pleasure.

He groaned when Worth pulled him forward again, his hips nearly falling off the counter. It forced his elbows to bend at a weird angle trying to hang on, but when Worth started bouncing him on his thick cock, Cerys didn’t even care. “Worth! Oh, my God! God! Fuck! Fuckfuckfuck!”

Worth was relentless, slamming Cerys’ tight little body down, growling, “Yes, take it, come in! Come on!”

Sobbing, Cerys threw his head back, letting Worth have him however he wanted. It felt too good, so damn good, and he could feel the first tingles of his climax starting to overtake him. “Worth! Please! Please, please, please! I wanna come!”

Hearing those words did something because Worth suddenly pushed Cerys back up on the counter and crashed their lips together in a feverish kiss. He kept fucking Cerys mercilessly, groaning low in his throat.

Cerys wrapped his legs around Worth’s waist and clung to his shoulders, moaning shamelessly as he felt himself getting closer and closer. The pressure was building so sweetly, and the entire world had vanished away now except for him and Worth. Nothing else mattered except the thrusting of his cock and that delicious tension about to snap and send him into bliss.

He whimpered as Worth came, feeling a flood of heat inside of him that suddenly pushed the pressure up to boiling. He screamed as he climaxed, his ass clamping down around Worth’s cock and shuddering hard. He closed his eyes, rocking his hips down as he rode out the beautiful feeling.

“Oh, Worth, yes, yes, yessss!”

“Ahem,” Worth cleared his throat loudly.

Cerys’ eyes opened, and he was smacked with an intense wave of vertigo. He was standing, fully dressed, his hand still in Worth’s as if they’d gone back in time.

Worth looked the exact same as before, calm and collected, his giant dick safely tucked out of sight as if nothing had ever happened.

Cerys’ heart was still pounding so fast, and he was sweating all over. There was no way he could have imagined all of that!

He jerked away from Worth, reaching down to grab his crotch.

He’d come right in his pants… but…

A few snickers ended the last of the lusty haze, and Cerys looked around in absolute horror. The coffee shop was full of customers again, and everyone was staring right at him.

“Did they all just hear me fuckin’ come?” Cerys hissed miserably.

“Oh, yes,” Worth said with a smug smile, “and they watched it, too. You came out of the dream a little too early. Happens when you’re new.” He sighed longingly. “It was stunning.”

The clerk was trying not to laugh as she handed off their coffee to Worth, saying brightly, “Have a nice day!”

“Trust me, we will,” Worth assured her. He pressed Cerys’ cup into his hands and swung an arm around his shoulders as he steered him out of the shop. “Come on, Mr. Bocor. You and I need to have a talk.”

“A t-talk?” Cerys sputtered.

“A very, very long talk starting with how you’re a virgin witch and apparently had no idea…”

“I’m a virgin what?!”

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